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Fake ET Attack and the Effects of Fear

from the October 2002 Star Beacon

The Pleiadian Light
through Hannah Beaconsfield


     Recently Dr. Steven Greer of CSETI published information that predicted a fake ET attack staged by the secret government. (TSB, September 2002). Others have mentioned this probability as well. Can you give any information about such an attack and can the ETs do anything to prevent it?

     The fake ET attack is an option that has been considered for sometime. Currently the terrorist situation is filling the need of the negative government forces for a fear-driven conflict and a state of war.

     The fake ET attack has been planned to be a fleet of back-engineered craft of the disk design most familiar as “UFOs.” These craft would target and destroy key sites in this country and others. This would be for the purpose of instilling fear to persuade the populous to back various defense projects.

     One aspect that will tell you that the attack is fake is that they will not hit any sites that would paralyze the flow of commerce or communication. A “real” enemy attack would seek these targets first.

     Instead they would target sites that are emotionally charged and crowded with people. We will not state particular places, for we do not wish to give energy to the probable destruction of any particular place. You can imagine for yourselves the multitude of historically valued places, theme parks, regional celebrations and so forth that would cause havoc and fear if attacked, but would not disrupt communication, commerce, or the functioning of government.

     As to our assistance, we can “interfere” if the situation escalates to include nuclear or other technological weaponry that would threaten the stability of your solar system. We can prevent detonation or render them inactive.

     It is not our intention to enter into a battle with your dark forces. This would not benefit us and it would rob you of the opportunity to transform and heal your own world. Our greatest effort is to support your growth and transformation to a planet of light.

     We send this support by working with many of you on the dream plane. We send messages of hope and positivity through channels around your world. All other planetary ambassadors who are working with us to help you also work at supporting the light rather than fighting the dark. We can’t rescue you, but we can direct you and support you on your path out of darkness.

     Fear makes you feel as though you are at the mercy of these negative forces — that they have so much power you are helpless against them. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

     When you work together in harmony, even a few of you, the power is enormous. So many are waking up now. So many are drawing in the light, living in the light and radiating the light, that the dip of the scales of balance toward the light side is becoming more pronounced.

     If you live in fear, you will be attuned to all the negative events going on and you will miss the dramatic shift that is moving humankind into the light. We are not suggesting you go into any type of denial of the violent destruction going on. We do suggest that entering a fear state because of it is no real help to yourselves or the transformation of your world.

     You may think that you cannot control the fear responses, that they are instinctive reactions to violence. We can say this is quite within your capabilities. You must find a thought form or a concept to call to mind that allows you to see a full overview, to project the future, and not focus on just the negative event. You must shift quickly when terror is triggered, to a position of centered peace, understanding that the fear is useless in the ascended world of the future and the cause of the life-destroying stress in the present.

     Know that there are many, many extraterrestrials, interdimensionals, and angels all around assisting you. Call for their help. You will receive it.

Hannah Beaconsfield channels the Pleiadian Light from New York City.

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