Sheri's Sixth Sense

Walk-ins, Premonitions & Fault Lines

from the August 2021 Star Beacon


By Sheri Gould

In this issue I have the pleasure to share some stories with you from my dear Star Sister, Pat, with her Walk-In and Bridgett stories, and from my dear cousin, Diane, with her Premonitions & Instincts stories! Enjoy!

From Pat:


Traditionally, a Walk-In is one who makes a Soul agreement with another Soul to complete their lifetime, generally due to accident or illness, stress, despondency or suicidal tendencies. The Walk-In shadows you for some time, observes your circumstances, and at an agreed upon time, comes in to inhabit your body and complete your mission while you relinquish your form and go on to wherever. This is the agreed-upon theory, but my case is slightly different.

My husband was a huggy bear who loved to hug and cuddle. Being with him was like basking in sunshine. We had a 12-year honeymoon until things went wonky.

I began to have dreams of packing a suitcase and my Spirit Guides told me that I would be "going west." This culminated in my dreaming that my husband and I were waiting for a large elevator with a large group of people. He stepped into the elevator and the throng rushed forward, pushing me back. He tried to reach for my outstretched hand as the
elevator began to move upward. I was unable to reach his hand and was left behind. This dream meant to me that he had "ascended" to a higher plane.

My husband had been seeking a job transfer, and as we had heard nothing for months, we had mostly forgotten about it. A call did come eventually and my husband took a week's vacation and we headed to the new city. After his job interview, we secured housing and returned to collect our belongings from our old home. After unloading the moving van at our new home, a call came that he had to return to his old job as a nationwide hiring freeze had gone into effect and his paperwork was in limbo. Here we were stuck -- I at the new home with all our belongings, where I had just taken a new job, and he back at our old house. After the union was able to contact Washington, D.C., and explain our situation, he was granted an emergency transfer due to our circumstances.

As he arrived at our new home and came in the door, he did not seem eager to see me. As a matter of fact, he said nothing at all. I noticed that he was walking strangely, like he was having trouble keeping his balance. I chalked this up to his long drive. I made dinner, which included his favorite vegetable at that time, fresh green peas. He pushed these around on his plate and said, "What do you call these things?" I felt the hairs on my neck rise. This was scary! I was wondering if he had suffered a stroke.

After dinner he began to roam through the house, picking up items and examining them as if he had never seen them before. He was reading the jacket on a John Wayne western (his favorite actor at that time). I took it and loaded it into the VCR. He watched for about five minutes and then wandered off to another part of the house, which I thought was strange. Lying in bed that night, I put my arm across him and he mechanically lifted it and placed it on the bed. That hurt my heart.

He began to get up extra early to run and became a health food nut. No sugar was allowed in the house. He lost 25 pounds in two weeks, which I don’t know if that is humanly possible. He began to ditch his western clothes and replace them with gaudy colors and patterns.

He became paranoid, and would go outside at night to see if he could see any gaps in the closed curtains that someone could see into the house. He would sit in a chair in the living room with his eyes closed, but if I made a move, he was instantly alert and he would watch my every move.

After about six months, some of his memories of the previous entity began to surface, but there is long-term memory loss that has never returned. If I mention something that we did years ago, he asks that I refresh his memory.

I am convinced that in our case, we are processing through other aspects of him. We are all like a prism; our being is multi-faceted. As we evolve to a higher vibrational plane, then another aspect of ourselves is able to come in. I believe my husband’s mission is to process these parts of his Soul, and I have agreed to be a part of this. He has switched out several times, and I hate to say this, but each entity that comes in seems to be less evolved.

We will get through this. What a learning process!

Signs of a Walk-In

• Changes in gait (the way they walk)

• Radical changes in tastes in food and clothing

• Doing unexpected things

• Misusing speech: women were she-males, fish was river meat, bracelets were wrist wires and men wore nooses around their necks to work (ties)

• Change in your relationship -- many couples end up divorced because the Walk-In has no vested interest in the relationship.

As a sidebar story, my husband had gone out of town for the weekend, and I puttered about the house all day Saturday and went to bed late. I slept like a log and before getting into the shower on Sunday morning, noticed that the soles of my feet were dirty. As the hot water hit my arm, I had a pain and looked down to see that both forearms were covered with scratches, as if I had been in a thorn bush.

I dressed and went out to the car to go shopping. Had trouble starting the car, which had never happened before. I looked at the gas gauge and it was sitting on empty. How could this be as I had filled the tank after getting off work on Friday and had been nowhere.

I coasted in to the gas station on fumes and refilled another 20 gallons. Here is the kicker—where had I gone and What or Whom had I gone to see? As my car got about 30 miles per gallon, that would be 300 miles round-trip, and why had I been "bushwhacking" in brambles to scratch my arms?

I still have no answers for that one. Could there be an ET component to Walk-Ins, and are they even capable of switching out Souls?



Our adventures with Bridgett began when a friend purchased an older one-room coal miner's shack to add to her garage for storage. She found old letters hidden in the shack implying that it was an old schoolhouse, and the young lady named Bridgett had come from back East out to Wyoming to teach school. She was apparently engaged and awaited her lover reuniting with her. He never came. Bridgett died and stayed with the old school house.

We were attending a workshop and decided to meditate before beginning the workshop. We heard the toilet flush and everyone looked around to see who was being rude. We were all still in our seats. Our hostess checked the bathroom and no one was there. As we again went into meditation, one of the ladies was cuffed on the ear. She yelled "ouch" and we all watched as her ear turned red. This particular lady did not believe in the story of Bridgett and Bridgett did not like her.

On another day, I was spending the night in the home where Bridgett had taken up residence, before attending a UFO conference in Laramie. My bed was made up on the sofa and as there was a heavy sheepskin on top of the sofa, I was told if I got cold to just put the sheepskin over me.

I woke up the next morning wrapped like a mummy in the sheepskin. My arms were pinned to my sides and it was tucked under me very firmly. I had trouble struggling out of it. I was sweating profusely as it was June and very hot. Bridgett had heard that I needed to use the sheepskin, so being helpful, she put it on me!

The last I heard of her, she had been responsible for an unexplained kitchen fire, so we did a meditation to send her on to the Light. She apparently was eager to go as she was never heard from again


From Diane


Sometimes we listen to these and most of the times we don't until it is too late.

One of the too late: Years ago, when I was a young girl, home on leave from the U.S. Army with my friend Georgia from Kentucky, we’re finally leaving my parents home in Fort Fairfield, Maine with a new-to-me old red Falcon convertible to head back to Fort Meade, Maryland, where we were both stationed at the time.

Little did I know, but my friend Georgia didn’t bring any money with her nor did I, yet we had enough for gas to get us to Maryland -- but not enough to stay anywhere.

So off we went, carefree and full of life -- we stopped in Massachusetts, and I bought a wooden sign that said "Bless This Mess." This was to mean more than words could tell at a later point. I put the sign in my trunk and off we headed.

Of course, we were getting hungry and tired. Georgia didn't drive, so I was doing all the driving. It was nearing 9 PM, so I turned off the highway into a beautiful place called Stonington, Connecticut. I remember the cobblestone streets as we were slowly driving, but to my shock, I saw an old roadside phone booth on the side of the road.

But the horror was that inside that phone booth was death -- a full-featured black death phenomenon. I thought I was seeing things, but I just kept staring at it and slowly approached and pulled my car next to the phone booth. The figure was still there in my head.

I went inside the booth and called my dad in Maine, woke him up and said, "Dad, I just saw death in this phone booth." Whether he believed me or not, he said, "Diane, do not go any further, do not move your car."

Well, I told myself, I'll just drive to the end of this cobblestone street so we can pull over. Too late! The death warning was right -- there was a four-way intersection at the end of the street, and I immediately fell into a sleep or some sort of daze, and went through the stop sign. I crashed into a vehicle that put four people in the hospital, totaled my car, and -- all of a sudden -- my trunk flew open and the sign "Bless This Mess" flew out and landed on top the totaled car.

Ambulances came and so did the police. I told the officers what happened, and they took me and my friend Georgia back to the station, towed my car, then called my dad up in Maine.

We, for some reason, did not get arrested, but were interrogated and allowed to sleep in the interrogation room that night. I took pictures showing us behind bars, etc., but it was no laughing matter.

I had to call the Army Base and tell them my situation. My dad got Georgia and me a ticket to be able to get back to the base. It was a horrific night … Pay attention to these warnings.


The premonition I paid attention to

This is a true story that happened to me and my friend Dan while I lived in Miami.

One nice sunny day we decided to go to visit my brother who, at the time, lived with his girlfriend Sherrie on the outskirts of Ocala. We were driving in our Ford Explorer for about half an hour and had the radio on softly. All of a sudden, the radio stopped and both of us heard these words: "Don’t Go"  --  "Don’t Go."

Dan had already heard about some of my stories in the past with things like this happening. So we stopped, we were already in the outside lane, pulled over, and no more than a minute later, we saw beside us a van come up and hit something and it turned over just in front of us. We saw luggage fall off the top, oranges and fruits fall from the back seats, and there were little children in the van. Everyone stopped to help; no one was hurt, which is so unbelievable, but it was supposed to be us.

Needless to say, we were quite upset, and we drove for about another hour and approached the Ocala National Forest. Again, that minute or two saved us once more as a motorcycle that was a minute or so ahead of us flipped over in the middle of the road. That minute saved us again. The driver was not seriously hurt, but was very shook up, and he had to have his bike hauled away.

Third stop for death occurred as we finally were getting near to my brother’s home. It was starting to get dark by now, and it was a long and nerve-wracking drive. As Dan and I pulled off my brother’s road, an old pick-up truck that had passed us caught on fire! I was so shook up at this point, I didn’t know what to do.

Fire trucks came, the driver got out, the pickup was burnt -- again that could have been us… I told this to my brother and his wife, and the next day to my parents who lived in Ocala -- they believed us, and my dad told me, "Diane always pays attention to words, sounds, anything unusual." That day I did, and I know that saved our lives three times. Wow, what a warning!


Now, I would like to share some of my stories with you -- Strange lights over my home town, an interesting meditation, and an experience at Powder River Pass.


Some years ago, in March, strange lights appeared over and around my home town in the evenings from March 2 and on. Those who saw these "lights" said they were so bright that they seemed to light up the whole area. It reminded one person of the strobe lights at power plants.

Those who saw these lights said they looked like a bank of lights, or in groups of three lights moving together, and these groups of lights glowed yellow/white or reddish/yellow. Others said they pulsated and were triangle shaped. Reports came in locally from as far west as Tensleep, Wyo., on the western slope of the Bighorn Mountains, to Kaycee, Wyo., south on I-25.

These "lights" spooked horses as they passed over ranches, and some observers said the "lights" stopped at times and then moved on. The majority of the sightings over the area of my home town happened on March 7. The following night, many people in eastern-central Michigan saw these "lights" and the descriptions were almost identical.

In western Michigan, 911 calls came in from people reporting strange lights in the sky. The lights and objects sighted over Michigan were tracked on weather radar. The radar scopes confirmed the sightings of something solid and moving -- sometimes slowly -- sometimes at great speed.

Because these sightings over Michigan were documented by law enforcement and radar observation, they created considerable national interest. CBS’s 48 Hours and Larry King Live on CNN both did pieces on this incident in Michigan.

And they came here to my home town first!


My children and I also had a sighting, but ours occurred exactly a week later, and we were in our home, watching TV together, when all of a sudden a set of three bright lights looked like they were coming right over our house, about treetop level. And it happened two more times!

Now, you have to understand that I'm always looking up or heading outside at the slightest possibility of "strangeness" going on, and I just sat there thinking, "Oh, isn't that nice," and not even going outside to check this out! I sat there thinking it was a plane that circled around three times, which is very strange in the first place, because in my hometown, we rarely have any kind of plane traffic at all, let alone at night and at treetop level, no less!

Then, a series of synchronicities took place. My friend Jeanne from Florida called to tell me she read the article in my hometown newspaper which she gets, and shared that she thought the Arcturians had triangular shaped craft. She went on to tell me about a photograph that Norma Milanovich showed her of some Arcturians. These very high love vibrational beings --when they come down in vibration into third density form -- apparently become distorted and appear somewhat gruesome looking.

Then, I suddenly remembered that a few weeks prior, I had been to my friend John's apartment to meditate. (John was a physicist, and he was Galileo in a past incarnation -- he looks just like the pictures you see of Galileo!) I suddenly saw this tall green being in front of me -- and when I saw his face, which was very long, thin, slanted, with almost perpendicular eyes, I was very startled.

John was surprised by my reaction, considering I’ve seen lots of very different looking beings!

Then in a phone conversation with my friend Dee, she tells me she thought she'd heard about these triangular-shaped craft in Belgium and that people there were saying they weren't "little green men" because they were "BIG green men!" And all of a sudden I got an electrical charge through my body, coming from the top of my head down through my feet that was unreal! Talk about getting confirmation!

The messages I had received regarding all these happenings (after the fact) is that the triangular craft that were sighted over my home town were indeed Arcturian, and when they came on March 14 towards my home, they sent "calming energies" my way so that I wouldn't run outside. Since they were so close, they didn't want what they termed as "detrimental energies" to affect me.

The Arcturians shared that there would be more frequent sky activity, and many more people will begin to be accepting of it, or admitting that they’ve had sightings. There will begin to be a social acceptance of "sightings," and through this "release," will come many more wonderful happenings!


Some years ago I had a most interesting meditation. Prior to the meditation, I did the Edgar Cayce Head & Neck exercise, then did the Merkaba said the Prayer of Protection.

As I began meditating, I 'heard' "Count back from 12 to the 8th power to 1 to the 8th power." I 'heard' -- "Going deeper, going higher." At 1 to the 8th power, I saw, in my mind, a huge room of bright, light and pastel colors. I walked to the right where a group of people were standing and was told this was "Registration." I registered and visited a few minutes. I asked if I was on an Ashtar Command ship and was told 'yes.' I then asked why there were corners in the room and they were not rounded. I was told it makes people feel easier when they come, thinking they’re in an Earth type room, but all I have to do is change the edges -- just mute the edges, and visualize the rounded room instead, which I did. The room was now rounded. I was SO excited to be on board!

I then went to the next station, where I had a medical exam done by another group of people --human and Star people alike -- to make sure my energies were good. Ears checked, body checked. Next station was for the hearing test. My hearing was checked for clairaudience. I first heard someone speaking which sounded like it was way in the back of my head, so some knobs were adjusted and they spoke again, and this time it sounded like it was right up towards the front of my head.

Hearing check was good and then it was time to go the next station. Lots of people were there waiting -- Yeshua/Jesus, Charles DeGaulle, Lady Diana, President Kennedy, President Lincoln, Black Elk, Gallileo (John, who I mentioned earlier in this article), DaVinci, Mother Mary, Ashtar, Jorrud (who I will share about in another article), George Washington, and many others, unnamed.

I was told that they all would be contributing to the book The Eyes of God and I questioned the fact that most of these people were more historical than 'spiritual,' and I was told that this book was to be read by 'regular' people and not those already spiritually minded. I understood what was being inferred. Had a nice visit with all (was still ecstatic that I was on an Ashtar Command ship), and then I saw Merlin!!! A beautiful amethyst octahedron came into my vision and then I was ‘told’ that I would see this in my mind when someone would want to contact me, or I could visualize it when I wanted to connect with someone of the group.

Then I was told it was time to return to consciousness -- and to count back from 12 to the 9th power to 1 to the 9th power. I asked to explain the difference of 8th power and 9th power. I was told 9th power is actually "to the God" power -- coming back on a slide of Light, if you will; 8th power is actually "to the infinite power," where you could go anywhere you wanted in the omniverse.

When I understood this completely, I asked to remember what transpired in my meditation and began counting back 12 to the 9th power to 1 to the 9th power, hearing around 3 to the 9th power -- feeling good, feeling refreshed, becoming wide awake.


In June 2006, Pat (who wrote the Walk-In & Bridgett stories earlier in this article), Monna (who I wrote about in The Star Beacon article "Monna, Motherships and Missing Time") and I were guided to go to Powder River Pass in the Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming. Once we arrived there, we saw six Star Nations craft above us in the skies.

A Native American representative to Star Nations appeared to us and gave us each an Eagle Feather for protection, which will always be within our auric field.

We were given information that a direct connection between Mount Shasta and the Bighorn Mountains was created. Those energies of Mount Shasta are duplicated in the Bighorn Mountains. The Deva of the Wind appeared and created a circular wind, and the three of us were used (our bodies) as conduits for three Star Nation representatives.

A vortex was being created as we/they toned "Ohm." We were told that this point -- Powder River Pass -- will be The lift-off point for all enlightened souls that transition from all points west of Powder River Pass in Wyoming because of the earth changes that were shown to us as a fault line from Vancouver, B.C., Washington, Oregon area all the way down to South America. We were also shown that a series of created "holes" (which turned out to be coal bed methane holes) would actually relieve the underground pressure (from Yellowstone) and that eastern Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and eastern New Mexico would be safe areas. The three of us were so very honored to be part of this.

From there, we went to the headwaters of the North Fork of the Powder River to place holy water in it, and our Native American Star Nations representative appeared to us as an eagle, and circled as we honored the Devic Spirit of the Water. We were also asked to say a Blessing for ALL Devic Spirit representatives of Earth.

That night, an Eagle Face, about 6 feet tall, appeared to me at my job!


As I was writing this article on July 8, 2021, California just experienced a 6.0 earthquake!

Thank you for letting me share this with you!


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Thank you for letting me share with you my joy of Spiritual Gardening!

Sheri Gould is an experiencer and a clairvoyant who writes from Wyoming.

Sheri's new book: Sheri’s Sixth Sense, True Cases of Extrasensory Perception and Experiences of the Paranormal is available soon on and from Earth Star for $15.00 USD.


Copyright © 2021 Sheri Gould




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