View the paintings of Ryan Ulrich, a graduate with a Master's in Art from Adams State College in Colorado. Ryan is 38 years old, married to Trish and father to Vorian. Click on the thumbnails to see larger images of Ryan's paintings.


BloodStorm thumbnail
Painting No. 001
green alien thumbnail
Painting No. 002
Maroon Ribs thumbnail
Painting No. 003

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      This next room features the paintings of Ann Miller, (formerly Ann Ulrich), a graduate of Michigan State University who majored in English with a creative writing emphasis. Ann is a novelist and editor of The Star Beacon, with several published works (please visit the Book Gallery). To view, Ann's paintings, click on the thumbnails to get a larger image on your screen. Then hit your BACK button to return to this page.

UFO painting thumbnail
The Blue Planet
Lake painting thumbnail
Lake Painting
Landscape Painting
Landscape Painting

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      This next room features the art of Marcellina Beckwith, (also known as Sanni Ceto). Marcy has a connection to the Zeta Reticulans and currently resides in the Rocky Mountains of western Colorado. To view, Marcy's paintings, click on the thumbnails to get a larger image on your screen. Then hit your BACK button to return to this page.

birthday thumbnail
Friends (Pen)
Lake painting thumbnail
Beaming Up (Pen)
Aurora thumbnail
Aurora Borealis

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