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by Anne Miller
based on an interview with Georgia Coalson

      For as long as humankind has dwelled on Planet Earth, there has been abuse. It seems that human societies have plagued this planet to the point where the Earth said man could no longer stay here. Earth is such a jewel in the Universe - how much more abuse could She take?

     Humans have gone through materialism, warfare, technology, and when they discovered all of this did not fill up the emptiness in their lives, some began asking questions: Why are we here? What is the purpose for all of this?

     Enough people were looking for answers and searching for truth that it was finally decided that perhaps humankind was salvageable. In looking at the evolution of humankind, the Earth Masters knew that we would have to obtain higher vibrations in order to get Earth back to its natural state. They assumed that man could get there with his intellect and his heart, but for some reason it seemed that man was always tethered, like having one tennis shoe nailed to the ground, and humankind just could not advance any further.

     Spirit did not know how to help. How could humankind be guided over these speed bumps?


     There are several Earth Masters who oversee this planet, Jesus and Buddha being two that come to mind. It was considered that a possible solution to Earth's dilemma would be to bring in two beings destined to become Earth Masters. They would accept all the limitations of the physical - including judgment, war, and everything that we make this life out to be - and then they would start slugging their way back out. And through their journey back into Perfection, through mass consciousness, the Masters would see where the speed bumps are and determine how they might be worked out.

     This is the unusual story of a woman from Big Bear, Calif., whose name was Darcy Christensen. Once a high-powered business woman, Darcy found herself facing a divorce several years ago. To help her cope with the situation, she went to a hypnotist, and during a session she suddenly began channeling a different energy. From that point on, Darcy became a trance channel, someone who steps away from consciousness for short periods of time in order to allow a spirit, or another energy, to take control of the body and communicate with those of us on the earth plane.

     Darcy channeled Emmanuel and several other energies, but Esprit became the primary one whom she channeled. Esprit was Darcy's higher self. For years, every Wednesday night, Darcy channeled Esprit as an energy that expressed words of wisdom for a couple of hours every week.

     At around the same time, a man in Russia had started channeling an energy by the name of Uri. Esprit and Uri - two Earth Masters who had never been embodied - decided it was time to integrate with their human instruments - if it was agreeable.

     The Masters showed Darcy what it was like to live in unconditional love, and she decided to make a commitment to unconditional love. At that point she also made the agreement to integrate with the energy Esprit.

     Seven years ago, on Jan. 6, 1995, Darcy and Esprit integrated, and Esprit became embodied. About the same time, the man in Russia who channeled Uri integrated with that energy, and Uri also became embodied. In the last seven years that Esprit has been in the physical, she has been returning to the Christ vibration.

     For the last five years, Georgia Coalson, Esprit's sister, has served as Esprit's companion. She describes herself as "chief cook and bottle washer," and explains that every bit of Esprit's energy goes into this process of returning to Perfection. In January of this year, Georgia and Esprit relocated to western Colorado, where they are presently living outside Cedaredge.

     "We were told to move," explains Georgia, who admits she did not want to uproot from California, where their family lives. But the 5,000-year-old Earth Master, Emil, whom Esprit channels now, had given the warning that they had to leave California as quickly as possible and go to the Four Corners area.


     Working with Earth Masters is of a different caliber than other energies being channeled, explains Georgia. "These are not doomsday people," she emphasizes. "When you're working with this kind of information, you realize they don't give those kinds of messages. So, when you get one, and they say the earth plates are going to shift... you pay attention."

     Emil (pronounced Ay-MEEL) has indicated that California is going to experience the big quake that has been talked about for decades. "So we were asked to leave, not because we would lose our lives, but just because of what would come of such an occurrence. It would actually be more than we would want to experience."

     Georgia and Esprit literally packed up two U-Hauls and drove to western Colorado without ever having been in this state; without knowing a soul, and without having a place to come to. "And we ended up at the Hotchkiss Inn in Hotchkiss, Colo.," she says, "and I went, 'OK, so now what?' "

     It was hard to leave behind loved ones and family, and of course they told everyone about the impending quake, but because that quake has been talked about for so long and nothing has come of it, no one believed them. "The reason nothing has come of it, to this point, is because the consciousness in California has been rather high," says Georgia. "Now there's a lot of fear moving in there. Even with the people searching and looking (for answers), that will no longer hold it off." She adds that due to California's high position as an economic power in the world, the ripple effect of this devastation will literally change the face of the planet.

     She explains that Emil will not say when this earthquake is going to take place, but he did say it will split the state of California in two, creating an island. "When you're talking to the masters about time, they don't relate to time," says Georgia. "They don't deal with linear time." The feeling is that the quake will happen very soon.

     As much as Georgia did not want to leave California and her family, she knows the kind of messages that these Masters give. "Gloom and doom just is not what they're about," she says. "This information would not have been released unless they were sure of the occurrence." She tells about the big quake in Big Bear, which was a 6.8. "It was pretty awful. The one we're talking about now is going to be close to a 10."


     One of many things Esprit has discovered is that duality holds this planet and is present everywhere, even in our cellular structure. Duality can be defined as "right or wrong," "good and bad," "positive and negative." It's not just something that exists, it actually moves the planet. And as Esprit has been moving duality out of her cellular body, she has been teaching others to do the same.

     In all of this she has also discovered the concept we all have of "not enough." No matter how much we have, we don't seem to ever have enough. No matter how good a parent we may be, we're not good enough. We're not a good enough daughter or son, or we're not good enough workers. No matter how much money we have, it's not enough. We've talked ourselves into this place of "not enough," and it literally runs our lives. The truth is - we are God.

     Esprit also found that the physical body has its own separate consciousness. We drag these bodies around, doing whatever we do to them - and in essence they have their own consciousness, and they are not terribly thrilled by how we deal with them. One of Esprit's jobs has been to integrate the consciousness of the body so that now there is no separation - no separate consciousness - because Esprit says you cannot go into the higher vibrations with that separateness.

     "As she breaks through each one of these membranes, which is the membrane of the 'I can't,' she pierces the limited perspective we have held and a truth is revealed. Each seeker that comes upon this same membrane has less resistance and a shorter journey to that truth. As we each step through, the hole becomes bigger, until one day the 'I can't' will not exist at all.

     "We call her the 'Head Duck,' " says Georgia, referring to a formation of geese flying south. The duck in front is the one who always takes the battering, while the ducks that follow get less and less wind.


     Esprit has completed the physical integration, which means there is no longer any separateness, only one consciousness. When you are with her, she always says "we" in referring to herself. She does not use "I" because she is not separate from the Universal Consciousness.

     "Every master on this planet right now was born into mastery," says Georgia. "They either went through the death process or came from consciousness and were born a master. (Esprit's) job has been to obtain mastery without the death process." The death process is man-made, something we have created for ourselves as an escape pod. When things get too hard, we simply opt out, if we choose. "My understanding," says Georgia, "is that these physical bodies that we now possess are engineered to last 500 years."

     Achieving mastery is Esprit's only job, emphasizes Georgia. It's "not to heal anyone, or convert anyone... it's to complete this process." She explains that Esprit is not someone to follow. She does not have a following, and if anyone tries to follow her, she will disappear on them real quick. "It's up to each person to follow his or her own path and guidance," she adds.

     Georgia reflects on Jesus as an example: "I think he came in to say, 'Look, I was born of a woman. I came into all these conditions that you come into. I can walk on water, you can walk on water. I can turn water into wine; so can you." And because they didn't understand him, they just made a church out of him. "He was here, I believe, to empower us to our destiny, not just to make a footprint that we try to fill."


     Georgia tells the story of when the planets aligned three or four years ago. It started on the first of December and that whole week the planets lined up. Georgia had heard about it on the TV news and since it was unusual, she went to Esprit and said, "They're talking about some odd alignment on the news." Then she asked Esprit to ask Emil about it. But Emil clammed up. "And when Emil clams up," she says, "you know something big's getting ready to happen. And he won't budge, he won't tell you anything." Esprit would hound him, asking, "What is it? What's happening?" and Emil just said, "We'll talk about it later."

     During the first week in December, Big Bear had major snowstorms. "We don't usually get snow like that," says Georgia. "For a period of about three or four days, I was snowed in and couldn't get out. I was so looking forward to viewing the alignment of the eight planets. No such luck. That whole week of star gazing was squashed by storms.

     "And then, finally that Sunday, Dec. 7, it cleared and I was able to dig my car out." So she grabbed an elderly neighbor, Ivy, and took her to the store. It was the kind of day where it was partially sunny, partially misty, partially cloudy - the kind of day where it couldn't decide what to be. As they drove down the main boulevard of Big Bear, Georgia started seeing rainbows. "There were 30 rainbows in the sky all at once. And I'm speechless. I don't know how I'm even driving my car, because I'm looking left, I'm looking right, and there's rainbows in front of me and rainbows behind me. There's two and three happening at a time. There's rainbow clouds."

     All the way to the store, which was about a 10-minute drive, her head was swimming. "You'd see one and then it would disappear. They came in and they went. And the lady who's riding with me - Ivy, who's in her late 80s - is seeing them and saying, 'Look, there's another one. They're everywhere.' "

     They arrived at the store and got their things, then started back home. Halfway home she stopped at a feed store to pick up her dog food. Returning to the car, she saw the largest rainbow she'd ever seen - a whole one - spanning the runway of the airport directly in front of her. What was so unusual about this rainbow was that she could see every color of the spectrum. "You could see lavender," she says. "And (the colors) were very vivid."

     She jumped into the car and drove across the street so she could look at the airport runway, where she could see this giant rainbow. Getting out of the car, she stood and looked at it for five minutes, until it faded from sight. "I looked across what we call the North Shore, which is the upper end of the lake, and saw it was also very active, got back into the car and said, 'Come on, Ivy, we're going to chase rainbows.' "

     They drove across the lake and again saw 10 to 20 rainbows coming up everywhere. Georgia could see where a rainbow was touching the earth - its vivid colors were right there on the ground. She decided to drive to the end of the rainbow. Pointed right at it, she drove, and the closer she got to where the color touched the ground, she became deathly sick. "I was leaning over my wheel and I thought I was going to lose everything. I thought I was going to have to stop the car and go lie down in the back seat with my collie. I just got deathly ill. I physically could go no closer, so turned and started driving away from the area."

     All she could think about was getting home. She didn't understand what had happened, but as she distanced herself from that point where the colors touched the ground, the sickness went away. "I don't usually experience things like that," she adds.

     They headed home and saw rainbow after rainbow. Poor Ivy was exhausted. She had quit looking at them because there were so many. Georgia dropped her off at home, but before she could reach her destination, another giant rainbow appeared across from the high school. She and her collie went to investigate. This rainbow spanned the graveyard of Big Bear. The rainbow was unusual because the sides had clouds and the center had clear skies, but you could see the whole spectrum. She sat and watched, wondering what was going on. Then, remembering her frozen stuff in the car, she went home and told Esprit about what she had just experienced - one hour and 20 minutes of solid rainbows. And when Esprit checked in with Emil, all he said was, "We'll talk about it later."

     At that time, Esprit was teaching a class in Palos Verdes, and would channel Emil as part of that class. Emil said they could ask him about the event then. So, finally, three weeks later, Esprit channeled Emil and when he said, "Are there any questions?" Georgia asked, "What happened on the Day of the Rainbows?"

     Surprisingly, few people in attendance had been aware of the rainbows, much less the planetary alignment. Emil said that during that week, leading up to Dec. 7, when all the planets aligned to send energy to this planet, there was a natural phenomenon occurring. He said that on Dec. 7 there were rainbows all over the world. On that day, Jesus returned to Earth and took the reins of the transformation. Mary had held that spot and all the visions had been of Mary up to that point. Now people were suddenly starting to see visions of Jesus.

     According to Universal Guidance, what man has termed the Second Coming of Christ has happened. That ship has sailed. Jesus is already very much among us.


     The integration experience that Esprit went through seven years ago was not a walk-in experience. "This was an agreement," says Georgia, "and so Darcy agreed with her higher self that they would merge. Everyone knew when it was going to happen. I was there when it happened." One of the problems, she explains, was that Darcy's body with its separate consciousness thought it was dying when Esprit's energy took over. For a month, all of the Earth Masters were right there with Esprit, because if the body had gone into the death process, they would have had to grab her and take her off to Tibet and restabilize her.

     "The body was convinced, even before it integrated, that it was going to die. It went into survival mode and started to push away whatever force was bugging it." On the day after the integration, on Jan. 7, Georgia stayed overnight in Esprit's home and slept on the couch. "But it was like being plugged into an electrical socket. All night there was so much energy in the room, I couldn't even close my eyes." That's how close they stuck to her, until they got her over the first hurdle.


     Esprit and Georgia may go south, possibly into the San Juan Mountains. They say the Four Corners area is going to become important metaphysically. Rumors abound that the Dalai Lama has acquired a huge parcel of land in the Telluride area. Could this be an indication of the Four Corners area becoming a spiritual center for this planet?

     "Esprit is a teacher's teacher and is going to develop a center, so that the teachers that are out there can come and get focused," she says, "a sort of retreat." For the time being, they plan to remain in Delta County until Esprit is able to manifest the intended center. "We knew the center was viable before we got here," Georgia adds.

     What Esprit will be doing in the meantime is channeling Emil, in order to get the message out. As a 5,000-year-old Earth Master from Tibet, Emil has a lot of wonderful things to share, and his purpose is in fully supporting her and her mastery. Along with the channeling sessions, Esprit will offer a variety of other classes.

     One of the classes is an angel workshop in which she teaches people to use automatic writing. "It's a skill that absolutely anyone can learn," says Georgia. "Once you learn the skill, you can never unlearn it." Georgia has done quite a bit of automatic writing and talks about communicating with Jesus, with God... "He writes VERY BIG...", and with fairies... "they write very small."

     Angels have become increasingly popular in the last decade. People aren't afraid of angels, where they might be afraid of a guide or a master. Getting the angel energy out into the world is important, for angels are responsible for so many miracles. "It's a way of letting people know they're not alone," she adds. The two-day angel workshop costs $75 and was offered at the end of February in Grand Junction, Colo.

     From what Emil says, Esprit will obtain an international reputation, and that is something she is not exactly thrilled about. "She'd just as soon hide," says Georgia.


     Attending one of Esprit's two-hour channeling sessions, I was delighted to at last meet Esprit. After doing the interview with Georgia at their home outside Cedaredge, I had formed somewhat of a prejudiced opinion of how she would be. I had expected a very domineering, tall woman, who would appear dramatic and forceful. Instead, Esprit was a small woman, who appears in her mid-50s, and she was dressed in a simple white robe. I found her to be a bundle of light and love that filled the room with her sincerity and humbleness. I couldn't help but take to her instantly as the warmth and richness of her spirit was present everywhere.

     She lit candles and the room was dimmed and then Esprit talked for a short while. We watched as two silver spoons were passed around and then handed to her to bend. Without any sign of effort, while talking casually to us, Esprit bent and twisted the spoons for us. The second one she twisted into a knot. The spoons were again passed around and set aside as the channeling began.

     It took only a minute or so for her to go into trance. She merely lowered her eyes and her head, and it was quite noticeable when the Tibetan master came in. Although subtle, there was clearly a different look to her eyes and her voice had a slight change. Emil touched on quite a few topics, including our limitations and fears, and on what karma really is and is not. People asked questions and he patiently, but firmly, shared with us his wisdom on financial problems. The energy in the room was uplifted by the end of the session, when Esprit returned.

     I had nursed a headache all that day, but during the evening session, in Esprit's presence, and the rest of that night, my headache vanished.

     One of the things Esprit touched upon at the channeling session was the fact that we are an "instant society." We expect instant fixes. We can admit that yes, we have fear, but we'll just let go of that fear and everything will be fine. Well, it doesn't work that way. You must go through a process.

     When she channels Emil, he talks about planetary transformation in our personal experiences. People ask questions, such as "Why can't I get over my anger?" or "Why can't I seem to get beyond this experience?" Even though the questions asked seem personal, it relates to everyone in the room. Universal issues of "not enough" and "fear" are covered. People often leave the sessions with tears in their eyes, because they finally understand.

     Esprit is searching for 15 people who are totally committed to peace. It's one thing to say that you are committed to peace, and quite another to actually be. Just as it's one thing to "say" you're an Earth Master, and another to "be" an Earth Master. What Esprit is looking for are 15 people who are committed to peace and are willing to attend a class once a month - for $100 for one day of intensive work. And nothing - absolutely nothing - must get in the way of this commitment. Not family, not a job, not finances - not anything.

     Planetary transformation is supposed to take place in 2012. And when 144,000 people are in the position to live in total peace, that's all it will take. One person living in peace is worth 100,000 people living in fear. That's how powerful this is, and that is Esprit's process.

     When you make a commitment to peace, you then go through a process where everything in your life that is not in peace comes to the surface. Georgia simply committed to peace and she says her life has turned into a blender because of all that is surfacing. So, although it may sound like fun and something you'd like to do, you should consider what it takes.

     "We're not here to hard-sell anybody," says Georgia. "I'm not going to twist anybody's arm to come to her channeling sessions and classes. But once people experience her, no more has to be said."

     They both hope there will be enough warning for those in California who want to get out. Perhaps there will be some unusual volcanic activity. "There is a volcano on Mount Baldy that has been acting up and they've been watching it." There have actually been enough gases emitted to start killing animals. There are other indications, such as the volcano outside Portland, which is big enough to take out the city, that earth is in motion.

     The times ahead will be exciting and challenging. It is no coincidence that all of us are present on the planet at this time. Wonders await.

     It has been a universal principle that when the student is ready, the teacher appears. You may contact Esprit by writing to The Star Beacon, P.O. Box 117, Paonia, CO 81428 (e-mail: earthstar

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