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Wow, what exciting times we are living in right now! I thought I’d include some fascinating news from Beth Robbins’ newsletter, The Gate to Strange Phenomena out of Ohio. Her little quarterly publication has been in print for 36 years. (Subscription info is on the Classifieds page.)

Loch Ness monster seen by couple

(from inverness-courier.co [UK] dated Sept. 26, 2020)

A Nessie skeptic has been converted after spotting a giant creature rise out of the water of the loch. Corey Sturrock and his wife Lauren were walking on the shoreline when they saw something "the size of a bus" emerge from the depths.

Sturrock has always dismissed any talk of the Loch Ness monster, but after seeing the eel-like creature, he now believes there is something huge and unknown lurking under the water. He says he was at first reluctant to come forward with his sighting, but he said there were a number of others on the shore who saw the same thing.

"It was massive," said Sturrock. "We saw the water rippling as if something was swelling, and that is what grabbed our attention. There was a large swell and I reached for my phone but it was over in a matter of seconds. It didn't look like all those Nessie drawings with the humps -- it was just a very large eel. But whatever it was, it was some size."

This isn’t the only evidence lately of something big and alive in the loch.

An unknown object about 9 meters (or roughly 29 feet) has been discovered by sonar at a depth of 152 meters, almost at the bottom of Loch Ness.

The sonar was installed aboard the "Cruise Loch Ness" which carries tourists. The sonar indicated that the object was dense, which negates any chance of it being plant debris.

Captain Ronald McKenzie showed the image to a sonar expert and he confirmed it was not noise, but something real floating, or swimming, near the bottom.

Many believe the Loch Ness Monster is similar to a prehistoric aquatic lizard and it would easily thrive in the loch, based on the large quantity of fish that is available.

"Who knows what it is ... there is a lot of fish at the bottom, there are trout and eels. I believe that in the depths of Loch Ness lives something big, who knows what it might be, but I would like to think it is Nessie," said McKenzie.


Square-shaped UFO seen in Indiana

(from ufosightingsdaily.com, dated Sept. 19, 2020)


An unusually shaped UFO was filmed in Gary, Indiana by a truck driver on Sept. 10, 2020. The eyewitness said the UFO appeared to be scanning the area; stopping and moving slowly.

One bit of evidence which confirms that it is an intelligently controlled craft is the fact that the wind is blowing in the opposite direction that the object is traveling.


Was Nikola Tesla an

(from epochtimes.today, dated July 25, 2020, allthatinteresting.com, 2018; ancientcode.com; abovetopsecret.com, 2011; wikipedia.org)

A recent FBI declassified document reveals that Nikola Tesla, one of the most brilliant and prolific inventors known, may have come from Venus. The startling document suggests that he was an extraterrestrial.

Tesla’s scientific creations were considered to be 300 to 1,000 years ahead of their time and all were classified as Top Secret.

While a good amount of the 64-page document is redacted with black ink, there is one paragraph which states the following:

"The 'Space People' visited the Tesla engineers many times and informed us that Tesla was from Venus, brought to this planet as a baby, and was left with Mr. and Mrs. Tesla in a remote mountain province in 1856 in what is now Yugoslavia."

If true, it implies that the United States has had close contact with extraterrestrials. But many questions still remain. Why was Tesla brought to Earth? And why did aliens reveal Tesla’s true identity?

Just a few of Tesla’s patents include our AC electrical system, radio technology, neon lights, remote automation systems, artificial lighting, particle beam energy, and xrays.

Based on the numbers, he created over 20 inventions per year. In 1926 he predicted smartphones. Believing that by perfecting wireless radio technology, the entire planet would be connected.

Concerning his personal life, he was a bit of a recluse and never married, but he was known to occasionally attend social gatherings and always dressed very elegantly and was stylish. He was 6’2" tall, a thin 142 pounds, and was said to have piercing light colored eyes and unusually "large thumbs."

Several days prior to his death on Jan. 7, 1943, at the age of 86, Tesla was crossing a street and was struck by a car. He refused medical treatment and died alone in Room 3327 at the Hotel New Yorker. His body was found by a chambermaid by the name of Alice Monaghan. The medical examiner said he died from coronary thrombosis. While the cause of his death was not unusual, when ensured after, it was.

Two days later, the FBI seized all of Tesla’s belongings. John G. Trump (the uncle of President Donald J. Trump) was a well known electrical engineer at the time and an aide to the National Defense Research Committee was asked to analyze two truckloads of Tesla’s research papers and personal items. In the end he concluded they were of no security risk.

But wait. Surely it appears that something Tesla was working on was of interest to the federal government. Prior to his death, there are reports that he was experimenting with both time travel and a death ray weapon.

In 1895 Tesla made a shocking discovery, suggesting that time and space could be influenced by magnetic fields and that the space-time barrier could be "altered." Tesla confided to his assistant that while testing his theory, he nearly electrocuted himself. But he also mentioned that he found himself in an entirely different time and space window, where he could see the past, present and future at the same time while staying within his artificially created "magnetic field."

Another project of Tesla’s was a death ray which he invented for the sole purpose of eliminating warfare. He called his invention the Teleforce. Tesla’s death ray focused energy along a narrow path and was powerful enough to bring down airplanes and kill people instantly.

Over the decades many have questioned the intellect of Tesla and some have even insinuated that he suffered from a mental disorder. But the truth still lies with the fact that the man was a genius and invented many of the devices that we take for granted in our everyday lives. Did he develop the technology for time travel or a death ray? Possibly. But only our government knows for certain, and they're not telling.


Mysterious monolith found in remote area of Utah

(from fox13now.com, theguardian.com, Nov. 24, 2020, bbc.com, Nov. 29, 2020, Independent.co.uk, Dec. 1, 2020)

A mysterious metal monolith has been found in a remote area of Utah. According to Global news: "State wildlife officials say they were counting Bighorn sheep from a helicopter last Wednesday when they saw a mysterious metallic slab sticking out of the rock."

The size of the structure is estimated to be about 10 to 12 feet tall and is made of a solid, rectangular block of metal. There are no symbols or writing on it to indicate what it is.

Helicopter pilot Bret Hutchings told KSLTV: "This is the strangest thing that I’ve come across out there in all my years of flying."

Hutchings said he landed the helicopter to investigate. He was quoted as saying that the object looked manmade and appeared to have been firmly planted in the ground and not dropped from the sky.

"We were all kind of joking around that if one of us suddenly disappears, then the rest of us make a run for it," Hutchings told CNN.

The Utah Highway Patrol shared photos of the object on Facebook and invited people to give their opinion. Many were fascinated, but some also expressed concern. Most said the object should be left alone and if someone touches it, something shocking could happen.

Others said they loved the structure and see it as a work of art, but they remain cautious.

The area where the monolith was found is in a remote and desolate region, and authorities have not revealed the exact location for fear that amateur explorers will get lost looking for it. They also want to protect it from vandals and thieves who might try to steal or in some way damage it.

However, this did not stop the curious from venturing to the location after Internet sleuths were able to track down the monolith’s GPS coordinates.

But just one week after its discovery, the monolith disappeared,.

Utah’s Bureau of Land Management said it has credible reports that the object had been removed "by an unknown party." They further said that they had not removed "the structure which is considered private property." They later explained they do not investigate crimes involving "private property" which is handled by the local sheriff’s office.

Social media images from the site where the monolith once was now show a pile of rocks and a small piece of metal left behind.

Currently no one has claimed responsibility for installing the structure or removing it.

("I continue to be intrigued by the Bureau of Land Management repeatedly calling it ‘private property.’ Who is it the property of? If it was simply a work of art, then why all the mystery? Maybe it was removed by the government ... or as some are speculating possibly an otherworldly presence. -- Beth Robbins, ed.)

Surprise, surprise! ...

Another monolith, very similar to the one in Utah, has appeared thousands of miles away in northern Romania.

The structure stands about 12 feet tall and is covered with loop-like markings.

Local mayor Andrei Carabelea wrote on Facebook that he thinks the structure was placed there by "cheeky and terrible teenagers."

But wait. A third monolith has been found on Pine Mountain, Calif. On the same day, a fourth one was discovered in France in the Gallic forest.

Social media is questioning if the structures aren’t the work of pranksters or quirky artists ... then who erected them and why?


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