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The Alien Emigration - Are You A Walk-In?

from the March 2003 Star Beacon

The Pleiadian Light
through Hannah Beaconsfield

     We are the Pleiadian Light. We greet you in peace and joy. We are viewing your world situation now (January 2003) and find so much despair, mistrust, and hopelessness. We feel moved to give you some hopeful information and guidance.

     The intergalactic world consciousness and the interdimensional guardians of all worlds are aware of the painful rebirth through which you are going. And it is a rebirth, not the end of the world!

     There are many compassionate spirits from other planetary civilizations that have already passed through the chaos you are experiencing. Their love for all beings is leading more and more of them to enter your world as spirit replacements. There are interdimensional archetype energy gestalts which are also projecting into human forms on your world.

     This emigration is a force for sanity, peace, and co-operation. This energy is moving into your mass consciousness. The peace energy is present and radiating. It will change the entire balance. The spirit exchange phenomenon, popularly referred to as "walk-ins," is dependent on the willingness of the original soul born into the body, to leave in much the same process as death. However, instead of the physical body returning to its Earthly elements, a new spirit moves in and animates the body to serve a new agenda.

     There are many choosing to leave now, ending the life of the body or allowing a new spirit to take over. This is because the energy shift that is occurring is difficult to handle and live through. Even for highly evolved ET spirits and interdimensionals entering now, the Earth world is bewildering. If you feel you are a walk-in or that someone you know might be one, realize this is a very difficult "assignment."

     The incoming spirit is disoriented in a new world and easily thrown off balance by the Earth value system and the conflictive or combative interactions of humans. Also the absence of a true compassion for the pain and suffering of the various consciousness units, whether human, animal or any of the other kingdoms of Earth, is beyond their comprehension.

     Depending on the life and physical body the new spirit takes over, they might move quickly into a position of power and be able to implement changes. On the other hand, there are those whose new life and vehicle wonít support that level of interaction in the chaos of Earth. They may simply hold the Light in some quiet corner of your world.

     And there are many degrees of participation between these two polarities. They are all equal in the value of their participation. All of these replacement spirits need a great deal of support and understanding. They are undertaking a very tenuous, even dangerous, situation. They are aliens on Earth, camouflaged in human garb, here to assist the transformation and ascension of your world.

     There are sources of help for these newcomers. One organization, WE International, is at This channelís book, Welcome to Planet Earth, most of which we dictated, has more detailed information. As do the books of Ruth Montgomery, Evelyn Fuqua, Carol Parrish, Karyn Mitchell, and Juelle among others. Most positively oriented metaphysical groups have heard of walk-ins and can provide a supportive environment.

     If you feel that some change has taken place in you - you donít seem to be "yourself," consider the possibility. It is not any type of badge of wonderfulness, so your ego can back off.

     In fact, the incoming spirit must heal the life of the departed soul while it is doing its own work. This can be a more difficult situation than the one the original spirit willingly left.

      Be incredibly kind to yourselves and seek help and support wherever you can. Angels and guides arc always around you. You are never alone. Believe this - it is true.

     Hannah Beaconsfield is the author of Welcome to Planet Earth and Riding the Phoenix: Surviving the Global Resurrection. She resides in New York City.

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