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Use and misuse of our power

from the April 2003 Star Beacon

Dear Ann,

     I would love to receive any back copies you have. I would send them to various friends here in Canada, or in the States.

     I intend to write to Christine Davidson again. I have to tell you first, since my move to Kelowna, from other places, each of those places kept me working full time, so I did not get a chance to look thoroughly at my Star Beacons, but I did keep them filed carefully (apart from the ones I "lent out").

     Well, I have been looking through some of them this last day or so, and was quite surprised to see several articles from Christine Davidson. One particular article I read and had the "strangest, strangest" feeling with - like a "creeping" all over my skin, and a sense of "Oops! I know about this, but... where?"

     This article was in The Star Beacon dated July 2001, on page 5, titled "QUIVET." I sat still for a while, allowing thoughts to rush in as coincidences came flooding back. Always a strange hang-up of mine has been, from a small child, always a fear of water. I always had to make sure my feet could touch bottom. Even now, at my age, in a swimming pool panic sets in if I swim too far. I never stay long in water. Fear?

     Going along with that, I have had readings from experts, in England and here in Canada, always saying, 'You have ‘come back’ to correct the ‘fear and guilt’ of something you did in the past.'

     The most detailed explanation came from a channel in Vancouver I have known for a long time, about 10 years ago. She channeled The twelve Elders, and has often given messages of profound teachings, and evidential (proved after) authenticity.

     She was the one that came up with the Complete Picture. She informed me that at the time of Atlantis, when I was a scientist, I did something that I knew was dangerous and was wrong, and misused my powers. It caused catastrophic disaster. I worked with crystals at that time.

     Which always made me ponder about dreams I have often had, seeing myself working with crystals, and going into a large "cave" with crystal walls, floor, and everything shining with colours as well. There was a green that was so special to me at that time; the rest appeared to be quartz.

     I am still drawn to crystals. But the FEAR remains with me, of ... what not to do. I had two experiences, one was taking an alcoholic to the beach, to prove that we all have great minds and he should not waste his life, or his mind, in continually drinking his life away (I was working with alcoholics at that time 25 years ago.) I was doing well with this one; he took my advice and attended AA. Anyway, I took him to the beach in West Vancouver early one evening, and told him, "We all have powers, you know."

     He asked, "What powers have I got, what powers have you got?"

     I said, "Okay, see how calm that water is? Now watch." I stretched my hands out to the sea, and suddenly the waves heaved up, and the sea became rough as if there was a large boat going by.

     This person looked all over the water and said, "There are no boats around! Take me away from here. Get me to a pub right now, I demand it!" He was agitated!

     Oops, I thought, wrong theory for this one. Then a sudden panic hit me - fear, fear, fear. Don’t misuse your powers again. I was trembling, realizing I had gone too far.

     Another incident came flashing back to me, and that was when I was in the Philippines working with the Psychic Surgeons. A group of us were taken up to a mountain, but first, when we reached a certain place, the psychic surgeon told us we have to "ask permission of the Guardian Angel that watches and protects the Mountain." So we had to reach that point.

     Well, it was a very, very hot day. Some of the group were having to stop to sit on a rock, others were stopping to wipe their heads, one or two mentioned that they could not carry on. Rev. Marco Orbito was our P.S. leader on that day. Well, he just looked at me, and kept slowly walking. Quite suddenly, as if controlled, I suddenly raised my arms outstretched to the sky, and heard myself saying, "Let there be wind!" and... just as suddenly there was a rustling sound and a cooling wind enveloped us all.

     There were remarks of "Oh thank God for this sudden wind," and one person said, "How did you do that?" I looked at Rev. Orbito for help. He just smiled at me and calmly walked on, I came to my senses and was perplexed. And then.... that fear again. I wanted to run from it all. A voice in my head said, "This is not a misuse. Fear not."

     I have been to the channel again. Her name is Michaela. All I got was "Edna, you must forgive yourself, it is in the past."

     This article of Christine Davidson reminded me so much of the feeling of guilt and the misuse of power memory came flooding back, and I found myself saying, "Oh, another person has had the same experience as I have, over the years."

     I have been finding several other ones since that one. This is strange, too. A week ago, I wrote to Timothy Beckley and Diane Tessman regarding an article I saw in the 1981 book Passport to Heaven, about a lady who saw her dead husband appear as one of three space-men getting out of a large space-ship; the third. man was her husband.

     So in doing this, I discovered among my papers a reading by Diane Tessman, a really lovely piece of reading that tells me how I am a "Special One" (don’t we all need to hear that?) and that I came from "far off," to come to Earth, to help at the time needed (I didn’t know then what we all know now - I am a "Star Being," and have many powers (I winced at that one again), and have much to do with the Light Energy touching many people with that vibration. Then, on reading more of Christine’s letters, I read ....she contacted a Diane Tessman several times for help and direction. Talk about synchronicity and coincidences. I am writing to Christine in a while.

        Love to you,

        Edna Drake
        Kelowna, British Columbia

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