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from the May 2003 Star Beacon

by Ann Ulrich Miller


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     A British archaeologist says he may have discovered evidence to prove the existence of Atlantis. In April, a group known as Ancient Discoveries put up an article on their Web site about Professor Winwood’s unearthing of a mysterious crystal-domed medallion at a dig site in Egypt. Not wanting to have the relic taken from him and placed in some dust-ridden storage room of ‘Forbidden Archaeology,’ " the professor decided to not reveal his full identity or precise location, but wanted to share his discover with the world.

     The medallion, about four inches in diameter, is a golden disk-shaped object that appears to have a glass dome with eight distinct symbols on the rim. Professor Winwood says, "It most certainly is not glass. It is made from some kind of hardened crystal." A specialist in paleography, which is the study of ancient writing, Professor Winwood claims the symbols do not match any known culture, and predates the oldest Vedic writing know; a plant-like, trident-shaped writing that was discovered on fragments of pottery at Harappa, Pakistan, in 1999, and dated at more than 5,500 years.

     The medallion is decorated with crosses floating on a golden spiral-like wire behind the dome. At first the professor thought the object was from an early period of Christianity, but he soon realized that it indicated a more universal message. "I am convinced the symbols are linked to the movement of celestial bodies," he said. "Many ancient civilizations used the cross as a symbol to indicate the Sun."

     He also contemplated the possibility that the large, blue, central cross on the concave background, with a sapphire-like gem at its center, was a depiction of our solar system. But there were planets missing, so he concluded that it was probably instead a celestial map. The blue gem resembles a pyramid.

     The age of the medallion is believed to be over 13,000 years. The professor said he discovered the object inside a small sealed black granite box, and he does not yet know what kind of alloy the medallion is made of, but there was no tarnish on any part of it. Carbon dating done on material found with the object suggests it was made between 11,000 and 11,500 B.C. The professor believes it may be connected to the time of Atlantis.

     "The crosses floating on the golden wire would suggest the stars are in some kind of spiraling orbit around a gigantic blue star," he said. "One gets a sense that they are moving clockwise, and if this is the case it would seem that the second star out from the center and the seventh star at the top of the cross are about to enter an energy field of some kind. If one of those stars represents our Sun, I believe that message of the medallion is a warning of something that will affect our planet and the entire solar system in the near future."

     The symbols and text on the back and inside of the medallion could represent some kind of calendar system, the professor believes.

     A week after the initial posting of the medallion’s discovery, Ancient Discoveries announced that three more medallions that had been found had come to public attention. Three researchers from Europe, South America and China contacted Professor Winwood to say they had similar medallions and were researching them, trying to decipher the complex symbols and script. They had not revealed their finds, but felt that since the profession had come forward, they might put their heads together and figure out the mystery.

     The professor is trying to find a way to open the domed section of the medallion. He said there is a hinge at the top, and the button at the bottom apparently doesn’t serve as a latch. But he is confident that the writing on the back will reveal the full story of the medallion’s history. "It would not surprise me," he said, "if the ending of this cycle coincides with the ending of the Mayan Calendar on Dec. 22, 2012. There will then most likely to another shift of some kind."

     In the April 20 update at the Web site, Professor Winwood said they have detected an electromagnetic energy field around the medallion. "I expect that it will take some kind of electrical impulse to activate it," said the professor. "It may have to be opened first." None of the researchers who found identical medallions have confirmed that they have been able to open theirs.

     There is mention of the Photon Belt, and the professor believes the star system within the medallion does include our own Sun. "It has been put forward that this (Photon Belt) is a band of intensified photon light that comes from the center of our galaxy. Could this be the golden band beneath the crystal dome?" he asked. "Twice within a 26,000-year cycle, our solar system apparently passes through this band of light, taking about 2,000 years to do so each time."

     Photon Belt scientists suggest that the frequency of this light will create a planetary pole reversal and stop all electronics from working, and possibly even affect how our brains function. "How this will manifest itself, I do not exactly know," said the professor, "but I suspect it will have taken place by the ending of Mayan Calendar on Dec. 22, 2012."

     Ancient Discoveries have had thousands of e-mails come in from all over the world, suggesting meanings of the medallion. Here is a sampling of them:

     a) The symbols are similar to proto-European markings from an early period of Scottish culture, also being compared to early Bulgarian and Mongolian cultures;

     b) a musical "tone" may activate the medallion;

     c) the medallion is the key to the Hall of Records as prophesied by Edgar Cayce;

     d) the crosses represent the balance between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and that the activation of the medallion will stimulate the pituitary gland and dormant DNA, allowing the wearer to become superconscious;

     e) the medallion is more likely from the time of Lemuria rather than Atlantis;

     f) the blue pyramid is a miniature depiction of a Blue Star Crystal Pyramid still to be discovered beneath the sands of Egypt;

     g) the seven crosses are the Seven Sisters (stars) of the Pleiades system;

     h) the golden band is a symbolic representation of the Photon Band (Belt);

     i) the blue pyramid is the star Polaris or Vega of Lyra; j) the symbols are ancient astrological constellations.

     The symbols on the Ancient Discoveries Web site are copyrighted, but you can view them by going to


     "It isn't just the U.S. government which has kept quiet about alien visits. It would be arrogant of an American like myself to assume that E.T.s would only choose to visit my country. Indeed, I've heard convincing stories about governments all over the world that know of alien visits - including the British government.

     "Not all governments are anxious to keep their findings quiet. The Belgians have admitted that aliens may be out there and have released information about sightings that cannot be explained away as military planes, weather phenomena and so on."

     -- Edgar Mitchell, October 25, 1998
     Source: Filer's Files #14, April 2, 2003

Ann Ulrich Miller is publisher of The Star Beacon.

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