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from the April 2021  Star Beacon

By Sheri Gould

Three Levels of Consciousness

Many, many years ago, I learned that each of us have three levels of consciousness, known as the three Selves, also known as the three-fold personality -- the High Self, the Conscious Self and the Basic Self.

The ultimate goal of these three separate entities within us is to bring harmony and alignment for the eventual good of the Karmic Pattern by blending these three Selves for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual evolvement. As long as a person is on Earth, he must have these three forms within him -- the High Self, also known as your Divine Mind, the Conscious Self, which is the thinking/reasoning mind of the individual, and the Basic Self, also known as the subconscious or subjective mind.

The High Self, which is your Spiritual self, is not located inside the body, rather it sits about three inches above the head. It is part of the Super Conscious structure, which leads up to Cosmic Consciousness, or the God-Self. The High Self, with the assistance of one's (higher dimensional) teachers or counselors in the invisible planes, determines your Karmic plan.

Between lifetimes, they research the Akashic Record file and mold the specific karmic plan in which the soul is to be involved. The High Self then selects a specific Basic Self to work with this pattern in order to bring about what is needed for greater Soulic awareness within a given lifetime.

The High Self's function is to serve as a liaison between physical man and his Creator, and is also concerned as well with the soul and the spirit, guiding the spirit to help with the karmic plan, which the Basic Self has contracted with the High Self to complete, and to increase the wisdom and fulfillment of the soul. The soul takes only the positive lessons learned in that lifetime. Any unfinished lessons within the subconscious memory is then placed into a repository, where they await recall for another chance to transmute errors of the past within another embodiment until the entire contract is completed.

The Conscious Self is that mind through which we function in the performance of daily and routine activities, and is the link between the High Self and the Basic Self.

The Basic Self, which is the lower/inner fundamental junior mind and oftentimes the least developed level of consciousness within you. The Basic Self is recognized as the sum total of all the information of the memory pattern of many lifetimes, including the current lifetime. The evolvement of the Basic Self starts up through the lower kingdoms --mineral, plant or animal, into human form where it begins to refine itself within the human being. The Basic Self can be more evolved (almost ready to transition into a higher level in another embodiment) or less evolved (a few steps from the animal kingdom).

There are also other types of Basic Selves that come in as Devic or Nature Spirits, or Outer Spacial -- coming from beyond our solar system to Earth into a human body to learn about love and emotion. And in many cases there can be dual Basic Selves with the responsibilities divided between the male and the female Basic Self.

The responsibilities that belong to the Basic Self include:

Caring for the physical body -- keeping it healthy and normal, in proportion to the karmic pattern; and recognizing that some illnesses, diseases and even accidents are karmic in origin, providing challenges and opportunities to overcome and transmute them;

Balancing the emotional structure -- overcoming all negative emotions that cause distress, which eventually could manifest as dis-ease within the physical body;

Protecting the psychic doors/chakras -- keeping the centers screened and protected, removing negatives and allowing positives to enter;

Caring for and guiding the intuition -- balancing, directing and working with the memory pattern to transmute certain patterns from past life experiences in former lifetimes.

The end goal of the High Self, Conscious Self and Basic Self is to balance these three individual entity forms that comprise the different levels of human consciousness, to reach upward from the lower, elemental self into the spiritual God-self for fulfillment. To achieve this, the human lessons must be mastered within the conscious level of awareness and understanding while within the physical body. This is the Trinity of Being within man.


Our physical bodies require a certain number of hours of rest/sleep to
rejuvenate the cells of the body. During this rest/sleep time, though, the mental body, the astral body, the spiritual body and the emotional body can each leave the physical body through what is referred to as the silver or gold cord (although actually, this cord is colorless -- the color is through the eyes of the human who sees it).

Each can be an expansion and an extension of the physical body, moving outward and upward into the higher levels, as far out as infinity, as long as the cord stretches. There is no way to go so far out that you cannot return at any point.

No matter how far the astral body has traveled -- instantaneously, faster than thought -- the body returns to reinhabit the body. (Of course, there are exceptions. Through a reading that was done for me, in a lifetime in India as a male, I traveled out of body, and was apparently gone too long, and the physical body was burned on a pyre because the family thought I was dead. When I came back to the body, there was no body to come back to...)

More often than not, the physical body cannot recall its visits or trips, because the body protects the physical body which might not be able to handle what has been seen or experienced outside of the physical shell. A huge indicator is waking up even more tired, although the body gets a full night's sleep. Sometimes, though, you get dreams or glimpses of what you were up to upon waking up.

So, since about the late '80s, an awareness came that many of us began traveling in our astral bodies during daytime, wide-awake periods. Have you ever had times when there is a definite energy shift in your Being -- one minute you're wide awake and full of energy, and then all of a sudden you're absolutely wiped out/drained, or suddenly can't concentrate on the job at hand, or you feel like you're suddenly in la-la land, or you feel like you want to immediately go to sleep?

We're being told that approximately 92 percent of the time now, our etheric body is out of our physical body because of the immensity of work there is to do in keeping our beautiful Mother Earth/Gaia/Terra in balance, plus all the other various tasks we have.

All this used to be done only during our sleep state, but because "time is of the essence," we're "out there" most of the time now, and a "placebo" fills the space of the etheric body that's out on assignment.

My friend, Pat, who published the monthly Wyoming Women metaphysical newsletter for many years, shared this about placebos:

"Ever wonder about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and why it is so prevalent, and also why medical science has found no cause or cure for it? We think we may have the answer. We are traveling in our astral (or perhaps spiritual) bodies during daytime, wide-awake periods, just as we travel in the astral during dreamtime (we all travel in the astral during sleep, whether we are aware of it or not).

"We are assisting the Light Beings with disaster duties on the planet. If you feel drained and zombied out for no particular reason, perhaps you have been taken from your body. They leave behind what we call the "placebos," to function your form and appear to be you in all respects, except they are the ones who get you fired or (cause an overdraft on) your checking account. We have learned they know nothing about finances. We jokingly (and lovingly) called them the "dumb placebos," until we learned they are another aspect of our own beings come to lend a hand.

"Oftentimes we are called upon by our multi-dimensional selves to lend our energies to a project of theirs, which is also draining. Often when you have something tough to face and you suddenly have a surge of energy, this is coming in from some other aspects of yourself who are lending you a hand.

"When we first began to notice this phenomenon and compared notes, it all fell into place. We would read of an airplane crash, hurricane, volcano erupting, earthquake or political disaster, such as Sadaam marching into Kuwait, and invariably we were all zombied out and almost nonfunctional.

"Incidentally, caffeine has no effect on this. For those who do so, you could drink a pot of coffee or tea, and it would not phase you. The best recourse is to rest as much as possible and avoid making important decisions on those days. We feel this is one reason it is so important now to get in touch with your body and listen to what it has to say. Rest the body when it needs it. Give it the things it asks for to eat and drink. Your body will never lie to you.

"Placebos are not to be feared, nor the situations that call for their use. We have incorporated them into our lives with scarcely a ripple, and appreciate the wonder of it all. How exciting to have this doorway opened to us in this time.

"Oh yes, one footnote: If you feel yourself leaving while driving your car or operating machinery, just firmly state that you do not wish to leave at this time. They will respect this. If you desire, you will become aware of your times of coming and going, and I often see my astral form entering or leaving while I am sitting during the day. I am very comfortable with this.

"We have had many hilarious experiences with them, and they do not mind the laughter as it raises our vibrations which is their main intent anyway! Bless them."

In a meditation that Monna and I had in October 1989, Jorrud of the Ashtar Command spoke to us and shared this:

"We are teaching you so much that there isn't enough time at night to do it all, so when you see blue balls of Light, we take you to the ship during daytime for your learning. We place a placebo in your place so that others will think you're still there, but it is the placebo."

I've come to recognize when an energy exchange between my etheric and a placebo is imminent -- I see blue balls of Light which float in front of my face, and then immediately afterwards, I feel like I'm in la-la land!

If you find yourself having any of these "symptoms" during your daily routine, this could be a definite consideration. One thing I did find out was that placebos don't do books -- I used to be a bookkeeper (before computers)!



Some years ago, I learned about "TV subliminals" through an article I read that was posted in one of the Wyoming Women metaphysical newletters, which definitely got my attention. The article was written by Ann Loader McGee. I am posting it verbatum:


"A few weeks ago, I was shocked to discover that we are under subliminal attack through our television sets. Some months earlier I had been given a small book entitled, The Fountain of Youth by Peter Kelder, which lists six exercises that if practiced daily will help stop the aging process. The first of the six exercises that if practiced requires one to spin with arms outstretched, and because my living room is the only area in which I have enough space to turn, I usually end up doing my exercises there.


"On this particular morning, I had just turned on the TV to watch the weather report, and although it was not my habit to do exercises in front of a TV, on this occasion I left it on as I started to spin. Now, as an adjunct to this story, I should mention that I have been aware for a long time of the warnings coming through channeled sources, of the danger in watching TV. Their main contention has been that viewing will leave one with negative feelings of depression, despair and anger, but I had justified my inability to totally separate from the tube by being very selective and watching as little as possible.

"I stopped spinning and could only see a blurred picture, but to my amazement when I resumed spinning, I could once again clearly see the word FEAR! My first thought was that it was an illusion due to the visual pattern being projected. Just as I was about to stop my turn, I saw the word RAPE. I was shaking from the realization of what I might actually be seeing and shaking from a growing anger that someone could so insidiously be influencing us in this manner.

"In the following days, I would spin and watch TV, but could never seem to notice anything in particular. I almost believed what I had seen earlier was a figment of my imagination, when another word appeared -- FIRE. In the following days and ENVY, KILL, and EVIL. I could not arrive at any sequence or pattern, such as whether they were being broadcast during news segments, movies, talk shows, etc., nor a consistent time of day. I do know that the word RAPE followed a 60 Minutes broadcast of the dangers to women being raped after booking hotel rooms and believing themselves safe.

"Each word had just four letters. The letters always appeared large and bold inside rectangular-shaped boxes, slightly slanted and with very little blurring to my vision as I spun around. It is a frightening thought to realize how many people, demographically, could be subliminally influenced and controlled through the media of TV. Perhaps an exercise (such as the one I was doing) designed to open our chakras and activate the DNA, also allows us to see what is going on behind the scenes and how controlled we may really be as a society.

"Waking up to this possibility, we would then have to entertain the thought that there might be technology available on this planet we have not been made aware of, and there may be more ways to subliminally influence and monitor us than just TV. I do not think we should dismiss this idea too lightly -- Big Brother may be watching and we must remember that it is much easier to manipulate a society feeding on ignorance, negativity and hopelessness, than one functioning with awareness and a positive, hopeful attitude."

It was interesting to note what Ann McGee said about the rectangular-shaped box she saw, as I had a similar experience when I saw an etheric black rectangular box floating into a side window, moving towards Dr. Richard Boylan during his keynote address at Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle's 16th Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigation, causing him to forget what he was talking about -- gasping for air, not being able to speak, then choking -- and many of his words became distorted and slurred. (See October 2019 Star Beacon).

After reading Ann's article, I shared this information with my hubby, and we began recording any television shows we wanted to watch, instead of watching live TV, and my Higher Self told me that the negative energies are transmuted and cleared when they're watched as a recording.

I also put smoky quartz crystals (which absorbs negative energies) around the perimeter of the TV (and around the computer) as well!


There are SO many different ways to ask for protection of yourself, your loved ones, others, Mother Earth/Gaia/Tara, etc. -- asking God/Christ Consciousness/Spirit, Archangels, Angels, etc. for protection/shielding from any seen/unseen forces. Protection may be received in many ways, but regardless of the method used, it should be activated before going to sleep at night, upon awakening in the morning, and at other times as needed.

You are protected by your own high sources which follow you wherever you go. BUT, you must ask for this protection consciously and with sincerity. You should not take your protection for granted. You MUST ask for it. Nothing is granted without the asking.

Protection/shielding can come in many forms -- a cloak or blanket, a candle, a Cross, an amulet, a stone, prayer beads, etc. Each is a different form of expression, and each is correct for the person or persons who use it. If you placed Buddah's love about you, asking that you be protected, you receive the same form of protection as the one who places the Christ Light about him.

Each one, in their own way, approaches the protection from his own level of understanding. It doesn't matter what the symbol is, just as long as you believe in it and have faith in it.

I remember one time when a group of us were heading to Thermopolis, Wyo., to soak in the thermal springs there, but had to stay in Casper, Wyo., for the night on the way, because of the weather. I don't recall the specifics, but during our group meditation that night, Mother Mary came to us and told us we needed to visualize a huge blanket (in the Mother Mary light blue color) laid across our United States to protect it from evil. This is something you can visualize anytime -- to visualize this blanket of protection over a town, over a country, over the whole planet!

There are many different prayers or mantras that can be used. Here are some Protection Prayers:



by James Dillet Freeman

The Light of God surrounds us;

The Love of God enfolds us;

The Power of God protects us;

The Presence of God watches over us;

Wherever we are, God Is!

(In 1969, Astronaut Buzz Aldrin carried this Unity Protection Prayer by James Dillet Freeman with him on the Apollo 11 mission to the moon!)



by Fellowship of Universal Guidance

Father, Mother God -- I ask that I be cleared and cleansed within the universal White Christ light, the green healing light and the purple transmuting flame.

Within God's will and for my highest good I ask that any and all negativity and/or evil be completely sealed in its own light, encapsulated within the ultra-violet light, cut off and removed from me.

Impersonally, with neither love nor hate, I return all negativity and/or evil to its source of emanation, decreeing that it never again be allowed to re-establish itself within me or anyone else in any form.

I now ask that I be placed within a triple capsule of the universal White Christ light of protection, and for this blessing, I give thanks.



by Iolo Morganwg

Grant O God, thy Protection

And in protection, strength.

And in strength, understanding.

And in understanding, knowledge.

And in knowledge, the knowledge of justice.

And in the knowledge of justice, the love of it.

And in that love, the love of all existences.

And in the love of all existences,

the love of God.

God and all goodness.


Then, after you've asked for protection, the next step is to surround yourself in a spiritual shield! It';s a fast and effective way to protect yourself if in an area where negative energy might be. It only takes a moment, and it is done by asking your angels/guides to surround your body with a protective layer of light and energy.


Dr. Richard Boylan shares this about a shielding technique that works for him:

"My shielding strategy is to first surround myself with the white light of Spirit's blessing and protection.

Then I intention-up a shield all around the perimeter of the white light, the shield like a geodesic-dome sphere, elongated on the vertical axis. (Think of a fat double-terminated clear quartz crystal in its vertical position.) The geodesic shield is composed of many scores of small triangles which fit together to form everything from pentagrams to icosahedrons structural elements, like the many faceted plates that fit together to make a geodesic dome. Only you are making your plates smaller, and are making a geodesic sphere with you inside the center! The geodesic shield is made of titanium, an ultra-strong yet ultra-light metal.

You also intention-in the quality of selective reflectivity, so that anyone sending harm has it bounced back as "Return Mail -- Refused by Sender." In extreme cases you can intention an increase in the energy sent back, sufficient to dissuade the original sender. You can also add a perimeter outside the geodesic shield of an outer sphere of ultra-violet light. This can be pumped up to whatever intensity seems to ward off malevolent operatives.

I think of the ultra-violet shield as a kind of cosmic bug-zapper, warning the evil-intentioned to stay away. It is worth making clear that using the "reflectivity" feature on shielding should only be considered when the sender, e.g, cabal, presents with usually malicious and unusually powerful psychic attacking. Ordinarily, the shield itself is enough, i.e., the attack "bounces" off. But, in exceptional cases, reflectivity may be considered. Reflectivity does not presume anger or hatred or evil intent. It is at its simplest a mere refusal to be the recipient of the Sender's malicious energies.

This provides the Sender with a choice. Having the malicious energies return and sit in front of him -- does he want to try again (to no purpose), or abandon the project (the sensible conclusion)?

There is no implication in reflectivity that the defender wants to destroy the Sender, it is merely returning unwelcome "mail" unopened. If the Sender decides to try again, and amps up the evil energies he sends, well, reflectivity provides him with instant feedback on whether he really wants that amount of energy returned to sit in front of him for him to have to dispel or do something else with. In my experience they soon give up, having little patience for defeat."



Throughout my life, I've had some ah-ha
moments, and wanted to share a few of these in closing:

Regarding asking for protection for yourself, your loved ones, your home, your car, etc., also make sure you ask for protection for things that you're responsible for (like the car you're paying on, your house that is in mortgage or you're renting, etc.). A friend of mine learned the hard way.

It was a tough lesson for her to share: the house that was in mortgage, burned down, yet everything she owned did NOT burn in the house. She always asked for protection of everything that belonged to her, but never included protection of everything she was responsible for.

When you say your Blessing prayers over your food at the dinner table, you are actually bringing the energies down from the God-Source through your hands and clearing and cleansing your food!

One of the things I discovered while doing aura readings for people was that people who took any kind of weight-loss pills created holes in their aura on the top of the head. These open holes cause big energy losses in the body. I could see the person's energy just gushing out, making the person have very low energy. Plus, those holes open themselves up to possible negativity/evil to enter in. (Can you just imagine the ones on drugs or too much liquor?)

If you feel super drained of energy, you might have holes in your auric field. With my aura work, I would always ask Source/God/All That Is to close the holes I saw, and I would see these holes opaque over to then stop the energy leakage.

On the eve of your birthday, during sleeptime, you have an annual review of your past year with the Karmic Board -- what you've done the past year, if your karmic plan for this lifetime is on track, etc. So, on the eve of your birthday, ASK to remember your dream with the Karmic Board. Usually, you'll have a Doctor/patient type dream or a Teacher/student type dream!

Thank you for letting me share these experiences with you!


Sheri Gould is an experiencer and a clairvoyant who writes from Wyoming.

Look for her new book coming out this spring, called Sheri's Sixth Sense, True Cases of Extrasensory Perception and Experiences of the Paranormal.

Copyright © 2021 Sheri Gould








Thank you for letting me share with you!


Sheri Gould is an experiencer and a clairvoyant who writes from Wyoming.

Please let us know if you enjoy her articles, send us an email with your comments at

Copyright © 2021 Sheri Gould




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