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Religion and Scripture

By Oriaha

EDITORíS NOTE: In light of Carol Elekís letter in the August Star Beacon, Lady Isis sent me this article from Oriaha, which addresses the subject of Christianity.

      Greetings to you, dear ones! I AM Oriaha. I greet you in the light of the ONE and tell you that you are dearly loved beyond that of possible expression.

     We wish this day to speak with you about your religions and the book of scriptures. We also wish to warn you, and ask you, to enter this chapter with an open mind and heart. To be open to new information which will indeed challenge your beliefs as they have been taught you throughout millennia. We will be assisting you in reading some of the passages with clear eyes and spoken in a fashion you will understand by the standards of the present day.

     If you are not open in mind and heart, this information could shake you to your very core. It is not our intent to disturb your foundation, if you are not yet ready for the lights to be turned on, so we ask that those of you who are not sure you are truly open please skip this and move on. When it is time and you are ready, you will indeed return and read this portion of the text.

     Do you understand why religion was created, dear ones? It was created so that humanity would have a guide for civilized living, and it was created in order that the duality of male and female could live as one in harmony, equal to one another. It was also our hope that it would help you to KNOW WHO YOU ARE, WHERE YOU ARE FROM, and most of all KNOW THE ONE. For it is that when you KNOW these truths that you could not help but live in the oneness of ALL THAT IS, and indeed live as it was intended you to live.

     Unfortunately, this attempt to guide you failed because the male of the species used the sheer muscle of the masculine power over that of the female to claim dominion over your world. Thus the duality of both species was lost. It was intended that the intellect of the female of the species and the brawn of that of the male would combine as ONE. It was not intended that the male of the species would indeed suppress the female species, and claim that GOD was a male and that the male was the chosen ruler over the world. Yet the female being smaller in stature and in no way as primitive as the male would be held down by the male, until such a time the female would begin to rise and claim her place once again.

     Why is it that we say the female would rise AGAIN? Because, dear ones, until the one known as Abram, or Abraham, came into place, the Divine, the temples and the leaders of these temples, was indeed the FEMALE of the species.

     The God was a Goddess and the priests were both that of the female as well as the male of the species. Are you shaking in your boots yet? No? Well, let us continue on then, for when this chapter closes, you will indeed have many foods for thought.

     If the blood of each and every one of you were to be tested and the DNA structure followed to the foundation where humanity began, it would amaze you to learn that you are traced back to one single female. She is the one called the GREAT MOTHER. She is the mother of all of you, and she is not the one you call EVE. No, dear ones, Genesis is not as it has been told you.

     The truth has indeed been hidden from you until such a time you were evolved enough to understand. Now is that time, and all of you are now at a level where you are mature enough to be told the truth. We expect many of you to run from this information, as a child not ready to hear that the Easter bunny is not real would plug his or her ears and sing aloud so that your words of truth not be heard.

     However, it is time that you know the truth and we will prove it to you, using your book of scripture. We will also invite you to research ancient text that predates scripture. We have nothing to hide from you, that is why we are switching on the lights.

     You may, if you wish, plug your ears, sing to the top of your lungs and run until you drop, yet in time -- just as children accept that there is no Easter bunny -- so, too, will you accept the truth told you now.

     We have explained the Creator to you, the ONE LIFE of ALL THAT IS. This is easy for you, because it relates to your belief structure. Yet there is more, dear ones, much, much more. This is where the difficulty will arise and shake many of you up a bit.

     We will begin with that called the Elohim. This is NOT the energy you call GOD. You have combined the forces of ALL THAT IS with US. The Elohim is that which was once called the Gods and Goddesses. It was the male of the species who changed and claimed only the male GOD. Yet the Elohim are NOT Gods and Goddesses at all.

     They are the original models of the race called human. They are those who created you by splicing their genes with that of the primates of your early evolution. There is NO missing link, dear ones. WE altered your DNA!

     Note within your scripture, Genesis 1:24, then God said, "Let US create man in OUR image. In OUR likeness."

     Adam was, according to the scriptures, created of the dust of the earth; this is symbolic, dear ones. In truth it is the primate that is the symbol of the dust, for the primate was of the earth. Our DNA was spliced with that of the primate, much the same way you are now splicing genes today. That, dear ones, is the reason you can trace your origin back to the apes, and back to a single female human. The geneticist who did the splicing was using her own DNA. Later you were further altered.

     When the symbol of the rib of Adam comes into play, it is in truth referring to the harvest of DNA.

     There were many early models of Earth humans created, until the model that you are today was created. Thus it is that Adam was put to sleep and the DNA taken from him.

     You were created so that the Earth planet would have caretakers. Indeed, you were slaves, as it were, to those original humans who came to spark civilization upon the green planet. Now there are differences between the originals and yourselves, indeed.

     We are much taller and larger in stature than you. This is also within the words of the scripture. We will cover this fact later in the chapter. We are also in direct communication with the energy you call God and the collective of all that is.

     Our evolution is such that to you we would be seen as supernatural beings. In truth our technology is simply of a nature you would not comprehend, though you are nearing the intelligence required to learn it, and in time you will reach the level which we reside. You are still evolving, dear ones, and we are still watching over you from the heavens. Let us resume our discussion, shall we?

     We are those of the Elohim, the original humans, so to speak. We are your forefathers. The Universe is more than you are able to comprehend and life is far vaster than you imagine.

     If you will read the scripture Genesis 5:23/24, it reads, "Enoch 365 years. Enoch walked with God; then he was no more, because God TOOK him away." Notice, dear ones, it says God TOOK him away. It does not say that Enoch died as it does for those before him.

     It also tells you that Enoch WALKED with God. You see, here is the place where your confusion resides. We are those who are the Co-Creators of the life force of THE ONE/ALL THAT IS.

     We are those how came and altered and spliced your DNA with that of our Own and created the physical model you are today. We are those you also call the Angels. Enoch is with us. WE TOOK HIM.

     Speaking of Angels, dear one, we are NOT they. Angels are spiritual creations of ONE; they are the collective life force of ALL THAT IS and are much higher upon the ladder of creation. Just as we are of a higher nature than you.

     We are those your scripture called the Nefilim, or Giants, and SONS OF GOD who came down from the heavens and took the daughters of Earth and bore children. Look for it, dear ones! It is there within the pages of the book of scriptures.

     If you will read Genesis 6:1, it is there you will find it. We are those up in the heavens, within the craft called "wheels within wheels." We are those who were on the ladder moving to and from heaven. Do you understand, dear ones? There has been much confusion at the hands of religious men of days gone by, and this confusion has maintained its hold which keeps you in the darkness of truth.

     Yet there are many hints for you that remained behind. The translators of the scriptures were of men, they altered the truth and rearranged stories by verse to control you and keep women at their feet. This was not meant to be, and it must be corrected now. The duality of men and women must become as ONE.

     Even with that of the new scriptures of the Christ, men, too, have altered them. We wish not to tell you a truth that will shock you even more so. Christ, Mohammed and Buddha are brothers. Why do we say this? I will tell you. KNOW this, dear ones, their DNA makeup is of the same female seed. Each had a "virgin" birth mother. Indeed she was a virgin. She was never known to any man until after the virgin births.

     Our beloved would come to them and speak to them of the child they would carry, and give them their gender and names as well. We would then use technology to impregnate them much as you do now, and we knew the gender of the child, because we coded the gender ourselves.

     The DNA of the female was not of the woman who gave birth to them. It was the seed of the Great Mother, the one called MA, also known to you as the Goddess ISIS. Your ancient text will link her to your scriptures, if you research the history.

     Dear ones, before Abram/Abraham your churches were Temples of the Goddess. That Goddess was indeed ISIS. She is the Great Mother and each of you carries her DNA code.

     The missing years of the Christ are not found, because he was not on the Earth. He was with US, and at times he was indifferent locations on the earth as well. He was learning his truth and he was a precious gift to humanity. He is indeed alive and well, I assure you this.

     Now in the Temple of the Goddess there were priests and priestesses. The males were the symbolic husbands of the Goddess and priestesses, and Christ was the highest of those priests. His true disciples were females, not males, as you have been told. Indeed there are many hints to this truth as well. See within your new scriptures Luke 23:27: "and there followed him a great company of people and of women." Does not the term "people" refer to both genders?

     He goes on to speak to these women, saying, "Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me." Then, at the foot of the cross, stood his mother Mary, and Mary Magdalene and another whose name is kept from you, and he told the disciple to take care of his mother Mary. The only ones present were women, and the one he called disciple was Mary Magdalene.

     You see, dear ones? These women were special to the Christ. They were the "Daughters" and they were the disciples he loved most dearly. In fact, Mary Magdalene was in truth his beloved, but because she was the prostitute and he was the Son of God, the men of the church completely removed her true relationship to the Christ for the records.

     This is difficult for you to accept, is it not? Difficult or not, dear ones, it is true and it is time to open up your eyes. If you are to understand who you are and why you are here, and where you are from, you must accept the truth first.

     We can keep going on and one, showing you many clues into the clues left behind and missed in the attempt to hide from you the truth, yet we trust that this information will lead you to look yet deeper on your own.

     We will ask you this question, however: What and who do you think led Moses through the desert? A cloud by day, and a pillar of light by night? THINK, dear ones! THINK and do not be afraid. We are not those of the small stature with large eyes and gray skin. We look very much like you.

     We are simply larger and taller than you are. We are of subtle difference than you, in ways of appearance. We would seem to shine to you. It is the difference which sets us upon the higher level of knowing, and it is the glow of the Holy Spirit of ALL THAT IS.

     WE are sharing this information because it is time for the children to wake up and pay attention. The truth is in your hands. You must take it from those who altered it. It is time to become ONE together, all colors together create the white light of ALL THAT IS. Be tolerant of one another and Love one another. If you want to look into the face of God, simply look in the mirror and towards the person beside you. That is the face of God looking back at you, and it is the tree blowing in the wind as well. WE ARE ALL THE LIFE OF THE ONE AND ONLY CREATOR OF ALL THAT IS.

     Until we speak to you once again, KNOW you are dearly loved beyond that of possible expression.


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