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Spiritual Gardening


from the June 2021  Star Beacon

By Sheri Gould

The other morning when I woke up, I knew I was to write about Spiritual Gardening. This partly could have been triggered by all the seed catalogs coming my way since January, with the total excitement I feel as I flip through the seed catalog pages, knowing that it won’t be long before I can get my hands in the dirt and be part of a co-creative partnership with Nature once again in my flower, herb and vegetable gardens!

As I write this article, it's toward the end of April. The recent seven inches of snow where I live is finally beginning to melt, although we're still waking up to frost every morning. But -- there are buds on the lilacs! There is hope that planting season is not too far away!

My "roots" (pun intended) stem back to those lifetimes when I sang with the flowers and rocks in Stonehenge, to the times of my being a medicine man or woman, working with the healing herbs and tree barks, to the times I was burned at the stake as a witch because I used herbs for healing, to the many, many other times of being totally connected to Nature in one or another aspect/reality/dimension.

My mother was an avid gardener -- and always had the most beautiful flower gardens wherever we lived. I learned much from her through her joy of gardening. When we lived in Alaska, she won the "Best Garden" title year after year at Fort Richardson. She would give me my own little bed to take care of, where I'd plant dahlias, and it was my responsibility to care for those little beauties!

Gardening is a way of life for me -- one of my most cherished spiritual practices. There is a definite parallel between spirituality and gardening -- they both require trust, belief and patience! When you garden, you are one with Nature -- you are helping the Earth. There is a oneness and transcendence that is felt when interacting with Nature. Contemplation of the beauty and wonders of a garden can transport you to higher awareness and provide significant insights.

Gardening teaches us about ourselves -- about our connection with the world of Nature, about our quieter and deeper states of being. Gardening can produce revelations of the profound by the mere existence of our gardens. Gardening teaches us about beauty, love, natural history, and the seasons of our lives, which stimulates both our mind and soul. Gardening gets us away from the workplace, computer screens and televisions for a while, where you can bury those daily worries and lift your spirits in marvelous ways.

Think of your garden as a sacred space -- where the Nature Spirits can frolic, and the birds, bees and butterflies, in their search for food, spread pollen among the plants, causing them to reproduce, multiply and continue the growing cycle.

Your garden can be a doorway to the spiritual dimensions through beauty and color of the garden. The Nature Intelligences' primary intent is to hold matter together in such a way as to bring into being each member of the plant kingdom. You might be able to see these devic/nature spirits, but if not, ask to see them in your mind's eye! These spiritual "partners" are ready to help you. Their communication with you will come in the form of sounds, images or thoughts.

When asking for help with a solution, present the question to your Nature partner and as Unity teaches, "Let Go and Let God." Then when you least expect it, you'll suddenly know what to do! Give thanks and have a grateful attitude and humility every time you step into the sacred space of your garden, which will give you spiritual serenity, stillness, peace and delight, for being part of this beautiful planet at this time!

I've had the joy of seeing some of the most beautiful gardens around the world -- from the Mirabell Palace gardens of Salzburg, Austria (my birthplace) where some of the scenes of The Sound of Music was filmed -- with its Dwarf Gnome Gardens (where the 'Von Trapp' children sang "Do, Re’ Mi") and the Pegasus Fountain, to the Royal Palace gardens in Paris, France with its tree-lined walkways and gardens, to the Kuekenhof Palace Gardens near Amsterdam, Netherlands, where more than 7 million flower bulbs are planted every year to include tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, orchids, roses, carnations, irises, lilies and so much more. Such beauty and serenity for the soul. Spiritual gardening at its best!

In the early '70s, I heard about the Findhorn Gardens in Scotland, and how the founders and community members created the most amazing results with vegetables, fruits and flowers in a very sandy terrain, through their contact with various nature spirits and devas, whose messages helped them to produce miraculous results! Plants from every climate (even tropical) grew many times the normal size.

Findhorn doesn't use pesticides -- instead, they talk to the insects and make agreements about what the insects eat and what they don't eat. The community members work with the plant devas and the nature spirits to produce beautiful, healthy, abundant plants in the garden, cooperating with the spiritual energies and using natural methods for the benefit of the plants, the earth and the humans!

William Thompson, author of The Findhorn Garden, shares this:

"One radiant energy pervades and gives rise to all life. While it may speak to us through plants, nature spirits or the human beings with whom we share life on this planet, all are reflections of the deeper reality behind and within them. Myth has become reality in the Findhorn garden, not to present us with a new form of spiritualism, but to offer us a new vision of life, a vision of unity. Essentially, the devas and nature spirits are aspects of our own selves, guiding us toward our true identity, the divine reality within. The story of the garden is the celebration of this divine life in its myriad forms. May the joy we experience in participating in this celebration deepen our commitment to revealing the total beauty of ourselves and all life around us."

R. Ogilvie Crombie, also known as ROC, was one of those who began Findhorn's cooperation with the Nature Kingdoms. He shared the most fascinating information about his multiple meetings and "blendings" with PAN, the god of the wood-lands and the countryside, the god of Nature. ROC shares this about PAN in The Findhorn Garden:

"As I watched, he raised his hands and rolled back the hood. It was PAN. He rose up out of the ground and stood facing us. He smiled and said: 'I am the servant of Almighty God, and I and my subjects are willing to come to the aid of mankind, in spite of the way he has treated us and abused nature, if he affirms belief in us and asks for our help.' "

In the mid-'80s, I read Behaving As If the God in All Life Mattered -- A New Age Ecology, by Machaelle Small Wright. She wrote about her profound ability to "see" and "hear" the invisible forces of nature, and to communicate with the world of nature spirits and devas. Her Perelandra nature research center consists of 33 acres of mostly woods in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. This is where she devotes her life to working directly with the overlighting intelligences in nature, known as devas and nature spirits, in the beautiful Perelandra gardens.

In the early '90’s, I read her book Perelandra Garden Workbook: A Complete Guide to Gardening with Nature Intelligences, which gives perspectives on traditional organic gardening methods, along with many direct communications from the different levels of nature intelligences, to include many communications from PAN. Each reveals universal natural law and cosmic wisdom, not only for soil gardens, but for soil-less gardens as well.

In the mid-'90s, I took a three-day "Liquid Lights" practitioner's class in Casper, Wyoming. Liquid Lights, given to us by the Sirians, was a new tool for balancing and raising the Light Body frequencies, which in turn balances the physical body. With the use of these Liquid Lights, which are vibrational oils placed on the chakras in need of balance, the entire chakra system would come in to a positive balanced state instantaneously.

Early on the third morning before the class, I awoke to see PAN, the god of Nature, diddy-bopping across the bedroom and this was the message I received from him:

"We of the Spirit of Nature would like you to know of the far-reaching effects that your frequency essences have on the vibratory energy of your bodies. As each of you becomes balanced, you will begin to see those colors of the Light Spectrum that have not ordinarily been seen by humankind, in Nature. As above, so below, not only holds true for the essences being brought from the higher realms to you, but this also represents humanity's conscious connection to Lady Gaia and Nature. These higher frequency color emanations, as seen and then ingested, allow the body to begin to restructure cellularly in order to accommodate the higher frequency colors. As these frequency essences have a rippling effect throughout the universes, it also has a rippling effect throughout Nature. Those foods of Nature that once held

Light energy but have been diffused to the point of no Light because of the toxins currently inherent within the once-called Foods of Light, will once again begin to nurture, balance and sustain the body energy levels through the foods of Nature when ingested within the physical body because of the balanced awareness and perception of the higher frequency energies within those foods of Nature.

"Your conscious step towards balancing your body energy fields brings a conscious connection -- a bridge -- to those of us representing the Spirit of Nature. We have worked overtime -- beyond time -- to keep humanity’s bodies that one step beyond transition of the physical body up to this point. And, as each of you balances your energy fields, so will come the awareness of the higher frequency emanations of Nature, and upon ingesting these through these foods of Nature, it will help anchor these energies within the body for the maintenance and retention of the higher frequency Light.

"The keys are perception, ingestion and retention. Perceiving higher frequency color, Ingesting higher frequency color, Retaining higher frequency color. These keys, as used, will be your maintenance system for the physical body to become the universal citizen you truly are. We of the Spirit of Nature stand in wait and in joy to your conscious connection to us, for there will be a new world of discovery awaiting you. We honor your commitment to balance your energy frequencies and to help in the balancing of your entire world. I am PAN."

After receiving this message, I was reminded of an earlier Spring Equinox experience of hearing the PAN flute playing two sets of four notes and being given the message that it was from PAN. I had always heard that PAN was the god of merriment and sexuality, but after researching who he represented, I found him to be the god of Nature, of the green, of the wood -- his true disguise was of Robin Hood. And the timing was very relevant -- one of the two days in the entire year that everything was in total balance!

There are many benefits derived from your flower, vegetable and herb gardens beyond the sheer joy that gardening brings, and that is the benefits of flower essences, essential oils, and homeopathics. Flower essences affect healing by addressing emotional causes. Only the flowers are used in a very small quantity. The vibrational imprint of the flower is a subtle energy extraction in water.

Essential oils are used for physical healing, and work primarily through the sense of smell. It uses plant material, the flowers, roots, seeds or bark. Extraction is usually steam-distillation.

Homeopathic remedies address the whole person -- body and mind -- and works with the person's healing process. It is based on the principle that "like cures like." That is to say, a substance that causes the symptoms of the illness is taken in small amounts to treat or cure it.

In my personal holistic "medicine cabinet" I use "Perelandra" flower essences, "Flower Essence Services" flower essences, and Young Living essential oils.

The Perelandra and Findhorn Gardens have Genesa Crystals, which act as energy antennas, and many people report amazing results in their vegetable and flower gardens with the Genesa Crystals. Nature spirits, fairies and angels are to be known to be highly attracted to Genesa Crystals because its shape is perfectly aligned with Nature. Genesa Crystals help the process of healing Gaia/Mother Earth, and is a powerful Feng Shui balancer. At the center of Machaelle Small Wright's Perelandra Gardens sits a large Genesa Crystal.

A Genesa Crystal draws in life force energy from the surrounding area, cleanses and balances it and then sends it back out. An 8" Genesa Crystal affects a radius of about 2/3 of a mile, a 10" Genesa about 5/6 of a mile, a 12" Genesa about 1 mile, and so on.

Genesa Crystals are found not only in gardens, but also in homes, studios and offices of people who wish areas to be cleansed of unbalanced energies (like cell towers and TV dishes). Placing a mineral crystal inside a Genesa will broadcast the amplified energy in all directions at once. Some people have reported an increase of their intuitive abilities. A shop owner used a Genesa Crystal to reduce shoplifting.

Place essential oils inside the crystal to energize their essences, or it can be used in making flower essences. Placing a Genesa Crystal in a room causes plants to THRIVE instead of just existing. People have been known to place money in the center to attract abundance -- photos in the center to protect a loved one or help them heal, or a card in the center that states a specific intention.

Crystals amplify the torsion (turning/spinning) Genesa fields given off by anything placed within it. It can be used as a psychic amplifier for intention. The Genesa Crystal can be attuned to a specific intention by simply instructing it to do so. This can be done during meditation, or holding it in your hands while saying a prayer. You can also breathe your intent into the Genesa Crystal.

Genesa Crystal was developed in the 1940s by Dr. Derald Langham, an agricultural geneticist. He coined the phrase "Genesa" to describe a family of shapes he found to symbolize growth patterns through which life energy flows. He said "Genesa is the coded matrix of your own life force and is directly related to the living energy moving in spirals in all forms of growth, development and change."

At my home, I have a large Genesa Crystal with an Arkansas crystal cluster sitting in my front yard, and a smaller one in the back vegetable garden, with a couple inside the house. I can personally attest to Nature spirits being attracted to Genesas, as I have pictures of an energy orb near two different Genesa Crystals!

Thank you for letting me share with you my joy of Spiritual Gardening!

Sheri Gould is an experiencer and a clairvoyant who writes from Wyoming.

Sheri's new book: Sheri’s Sixth Sense, True Cases of Extrasensory Perception and Experiences of the Paranormal is available soon on and from Earth Star for $15.00 USD.


Copyright © 2021 Sheri Gould




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