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Was it future or present?

from the March 2003 Star Beacon

by John Robert Feather

     On Friday evening, Nov. 8, 2002, I spoke of New Age healing vibrations to the SAPRT group (the Society for Advancement of Past-Life Research and Therapy) in Silver Spring, Md., just north of Washington, D.C. The talk given was only part of my normal four- or five-hour lecture. Sometimes two-day sessions are not enough time to cover the materials.

     I was to meet the group secretary at 5:30 p.m. in Tysonís Corner, northern Virginia, at 1945 Gallows Road, and go to the talk with her.

     That Friday morning, one of my dreams had me at the talk area, ready to talk, only to realize that the secretary was not present. I had not picked her up. What mental geographic tension... I envisioned different roadways to fetch her - I awoke.

     Now not sleeping, it was 4:50 p.m., and I stopped and ate near the location I was to meet the secretary. At approximately 5:15, I drove down Gallows Road to locate 1945 Gallows. It was very dark and traffic in the area was like everyone was going home at the same time. On Gallows I made a left turn and entered number 1950. I exited that building and next entered 1953 Gallows. Then I turned to my written direction instructions, given to me by the secretary, and identified the left was at the second light, not just any left.

     I took the left at the second light a couple of times, while going in circles, never locating 1945 Gallows. The last time, coming down Gallows Road just before taking the left turn into number 1950, my car just stopped. There was a street light illuminating the left turn lane, where I stalled out. Turning the key, the engine ran, purred like a kitten. I put the car into forward gear, and it stopped dead. Turning the key again, it ran perfectly, only to stall when trying to go in reverse.

     After stalling out a couple more times, thoughts flashed through my mind: I need to meet someone at 5:30 and it is now 5:50 or later. A car that will not move. I need to be in Maryland to speak at 7:30. That was not a normal experience for me.

     A young woman in a car behind me was waiting for me to turn. I walked back to her car and asked if she had a cell phone. I also informed her that my car would not move. She did not have a cell phone.

     After returning to my car, I experienced a tension vibration in the chest area. I had more things to think about than that tension at that time. That young woman drove around me and turned left.

     Now, with engine running, I put my car into drive and it operated perfectly, as if there had never been a problem.

     I made the left turn into number 1950ís parking lot and found a parked security vehicle. Approaching the security man, I told him I was trying to locate 1945 Gallows. He pointed at 1950ís building and said that 1945ís building is just behind it. He said, "Thatís one of my buildings. Iíll lead you over there."

     Sure enough, left at the second light and left at the Y in the road, and then an immediate right into 1945.

     The secretary drove up, saying she knew I was still in the area and that she had left a message on my home answering machine. I said "yes" when she asked if I wanted to ride with her. I told her why later.

     We traveled the 495 beltway north around D.C. It was very busy but flowing. We walked into the talk area a couple of minutes late, but we were there! The talk was, as usual, superior and up to my normal gifts. If I donít toot it - only few others will. When you are good, you are good, not referencing the path to get there. After the talk, before returning to 1945 Gallows Road, we had pancakes at an all-night grill in Silver Spring.

     My car ran perfectly from 1945 Gallows to home. After carrying into my home an extra heavy box of books and my portable PA system, I experienced chest and arm discomfort. I associated those internal tensions with my being out of shape and carrying that heavy box.

     Second thought: tensions may be caused by a pinching in the back. The tensions then reminded me of three previous lessons, named heart attacks. I immediately took a 325 mg aspirin table to aid blood flows. I received spirit-guided answers that the effects were not mine and I was not having a heart attack.

     My blood pressure at that time was 134/97 and pulse 121. Identifying a high pulse, I used a pencil and drew an Egyptian water symbol

and turned it counter-clockwise above my right hand.

     The next pressure and pulse reading was 147/71, pulse 65. Knowing it was not my lesson and still with tension and sweating, I took my pressure and pulse again. It was back up to 176/109 and 107.

     Next, while in the downstairs bathroom, I asked for corrective help from the 50th and 60th century healing vibrations, those that always help me; corrective help to remove all vibrations presently affecting me - especially cause vibrations that were never mine.

     With my right arm supporting my head, leaning on the tissue holder, I drifted off to sleep. Upon waking, I was back to normal. That tension effect vibration lesson was over.

     The next morning at breakfast, I wrote the following questions referencing that lesson. Following are the questions as written and the spirit-guided answers.

     1) Was the heart attack effects at 11:30 p.m. on Friday, Nov. 8 mine? No!

     2) Was it caused by an incarnation of the girl in the car I approached when my car stalled out? Yes!

     3) What percentage was that incarnation into her present incarnation? 47%!

     4) Did my car stall out because I was to help the young lady? Yes!

     5) Was it predetermined I was to help her and remove that death effect? Yes!

     6) Was she in any way related to me? Yes!

     7) How is that womanís future incarnation related to me? Family member? Yes! Daughter? Yes!

     8) To what name will daughter answer? T!

     9) I died 3159, age 49 Earth years... (Ti)? Yes! Lived on distant galaxy from ours? Yes!

     10) Is T T-Oís daughter? Yes!

     Isnít that something, since T-O is one of my future Incarnations? That means the Spirit-Soul for the girl in the car behind me is the same Spirit-Soul of my daughter, T, in the future.

     Was it present or future?

John Robert Feather is a retired teacher who has authored several versions of the book, Perfect Healing Vibrations. He resides in Fairfax, Virginia. He encourages others to come forward with experiences that cannot (or can) explain.

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