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Some Dolphin History

As Sanni covered in her book Zeti Child, there are many types of beings and species who carry spirits spread across our creation. One of my favorites is the Dolphin groups who help Earth maintain her biosphere.

They are strains of the fallen Dolphins who got banished billions of years ago in the original rebellion (The Book of Enoch).

Along with Whales and some Sharks, they aid our planet's templates sonically.

The species who frequent warmer waters and are friendly to humans are a Cetacean species with amazing abilities. They can shape-shift and travel around the higher realms in spirit while still in the physical.

The off-world species birth a sack that spends some time in soil to grow, and once in water for a period of time, the youngster can converse telepathically ... or by the sonic sounds used by our local species.

Unlike humans, they will not allow any form of domination to rise up in their pods and expel any young or members selfish and unworthy.

According to the guardian records, around 570 million years ago, there was a war between the various rebel Dolphin, Insect, Moth, Dragon and Lizard species. According to the Law Bearer I met, the worst domination-oriented spirits got rounded up and placed on Earth ... which still acts as a prison planet.

We have been on a merry-go-round of incarnations for billions of years and those who wind up on Earth and remain God-loyal are viewed as special.

At the recently created "candlestick court" at the mount of assembly, the Law Bearer, who was long ago chosen to end this problem, is about finished with this court area. It is one of two sites where many of the rebel angels wound up during the rebellion, and is littered with stones and bones that are now fossilized, some as large as cars ... and bones that are 6 inches across.

As with all the other evidence found over the years that shreds the usual textbook fabrications, this site would be hauled away if its location was divulged. Hopefully, Ann will continue to stay abreast with such events that no one else will cover.

Al Fry

Garden Valley, Idaho



ECETI Update

We are often privy to information through spiritual messages of which we cannot give details due to jeopardizing ongoing operations. We can say all is going well and there is a plan, albeit not unfolding as fast as many would like. In the spirit world the word soon can mean 10 years, very soon can mean tomorrow, weeks even months.

We are hearing very soon as to the end of tyranny, have been for a while. One thing that always gives me solace is tyranny is not frequency specific to where the Earth is evolving. We have to be specific when asking questions.

We were told 90 percent of the children have been rescued in America, the tunnels under the Capitol are cleaned up. The fences around the Capitol were made to keep people in, not out. It is part of capturing a foreign government that took over America, USA Inc., and to keep anything from escaping from the tunnels.

Use logic concerning the National Guard and fencing. Many children were seen coming out of the buildings at the wee hours in the morning with rescue vehicles waiting. This was not an arrest of the politicians that is ongoing and will escalate. It is not an operation to keep people out -- it is to keep people in, along with other abominations.

The money for the fencing was set aside during the Trump administration. It was a multipurpose operation: capture the foreign government, USA Inc., rescue the children, remove the human and nonhuman beings responsible for the horrific things being done to children. This was a multidimensional operation.

Is Trump in charge? This is a gray area. Trump stepped down from USA Inc., which is a defunct, defunded, corrupt government, so infiltrated by hostile foreign governments and corrupt politicians that it is not redeemable. This is being well established by their actions and decisions, all not in the highest and best good of the people.

The Republic has been restored, the treasury is in charge -- not the federal reserve. The federal reserve is a group of international banksters, which is not and never was federal. America has taken back control of its financial system, thanks to Trump.

Other things are set into motion, turning everything over to the military Generals, who signed an oath to protect the people and the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic. The Generals are now 100 percent aligned with restoring the Republic and removing all foreign interference. Over 80 percent of the entire military is now on board, due to the fact that one of the goals of the hostile foreign governments is to remove the generals with terminal force.

They are not to be trusted in the future to carry out their diabolical crimes. This just may explain why Trump is still flying on Air Force 1 and Biden is flying private or on cheap knockoffs. It also explains why the football -- codes to the nukes -- are not in Biden's hands, and he is not being briefed by the Pentagon. The military is 100 percent aware of the stolen election and foreign interference; they have all the facts, know who did it, how they did it -- down to every illegal vote.

The votes and voice of over 80 percent of America were redirected and silenced, thus the massive censorship campaigns. Americans will not stand for this nor be silent much longer.

This is just one of the goals of the global elite and the CCP, Chinese Communist Party. They work hand in hand because the CCP is the perfect party to carry out the depopulation and global dominance plans of the global elite. China is split between the CCP and the Chinese Republic -- the older, more honorable side of China.

Xi Jing Ping is more aligned with the Chinese Republic. Putin has cleared Russia of the global elite and CCP, despite all efforts to demonize him. Every country has a split leadership between what some would call white hats and dark hats, self-serving leaders versus leaders in service to their people. The end of Tyranny, which has been thriving for thousands of years, is a global, multidimensional operation. It cannot be done with the flick of a switch.

Concerning the military, they operate very precisely, they dot every "I" and cross every "T"; gather all the evidence multifariously before execution. In other words, they move slowly and methodically. Their careers and lives are on the line, and if they get it wrong, there are consequences.

Be patient. All will be revealed. I would say the Ides of March up to the second week of April, major events will be unfolding and made public. Voters' remorse will be the new epidemic. Only a fool would still be backing Biden after April 1st Fools Day. Do not underestimate evil, the social engineering and cognitive dissonance of the masses. They have to be educated, and some will have to see just how morally bankrupt their leaders have become. Some are so critical thinking, research- impaired and morally bankrupt themselves, they cannot be turned around.

Other measures will be taken. Most of the clean-up with the higher dimensional beings will be finished, paving the way for the ground crew. This plan originated in God/Creator/Great Spirit with legions of light workers seen and unseen. It cannot be stopped. It transcends color, culture and gender. It is Universal Law pressing in to the flesh, a higher consciousness and energy. It is measurable and unstoppable.

Simplified, it is an exponentially increasing flow of Love. What is and was not done in Love will be undone.

James Gilliland


Holding Audience with the Cabal

Due to many years of meditating, doing absent healing on people and animals, and then the earth, I developed the ability to remote-view and to project my physical image when necessary. My spiritual journey began with doing Light work, then graduated to being a Light Warrior.

On December 9, 2020, my Light Warrior partner in fighting the dark ones asked me to pull everyone involved with the COVID vaccines into one room. But that I had to use love because it was the only way. I gagged over this request.

She told me to appear in front of them as who I was in the 1700s, the Marquis de Lafayette. So I thought about this, wondering what I should do because evil is the absence of love and is repulsed by it.

Some hours later, I laid down, shut my eyes and focused on my physical appearance as Lafayette. Then I layered protection around myself and decided to pull all of these people into my high school auditorium. I also pulled in President Trump, Sidney Powell, General Flynn, Rudy Giuliani and the younger female lawyer working with them, so they would be witnesses. I had them on stage right. I came in through stage left.

As soon as I stood in the middle of the stage, I saw a huge cloud of blackness coming straight for me. So I extended my right arm and hand and shoved that blackness back. It came a second time, and I shoved it back again.

Then I called on Archangel Michael to help, because I did ask him to come with me, and he told me he would. On the third attempt of this blackness coming towards me, it was forced back and eliminated. But I was relieved that it came at me, and not at Trump or those with him.

Then I looked into the auditorium and saw that every seat was filled. But the darkness of these people was obvious. I told everyone in the auditorium about the vaccines, what it was really going to do to the humans, and that there were those in the auditorium who were well aware of this. And for those who weren't aware of it, they were now.

In the aisle between the front row, I had Bill and Melinda Gates on their knees. I've known for years that the Gateses are at the top of the depopulation of humanity agenda. I walked down off the stage and stood in front of them. The Gateses had their heads bowed, staring at the floor.

I told them that their crimes against humanity were massive, and I didn't think that either of them were capable of doing anything to stop from being severely punished on the other side for what they've done. Both of them bowed their heads lower and I actually sensed shame coming from them! This surprised me, because I didn't think they had it in them. But this also meant that they were still human, had their souls and that they weren't clones.

In the front row seats, I had all of the democrat politicians who have been attacking Trump for over four years. Then I walked up to Biden, told him to concede and to tell the world that he stole the election because it would come out anyway. Besides, the entire world knew the election was stolen. Talking to Biden was a waste of time because he is a clone. I got no response from him.

It was like talking to a mannikin. Kamala was sitting next to Biden. So I told her that anyone with a brain knows why she hasn't yet resigned her senate seat. Because she, just like Biden, knows they stole the election. And that they, too, were a part of the depopulation agenda with the vaccines. Kamala, like Biden, didn't respond. There was no brain activity going on in either of their heads. So both are clones.

Out of the corner of my right eye I saw someone walking towards me. When I turned and looked, I was surprised to see French President Macron. He stayed 15 feet away from me, but he genuinely told me that he was sorry! I wasn't expecting this at all. So I told him that he didn't need to apologize to me, he needs to apologize to the French people and to do right by them. And that I had already told him this three times before, when I appeared in front of him. Now, this was the fourth time. I told him to remember the French Revolution and to be glad he didn't live when that was going on. It wasn't pleasant. This was my warning to him, because there just may be another revolution in France, and that he would be the cause of it and wouldn't survive.

I then walked back up onto the stage and spoke to Trump for a while. Then I called in Archangel Michael. He was already there, but manifested on stage to my right. He was a brilliant white light. His presence transfixed everyone in the audience. Then I called on Archangel Raphael and Archangel Gabrielle, and they manifested. Gabrielle blew her horn and spoke a warning to all of them.

Then I told everyone there that if they still had their souls and ever knew or felt what love is, or care, or compassion, now was the time to feel it again and ask the Creator to forgive them. Because the Creator and the benevolent Star Beings were amassed around the earth by the billions, and that they would never allow that vaccine to kill off the human race. I told them that the Creator would forgive them all if they did the right thing.

I walked back down into the auditorium and stood in front of Dr. Fauci. He looked at me like I was trash, way below him. He is power hungry, wants to rule the world, is arrogant and defiant. He thinks that he will kill off the human race or make us into trans humans. So I told Fauci that I knew that George Soros was in the audience, off to the left in the back of the auditorium, hiding. And that the only thing Soros has achieved with all of his evil accomplishments is his own destruction. Because his soul will be destroyed when he passes over. And the same fate awaits Fauci if he doesn't change. Dr. Birx was sitting next to Fauci, but I got no response out of her. So she, too, is a clone. No brain activity going on in her head.

Then I walked down the aisle to where Justin Trudeau was seated. He, too, is a clone. A shell. His soul is gone, but he doesn't know it. So I turned around and went back near the stage. I let them all know that all of the Founding Fathers are back, along with everyone who fought in the Revolutionary War. We came back for a reason. To put a final end to this bullshit so that the human race would finally be free. To live in peace and harmony.

Then I asked all three Archangels to fill the auditorium with light, and they did. And I once again told everyone there that all they had to do was ask for forgiveness and to do right. If they still had a soul, a heart, and could feel love, care and compassion, they could save themselves. But that the vaccines had to go. I also told them that since they were in the presence of three Archangels, they know Archangels do exist and so does a Creator. And if I had to, I could call on Jesus to appear to them, too. And Jesus is pure, unconditional love. But I knew that I didn't have to call on Jesus, because they all got the message.

Finally I sensed that I was done. So I walked back up to where Trump and the others were. Trump shook my hand. He knows who I really am. And he also understands why I have to stay under the radar. I'm not Lafayette this time around. And I told Trump and the others that I hoped that what I did had the needed effect.

When I relayed what I did to my Light Warrior partner, she told me that she saw exactly what I did before I even did it. She told me that I did get through to their souls -- those who had souls -- and that because Macron apologized to me, that was the sign that everything has changed now. We just need to wait for it to manifest.

Name withheld upon request





This page updated March 31, 2021


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