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Q: How long has The Star Beacon been in print?

A: The Star Beacon was first published in April 1987. It has been a monthly metaphysical newsletter for 30 years. It went to bi-monthly in 2012.

Q: How much is a subscription to The Star Beacon?

A: The Star Beacon costs $27.00 for a year's subscription (six issues) in the U.S. If you live in Canada, the cost is $30. A foreign subscription costs $36. If you get a PDF subscription, the cost is just $12.00 A single issue (print) is $4.50 and a single PDF issue is $2.

Q: I'd like to submit articles to The Star Beacon. What are the submission guidelines?

A: The Star Beacon accepts letters for its Reader's Forum, or you may submit articles on metaphysical subjects. Articles between 300 and 1,500 words are the preferred length. Unfortunately, we do not offer payment for submitted articles except in the way of complimentary copies. Submit articles to the Editor at Or you may mail submissions to: The Star Beacon, P.O. Box 1213, Cedaredge, CO 81413.

Q: I'd like to submit my book project to Earth Star. What services do you offer?

A: Earth Star Publications has been a book publisher since 1987 with more than thirty titles. We offer services to self-published authors. If accepted, we can help you publish your book for a reasonable fee. We offer typesetting, editing, formatting and design services. We can arrange for printing and we offer limited marketing tools. You can either set up your own publishing company with our help, or you can publish under Earth Star using our ISBN. The cost of the project depends on the length of your book and the amount of work needed to manufacture a finished, quality product. Submit inquiries on your book project  to the Book Editor at

Q: What is Quikky Books?

A: Quikky Books is an Earth Stars imprint -- a series of booklets (16 to 32 pages) that are "print on demand" and cost $10 or less retail. Authors receive one half of sales receipts. This idea did not take off, so we are phasing it out. If you have questions, send an email:

Q: What happened to Earth Star's Galaxy Wide Friendship Club?

A: The Friendship Club was started in the late Nineties but fizzled out. It was a pen pal club where you paid a one-time fee of $10 and filled out a profile questionnaire using a code name of your choice. It became too costly to maintain, so we stopped offering it.

Q: Do you have back issues for sale?

A: Yes, there are limited Star Beacon back issues available. They cost $2.50 per issue plus shipping. You can check out The Star Beacon Subject Index to see what articles are in each issue. If you prefer to purchase just an article and not a whole issue, we will send you the article by e-mail or snail-mail, if it is not available on line, for $1.50 (through PayPal).

Q: Why can't I find Earth Star books in stores?

A: Earth Star Publications is a small press and it takes a distributor to get our books into retail outlets. We work with and Create Space, plus New Leaf Distributors (Throughout All Time) and Follett Library Resources (for the Annette Vetter series), but the best way to find our books is on our Web site. Check out our inventory.

Q: What is "Wisp"?

A:  In September 2014 Earth Star began a new 12-page publication named "Wisp," which is published six times a year and covers uplifting news and articles, including humor and helpful information. A subscription is $15.00 and a single issue costs $2.50. It is available in PDF format ($12.00 for a subscription). For a free sample of "Wisp," email You can also Wisp's Web site to get a feel for the publication.

Q: Do you accept advertising in The Star Beacon and Wisp?

A:  Yes, you can run classified ads in The Star Beacon for 20 cents per word (per run). Display advertising runs $3.00 per column-inch for black-and-white and $4.00 per column-inch for color. Email us to request a free brochure (PDF) on sizes and costs, including deadlines for ads.

Q: What is Earth Star's address?

A:  Our mailing address is:

Earth Star, P.O. Box 1213, Cedaredge CO 81413




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