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 * Yeshua/Jesus *

The Star Child

from the December 2019  Star Beacon

By Sheri Gould

As the Christmas season approaches, it is known historically as the time of the birth of Yeshua/Jesus. This story of Christmas — this sacred history — gives us a greater appreciation of the purpose behind the birth with the awareness of that soul’s role to awaken in us the highest purpose and potential within ourselves.

Many things were lining up prior to Yeshua's birth. First, a few of the 30 some past incarnations of this Christ-Soul to bring us up to the time of this sacred birth:

ADAM — the first "son of man" and "son of God" Christ-Soul into a physical body, who joined his twin-soul, Eve (Virgin Mary soul), and allowed himself to be seduced by materiality (forbidden fruit) and banished from the "Garden of Eden," thus bringing the understanding that death, reincarnation and karma are designed to teach us to move away from materiality and toward our true nature.

ENOCH — who some believe wrote the first books of the Bible, and who was mentioned in Genesis and some of the Kabbalistic writings. The Book of Enoch describes Enoch’s heavenly sojourns as well as his transfiguration into the Angel Metatron. It is also revealed to him the FUTURE up to the time of the Messiah as well.

HERMES/THOTH — was as an Atlantean Priest-King, who founded a colony in ancient Egypt after the sinking of Atlantis, and the one who designed and built the Great Pyramid of Giza (erroneously attributed to Cheops) under the direction of Ra-Ta around 10,500 BC. (Ra-Ta is said to have pale white skin and blue eyes — unusual in that land. His mother explained that the "gods" (ETs) had engendered her pregnancy, making Ra-Ta an ET-human hybrid. Hermes is also referred to as the "shepherd of men," who teaches that "the Word which came forth from the Light is the Son of God."

MELCHIZEDEK — "King of Salem" and "Priest of the most high God," centuries before Abraham. He wrote the Book of Job. He lived about 2000 B.C.

JOSEPH — Son of Jacob, and one of 12 brothers. Became Prince of Egypt around 1600 B.C. and was Vizier and dream interpreter to the Pharoah. Coat (robe) with sleeves was given to him by his father. (Usually a robe does not have sleeves; was not a coat of colors.)

JOSHUA — Felled the Walls of Jerico, led the Israelites into the Promised Land, and scribe for Moses, who "psychically" dictated much of what is attributed to Moses — around 1300 B.C.

ZEND — Father of Zoroaster, of the Zorastrian religion (of Magi fame). Around 660 B.C.

JESHUA — High Priest who organized the return of the exiles from Babylon, and the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem (see Ezra and Nehemiah). This Jeshua is the one who translated and updated the books of the Bible, around 530 B.C.

Next, there were the Star Prophesies of His birth as much as 200 years before, which the Essene Community on Mount Carmel were aware of. (The Essenes were a large religious sect of both men and women that embraced the teachings of the Jewish prophets, and accepted astrology, the study of solar cycles, phrenology, numerology and reincarnation as part of the understanding of the interaction between the divine and the human experience. They had temples in Jerusalem, Alexandria, Heliopolis and many other cities, and also connected to mystery schools in Persia, India, Arabia, Mongolia, Capernaum and Egypt.) As a result of the knowledge gained, the Essenes purified themselves over centuries, and with heavenly guidance, preparations were slowly being set in place for the eagerly anticipated birth of the Messiah, as they were aware of the time-frame associated with the ancient prophecy concerning the Messiah’s coming, which was directed by the Magi to lift up humanity. After centuries of faithful planning and progress, a small group of especially devoted and divinely gifted members of the Essenes became aware, through their dreams, visions and voices, that the birth of the long-awaited Messiah was in the near future.

Next then, with their awareness of the conditions conducive to the fulfillment of the Star Prophecy, 12 young maidens, which included Mary, were selected by the Essenes to be groomed as the potential mother of the infant Messiah. These 12 were being prepared through concentration of thought, through the preparations of bodily exercise, and through their diet that there would be the closer communion with the receiving of messages from God. The mothers of many of those who hoped for the selection of their offspring as the channel for that prophecy were counseled by the Essene holy women.

Mary was 4 years old when her mother Anne presented her to the Essenes, and from age 4 to 16, she was given intensive spiritual training in the Essene Community in preparation for the conception of the Messiah. Of the 12 young maidens, Mary, around 12 years old, was chosen. It was sunrise as she and the other maidens ascended the altar steps of the Essene temple for morning prayer, as well as for the burning of incense, as they were bathed in the morning sun. As Mary reached the top step, suddenly there was thunder and lightning, and the angel Gabriel led the way, taking the child by the hand before the altar, to become the mother of the long-awaited Messiah.

(As mentioned earlier in this article, Mary was the twin-soul of the Master into the entrance of the Earth realm. Anne [Mary’s mother] proclaimed that her child, Mary, had no father! That is to say, Anne immaculately conceived a daughter! Neither Mary nor Yeshua had a human father. They were one soul!)

Joseph, an Essene associate, was chosen to be Mary’s husband, and at the time of their marriage, which took place in the temple at Mount Carmel, Joseph was 36 years old, and Mary was 16, and with child. During her pregnancy, Mary spent most of the time in the hills of Judea, and a portion of the time with Joseph in Nazareth.

The road to Bethlehem was crowded with landowners, shepherds and farmers, some of Joseph’s carpenter helpers, and others, when Joseph and Mary arrived in Bethlehem, after a journey of several days, due to delays in Mary’s advanced condition, to be polled for the tax as imposed by the Romans upon the people of the land. Because both of them were Essene, they were questioned by those of political and religious authority.

With all the travelers and officials with various degrees of behavior in Bethlehem, the innkeeper, who was sympathetic to the goals and mission of the Essenes, to help prepare the way for the Messiah to enter the earth, felt it best to turn the couple away with the purpose of protecting them from abuse and disturbing conditions. As a result, Joseph and Mary took refuge in a stable set in one of the hillside caves nearby. Just as the midnight hour came, there was the birth of the Master. The great "Star of the Magi"/"Star of Bethlehem" was a nova along the meridian of the bright star Altair, and the remnant of that nova (Black Hole X-1 Cygnus) was directly over Bethlehem at the time of the Messiah’s birth, bringing awe and wonder to all who saw it. As the Herald Angels sang that joyful choir of "Peace on Earth, Good will to Men of Good Faith," the shepherds gathered. All felt the vibrations and saw the great Light.

When the wise men, who were Zoroastrian astrologer-priests, coming from Persia to pay homage at the Messiah’s birth, saw the nova rising in the east, they followed it to Bethlehem because they’d been watching for hundreds and hundreds of years for this very happening. The wise men, who came by camel, brought the gifts of gold, myrrh and frankincense, and offered praise for the courage and perseverance of everyone that helped bring the Christ child into the world.

This is the Christmas story, as I "sense" it!


Throughout Christ’s life, he learned from the Druids in England, learned physical and mental strength through cleansing and purification in India and Tibet, studied the Buddhist sutras in Nepal, learned Zoroastrian beliefs in Persia, studied at the Library of Alexandria in Egypt. He traveled with his uncle, Joseph of Arimathea, on his uncle’s numerous ships that traveled the trade routes going everywhere from Europe to America, to Australia, to South America as well as to the Orient. After His crucifixion, the "Spirit" of Christ walked with the priests of France, the lowly monks in England, and the warriors in the Americas.

Yeshua/Jesus’s spiritual message was simple: God is to be honored rather than feared, love God with all your heart and love your neighbor as yourself—the core beliefs of the 11 Universal and 11 Spiritual Laws of the cosmos. Since the birth of the Messiah, some 2,000+ years ago, this "birth story" has been a living reality again and again in

the lives of people ever since, and their "energy" adds to the higher energy coming into the earth through all of us, of the universal/cosmic Christ consciousness.


Now, I would like to share a message that Fran H. (of Estican Mantis heritage) wanted to share:

"In Light of Jeshua ben Joseph Yeshua/Jesus *and many other names they had* " —

That spiritual brother goes way back to even before this current world of time. Being here during the time of Lemuria and Atlantis and the catastrophe of that period. There is a recollection of what happened then. As a point of reference today of the film "AquaMan" included some points of reality in it. But, with some tweaking also given for the enjoyment of the viewer.

However, he showed back up when he noted that the so-called elite were up to their antics again. And because of the nature of society as is, showed up as male. Otherwise, he would be stoned. So he went about healing in order to teach folks, thus helping them to "wake up" mentally of what they had forgotten in their past.

Even today, sadly, what he taught for people to grow by has been twisted and perverted from His intended purpose. As for his background being the star-being that he is … His world is on the other side of the known galaxy. Interesting part is that I used to think that he would come back as a woman, rather instead he comes back as the star-being that he truly is … that would blow the minds of the religious sector of society as we know it. But, it would be about time for that to occur.

I find Him to be a wonderful healer and teacher and thus, when I look at the night sky, I think of all star-beings as "Hey, cousin!" and thus look upon living beings as the multidimensional beings they are, whether they slither on the soil or fly the air waves or anything between … after all, Gaia/Earth Being is a school to learn about one another before heading out into space to meet other folks, without the negative qualities humans bring with them. That is Spiritual Growth that he taught about."

In Love & Peace, Fran growing star-being


I have had a few precious experiences with Yeshua which will always be in my heart. During meditation one time, I had a "far memory" of myself as a young Essene boy in Jerusalem, and I was just so excited because I saw the Master riding on a donkey and everyone was waving palm fronds, and I just kept saying "It’s the Master!!!! It’s the Master!!!!" It was Palm Sunday in Jerusalem!

I have two conscious memories of being near the Master — once aboard the huge mothership on January 11, 1992—the 11:11, with my friend, Monna (see "Monna, Motherships and Missing Time" — October 2018 Star Beacon article), and at sacred land called Vedauwoo (Vee-da-voo) about 18 miles east of Laramie, Wyoming.

A group of us who were attending Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle’s Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigation took a trip there, and we each found quiet spots to meditate. Yeshua appeared in front of me, and we had a conversation, although I consciously didn’t remember any of it. I do remember, though, that when we headed back to Laramie, some of the group wanted to stop at Walmart, and I was feeling SO overwhelmed (in a good way) at having the Master appear and visit with me, I stayed in the car, the whole time feeling euphoric and humble.

In the writing of this article, I had two "ah-ha" goosie-truth-bump moments when I was reading William Henry’s article on "Magi of the Golden Sun, Blue Avians and the 2022 New Star Prophecy." One ah-ha moment was when he shared about the nova along the meridian of the bright star, Altair, which was called the "Star of Bethlehem," which suddenly made sense to me, since Yeshua/Jesus is an Altarian Star Person Master Teacher! The other ah-ha moment was when I was reading about the Virgin Mary.

In all my dreams and meditations and messages throughout my life, I always saw Mary in light blue colored clothing. No wonder! She is connected with the Blue Avian-Human hybrids (the angels), who attend her! William Henry also shared about a "new star that is expected to flash into our night sky" on March 15, 2022 (give or take six months). This super-nova, by the way, is also connected to Cygnus, which will be visible for about six months, and will add a star to the Northern Cross star pattern. And, Jewish star watchers are connecting this to the Star Prophesy of the Essenes!

And one more thing, everything I have shared in this article is my belief, my truth — whoa — another ah-ha moment!

Along with this article, I will be sharing some amazing photos with you.

1. The JesusTime-Photo

In mid-October 1982, a couple on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land had a roll of film developed. This photo of Jesus was on it.


This "time photo" was taken by a woman in 1967 during a contact with Pleiadians. She was visiting the Holy Land and the contact took place near the Sea of Galilee.

The Pleiadians told her to take a picture with her black and white Kodak Instamatic of the surrounding hillside, and that they would give her a gift of a great event which occurred on that spot. When the film was later developed, this is what appeared. It was at this moment that Jesus had made his decision about his return to Jerusalem.

The article attached to this says the photos are of Joseph of Arimathia (Jesus’s maternal uncle), Jesus, and younger brother James and Simon Peter.

June M. (who shared stories of Archangel Michael in the December 2018 Star Beacon) said she saw Jesus back in the 1980s, and told me that Jesus looks just like the man on the RIGHT in the photo, and that every time she has seen him since, he looks the same. She also mentioned that her niece also saw Jesus and she also said that Jesus looked like the third man in the photo, and that he doesn’t look anything like the second man with the beard.

3. Time-Photo of Yeshua and disciples at the Tomb, created by Star-Nations, and provided by José Quinones, MD.


I am called the Son, I am The Ray, I am Emanuel. I am that which you call "Jesus." I am that which is called "Sananda."

I ask you to feel my presence, feel my energies, within—without.

I come to speak with you, for your energies are part of the whole; part of the Light.

You are the Light Workers; you come to prepare the way for my entry. There are many who do not understand that which is to come. You must awaken their soul memories, for time is crucial.

Be the Light, Be in the Light, Be of the Light, do all within the Light, and they will see you and will understand. Know we are all part of the whole. We must help our brothers. For not to do that would cause you to stay where you are at now. We must all work together to be part of the one.

I do not wish to be called "Lord"; I am your brother.

I do not wish you to bow down to me; I am one with you.

I do not wish you to make crosses with my body on it, for I do not want that image to be portrayed.

I am one with the Father. I am one with you. We are all part of the whole. Become that which is to come. Know you are protected. Know I am with you. Know you are safe. Know it. Believe it, and no harm will come to you.

Much that is now is changing. These changes must happen as the "Mother" goes towards the new vibrations. Many will not be able to handle these changes. Be steadfast in your faith and your belief. Know that all is well. Talk only of that which is good and goodness. For once you become part of the masses, the negativity then is opened and you must not have any holes within your auric field that can bring in negativity.

Know the the end result is worth it. Know you are helped as I watch over you and your loved ones.

I thank you for letting me enter. I am "One" with you.


Thank you for letting me share this with you!

Sheri Gould is an experiencer and a clairvoyant who writes from Wyoming.

If you enjoy her articles, send us an email with your comments at





This page updated December 5, 2019


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