Thokol advises we get
affairs in order

by Nina Ansley
© 1998 (all rights reserved)

An article from the September 1998 issue of THE STAR BEACON.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The following message is from a letter to a minister friend in which the writer responded to some suggestions and questions on the End Times. For those readers who are fairly new to The Star Beacon, Nina Ansley used to have a column in which she channeled several different space beings, the most notable of whom was Thokol of Saturn.

Dear Milton,

Yes, I do have a message from Thokol. He "rang" the phone in my head two nights ago and said "listen."

This is what (Thokol) said:

Nothdurft is correct in sensing that many planets (or rather people from many planets) are involved in changes which will become manifest August through December 1999. But the critical mass is not what many of you on Earth are expecting to see and experience.

It should be known that many of the former prophecies and expectations (as given by St. John's revelations on Patmos) have been and continue to be changed in part of canceled (some merely delayed) and are subject to further changes. Throughout the ages, people of Earth reacted to changes as new Celestial decisions and courses of action were inaugurated. That meant that those of us in the many dimensions assigned to project elevation of Planet Earth for the next 24,000-26,000 years are finding we, too, must change our goals and methods of work in carrying out the Great Am's orders.

Try to get your affairs in order and problems solved by August 1999. Between August and December of 1999, there will erupt "critical mass" chaos and confusion generally over most of the Earth. This has less to do with computers -- and more with climate and other geophysical disturbances. Inconsistent weather patterns, earthquakes, electrical storms, fires, volcanoes will steadily increase between now and then, due to Earth people's frustrations, fear, rage, hate. All negative emotions cause disturbances on etheric levels and this, in turn, results in changes in molecular structures and energy quantum-level forces of your planet. These are NOT acts of God, so to speak. You yourselves are causing these problems, not the Great Am!

This is not to be attributed to the long discussed polar shift either. That shifting has been ongoing for some eight and a half years on a graduated schedule. This shift is slowly but surely elevating planetary vibrations and affects human consciousness. The highest intensity is expected to occur in the last five or six months of 1999. But we who work on this program do not foresee any sudden and drastic changes not already in the making.

The world governments are already, bit by bit, losing power behind scenes. It will take time for these underground changes to manifest on physical, material levels. All these erratic forces in current operation will begin manifestations at the final cyclic end of Disintegration Forces. It is this changeover from final Disintegration Forces that will "hang suspended" till the new cycle of Integration (creation) begins in the first decade of the 21st century.

This is nothing new. I've been telling you this in the Cosmic School New year's messages we've been giving you. Many of you on Earth tend to interpret "hanging suspended" as the so-called Null Zone, have a limit of zero sequences, including absence of light and warmth. This interpretation is misleading. "Hanging suspended" means a period of time during the changeover from Disintegration to Integration -- Cosmic Forces operating under Universal Laws. In such a period of time, nothing much can be accomplished and total disintegration can be seen and felt on third-plane, physical, material life -- making it appear to be a time of panic, powerlessness, chaos, especially in economic activities. Note the word APPEAR. In truth, these problems have been ongoing for some time in the Etheric Realms before manifesting on Earth.

If those of you who can manage to reach August of '99 with affairs (meaning chiefly human relationships and health problems which skew all other areas of life) with some measure of control, you will get through the difficulties of the first decade of the 21st century with more ease.

Government and financial institutions which have been the ruling forces will soon find their hard-wired control over world economics "coming loose," failing to operate efficiently. This will trigger high-level crime as many individuals in corporations (who lack spiritual faith and support) try to force affairs into molds of their own making. That they will find blocked by the "hanging suspended" forces (which some of you define as a null zone). Trying to use forces will turn like a boomerang against the perpetrators once the first decade of the next century is in full swing. The second decade, when Integration begins full-bore flow of cosmic energies, will see the Old World falling apart concurrently with the New World slowly assuming outlines of its shape to come. THIS IS ALREADY IN PROCESS in etheric levels and will manifest later on in your third-place level.

None of this is an overnight, abrupt, drastic change. The Great Am does not work that way -- not since the primeval days of creation. Some of you will be scarcely aware of what is happening until it has already matured enough to manifest to your five-senses mindset.



This page updated March 23, 2014

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