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from the June 2003 Star Beacon

by Ann Ulrich Miller


     An article in the April 7, 2003 edition of the Indiana newspaper, The Courier-Journal, tells of a puzzling phenomenon in southern Indianaís Yellowwood State Forest. At least three - maybe five - and possibly more - large boulders have found their way to the tops of tall trees and gotten wedged among the branches, according to the story by George McLaren of the Indianapolis Star.

     The first tree-wedged boulder was discovered a few years ago and was given the name "Gobblerís Rock," since it was found by a turkey hunter in the 23,000-acre forest. Gobblerís Rock, which is estimated to weigh 400 pounds, sits nearly 30 feet off the ground.

     About five miles away, on the banks of Plum Creek, sandstone boulders are wedged in the upper branches of two tall sycamores 100 yards apart. One is nearly 45 feet off the ground and both allegedly weigh about 200 pounds. There are rumors by hikers of more in other parts of the forest.

     The theories abound from engineering students working on a class project to fraternity kids with too much time on their hands. Some think tornadoes or high winds or floods may have caused the phenomenon. And then there is the idea of UFOs. The boulder-topped trees are about half a mile from the nearest road access, in remote areas of the state forest and miles apart. There is no sign of heavy equipment used to hoist the heavy rocks and, really, no sign of anything that could have done it.

     Forest officials may be forced to bring down the boulders soon, for fear of somebody getting hurt. But for now the Unexplained Resting Boulders (URBs) are being left alone.

     (Thanks to Merry Browne of Louisville, Ky., for sending in this clipping.)


     Fred Rogers, creator and host of public televisionís "Mister Rogersí Neighborhood," died Feb. 27 at age 74, and in his honor an asteroid, formerly known as No. 26858, honors him. "Mister Rogers touched the lives of millions. I doubt that there are many who have not been touched in some way by the life and work of Fred Rogers," said John G. Radzilowicz, director of the Henry Buhl Jr. Planetarium & Observatory at the Carnegie Science Center. Rogers produced a planetarium show for preschoolers called "The Sky Above Mister Rogersí Neighborhood." An asteroid now called "Misterrogers" moves between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, and is about 218 million miles from the sun, and takes about 3 1/2 years to orbit. He was a great man who will be missed.

TELEVISION UFO TRACKING DETECTOR      The television set must be connected to a VHF antenna not to a cable for this to work.

     1.) Turn power on.

     2.) Select channel two.

     3.) Adjust contrast to maximum.

     4) Lower brightness 50 percent.

     Once the TV is set you may see changes in your screen if a UFO is near by such as:

     a.) Two or three intermittent white horizontal lines that sometimes move to the top of the screen

     b.) Flashing ripples occassionally strange letters or writing c.) Diagonal streaks of light

     d.) Screen will glow stark white NOTE: The audio may also be affected by a UFO.

     As television is a visual medium, optimal results are obtained by observing the interactive clash between broad spectrum electromagnetic noise and an "occupied" channel two at 55.25 megacycles. With higher channels above the 100-megacycle range, most interference becomes increasingly less effective. To make todayís ultra-sophisticated television receivers more susceptible to electrical noise, simply turn the antenna so that you deliberately and slightly weaken the channel two broadcast signal. Thanks to "Free UFO Detectors," by Robert A. Goerman, FATE magazine, April, 2000, Vol. 53, No. 4, pages 22-25 and Ron Regehr.

     (Note from George Filer: The tremendous propulsion systems of the UFOs have the power generating capability equivalent to an average electrical power station. UFOís are known to effect radios, various electronic equipment, and compasses to a varying degree. The equipment will often change radio frequency, change the compass direction, create odd noises and cause the equipment act up in various ways. Often batteries or lights will drain of power and stop functioning. There are also numerous reports of aircraft instruments malfunctioning, cars stopping, and homes literally shaking as the UFOs pass over. Unusual animal behavior is also frequently noticed.)

     (Source: Filerís Files #14, April 2, 2003)


     Steven Montalbano of Madrid, Iowa, reports the following: "Sometime earlier this past winter, my wife went to visit her daughter at the stables with my two sons. They were missing in action for 24 hours. Before they were actually missing, I tried to locate them, because I felt that something was wrong, but all of the people that they went to see had not seen them either.

     "I received a phone call from the hospital and my wife had shown up and was thrown from a horse on her back. In the meantime, people were still looking for them. This may sound strange, but my wife actually accused me of spooking the horse from 30 miles away.

     "Now sometime later, my wife and sons were going riding again. They saddled up and got to the perimeter of the stables, and then they discovered a dead horse, laying on its left side. All of the tissue had been removed from the right side of its face! The bone was dry, which was unusual, and there was no blood and no sign of predators.

     "The police were called and the veterinarian from the state lab did tissue and organ analysis. The man in charge stated that he knew of no other mutilations in Iowa, and called the FBI and the NIC.

     "On the Internet I found many other mutilations, and in Iowa, and personally know of some more. I called the man in charge and told him, but he was not interested to know!"

     If you go to on the Web, youíll find the story of the horse mutilation that took place Jan. 4, 2003, reported by Linda Moulton Howe, along with a photo of a similar horse mute that took place in Colorado. The article and photo are copyrighted by Howe.

     Steven Montalbano can be reached by e-mail at montalbanosteven@yahoo. com.


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     Send in your submissions to: Star Book Submissions, P.O. Box 117, Paonia, CO 81428, or you can e-mail them to

Ann Ulrich Miller is publisher of The Star Beacon.

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