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The Crystalline Stellar Skulls and Goddesses and The Galactic Federation of Loving Light!

Crystalline Magdalenes

  by Terra Rae of "Team Earth" 



CW, Crystalline Stellar Skulls and Goddesses through Crysta of "Team Earth" Crystalline Magdalene Lady Ascended Masters by Aurora of "Team Earth"


I wanted to give some uplifting news at this auspicious time since amazing things are going on in the background that nobody hears of. The Galactic Federation has recently been alerting people here that things are changing rapidly in a profoundly great way -- which means that the dark beings and their nefarious ways are leaving.

Hala-frickenluya -- Right?

The work of Team Earth has become more than profound over many years. We track, scan and clear from a client outward, inward, and through the timelines. This advanced work will take us out into the galaxy, the planets, moons, and stars, as well as in and on the Earth. We go into the past timelines and find what is adversely affecting the client, Gaia, and many times, multitudes are being affected. We work to clear every layer of the light-body or 5D body to clear nefarious programming in the devices put there by the dark hats.


Jewelry from a Dark Wizard

To give you an idea of how strange some of this has been, we -- "Team Earth" and the Galactic Team -- recently removed ancient Egyptian jewelry from a client's 5D or etheric body, created by a dark wizard, posing as a spiritual teacher. The jewelry was being made by her students to enjoy and to sell. Everyone was unaware of the dark wizardry she had added. This was done for many years over a long lifetime. The earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets were cursed in a way that the curse would be passed to anyone that wore them. Even when the jewelry was removed the curse was designed to stay active in their 5D bodies -- for eternity.

Once a piece was on, it blocked the heart from finding a true love, from believing they were lovable, and to not know love. It also impaired the glands of the recipient so they were numbed down to hindering their psychic abilities and immune system. The necklace covered the high-heart to block it, and the hands were cuffed to the wizard so she would always have access to each individual. Rings and bracelets stopped the light from going through to the hands to heal others. No one knew they were being cursed. These pieces were purchased and were passed to friends and family members over time as a special gift and heirloom.

Since the Crystalline Stellar Skulls and Merlin were assisting this, I asked how many people still had these? Around 200,000 light-beings were still imprinted with this. Some were having a very difficult time of it. I saw several people I knew pop up who wore this jewelry along with its wretched curse, who were having difficulties. One had recently mentioned to me she had regularly been contemplating suicide, and could not understand why she had not found a real true love, and never felt loved, even with a family and grandchildren.

This was two weeks before finding and clearing this horrific dark wizardry, during a Clearing to the Core session. We sent out the Stellar Skulls to assist all of them through the timelines into the present. We were able to remove all of these nefarious curses by removing the jewelry from their etheric bodies, and then refilling them all with magical Crystalline Light, to fully dissolve the curse and etheric jewelry in the dark dimension.

Schumann Resonance

After we work with someone, we like checking the Schumann Resonance of the Earth, which is Gaia's frequency. We do this the following couple of days to see how it shoots up. Sometimes Archangel Metatron, who works closely with us, will remind us to check this, since he too gets excited when he sees the frequency rising a lot from our clearing work. When this is happening during a huge planetary meditation we can amp up the frequency exponentially.


Crystalline Goddesses: This is a fabulous time for "Team Earth" and our Galactic Crystalline Team for assisting the planetary resonance. With each clearing we do we raise not only Earthís magical grid but also our heart-light resonance. So we are stronger, and unifying hearts so teams of people can find one another. When there is similar resonance, even electronically on-line, individuals and teams of people unite with a common theme and cause an interesting level of creativity, and many inspiring ideas come to fruition with these joined minds and hearts.

By getting cleared, it is giving oneself or an individual a true spiritual birthday, which unifies them with other realms of animals, plants, fairies, and the elementals. Feeling their returned and strong heart-light (since most have been stolen, which the Stellar Skulls then retrieve) the personal resonance vibrates to the natural beat and song of our blessed Gaianís heart-beat.

We allow for the resurgence of heart energy -- as our Earth and all celestial bodies have heart energy. -- Commander of the Galactic Federation of Loving Light


Commander of the Galactic Federation of Loving Light (CW):

We see that there is so much global and galactic change, thanks to you "Team Earth," along with our concentrated efforts -- and we are so grateful!

We do so many amazing changes with and around each of our planets, their moons, even the rings, as we are working at such an in-depth level. This is all thanks to the tremendous clearings, with the tracking of Merlin and your Crystalline Team. We also truly feel supported by the Dragons of Crystalline Light. This is a time for gratitude, as we also feel so cared for and protected by our Crystalline Goddesses. (They also guide the Crystalline Stellar Skulls.) They are amazing overseers, making sure each part of this web of light around all of our team, is not detected. This web enables them to pursue whatever needs to be released, eradicated, reversed, and able to then flourish on another level. All of this is so intertwined as a level of this magical grid of light.

We see this as layers, like nets of light from the inside of the Earth, above it, through all of the waters, the hearts of the animals, and plants. And yes, we see each living vibrating resonance of the hearts of animals and plants and fairies -- all making up one superconductor magical light grid. This allows the Earthís resonance to rise with each level of galactic healing that we do. So we have been able to continue with cave clearings, planetary clearings of any diabolical bases, and different dark labs that have been stationed in hidden far away dimensions. These have often related to those that are underground on the planet here, and when the nefarious energy is no longer having these dark effects, pulling Gaiaís energy down, we feel one grand level of success!


2021 ~ What to Look For


Crystalline Magdalenes - Lady Ascended Masters

It is indeed a New Age - dawning! It is happening on many levels in different dimensions, too. It is not the choice of one or the other person that will break the wave that is rolling in. And we donít mean a tidal wave. Just a wave that is living out its momentum. Surf as much as you can to stay afloat. It wonít be as painful as some think it will be. There is a lot of hope going on. Listen to your heartbeat -- and get your beat going.

Funny we were saying, "there is a lot of hype going on" and you write, "hope" instead. Yes, exactly! The hope is in all of you. Just allow it to be. It helps to change the frequencies. You also said yesterday that a lot of predictions over millennia have not come true. This is because there is hope.

Things are always changing. Everybodyís attitude can make a world of difference. You also like to recognize everybodyís uniqueness. That means there are as many unique stories and understanding as there are people on this Earth -- if we just limit ourselves to this planet. We definitely canít put everybody in the same pot, even if they have the same label. Take the essential oil of Lavender for instance. The outcome of the quality of the oil will depend on the seed, the area the plant is growing in, the soil, sunshine and rainfall, altitude, when it was planted, when it is gathered, if it is planted with love, etc. And we still call the plant "Lavender." Find your true essence, no pun intended. It goes for everybody. It is not in looking at what somebody else does, or what somebody else thinks that you will find your true authentic self. It can encourage you, but you are the one who walks in your shoes, nobody else.


Virus ~ Why the Spikes?

CW: There are so many variables with the unpredictable movements of people and whether or not individuals take precautions or even tell the truth about what they do. So, vulnerabilities persist, and those who are careless keep this going on many levels. Human nature is not easy to predict.

We continue to assist the resonance of the Earth so there is less destruction and illness from natural disease or those that have been slightly altered to change and escape the natural methods of healing.

(Much of this is from dark devices and curses that people are not aware of.)

This winds up being our expertise, to get to the core of how these tricky diseases have been manufactured or developed to attack on different levels. So the dark teams that have been creating these nefarious elements, whether liquid or gas or some small infectious cell, all of this has been something we are releasing and changing, to assist our planet on so many levels. We only envision our precious Goddess Gaia as thriving, and that is our heartís intent. As we serve to protect and allow the resources to thrive in any way possible -- we are on that team.

There are many resurgences of our planetary resources and animals that will be given a new lease on life, while others will look as though they are coming back from extinction. This too, we give so many thanks to the galactic clearing work we are doing together with "Team Earth" and the Crystalline Teams.


Finding an Ancient 5D Cave


TR: Were you previously aware of the cave we recently found and cleared together?

CW: We had wanted to make sure the beings who were using it were able to be tracked fully with all resources. We were waiting for just the right time. This was the "key" we needed to do the level of sealing and clearing out. It was not front-page news.

We found the cave to be rather full, with goings-on, in and out, which were frozen, stopped, tracked, and are no longer being used. So it was a series of releasing all of the happenings. (Like the destruction of the Divine Feminine, as one theme.)


Your Part

CW: As you wake up, getting cleared on many levels, especially with our assistance, with "Team Earth" and the Crystalline Team, it allows the true Ascension to happen on more levels than just on a personal level. Elevating the actual grids, Earth resonance, and connective lights, and nets of light to our whole Universe, and through the timelines together, is what creates the most change in a spectacularly magnanimous way. So if you are about creating change for much more than on a personal level -- this is the greatest contribution you could make!

Right now, we are all about reconnecting the nets of light on such many tremendous levels, and creating cooperation among so very many galactics. This is where our hearts are at -- at creating more heart-focused communities, and about saving our precious Earth with her neighboring planets and galaxies. We like to work locally first.


Light-ships are Coming

When the different levels of galactic beings can assist the reconnection of various plans for the future, as in true light-focused energies, we see the ability to have so many more light-ships come. They will have greater communities, together with earth beings, those who are our advocates, and those who are sending a message -- that the ships of light are coming to assist on all levels. As we do this, often by secretive plans to stay safe, we do see ourselves coming out to be seen more and more. Right now we often work behind the scenes so we can stop nefarious plans -- and that is first and foremost on our agenda.

We see the light-ships having a more profound level of assisting as many beings as possible, and creating the galactic changes to assist the greater good -- and that is the purest light message of 2021.

Daily have protection duties, and creating the nets of light to be surrounding all of the worlds of nature here, so you can continue to share your gratitude with Gaia, and be at one with her energy. So we allow your systems of living together in peace to truly come forth from Gaiaís heart outwards -- to the stratosphere, and even connect other Universes -- all with a grid of loving light -- thus our name: Galactic Federation of Loving Light!   n


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