by  Ann Ulrich Miller

Haunted by her dead sister who died two years ago under questionable circumstances ...

... B.J. Martin faces outrageous challenges after starting a new business in southern Colorado. Too many bizarre and frightening incidents cause her to suspect that someone wants her valley-wide shopper newspaper to fail.

Risking everything she owns for her start-up publication, B.J. handles each new stumbling block with courage and conviction, unrelenting as she faces a burglary break-in, stalkers, spies, accusations of bigotry, vehicle disasters ... and tackling the cold case murder of her sister involved in a drug cartel.

Still suffering from a devastating divorce 17 years ago, she is leery of men. Yet when Grant Tucker, publisher of the rival Mountain Sentinel daily newspaper, takes more than a casual interest in her, B.J. finds she can no longer distinguish between betrayal and the possibility that she could still have it all.


Released from Earth Star Publications
November 26, 2018

ISBN 978-0-944851-56-2
328 pages, quality paperback, $15.00

THE DREAM CHASERS is Ann Ulrich Miller's 4th novel of romantic suspense with a paranormal theme. She is a native of Wisconsin, but has spent most her life in Western Colorado, where she currently resides and works part-time for a newspaper.


READ THE REVIEW by Chystle Clae:

B.J. Martin has been overlooked for the promotion she sought and deserved at the Dexter Chronicle. The house she thought unsellable at her price has a surprisingly solid offer.

Nothing is holding her back from her dream of beginning her own "shopper" paper in a new location in Colorado.

The reader is quickly immersed in the myriad of preparations involving this fresh beginning. B.J. dives into the excitement of securing her venture of a new business location, finances and living arrangement, along with hiring a new staff for the various tasks.

Encouraged by the birth of The Buffalo Billboard is an intriguing experience. The most satisfying hire is B.J.'s son Jason, who is a source of promise and pride for both of them.

Romance is interwoven for each of them with a surprising connection.

All of the busy activities of this ground-floor business is time consuming, but B.J.'s subconscious keeps even her sleep time busy with uncomfortable nightmares regarding her deceased sister "Liz," who seems to be taunting her about unknown activities surrounding her death.

A once dating relationship with Merle is now a great source of supportive friendship and a shoulder to lean on as many of her activities seem daunting.

A questionable romantic relationship may be beginning with her one and only competitor!

The rich characters and unexpected complications pique the reader's interest and satisfaction to the very end.

The Dream Chasers is another page turner from the enticing pen of Ann Ulrich Miller, who continues to be one of my favorite authors.

Chrystle Clae writes from Largo, Florida.





Also available on and as an eBook from Amazon Kindle ($5.99). AND ... Soon to be in audiobook form.

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