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by Ann Carol Ulrich

The evacuation is near,
Alien beings aboard UFOs
are watching and waiting...
But what is their mission?

Former concert pianist Johanna Dobbs only knows that the handsome dark-haired man sitting beside her at the ballet is attractive and alluring with his penetrating blue eyes and strange accent. What she doesn't know is that he is about to abduct her during the intermission, an event that -- though wiped from her memory -- will change her life forever.

Here's what reviewers are saying:

    "Beautiful, sensitive Johanna, sheltered from the harshities of life by an overprotective brother, suddenly finds her life turned upside down by a conspiracy in the form of a bizarre abduction. Her struggle with her own sanity strengthens her for what is to come... a journey aboard a mother ship to a planet colony where advanced beings breed with humans in order to acquire their talent and artistic abilities.
    "Amidst the stir of rebellion, Johanna has fallen in love with her abductor, Serassan, and must choose between her allegiance to Earth or spending the rest of her life with a man whose true appearance disgusts her."

-- The Star Beacon

"A story with the human experience in mind."

-- Paul McCarthy, Omni Magazine

    "Ann Ulrich arrests readers' attention in Chapter One, 'Mission of Mercy,' by the Estronian leader's words: 'If the Terrans suspect that our intentions are dishonorable... Leave with this advice. Any guide who uses this mission as a vent for his sexual frustrations must answer to the high command.'
    "This story is not about sex; it is about the power of intimacy in overcoming difficulties. Readers can identify with the panic of speaking gibberish, of being helpless in situations beyond their control, and of being imprisoned in mental hospitals.
    "The writing flows smoothly with easy reading. Frustrations and efforts to communicate through eyes and actions provide tensions that build to a tremendous relief in Chapter Six. But one answer leads to more questions that keep readers going at a rapid pace.
    "The choice between the known, familiar world and the unknown, alien potential bcomes complex when advanced technology and peace are juxtaposed with the arts and freedom. Violence is kept to a minimum with only one person dying as he struggles to prevent killings. Intimate Abduction has a satisfying conclusion guiding readers to choose a 'gentler, kinder' world."

-- Ruth Hill, Cedaredge, Colorado

    "Excellent. (The) book is the answer to a lot of my questions."

-- R.M. North Hollywood, California

    "When I began to read the book, I couldn't put it down until I finished it. It was a beautiful story. It brought laughter, tears of sadness, and especially tears of joy."

-- D.M. Houston, Texas

    "Premise unique and captivating. Dialogue natural. The affair between the protagonist and Serassan was so real!"

-- Lucille McNames, Sedona, Arizona

    "It held my interest and I loved the energy and peace... contentment. The love was great."

-- L.W., Glenwood Springs, Colorado

    "Extraterrestrial life forms have been a fascination of mine. I've been force-fed so many 'truths' about the possibility of other life forms existing, that for years I never gave it a chance. I sat down with (Intimate Abduction) and couldn't put it down. It was wonderfully written."

-- J. Kowalkowsky, Madison, Wisconsin

ISBN 0-944851-0-29   September 1988
ON SALE from Earth Star for $5.95

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