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The fall of Baghdad, psychotropous weapons, and possibly Saddam's tactics

from the May 2003 Star Beacon

Essay by Der Voron

     First, did the coalition use psychotropous weapons to capture Baghdad? Let us analyze the facts...

     1) Iraqi National guard (about 80,000 troops) literally disappeared from Baghdad, thus there are now almost no signs of its presence to be found. Similarly, the Iraqi National Guard is showing little in the way of resistance.

     2) The same is true of the Iraqi army (numbering roughly 400,000 troops).

     3) Iraqi people, to whom Saddam gave weapons, supply another example. I, of course, refer everyone who wanted to have weapons, in order to defend against the coalition, and who, just two or three days ago, worshipped Saddam. They had previously greeted, even kissed, Saddam when he appeared on Baghdad streets. Yet now these same people have begun robbing his real estate and whatever else he possessed, as well as property of other Iraqi officials. They are even stealing state property.

     Let us suppose psychotropous weapons were not used. How is this possible, especially in just three days? If even almost all of Iraqi National Guard and army commanders were suborned, then how were almost all of Iraqi people suborned? Was this by the "opportunity" to participate in the looting? Well, this is quite possible with the oppressed people... But, through the experience of many, it is known to every Iraqi that OUN sanctions killed about 500,000 of them through hunger. And it is equally well-known that these sanctions were inspired by the U.S. How could so many Iraqis in Baghdad forget about this in one moment, unless psychotropous weapons were used?

     Second, is it, perhaps, also possible that this was a maneuver by Saddamís troops? What if Saddam ordered them to hide themselves and to wait for the hour X: i.e., when the coalition troops feel they are almost entirely safe in Baghdad, and when they lose their caution against possible attacks? And, maybe he arranged for some Iraqis to loot, "dethroning" Saddamís statues, etc., to show the coalition full Iraqi peopleís disobedience to Saddamís regime (i.e., the looting is being done by certain Iraqis, who appear to "represent" the Iraqi people. Just like the Bolsheviks, who arranged for their partyís members to play the role of people welcoming Bolsheviks, during the October revolution of 1917 in the Russian Empire)?

     And third, thereís the Russian Federation, and Chinese factors. They have vetoed in the OUNís Council of Security the military operation against North Korea. A Russian correspondent in Baghdad, engaged by a mass-media that is controlled by Russian security service FSB, says Americans captured about 60 percent of the city. Iraqi troops control about 40 percent. If the psychotropous weapons were used, then how did come 40 percent of Baghdad didnít get their dose of these weapons?

     Russia almost openly supported Iraq in the war, and, for example, supplied specialists to help install the systems that "deceived" Tomahawks into missing their targets. Russia, it would seem, is planning to send its Pacific Ocean Fleetís ships (they were already sent), together with its Black Sea fleet, to the Indian Ocean. If Saddam Hussein has fallen, then what does Russia count on in Iraq? Or, do they just organize a next demonstration of non-existent muscles, like they have sometimes? In military aspect, Russia does seem a weak enemy. For example, Russian military budget is, in dollar equivalent, about $10 billion, while American is about $300 billion. At the first sight, it seems they are incomparable. But if we take in account that Russian prices are, on average, about five times lower than we will have to multiply $10 billion by 5 to get the real purchasing power of dollar in Russia. With regards to China, its military budget is reportedly $15 billion. But some CIA sources say that the Chinese military budget is up to five times bigger. Prices in China are also low, thus closer to those in Russia...

Der Voron is the author of Starcraft. See his Web site at

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