'High Magic' in Energy Work

by Marie Gomez
© 2010 (all rights reserved)

An article from the December 2010 issue of THE STAR BEACON.

            My personal journey had a major breakthrough this year. I have grown closer to Source energy and discovered that what I do in regard to opening myself to Spirit is called High Magic.
            To be truthful, I have no frame of reference outside the Beacon, except in the books I read. I know of Reiki energy. I am able to channel vast amounts of energy. I hold my hands next to my ears (with palms facing inward) and start at about 6 to 8 inches from the ears. As you get closer you should hear what sounds like static or a hum. It should become quite noticeable at 3 inches from your ears. This static is from the electromagnetic energy surrounding your body, commonly called the aura.
            Another thing you can do is take your index finger and thumb spread apart, sort of in an arc, and place your opposite wrist somewhere between these two fingers. You should feel energy flowing from your index finger through your wrist to your thumb.
            Now, if you're right-handed, use the left hand to form the arc with the right wrist having the energy flowing through. As you probably know, the left hand draws in energy in right-handed people, so you may feel the energy passing through your wrist if you use the left hand; it should be stronger in the non-dominant hand. Do experiment with both hands and then you can do some other experiments.
            For example, try either rubbing your hands together or clapping them two or three times. This should increase the flow of the energy. This is also true of holding your hands next to your ears (palms inward). As you excite the energy around you, the static or humming sound should increase or get louder and you should be able to pick up this static further away than if you did it cold, without stimulating this energy field.
            Anyone can do these things, but first they must open themselves to it. A bit of warning: It is not easy, but neither is it impossible, and each day new doorways open to new ideas.
            Do you want to see your auric field? Let me give some suggestions. First, dim the lighting in the room to a half light (not complete darkness). It also helps if you use a blue (any shade) bulb, or the best thing is to use a gray cloth spread on a table before you (or on the floor). Now spread your fingers apart, held somewhere between your face and the table (or the floor). Now look next to the fingers (choose one finger at first).
            In most people the index and middle fingers will be strongest. You should see what appears to be a double image (sort of like an out-of-focus camera). This is your auric field. You could try stimulating the field by rubbing your hands together or clapping them. You might see not only the blurred image but the actual color. Mine is indigo. You also may see light jump from finger to finger in an arc, and the whole hand has the double image (fuzzy look).
            Some people find that squinting is helpful. Cup your hands (one hand facing the other) and notice energy leaping from hand to hand. Then slowly move one hand upward. You'll notice a line shift in front of your eyes as one hand is slowly raised.
            These are fun exercises to try. Most people do see the blurring (fuzzy) outline of the hand, but tend to dismiss it as a trick of the eye or an optical illusion. This is a tendency to rationalize what cannot be explained. People become anxious and fearful of things that cannot be explained and are beyond their "normal" range of experience.
            I want to discuss energy centers, all seven of them. Using your dominant hand, place it over each of the energy centers. Hold the hand there. After a while you should feel an exchange of energy, either a pulsing, tingling, or warming sensation. Some energy centers will be stronger than others. make a mental note of which ones give a lower exchange of energy so that in the future you can work on raising the weaker energy centers.
            Just for fun, ask a good friend to lie on their back and then slowly place your dominant hand over the energy centers. Then ask your friend what they are feeling. The hand should be held about 5 or 6 inches above the energy center for maximum results.
            This can be taken further by asking your friend to close their eyes and again place your hand over a random energy center and ask them if they feel anything, and if so, where they feel it.
            These exercises, while fun, also raise your awareness of energy in general. For years I've been able to hold a crystal between my index finger and thumb and feel a pulsing (like a heartbeat) from the crystal. Hold your thumb and index finger together and there is no noticeable pulse beat, but once (to an energy sensitive person) a crystal is put there, one will feel a throbbing (usually this means this crystal will work well with the individual).
            I find that the more I stretch my abilities to sense, as well as use energy, the greater the energy I can feel or generate. Over time you will be able to send energy to others, to assist friends and family. Given time, you'll be able (if the person is in the room with you) "see" the energy flow from you to the other person. You'll be able to actually see this energy flow between your hand and the other person, depending on the persons involved. It may only be a sensation or a fuzziness between hand and energy center. As I said, it all depends on the amount of energy stored in one person as well as the ability of the person holding their hand over these centers.

Combing Your Aura
            Another fun thing to do is to spread your fingers apart on both hands and comb your energy field, starting at the head and noticing the feeling in your body as well as your hands. Hold your fingers about 3 to 5 inches away from your body as you comb your auric field. I do it and it feels good. Not only that, it strengthens your energy field.
            First off, spread your fingers apart and make your hands like claws. Rake your auric field, which is from between 6 inches and a foot from your body. After each combing, shake your hands, like shaking off water. This disposes of any harmful energy you may have accumulated while combing.
After your auric field is combed, take your hands, starting close to your body, with hands palm side moving outward, pointed away from your body, and slowly move the energy outward, away from your body.
            It is better if someone else does this for you as it is impossible to clean the energy on your back side. You should notice a change in sensation (warming, tingling, soothing) and in general a positive change.
            Combing your energy field both cleans it as well as strengthens it. Energy work (cleaning and strengthening) also aids the physical body. As low energy in certain areas of the body do tend to affect your physical body, given time you'll be able to "see" the physical ailments of yourself and others. As you work your energy fields (centers or chakras), your abilities grow and you attain a greater sensitivity, even becoming more psychic, where you "see" and "feel" things others cannot.
            It is all real in the purest sense, but society at large tends to write this off as strange or loony. Do not allow people to use labels to stop you. I say this from experience as I've let others' labeling of me stop my progression. Keep growing. There is almost no limit one can accomplish if the barrier of the "can'ts" is removed.
            You can even connect directly with Source energy, what most people call God. It can raise you to the greatest of heights, but the "can'ts" will dash you on the rocks and rip your spirit apart and leave you vulnerable to the harmful energies.
            As we each are a part of Source or The All, we can tap into the energy there and use it. It is our birthright. We also have the free will to choose not to use it. Either way we must choose. For most people the choice is unconscious as we too often shove our responsibility into this realm because we're too busy or think we are to do otherwise. We're too afraid to take action because we're afraid of failing, so we allow things to "just happen."
            All the while, Source sends us messages (which we sometimes ignore), trying to get our attention, ranging from the very small to the large. Source energy (The All) wants us to claim our birthright, to use not only our energy, but to tap into the very energy of The All (Source) and use this energy for what we choose and to not allow fear to block us.
            The choice is ours, but either way we must choose. Claim your birthright and allow Source energy to heal you as well as fulfill you.

The Card "Game"
            A simple card game can hone your energy senses. Just shuffle a deck of cards and lay face down six to 12 cards. (When I first started, I used just six cards, then added more and more until I reached 12.)
            Say you are laying out six cards face down. Lay out the seventh card face up. Then place your hand over the face-up card and get a "feel" for it. You'll be looking for either a red or black card. Now say to yourself, "This is what a red or black card feels like." Close your eyes for a short while as you get a feel for what a red or black card is. This feeling may be a tingling, a pulsating or a warmth.
            Then place your hand over each of the remaining face-down cards. You will get the same sensation over the face-down cards as you did over the face-up cards. If your face-up card is red, then you are searching for red cards among the face-down cards, and should get the same feeling (sensation) over the cards of the same color.
            Take note of how many you get correct and anything over 50 percent means your energy senses are taking an active part. My ratio is 90 percent to 100 percent, but I've been doing this energy work for a while.

How to increase your energy sensitivity
            Clap your hands together once or twice very firmly. (Do not cup your hands. The palms must be kept flat and straight.) Then rub the palms together vigorously. Pull your hands apart (about an inch), being careful to pull them apart slowly.
            The palms will feel warm and tingly, especially in the space between the palms. (It might feel as though they're exchanging energy.) Slowly press your hands together against the empty space. You will feel resistance, like two magnets of the same polarity, repelling each other.
            Warning: In pressing your hands together, do this gently. If it is done right, you'll experience auric energy. The Eastern mystics usually do this exercise near the belly button, where the clapping and the rubbing are the same but the palms are pulled apart to a distance of about two feet, and then slowly brought together. As they approach, you'll notice a resistance. The distance for each individual varies as it depends on the strength of each individual's energy field.
            This whole universe is filled with electromagnetic energy. Everything is a form of electromagnetic energy. This energy can be tapped as Nikola Tesla discovered. When energy is tapped for, say, healing, it is this universal energy that is used. God (Source) is essentially energy with a consciousness as we also are. We, being in physical form, do not realize that we can be broken down into atoms, which move slower, thus causing energy to become flesh, but our consciousness bridges the gap between spirit (pure energy) and the physical (our bodies).

Psychic Vampires
            In the April 2010 issue of The Star Beacon there was an article called "Energy Sensitivity." It stated that you'll be feeling fine, then on the way to work someone sits next to you and you feel suddenly tired and uncomfortable, and then the feeling clears once that person gets off the bus.
            This started me thinking about psychic vampires as well as energy in general. First, we all need energy to survive. In general, we can get this energy from many sources, such as the food we consume. The more natural (less cooked) the food, the more pure the energy and the easier it is for us to absorb it.
            Breath is also important and deep breathing exercises give us much needed energy. It is best to visualize the energy (light) pouring into us as we breathe deeply, hold it for a couple of seconds (30 or more) or to a count of 30, and visualize our energy waste as darkness leaving us on each exhalation. Inhale light -- hold -- and exhale darkness.
            Now back to psychic vampires. There are people who feed, either consciously or unconsciously, off other people's energy fields. We had a party two years ago and I saw a picture of three people. The two end people looked sad, tired and drained, and the person in the middle was smiling and just glowing, full of life.
            Some people do not realize how draining they can be. We've all met people who drain us, or we've been to a party when one person walks in and the life of the party dissipates.
            Most of these psychic vampires do their energy draining unconsciously. On the other hand, some do in fact realize just who or what they are and consciously feed off other people, draining their energy fields. These vampires can make people ill. Most illness can be seen as an energy vortex, virtually sucking the energy from our healthy body parts. This includes cancer, which eats healthy tissue in order to grow.
            Psychic vampires feed off general society's healthy energy fields and in some sense they're a form of two-legged cancer. Always ask yourself if being around someone makes you feel good or ill, and learn to protect yourself by establishing an auric barrier around you, or by combing and fluffing your auric field.

Raising your energy level
            I've talked a lot about energy. Now let me explain how to stimulate or raise your energy. Massage is the answer. While I've told you about combing and fluffing your energy field, I now wish to tell you something that will stimulate the energy of your hand and principally your fingers, because it is from your fingers that the energy emits.
            First, encircle one of your wrists. I start with the non-dominant hand, encircling my dominant wrist. Then slowly pull one hand over the other, gently. Do this several times as this will start to raise the energy in your hand (the one being worked on). You may or may not feel something at this time. Then start massaging your fingers, starting at the base and progressing toward your fingertips. Keep doing this for each finger, taking about one minute each. Then massage the very tips of your fingers.
            When you are through with one hand, work on the other. Then you can do any of the energy exercises I previously mentioned. As you probably know, you take in (receive) energy with your non-dominant hand and send energy with your dominant hand. I am right-handed, so I send energy with my right hand and receive it with my left.
            I find it helps me in my daily living to stimulate my energy field, then comb and fluff it. I have a hard time combing and fluffing my own energy field, but it helps me greatly by doing just the little I can do. I hope it helps you as well.

            Marie A. Gomez works with energy from Attleboro, Massachusetts.




This page updated February 3, 2011

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