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by Ann Carol Ulrich

A vital message for

Johanna and Serassan return to Earth on a highly secretive mission to save mankind... but will they be able to stop the major catastrophe that has already begun? Johanna's brother, Manley Dobbs, has quit his job and moved to a new town, where he has started a UFO Contact Center. Through his nonprofit shelter for contactees and abductees, he meets Dorothy, fresh from a frightening experience she has had on Interstate 80, and where the intriguing Kapri walks in off the street and captures his heart.

Here's what reviewers are saying:

    "A blend of adventure and romance, intrigue and conspiracy, compassion and courage... a possible scenario of current reality and future events: ETs and Humankind learning to tolerate their diversity in culture and genetics while seeking unity in common goals.
    "Johanna and Serassan experience the tensions and potentials, the suffering and joys, that often exist between woman and man, lover and lover, artist and scientist, wife and husband. Their trust and passion represent the hope for a meaninful merger of the Galactic Federation and Earth Civilization, as well as the merger of technology and ethics."

-- Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D.

    "Finally, a romance with an alien (as in extraterrestrial) hero! This is a timely novel which offers an exciting glimpse into the world of UFOs, space travel and life on other planets, as well as the romances that ensue.
    "Manley Dobbs' sister has been missing for several months. He began having dreams of her on a spaceship shortly after her disappearance. His home now doubles as a UFO contact center and the phone never stops ringing. There's been an abundance of sightings and people want to know what they saw.     "Dorothy arrives at his door after a recent cross-country trip where she and a friend spotted strange lights in the sky and somehow couldn't account for several hours following the sighting. She finds Manley both helpful and attractive, but he seems to be enamored of Kapri, a lovely, pale and fragile looking woman who came to the center unable to remember anything but her name.
    "Manley's sister, Johanna, returns with her tall, dark and handsome alien husband, Serassan. They've come back to Earth because the planet is in grave danger of being annihilated by the evil forces of the universe. As always, love is the answer! And there are several unlikely couples who discover that truth.
    "Return To Terra is an exceptional work. If you've ever wondered about UFOs, this one answers your questions in a non-threatening format. One thing is certain. After the enjoyment of reading this novel, you'll never look up at the night sky without a sense of wonder and -- more importantly -- hope!"

-- Chrystle Clae, I'll Take Romance! Magazine

    "Love and light are the only things that can conquer hate. Hate cannot conquer hate. If you ignore hate, it is still there. Giving into hate really won't conquer hate. The only thing that can is love. If it was possible, and everybody loved, our world would be perfect.
    "I liked this book a lot and thought it to be a real thriller. It combined action, science fiction and romance. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes action. Also read (my mom's) first book. Right now, (she) is writing a sequel."

-- Scott Ulrich,7th grade, Chadron, Nebraska

ISBN 0-944851-0-61   July 1994
ON SALE from Earth Star for $9.95

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