Sheri's Sixth Sense

My Clairvoyant Readings

from the August 2020  Star Beacon

By Sheri Gould



Clairvoyance, also known as "Second Sight" or "Sixth Sense," actually means "clear-sighted." It means you receive intuitive information visually through visions of events, people and places beyond physical eyesight -- including seeing past, present and future events, pictures and symbols -- all of which I refer to as energy imprints. It is the ability to see beyond the range of ordinary perception.

In this article, I will be sharing some of the many interesting aura, precognition, psychometry, and medical-intuitive readings that I have had the honor to do for people


This first story is about the family dog, Sandy, when I was growing up. He was a silver-buff cocker spaniel who just loved the snow. I always felt he was a Malamute in a past life! Sandy would spend many nights sleeping at the foot of my bed, with some pressure on my legs from the weight of his body.

After I was on my own, away from my family, I would always send some treats for Sandy whenever I sent care-packages home. My parents would tell me that Sandy would jump up and down when a package from me came. At some point later on in my life, I was in bed sleeping, and woke up suddenly to feel pressure on my legs, and I "saw" Sandy laying there at the foot of my bed once again.

I called my parents that next morning and asked if Sandy had died, and they told me that he passed the day before. That precious pooch came to say good-bye to me!


Another time, a gal asked me to do a reading for her, and she brought her "best friend in the world" with her. I asked her if she wanted her friend there at the reading, and she said yes -- that there was nothing that her best friend didn't know about her. I did the reading, and told the gal that I saw that she had a pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage

After the reading, she had to explain about that information to her best friend, who did not know about the pregnancy.

Whaleheart's Cat

Whaleheart (whom I wrote about in the June 2020 Star Beacon) asked me to do a reading on her cat who was out-of-sorts -- to find out what was wrong with her. Her kitty "told me" that she had been trying to show her human through the health symptoms she (the cat) had, that they were the same symptoms in Whaleheart's body.

She (the cat) shared with me that the love connection between her and Whaleheart was so strong that she (the cat) would do anything (including dying) to let her human know that she (Whaleheart) had some serious health issues.

Whaleheart did go and see a doctor soon after the reading. Her doc told her that she came in the "knick-of-time" to take care of the health issue. Had she not gone to see the doc, she would’ve been in a serious life-threatening situation.

Kansas Friend

I did an aura health reading for a friend of mine when I lived in Kansas. I "saw" some of her organs in a dark green color and I felt an urgency that she needed to see a doctor ASAP.

She did see her doctor right away and they were able to take care of the cancerous growth she had before it got critical.


Also, while living in Kansas, I had a boss who was always at odds with me for some reason, and I would always see dark red lightning bolts shooting out of her head whenever she talked to me.

I "saw" a darkness like a cloud above her head on her left side that went down to her elbow. I connected to her Higher Self, who shared that the darkness I saw was a negative reaction and those accusers "created" a "cloud hanging over her head," so that she'd be constantly reminded of something she said that didn't come to pass in this timeline, and from the arm to the elbow -- this is as if a cast was put on her arm to make her immobile.

The significance of this darkness on the left side is because those that brought the "cloud" expected logic. (Left side is logic, right side is intuitive.) To get rid of the negative thought forms, we needed to visualize the body immersed within a green fluid. This works on an emotional level of the body, and the green will help heal the emotional body as we visualize these clouds/negative thought forms not being able to penetrate into the fluid.

As we visualize, we need to see this green fluid cleaning within the body and without (surrounding) the physical body. Then, we need to visualize this color changing to a royal blue, for this then cleanses the spiritual body. Then, we need to visualize this liquid changing into a deep yellow liquid, to help cleanse the mental body.

So, now that the emotional, spiritual and mental bodies have been cleansed, we need to visualize your friend standing underneath a rainbow. As she stands underneath this rainbow, the colors penetrate through her crown chakra and each of these colors penetrates, clears and cleanses each of the chakras.

Visualize her whole body turning into the colors of the rainbow, feel the cells in the joy of having each of these rainbow colors bombard them. It's like crystals, it's like the 4th of July -- each cell becomes excited at receiving the different colors. And visualize these colors as tiny little balls as each go through the entire bodily system, then exiting in all directions throughout the skin, and as this takes place, all those balls of light would exit in the area of the head and shoulder to the elbow, bombarding that which is the cast on the arm -- bombards, clears and cleanses. And in this way, a grand cleansing takes place within her body.

Holistic Fair in Casper

One year, I was the keynote speaker at the Casper, Wyoming, Holistic Fair, telepathing the energies of Yeshua/Jesus, Ashtar and Mother Mary, as a conscious channel -- that is to say, the vocabulary and everything else is filtered through my own consciousness. I was guided to wear Moldavite (space stone) and rose quartz (love connection). I was scheduled for a 1-3/4 hour talk and thought there was no way it would be that long, and it turned out to be about 2-1/2 hours long!

I also had a booth and did readings for people. I had people lined up to get readings; some didn't know why they had to see me. One gal, who also had a booth there knew she had to talk to me, but didn't have the money. She was going to ask me if we could barter services, when she found the money out on the ground in front of the Holiday Inn! This lady is an artist and had drawings at her booth, but wondered why they just weren't selling like she had hoped.

In the reading done for her, I shared with her that the art she does comes directly from the Pleiades, and there's a resonation within her art -- she "knows" how to use color, geometrics and vibration. Children just love her art, because they can relate -- because they are fully conscious. Adults, on the other hand, are not fully conscious and, therefore, do not gravitate towards her art. And it's the adults that have the money...

And here are some more readings I did for people at the Holistic Fair:

* In a reading I did for a college student, it showed how he works with an Inner Earth aspect -- sometimes these souls exchange places, and they each get different perspectives of what’s happening with the Earth Mother.

I "saw" a beautiful orange sky with crystals lodged in the ground -- I was seeing Inner Earth! The college student had no idea there even was an Inner Earth, but everything resonated with him -- even a direct telepathed message to him (through me) from Adama, the High Priest of Telos, Inner Earth (under Mt. Shasta, 5th Dimension).

The college student told me afterwards that he'd seen this orange sky frequently in meditation, and he and his buddies thought maybe it was Mars. Now he knows where this orange sky is!

Another reading was for a guy that told me he needed peace. I "saw" lots of concrete around him -- buildings and roads. Then, I saw him in a past time working with the elves and leprechauns, and he was told that he needed to go back to the trees once again, that he needed to go fishing or camping -- just get back to nature.

Afterwards, he told me that he often dreams of the leprechauns, and that his most peaceful place in the world is in the mountains, away from everyone.

* I did a reading for a lady who asked if they should build a house on a piece of land. I "saw" her up on a hill with no trees around, but that she would be very connected with the earth and sky at that spot -- that it would absolutely rejuvenate her. After the reading, she told me that that was the spot of land she was asking about!

* Another reading was for a lady who was wondering what she does during her night sleep. I saw her working with Mother Mary and Princess Diana on disaster relief, helping the children.

Even though this lady, Mother Mary, Princess Diana and others are in their etheric forms, doing the disaster relief, and giving comfort to those children, the children from around the world -- Africa, Asia, the Americas and everywhere else -- can SEE them, although the adults cannot.

* A similar reading for a guy was shown to be on the Star Nation's medical ships -- for those being transported from disaster areas.

* In a reading I did for a gal heavily into everything Native American, I found her to be an Ashtar Command scientist aboard the Starship Athena! Her job is maintaining the Earth's balance.

This gal really couldn't see herself doing this because she felt more related to Native Americans until she realized that this is what she's doing consciously -- helping to keep Mother Earth in balance, and she was ecstatic that this was her "real" job as well!

* Another guy, in a past lifetime, was found to have been a cavalry soldier at the Fetterman Battle site (see my April 2018 Star Beacon article "Battlefield Energies" for info on the Fetterman battle), which was the second worst Indian/Cavalry battle to ever take place.


My first impression from this reading was of some eagle feathers hanging on an old fence post. Then, I saw him as a soldier heading out to help a wagon train, when Crazy Horse and Big Nose and thousands from the area tribes ambushed these soldiers, and he (the soldier) died.

But, as his soul left, he honored the Indians, because he realized that the "whites" had illegally taken over the sacred hunting grounds, plus it was hard for him to live among his fellow soldiers that had absolute hate in their hearts for the Indians.

My next vision was of a sky full of Indian Chiefs, their headdresses like the rays of the sun, and they came to honor this soldier, and it was they who were giving him those sacred eagle feathers.

* I saw a past life in a reading for another man, where he fell into a deep hole and couldn't get out and eventually died in there. Then, I flashed to the action -- he had been a pirate, and his ship had just stolen many Polynesian people to sell as slaves, and they were all thrown down in the hole of the ship.

This pirate was responsible for making sure that no one escaped. Many of these prisoners died during the journey. As this man's soul left his body because of his death in the deep hole, the soul felt that the karmic debt from the pirate life had been paid.

* Another gal asked about the health of her daughter, and as I scanned the body, I could see dark green around the lung area. The mom said that her daughter has asthma. Then I told the mom that metaphysically, asthma means "mother smother," and that she needed to give her daughter "breathing room" to do her own thing. The mom understood, and agreed that that had been the situation -- too much control over her daughter.

And lastly -- I had one more reading to give before the Holistic Fair would be over, and after paying for booth space and lodging expenses, this last reading would give me the extra money to buy a "UFO" necklace shaped like the Pleiadian ships I had been seeing for quite a while.

After the reading, I thanked the lady and mentioned to her that I wanted to get to the booth that had a necklace I wanted to purchase before everything started shutting down. This lady was curious about the necklace I was interested in, and when I told her about the "UFO" necklace, she said "That's my booth -- and I made that necklace!"

A wonderful synchronicity moment!!

The next three readings are about three different families and the loss of their loved ones:

* A wonderful friend of my husband and mine, Denver, was a mountain man hailing originally from Louisiana, and called Wyoming his home.

When Denver passed because of illness, his parents asked me what I could tell them about his passing. The reading I did showed his actual passing over! I "saw" his soul leaving his body, and I saw the whole hospital room filled with family and friends and a dog (all from the other side), to help him cross over.

When I shared this information with Denver's parents, I described in detail all the people there and also the dog. His parents were happy to receive all this information -- they then shared with me about the people I saw -- who they were. And the dog -- they were ecstatic about the dog! It was Denver's dog when he was younger!

* Jennifer, who was a co-worker of mine, lost her husband, and I attended the funeral service for him. As Jen shared stories about her husband to those attending the service, I "saw" her husband standing behind her while she spoke.

I mentally contacted him, asking why he died, and he told me that in life he could not help their daughter, who had severe medical problems, but he could help her so much more from "the other side!"

* My son Adam and I attended the funeral of Tony -- who was a few years older than my son, and died of an aneurism. Adam "saw" Tony walking around at his own funeral!

Tony was loved by the community, and his parents decided to have an annual basketball tournament in memory of their son. Adam and I attended the first memorial game and we both "saw" Tony there, and you could tell that it was tough on Tony, hearing his parents share stories about their son, in tears, and the same with Tony's girlfriend.

It was really tough on Tony. The next year, Adam and I attended the 2nd annual memorial basketball tournament, and Tony was there again. Adam and I could see him in a heart-wrenching situation again.

I "talked" to Tony and asked about the whole situation, and he said that with all this happening again, he was again pulled back to the Earth plane, and cannot continue on his journey as long as he has to relive everything over and over again.

He asked that they stop having the annual memorial basketball games. Adam and I met with Tony's mom and we shared our information with her, and she told us that they would not have the memorial basketball games anymore.

She did not contact us ever again, but they did not have any more memorial basketball games.

Psychometry Readings

And now, here are some psychometry readings (psychic ability in which a person can sense or "read" the history of an object by touching it):

• I visited with a couple who asked me to hold a piece of wood and tell them what this wood connected to. I put the wood in my hand and had a vision of an Indian baby. The couple were excited because this confirmed that the wood was part of a papoose carrier!

* One day, while at my husband's fishing store, a man came in and shared some information with my husband. I was back in the office when my husband asked me to come out to the front, but asked that I keep my eyes closed.

When I got out to the front of the store, something was placed in my outstretched hand. It lay in my hand -- I did not use my other hand to feel for its shape or texture.

I then got visions of a forested area and of a dinosaur with long spikes on its tail. The man who from a dig in South Dakota (his T-shirt read: "I Dig Bones.") The piece that had been placed in my hand was a small fossil bone which was identified as being from a Stegosaurus!

The paleontologist was surprised and amazed by my statements because I correctly identified that piece as a dinosaur bone, and because the location where the bone was found was not in habitat where the Stegosaurus usually lived!

* A reporter from the Casper (Wyo.) Star Tribune newspaper contacted me after the article, "A Clairvoyant Visits Fort Phil Kearny," written by Dr. Gil Bollinger (author of numerous books about northeastern Wyoming) was published in the Gatchell Museum Association magazine The Sentry. The reporter spent a few days with me in and around the Fort Phil Kearny & Fetterman massacre sites for her to get a "feel" for the article she was going to write for the newspaper.

At one point, she shared a photo of a relative (late 1800s) with me and asked if I could "read" the photo to see what happened to this long lost relative. I was able to "see" the trek of her relative from back East to the West Coast, where she eventually worked at a newspaper, using an "old-timey" printing press.

The reporter knew bits and pieces of her relative's life, but when I shared information with her that no one else could've known about, the reporter got so spooked that she never contacted me again, never picked up her relative's photo from me, and no article was published in the newspaper.

* Another time, I did a reading for my neighbors, Jake and Sandy. Both of them had jewelry from their mothers, and they asked me to do readings on both sets of jewelry. I don't recall the specifics on the two readings I did, but after the readings, both Jake and Sandy could not relate to any of the information that came through.

And of course, I couldn't believe that I was so wrong with the information as well. After we discussed these readings together for a while, both Jake and Sandy realized that they had inadvertently switched their mothers' jewelry, and they told me that the readings were "spot on" for both mothers!


My last story for this article actually begins about a week before a reading I was going to do for a lady named Judy, but I'll explain more about that after my sharing of her story.

Judy had asked me for a health reading which was done in her home. After I did a clearing and cleansing of both of us and her home, Judy became very relaxed and actually fell asleep sitting up.

Then, just as suddenly, an angry older-looking man's face suddenly appeared, superimposed right in front of Judy's face. I was quite startled; this man was just angry at being "stuck" in this situation, and wanted to let me know it with swearing and vulgar language.

I stayed calm and asked him who he was and how he was connected to Judy. He told me that he was in the hospital and died. He didn't know what to do, but he just knew he needed to find a body to keep on living, and he found this 8-year-old girl at the hospital who was there because of abuse issues, which made it easy for him to enter into her energy field, and he stayed ever since!

I proceeded to explain to him that he did that without her permission and that he had to leave immediately, that he could not stay in her body anymore and that I would help him "go to the Light," so he could move on and not continue to be stuck.

He agreed to let me help him and I "saw" him leave her body. Just as suddenly, Judy woke up and asked if I was going to start the reading soon, but she was speaking to me as an 8-year-old girl!

Over the next 1-1/2 hours, Judy went through an age transformation until she was her current age once again.

And now -- the rest of the story…

About a week earlier, I was in the metaphysical section of the Tattered Cover Bookstore in Denver, Colo., checking out the books when a book literally jumped out of the shelf at me, landing on the floor right in front of me. This book was by Dr. Edith Fiore and was titled The Unquiet Dead, which is all about psychic possession.

Now understand, this would not be a book I would choose to read, let alone choose to buy. Never have I been interested in this kind of stuff. But, since it jumped out at me, I figured there was a higher purpose for it, and bought the book.

Not only that, but I read the whole book in one night! Had I not read this book, I would've totally freaked out during Judy's reading, but I was cool and calm throughout that whole reading which happened within a week of the book jumping out at me. "Someone" gave me a "head's-up!"

The above readings are just a few of the many readings I have done. Some of my other readings and psychic experiences are also shared in many of The Star Beacon past issues.

Thank you for letting me share with you!

Sheri Gould is an experiencer and a clairvoyant who writes from Wyoming.

Please let us know if you enjoy reading my articles. I would love some feedback!

Copyright © 2020 Sheri Gould

Sheri Gould is an experiencer and a clairvoyant who writes from Wyoming.

Please let us know if you enjoy her articles, send us an email with your comments at

Copyright © 2020 Sheri Gould




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