Sheri's Sixth Sense


Three Star Sisters

from the June 2020  Star Beacon

By Sheri Gould

Art by H. Jager


This article is about three very special women that have made quite an impact in my life — Yvonne C., Whaleheart, and Yvonne Lowe. I have been very blessed to have these Star Sisters in my life!

I met Yvonne C. back in 1993 at the Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigation which was hosted by Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph. D., at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyo., and we’ve been "sisters" ever since. At this conference, Yvonne telepathed a message to the participants of this conference from a representative for the group mind of the Ashtar Command.

The following photo is of Yvonne C. and me taken at Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

"We are honored to address this group of Star Children. We call you that because that is what you are. Each of you in this room and around your world is a spark of the Creator and each of you chose to be here, on Earth, at this momentous moment in time. You came here to assist her and you ... your own soul, knowing that these are the final days in the dimension of duality and darkness. You came here for various reasons. Some to take advantage of this last opportunity to balance old karmic debts, for this is best accomplished in the area of their original occurrence. Some of you came to observe ... to witness the ascension of an entire planet from 3rd dimension through 4th and rapidly to 5th, for this is a rare occurrence in the Omniverse. Some of you came to assist, and it is to you ... all who are in this room, that we address this message.

"Your tasks have been difficult; your paths fraught with pain and confusion. The free will aspect of blessed Earth caused you to forget your purpose ... to forget why you came and what you came here to do. We made a bargain, you and we, and that bargain was a promise between us that should you forget who you truly are, we would remind you. We do that now. Listen, beloved children. Listen with your hearts, with your souls and know that we speak to you from the truth of your being.

"You are the Lightworkers. You are the children of God who volunteered to come here to help your brothers and sisters remember their divinity. You knew it would be difficult and thus you assigned us as a back-up system in case the density and negativity smothered you. We come to you now to tell you that the barriers are gone. The walls have fallen. The veil is lifted. Only your 3rd dimensional programming prevents you from recognizing your own power and magnificence. Go within ... listen and know that the time of remembering is here, which was always yours. Reach out and take it and come home. The journey has been long and the path difficult, but you have all triumphed. We honor you. We bless you in the name of the One."

Yvonne came to visit me here in Wyoming, and on the ’93 Summer Solstice, Monna, Yvonne and I gathered out at Lake DeSmet (the huge vortex area between Buffalo and Sheridan). Many people have dramatic energy shifts in this Lake DeSmet vortex area — some are compelled to stop, others have different degrees of out-of-body experiences, and others have definite placebo effects and remember little or nothing at all that they even drove by the lake. (See my October 2018 article, Monna, Mothership & Missing Time, which talks about some of the Lake DeSmet anomalies). We were seeing quite a few "cloudships" around this area, and then two Ashtar Command representatives telepathed through with information for us to share with you …

The first representative: "Thank you for your support. It is our purpose to keep the stabilization of the Earth, and it is at this point at a very critical juncture. The three of you are with us in the conference room at this time, along with others that are also trying to help maintain the balance. If you can, at this point, visualize yourself sitting at a U-shaped conference table where there are many guests of different cultures attending this conference that are also trying to help maintain the balance. It is imperative for all our Lightworkers to consciously affirm your intentions to help the Earth so that we may use your temples to recharge those areas directly affected by the mass population.

"At this time the energies of the majority of the population are not of a positive nature, and is therefore harming the planet. For with every step, the negative energies — at this point — go down approximately eight miles. You can imagine in the mass population areas the negative effect on that whole section of the Earth, and the Earth at this time is becoming very unstable within those areas. Thus, as the planet moves into the fourth dimensional reality, the third dimension will literally completely go down into the Earth with the steps we take.

"With the dimensional reality shifting, there will be many etheric holes within the groundwork and there will be those finding themselves — pardon the expression — possibly up to their armpits with the Earth surrounding them with no explanation of why this is occurring at this time. We call on all that we can that we may send the energies through you into the Earth to help stabilize. We need to have as many as possible for we are at the juncture where we cannot help unless we have the human factor. We have many that you would call "notables" sitting at the table, including yourselves, for each of you have very special knowledge and we greatly appreciate any suggestions that you have."

The second representative: "It is imperative at this time that all Lightworkers who have not yet awakened to their true path do so. This can be done in many ways, but we suggest that you take advantage of the media to the best of your abilities in spreading the word and truth, thus every Lightworker unaware will vibrate to his particular resonance when he hears, reads, sees or receives whatever sensory input you can give. There are thousands of Lightworkers pledged to awaken now still caught in the density of the third dimension."

Following this telepathic session, we were guided to go outside, and because of our request to see "something," we were given a real treat! We saw a probe traveling by, as bright as the Morning Star, and close enough in proximity to us that we could see arms all around the probe (similar to what Sputnik looked like). We were told it was an Ashtar Command unmanned probe which analyzes atmospheric and seismographic pressures. Whatever is going on with the Earth herself definitely has the "guys upstairs" on their toes, and we’re being asked to help. If you feel the urge to help, mentally send your commitment out to the Universe, and then be prepared for some wonderful experiences!

I have known Whaleheart since the mid-’70s when we lived in student housing at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, when I knew her as Robin. She was always a gracious listener whenever I talked about my favorite subject — metaphysics! We always kept in touch with each other after going our separate ways and every time we connected by phone or mail, Robin always had questions about metaphysics. Robin lived in the Denver area, and when my son was born and spent the first 2 ½ months of his life at Children’s Hospital in Denver, we again reconnected and became wonderful friends.

Now, I’m not sure about the timing of some of these events, but two very significant changes happened in Robin’s life. One was her divorce. Robin understood that life wasn’t just mall shopping or football anymore, and because of very big differences in thinking, the compatibility just wasn’t there anymore. Her son lived with his dad, and her daughter lived with her. The other significant event happened when Robin was on a boat, I believe in coastal waters around Mexico. Dolphins surrounded the boat, vertical to the water with their heads up. Through this remarkable experience, Robin had the inner knowing that the experience was just for her. From that point, she began having dolphin dreams, and inner messages from the dolphins. Robin knew it was time for her to move to San Diego, to be close to these beautiful creatures. A few days before her departure to San Diego, and because we were in Denver on business, we had a chance to see Robin and her daughter.

Actually it wasn’t chance — it was synchronicity at work! Right next to the motel we were staying at was the restaurant where Robin and her daughter met up with us. While Robin and I talked at length, her daughter and my two children sat together and visited as well. I mentioned to Robin that we needed to be back at the motel by 6:45, because my family wanted to leave by 7 PM to go to a movie. My kids left for the motel room about 6:35, and Robin and I left the restaurant five minutes later. Since it was only a five-minute walk, I would be back to the motel in good time. As Robin and I were walking back, I began to get the familiar ringing in my ears that I get when I know ships are right overhead. I kept looking up, but not seeing anything but stars in the sky, but I sure could feel those ship energies! It felt like it was right on top of us!

We got back to the motel room, and my husband was upset at us for being late, and when the kids went back ahead of us, they wanted to play a trick on us and they hid in the bathroom shower. But, they ended up waiting for us for 40 minutes! The clock said 7:20 PM! Robin and I just had a missing time experience of over half an hour, and we felt we were in "la la land" the rest of our visit at the motel. We said our goodbyes, and Robin and her daughter left.

At around 4 AM the following morning, the phone rang and it was Robin. She was talking a mile a minute, telling me that she’d been awake since 3 AM and wanted to call me then, but hung on until 4 AM to call because she knew 3 AM was way too early to call. She told me of a conscious experience she had just had aboard a ship—being told of her life’s purpose to work with the cetaceans on this planet, about her special children and her ex’s purpose in helping create these children. What an experience she just had. Interestingly enough, she doesn’t remember the whole experience nor calling me about it at 4 AM.

Robin and her daughter U-hauled it to San Diego and had a variety of living experiences, in and out of the mundane job market. Her true focus was working with the dolphins and orcas, and she periodically asked me to do a reading for her for direction. Robin always followed the guidance because it was consistent with her own inner guidance and she found herself working for pennies or for nothing to work for a lady whose business was with the dolphins — for people to swim with the dolphins. Robin had quite a variety of learning experiences through working with this lady — some good, some not so good. Robin tried to keep her "head above water" monetarily and everything she found herself doing was dolphin and orca related.

In January 1994, Robin was guided to move from San Diego to Oregon to be with her sister. Robin had been without a phone for a long time (before cell phones), so I wasn’t in phone contact with her for quite awhile. With her U-Haul packed, she and her daughter were ready to leave early in the morning, and she got inner guidance to get the gas tank filled before leaving and to also call me before heading out. She called me around 5:30 AM and told me she was leaving for Oregon by way of Mt. Shasta. She kept getting inner guidance that she had to be at Mt. Shasta that same day! I wished her and her daughter a safe trip and we hung up.

Since I was wide awake, I decided to turn the TV on to listen to the news. The date was January 17, and Los Angeles just got hit with a 6.7 earthquake! Robin didn’t know. Everything had been packed, including radios, and she had no electricity anyway. It was a VERY long few days until I heard from her again, but Robin and her daughter were safe and sound in Oregon.

The stories Robin shared about getting through L.A. with the U-Haul, running out of gas on the Interstate (she didn’t follow guidance about getting the tank topped off — she said she won’t disregard inner guidance next time), giving all the water she had left to a Mexican family that just lost everything, and in return, this Mexican family had GAS to trade for the water, are incredible. She did make it to Mt. Shasta late that night. She got "help" the whole way there, because she had a much higher purpose than she ever imagined. Robin was chosen to carry all the souls of those that died in the earthquake "piggyback" to Mt. Shasta for release.

Robin’s reason for being in Oregon was unclear, and it seemed the negative experiences outweighed the positive one by lots. Her love was to communicate with the orcas which she was getting adept at, but she just didn’t like the "vibes" of the area and wanted to go back home — to San Diego. Robin called me and asked for another reading and I saw her with an Indian dress on, with certain stones sewn on her dress, and special feathers in her hair, doing a medicine wheel ceremony to clear the negative energies of the area. Robin was already prepared — she’d been gathering the stones and feathers all the while and even had the dress — though she didn’t know why she had all those things. Everything was suddenly clear to her. Robin proceeded to do this sacred ceremony at, I believe, full moon, and went to the four corners of the medicine wheel that she had previously mapped out with her compass and city map. Upon completion of the four corners, she did her final ceremony at the center of her medicine wheel, which happened to be in the city park. She found a somewhat isolated area by some trees and did the final aspect of the ceremony there, all the while with eyes closed. She heard people walking by her, but because she was focused on her intent, the passerby’s weren’t distracting. At the exact moment of her completion, Indian drumming began — those that passed by Robin were Native American drummers! This WAS completion. Sacred Synchronicity.

Robin and her daughter moved back to San Diego, and my family and I had a chance to visit with them over the Christmas holidays in 1994. Although every bit of child support went for rent, Robin knew her life purpose, knowing everything would be all right. She intently worked with the dolphins and orcas. She would get frequency tones in her ear and telepathic messages from the cetaceans. She would get messages about the toxic waste in the oceans. The dolphins and orcas are our guardians and it was time for them to pass on guardianship to humans and many of the cetaceans left because we (humanity) are responsible now. The cetaceans would help us rid the oceans of toxicity if we allow. They would help us if we are willing to listen to them through cetacean telepaths like Robin.

Robin eventually got a job at SeaWorld, where the cetaceans would talk with her telepathically, letting her know if there was any sickness or pregnancies, etc. Because of her service to the orcas, the orcas gave her the sacred name of Whaleheart. Robin changed her name legally and now goes by Whaleheart!


I met Yvonne Lowe in 1993 when she came out to Wyoming to visit me. Yvonne hails from Surrey, B.C., Canada, and was a close neighbor and friend of Shirlè Klein-Carsh (who wrote the book Permutation, A True UFO Story, co-authored by our own Ann Ulrich (Miller)!

First, a little background on Yvonne: Back in July 1987, Yvonne and family were at a swimming pool when a family member asked what those marks were on her back. When she looked in the mirror, she thought they were strange since she didn’t have an accident or operation. A month later, when she was at a local hospital, the respirologist attending her asked what the marks on her back were and the words "the aliens did it" popped into her head, although she thought those to be strange words. Later, when the scabs fell off, she noticed some marks were there in the kidney area of her back. After that time, she started receiving flashes of knowledge about subjects she knew nothing about, for example, like the process that takes place in the minds of cult members, and why we die when we do, etc.

Two years later, she met a local UFO contactee who looked at the marks and drew them for her. When contact was eventually made with the entities from space, she was told it meant that she was "activated as a space person." From the spring of 1989 and on, she had many conscious contacts with many entities from various galaxies and commands. She said their main interest with individuals is to assist with our spiritual advancement into the next dimension(s). They, too, are also going through an advancement at this time, as is the universe.

She also started remembering her contact experiences since about the age of 6. One story she shared was about three craft that swooped low while her school was having a sports day. She hopped into a car and tried to get away, but the motor wouldn’t start! Recently, when she asked about the incident, she was told that they did that to remind her of her mission and that trying to get away was just a human response.

Throughout the years, she shared some amazing stories of her contact experiences with different space entities and all different kinds of craft because of the energy vortex she has in her back yard!

A couple of pieces of advice she shared from her space family is "Don’t restrict yourself, be limitless in your thinking," and "It is of utmost importance that you start placing more value on your spiritual essence because that is what you truly are, rather than your physical essence, what you truly represent."

Now, back to 1993. On the first evening of Yvonne’s visit with me and our group, after a potluck dinner, we went into meditation and had a bi-location onto one of the Ashtar Command’s spacecrafts. We had a wonderful time hugging old friends and shaking hands with new ones. As this was Yvonne’s first bi-location experience, she kept checking back with her physical body and found it was just fine and enjoying a nice rest! After we finished our meditation, I "intuitively" saw a very tall being in a silver suit and boots, with translucent skin appear in the room in front of Yvonne, although the others in the group couldn’t see him. (She shared an explanation that on a scale of 1 to 400, we vibrate at near 4 and they vibrate at 400.) Yvonne was just ecstatic that I saw this person standing in my living room, and said she hadn’t seen him since 1989, and then shared this story with us:

"On a beautiful sunny morning during March of 1989, I went to the barn to feed the horses as is routine. As I was carrying a leaf of hay to the last stall, I saw, from the knees down, a pair of metallic silver clad legs with boots built into the garment as part of the uniform. As I approached the last stall, I was stopped and noticed I was surrounded in a light green haze. Standing before me was a 7 foot, silver-suited Being with no hair, dark almond-shaped eyes and translucent type skin. I was taken into another dimension to make this visit possible. After I realized who he was, we discussed giving me a device to make it easier to detect when my space brothers are in the area." (She shared later that this space person is from Orion and is approximately 950 earth years of age and that his planet is in the 7th dimension.) To top off the evening, both Yvonne and I were "receiving" signals, so we all went out on the back porch and were treated to a big craft streaking across the sky.

"The networking is proceeding ahead of schedule, I might add, as each of you connect with one another. You can at any time visualize yourself aboard the craft, and each time you visualize, there will be another portion of the physical body that will be taken aboard. We understand your yearning, but you must be patient for your bodies have to gradually acclimate to the higher density. Gradually as you visualize yourself aboard our ships, your body will feel lighter and lighter.

We have heard you speak of the changes taking place upon your Earth, but I ask you this—as you speak of changes, visualize these words within the Light, for all that happens—all that takes place is of the highest and though there might be many seeming exceptions taking place, all is within Divine Order.

I feel you’re getting weary, so I will take my leave at this time. I thank you for letting me speak. I am Ashtar and I thank you."

On the third evening of Yvonne’s visit, we went into the mountains and as Yvonne said, "we were delighted with the display our spacebrothers put on for us!" I was also given "information" to share from that final evening with Yvonne—to be assured that our spacebrothers and spiritual guides and friends are here to raise our consciousness to the coming 4th and higher dimensions. Of great concern to our space helpers is the great crevice of energy that has been caused due to nuclear testing in China and elsewhere. We have been requested to contemplate on the center core and keep building the center core with a strong metallic silver light, starting with the center core all the way to the Earth’s surface.

Yvonne in her energy vortex

This photo shows the orbs inside Yvonne’s energy vortex.


Thank you dear Star Sisters, and thank you, Star Beacon readers, for letting me share with you!


Sheri Gould is an experiencer and a clairvoyant who writes from Wyoming.

Please let us know if you enjoy her articles, send us an email with your comments at

Copyright © 2020 Sheri Gould




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