Hungry Like the Wolf

Managing Fear in the Wake of a Pandemic

from the April 2020 Star Beacon


By Joanne O'Brien

Dear Readers,

If you have read my previous article, you may recall I talked about a need for change, to do things differently in terms of health and wellbeing, and also how to manage fear. I am a psychic medium and healer, yes, but I do not predict global events as a rule.

This year is turning out to be a year that calls for radical solutions. The current pandemic affecting the world has certainly been foreseen by astrologers citing the conjunction between Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter. These planets are major game changers, and it looks to me as if the "game" has not only changed, but we may have to radically alter the way our societies function for the foreseeable future and possibly long term.

School closures and on-line learning, currently happening in Japan and other countries, is just one example. They are also ramping up self isolation and for old people, looking at four months. Read into that what you will.

In meditation I have been contacted by beings, whom I call Star Beings. They also work in conjunction with my guides, who had former human lives; does it matter? Yes, I think it does as everything is symbolic and this is a classic example of all beings coming together, a crucial point.

Due to the pandemic, we are all susceptible to becoming isolated, and while we all need to take precautions, especially with hygiene, it is a volatile time and we need to keep a check on our "fear" ratios. Isolation and fear can be a way of unscrupulous people manipulating us.

I’d like to look at ways we can all manage our fear responses without losing the positive ways that fear can defend us. One of the problems with fear is that it can cause us to act out extreme behaviors.

These beings have been showing me how we can all help ourselves and the planet, and I’d like to share these with you now. There is no judgment. There is no one, right way. You have no obligation to do these, but I intend to, though I admit it will be impossible to measure the impact in terms of positive changes or solutions to our current problems.

I’m going to do them and share them as these beings are here to help. In fact, some of them have always been here and have never left. One thing I will say is this: as the glaciers and Arctic wastes continue to melt and land is uncovered, well, let’s just say that things — amazing discoveries — are going to come to light.

Truly, if I knew what they were, I would tell you. Time will do that for us all.

I have been shown an interesting and simple way we can help out each other and the planet, assuming of course, we all want to. I was shown how to "clear my field" or the aura, the energetic structure that surrounds us and all life.

The Orbs of light many of us have seen have multi purposes. They can be used as magnets to draw out impurities and other unwanted situations.

White is the best color. Imagine a glowing orb of white above your head. As you breathe out deep breaths, allow anything you want to release to go out with the breath. This is then absolved into the Orb. You may see the Orb changing color — growing darker for example — then allow it to go into a bright sun and dissolve. I was shown different colored orbs for different situations.

This morning, I was guided to send orbs into the earth and they traveled to a place that I had in mind, Australia. I used blue, which is healing, and wherever the orb moved, I pictured flowers blossoming, trees re-growing, humans and animals being healed.

If you want to try this, to begin with, please feel free to do so on objects close to you, like flowers or plants. It would be interesting to see what effect this has. White is for purity, cleansing and represents Spirit. In healing, I practice three main steps — clean, heal, close.

Please use whichever colors you feel drawn to, but I use white to clean, blue or green to heal (as a rule, depends on the situation) and gold to seal (close).

I am 100 percent sure that other people are using these techniques as there is nothing new on this earth. When the Great Tesla went to patent his inventions, there were others working on similar models. By sharing this with you, I want you to know that I am doing it as part of a promise I made to the Star Beings; that I would help to spread the message, even if the message has been told before.

How does it work? I only have theories. I

think these Orbs work as a result of our intentions.

So, I first set my intention to Heal X. This is really important. Our thoughts have energy and

when sending them out, it’s important to remember that they will land somewhere. Not every single thought; some do not have enough thrust or "force" if you prefer, but mental thoughts that have powerful emotions driving them, do work.

Quantum theory tells us that light is composed of both waves and particles. These change depending on who is observing them. The words and thoughts we use carry vibrations that affect these waves and particles. What makes the difference is that the Star Beings are working with us all to help to do this, and all I can tell you is "thank goodness," we need their positive input.

Like us, some are good, some bad and some are plain indifferent. I believe the "good" ones are also working to activate power places all over the world. I was shown a pyramid this morning, somewhere that looked like a tropical jungle; it was filled with white orbs.

So, where is fear residing? In the reptile part of the brain, it has a basic drive to make us do whatever it takes to survive. The reptile part of the brain is always running on alert, and stress pushes it into high alert. Anything that is perceived as a threat to our existence and our food supply activates the reptile, primitive brain.

There is a parable of the man explaining the Hungry Wolves who were constantly at war. One was pure greed, ego and violence, and the other sought peace, a humble attitude and sharing. When a boy asked: "Which one wins?"

The man replied, "The one I feed the most." If we continually feed our reptile brain with negativity, it actually weakens us. No matter what the damage to my ego, I take steps to remember the importance of truth and logic over manipulation and panic. Fear gets us out of the way of a speeding car, fear helps us to protect the ones we love when they are in danger, fear is a messenger of danger, a warning whose prime directive is to preserve our bodies at whatever cost.

When it is out of balance, it is a bit like a fire alarm going off, constantly. We have three main responses to fear: fight, flight and freeze. The growing global stress levels are a response to modern triggers that do not often pose a threat to life or limb. The problem with the reptilian brain is that it remains stuck in times where there were concrete threats, such as wild animals, warring tribes and anything unfamiliar is perceived as a threat. The primitive brain defaults always to what is known and familiar.

In our modern technological world of the internet and TV, many things have become familiar. Sadly, media and newspapers now drive our responses to many things as well as the pressure from society to look, feel and be a certain way. If we cannot match these false ideals, it leads to feelings of inadequacy and unnecessary stress.

So, what do we do? The best thing is to recognize the level of the fear you are in and match it to your circumstances. First, ensure there is no clear and apparent danger! If a fear response is a result of something "not imminent," allow yourself to feel the fear fully without acting on it. This is about recognizing our power over strong feelings and emotions.

This sounds ponderous, but by asking yourself some questions, you will be able to master this emotion. Measure your fear on a scale of one to 10. One is mild, to nothing, moving through the range to 10, which is a high state of fear.

Question: Is there imminent threat to my life and those I care for? What actions can I take to minimize this feeling? What can I plan to do that will mitigate this feeling? What, exactly, is the feeling trying to convey to me?

The questions guide you to use the rational, logical side of your brain; the reptile brain lies somewhere beneath this. Your breathing is a critical component in managing any emotion. So take deep, slow breaths that re-supply the oxygen to your brain.The stress response is triggered by a very clever part of your brain called the RAS (Reticular Activating System), your body’s inner alarm.

It triggers instantly in response to perceived danger, and it also sets the automatic hormone responses into action. This happens whether the potential threat is real OR not, actual or imagined.

This is one reason why our thoughts can actually harm us, if we catastrophize or use excessive worry.These forces speed into action to help you to deal with the situation by releasing hormones such as adrenaline; other responses are increased heart rate, muscle tension.

Imagine how much stress your body is experiencing in order to produce these defenses, especially if you are not in danger or direct threat. The brain cannot differentiate from a real or perceived threat.

We can’t change our genetic constructs just by wanting to, but we can direct our natural biological responses to serve us. I became interested in this subject when I was a career consultant. Not only did I counsel hundreds of very stressed people, but also people with severe anxiety.

Occupational stress is a huge problem and as stated earlier, we are designed to behave in a certain way to deal with threats. If we can’t stop the response, we need to address these potential threats logically and then use our biology to serve us.

Anchoring is a very effective Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) technique; it overrides the existing situation and channels it into another, preferred direction. There are many techniques that will help, for example, by interrupting a negative thought process. As always, though, my interest lies in the root cause and not allowing ourselves to be triggered in the first place. Not easy in today’s quickly changing landscapes, not easy in a world where nature outpaces us every time. It feels like we are living under the sword of Damocles every day with terror threats, pandemics and the whole gamut of everyday stressors.

I don’t believe in waiting to be saved. I don’t believe in handing over my responsibility to others to make choices for me. I’m starting to believe that the recent train of events is not a threat that needs a stress response. I’m starting to believe that this may be an opportunity to make a better world. I cannot prove to you with hard facts and data that the beings with me are real. All I know for sure is that they have had an amazing effect on me.

They have approached me in the spirit of friendship, showing me how to heal myself and others. They make me feel "safe" and valued, not special as there are many out there like me. The Orbs may have an effect that corresponds to my beliefs around human emotions. If you use them, I would be interested to hear of the results.

It has given me strength to use the techniques. I enjoy the meetings and often they are fun and very kind. Instead of the stress response, I feel the oxytocin response, the very best way to heal. There will always be two warring wolves within me. I will always feed the one I choose to win.

Here is a final question to help you along the path. Say to yourself, "I could be feeling joy instead of (------------)".

Finally, an update. My son has developed flu-like symptoms and has taken to bed. They no longer test people here in the UK unless they are critical and then hospitalized. He is my world. I love him, I have practiced the above, and it really helps. I was also told by the Beings to not be afraid. They got me to repeat it back to them: "I am not afraid."


Joanne O’Brien is a Reiki master, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy Master and Trainer from the United Kingdom.

Contact her through her web site at





This page updated April 6, 2020


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