Sheri's Sixth Sense

Fate, UFO Conferences and CSETI

from the October 2021 Star Beacon


By Sheri Gould

In this issue, I once again have the pleasure to share with you another story from my cousin Diane about Fate/Intervention, Pat’s article on a prior Aztec UFO Conference, and my article on a past Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigation ... and more!


From Diane:


In February of 2018, I lost my little sweetheart Chihuahua Roxy from an enlarged heart, then in April 2018 my beautiful Nuby's kidneys failed. I was very distraught for quite some time.

After a month or so passed, I really wanted to get a new companion for myself, so I searched and searched week after week, rescue after rescue. One day I came across a sweet little girl Chihuahua, Chloe, so I made an appointment to go see her at a new animal rescue place. I was so excited and could hardly wait for the day to come.

The evening I was supposed to go look at little Chloe, it was raining like a monsoon, with thunder, lightning, heavy winds and terrible driving. Anyway, I left about 5:15 pm or so, but for some strange reason, I did not head to the appointment. I made an out-of-the-way detour headed east to the Fort Pierce Humane Society, and I ran in with the rain fiercely trying to knock me down.

I went inside to see the dogs that were there, and some were dancing and jumping up and down. I headed to the reception area and sat down; it was raining so hard, you could not go out. As I sat there, a girl came in and sat down with a little dog. She picked up some papers from the desk, then looked at me and said, "Wouldn’t you just love to have this little dog?" He was one year old, and this was going to be his third trip back to the Humane Society.

I asked her why she would bring him back and of all days today, in a severe storm, and she said her mom died and her dad wouldn’t let her keep the dog. His name is Huckleberry. He was clinging so tightly to her, so she put him on the seat, and he came over to me and tried to get on my lap. Such a sweetheart -- and as we were talking about Huckleberry, the receptionist came over and said, "You cannot talk business inside here about this dog, he is on his way back in here." The girl and I went outside in the pouring rain and I said to her, "I will take him." She said she had all of his papers at her house in a pretty bad section of town, but even in the storm I followed her home to get all of his things. She kept going through red lights, going too fast, and I thought she would never get to where she was headed. But finally she pulled up to her house, ran inside and came back with a bag of his toys, his paperwork and chip information.

I called the other place and told the people that I would not be coming to see Chloe, because I had unexpectedly adopted another little Chihuahua, a little boy dog named Huckleberry. They were not too pleased, but I didn’t have the heart to let a little 9 lb. doggie go back to the pound again.

You just never know what’s left or right down the road. My little Huckleberry is the love of my life. We go to the parks daily, for rides in the car, and he is now even going swimming with me in my pool and loves to ride the purple float.

Fate brought me my happy little Huckleberry!


From Pat:


A friend and I decided to attend a UFO Conference in Aztec, New Mexico. The focus of the conference was of two lesser known UFO crashes/ incidents that happened in New Mexico near the Trinity site, where the atomic bomb was tested; and also the Aztec Incident and the Crash on the Plains of San Augustin. The Roswell Crash has eclipsed

them in the headlines, but there were actually seven crashes and retrievals between 1945 and 1948 in New Mexico. I believe they were here to observe and warn us to leave the atomic stuff alone.

The Aztec Incident happened on March 25, 1948, about nine miles north of Aztec, N.M., near Hart Canyon. This was not actually a crash, but a forced landing, as the 100 ft. craft landed intact on a mesa. Several locals arrived on the scene before the military retrieved it, advising them to keep quiet about what they had seen.

This case was debunked as a hoax until Suzanne Ramsey, who grew up in the area, and her husband Scott researched for 32 years before publishing their book, The Aztec UFO Incident, by Scott Ramsey, Suzanne Ramsey and Frank Thayer, Ph.D. Their conclusion was that this was no hoax. In 2012 they erected a plaque at the landing site.

The crash on the Plains of San Augustin occurred in July 1947 and was discovered by two young boys, about a mile from New Mexico State Hwy. 12 at Peloma Mountain, about 15 miles south of Old Horse Springs, N.M. Once again, dead occupants were said to be child-like with large heads and four fingers on each hand.

These two young men were said to have secretly witnessed the retrieval of the craft by soldiers. They said some of the soldiers threw items of wreckage into a crevice and kicked dirt over them. One of the young men still has a piece of debris in his possession. They told their story after more than 55 years of silence.

Guest speakers at the conference included the late Stanton T. Friedman, nuclear physicist and ufologist, who was the original civilian investigator of the Roswell UFO Incident, as well as author of several UFO related books; also Art Campbell, researcher of UFOs and author of Finding the UFO Crash at San Augustin, as well as other speakers.

A strange thing of note that happened at the conference was that a popular young contactee and author, who was a speaker, had announced that his hybrid children would be attending the conference to see him. They were to be a teen-aged girl and teen-aged boy. In a subsequent book he stated that they had been there; they came in late and the girl took a seat halfway to the podium, and the boy walked through and exited a door at the east side of the building. He also stated that the receptionist/welcomer underwent an altercation at the entrance with a male in military uniform.

My friend and I sat near the very back, where we had a clear view of the entry door at the north of the building,where the receptionist sat, and were able to clearly see the speaker’s podium at the south end of the building, as well as being able to clearly see the door on the east side of the building. We saw no such events take place such as he had described. Is it possible that we could not see what he was seeing? Did the alien children cause some sort of cloaking?

An interesting thing always happens at these conferences—the Feds show up. They are usually middle-aged men in a pair who show up late, after the conference has started. They look like what they are, business suits with a cookie-cutter look. These are not the Men in Black, but flesh and blood government employees. We get a kick out of picking them out.

This conference was different, in that we had a female in a three-piece dark navy blue business suit, wearing crépe-soled shoes (presumably for running?). She arrived in the afternoon and took copious notes when the hybrid children’s father spoke. She left after his presentation, so was there solely for that and perhaps to observe/abduct the hybrid children.

After Stanton T. Friedman completed his talk, he came table-to-table to answer questions from the audience. I was able to ask why we had dropped plutonium on the planet Jupiter. He said he knew of the incident, but did not know why it was done. Stanton was well known and loved, and sadly he passed away on May 13, 2019. I had no idea he had written so many UFO-related books until I googled him.

Another exhibitor at the conference was a man who had a piece of "mystery metal" which he had found in the middle of a highway after he had sighted a UFO at night, spraying sparks. Metal testing revealed it was not from this Earth.

Sadly, the Aztec UFO conferences have ended. Hopefully, they will resume them some time in the future.


This conference, hosted by Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, was held at the University of Wyoming in Laramie in 1992. This conference is to provide an opportunity for UFO experiencers and UFO investigators to become acquainted and to share information about UFO experiences.

Thursday evening was the Get-Acquainted Social—a time to visit, meet and share with each other.

Friday morning, five different workshops were available in which to participate: a special Reincarnation Workshop given by Marilyn Sprinkle, in which participants are given suggestions for imaging and exploration of the "inner world." The "trips" include possible past and future lives and the purpose of the present life. Kitty Brown had a workshop for Sculpturing of UFO Entities. ART (Access Retained Truth) allows the body to give information that is stored in muscle memory and this was accomplished with the use of sculpturing clay and tools. The other workshops dealt with discussion on EAT (Experienced Anomalous Trauma) and positive integration of the UFO experience in one’s life; Participant Discussion of UFO Experiences; and a Discussion/Support Group for spouses and family members of UFO Experiencers.

We had our first of three closed sessions in the afternoon, in which participants can talk about their experiences.

Dr. James Harder, Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering at the University of California—Berkley, talked that evening about "Sampling Bias in UFO Abduction Reports,"relating information about his studies of contactees/abductees and about the use of the pendulum technique for hidden encounters.

Saturday began with a two-hour closed session for experiencers to share their UFO experiences, and after lunch, Tere Kristovich and Kit McCray gave an informative lecture and slide presentation on Those Circles: Exploring the Crop Circle Phenomenon. The third closed session was held following the presentation.

A wonderful banquet was held in the evening, and following the banquet, Dr. Steven Greer (Emergency Physician and Founder of CSETI) gave the keynote address on Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Empowering Human Interaction. The CE-5 Initiative is a major project whose goal is the further development of bilateral and human-initiated ETI contact. CSETI is a non-profit organization dedicated to the understanding of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI) and ET Civilizations. CSETI is especially interested in the ETI-Human relationship. We were shown fantastic video footage of five craft that interacted with a CSETI research team in Gulf Breeze, Fla.; footage of a crashed craft in Canada with footage of the ETs; and footage of a small rectangular flat disc that was filmed flying around some crop circles in England in an intelligent manner. We were also treated to hearing the sounds and beeps that are heard within the crop circles.

The overall tone of the conference was spiritual —very few people who related their experiences saw them as negative—that there was a higher spiritual learning coming out of these experiences.

Ann Ulrich, UFOCCI Associate Director from Paonia, Colo., (and Star Beacon publisher) and I, Associate Director from Wyoming, shared a UFOCCI (UFO Contact Center, Int’l.) table at the conference with Star Beacons, books and UFO pins for sale, and UFOCCI information to hand out.


Dr. Greer’s workshop on Sunday began with the CE-5 Initiative—Humans taking the responsibility to reach out/answer back, the imperative of consciousness as the basis for a relationship, attaining trust and transcending fear of the unknown, the importance of assumed non-hostility and that our actions must be based in spiritual principles—harmlessness, non-acquisition based motives, unity and peace.

Dr. Greer shared various CE-5 cases to include Belgian and Gulf Breeze CE-5’s, the Hudson Valley, N.Y., sightings and others. He then explained the Contact Trilogy—Light (flashing car lights, car lights, flashlights, etc. directly resulting in the UFO moving or signaling back in an intelligent manner); Sound (such as voices, or those within the Crop Circles), and Thought/Consciousness (the foundation of contact, practicing expanded awareness and transcending time and space with deep consciousness/deep thought).

After lunch, we discussed CE-5 Initiative practical and procedural concerns, including site selection considerations (location remoteness, access friendly, ground approach radar, neighbors, safety, weather, past UFO activity, visibility, etc.); human and extraterrestrial security considerations; health and safety considerations (infection control, technology/energy effects, personal health restrictions and knowing your physical/mental limitations); preparing and informing family (in case of a brief and/or prolonged absence); contact protocols (5 levels of contact—1. Fly by, with or without signaling, 2. Landing or close hover, 3. Emergence of humanoid, 4. Humans invited/brought on board, 5. Departure from Earth— advanced protocols, and the issues surrounding media and public disclosure of CE-5 events).

We then discussed being Ambassadors to the Universe: ONE UNIVERSE, ONE PEOPLE --prerequisites of the CE-5 Working Group participant -- transcending fear and ego, individuality, and attaining Universality and Unity Awareness.

Sunday evening, all CE-5 Working Group participants taking part in this Field Research Project "dry run," left by caravan to Pat McGuire’s ranch (now owned by the university). Upon arrival, we all received our boarding party number and then formed a huge circle and participated in coherent thought sequencing and projection -- sending our thoughts out into the universe, inviting the ETs to come to our specific location. We then dispersed into our various groups -- those with cameras/videocams, those using the lights to signal and show the landing area, and the third group that would focus on sending thought. (I was part of the third group, and I found it really difficult to maintain a meditative/thought state when you are hearing all those oohs and aahs from the flashlight and camera group :) !

We had no close fly-bys that night, but we did have distant sightings. We as a group shared a special camaraderie of a single positive thought. The message I personally received regarding our efforts Sunday night was "that even though we didn’t get a ‘show,’ the ‘showing’ will be for all. The consciousness of the group caused a veil to be lifted for contact—that the quality consciousness of the group was immensely important—that with the opening of a new dimension, a key in the ‘lock,’ a greater gift has been given to all mankind."


One night, around the same time period as the 13th Rocky Mountain Conference, at my home, I had this urge to go outside and check out the sky—and a craft, high in the sky, was speeding northward. I sent a mental message, asking if it was an off-planet craft of Light and the craft lit up very brightly. My next mental message was, "If you only knew what this does to my heart chakra," and it lit up again! So now, I’m thinking, "Could you please come closer?" and then a third bright flash.

But, it continued on northward and I watched it until it was out of sight, and then turned around to go back inside the house—and there, standing behind me, was a tall being in a blue aura who telepathically told me that he’s with the Council on Venus and that he wanted me to know that I was loved. Then he disappeared. (I asked for close and I got CLOSE! : )

A few nights later, I woke up at 3 am (that magical time), and there, hovering in the hallway was a very physical, solid triangular shaped object, approximately 12"x12"x12", and then it disappeared. It reminded me of the small objects that had been seen hovering around the crop circles. A couple nights after that, returning from the bathroom again at 3 am, I saw this small cloud hovering over my side of the bed full of light and sparkles and energy, and it dissipated as I came closer.

About a week later, my folks came to visit from Virginia, and we went to Devil’s Tower (it was created/manifested by the Pleiadians in North America as is Machu Piccu in Peru). My mother and I both saw an etheric ship hovering over the Tower! My parents were also hoping to see a ‘cloud ship’ while here, and the last night of their visit, a ‘cloud ship’ appeared right over town (only ‘cloud’ in the whole sky).

It was getting dark -- you could already see stars out and there was a beautiful aura surrounding the ‘cloud.’ As I stood watching it, it looked as if energy was being pulled from all areas of the ‘cloud’ to form a big ball of blue energy which came straight towards me. As it "hit," this energy was going up and down my body like an electrical charge. This happened three times! I wasn’t aware that any amount of time elapsed and then we all went inside the house.

The last I heard of her, she had been responsible for an unexplained kitchen fire, so we did a meditation to send her on to the Light. She apparently was eager to go as she was never heard from again.

I knew that much more took place with those blue balls of Light than I was consciously aware of, so a few days later, I asked a hypnotist friend to take me back to that time to see if I could get any more information. The hypnosis was easily done, and John slowed everything down -- so now, I saw the big blue balls of Light as a clock-wise spiral of lots and lots of bursts of blue energy coming towards me, and I found myself aboard that ‘cloudship’!

I met a Pleiadian who told me about my continuing Earth assignment and I had total recognition of this person as a ‘family member’ named Jorrud, and as one that I have had other "encounters" with.

He told me that only a few minutes will have passed on the ground, although I was aboard the craft for approximately an hour, and I was also told it was time for consciousness to be aware of what is happening and that I would remember consciously seeing the blue balls of Light prior to being beamed aboard the craft, so that I would know that something more took place!


Thank you for letting me share with you my joy of Spiritual Gardening!

Sheri Gould is an experiencer and a clairvoyant who writes from Wyoming.

Sheri's new book: Sheri’s Sixth Sense, True Cases of Extrasensory Perception and Experiences of the Paranormal is available soon on and from Earth Star for $15.00 USD.


Copyright © 2021 Sheri Gould




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