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Iraq's resistance is to be expected

from the April 2003 Star Beacon

Opinion by Michael J. Perrine

     The lesson for many of us right now is to keep the focus on personal spiritual growth and balance. Trying to accomplish too much materially isnít in the cards. We have a responsibility not to get caught up in materialism at this time. Our energies are needed now to help maintain the channels of light and transformation on the Earth.

     The war in Iraq is such a mess and can only get worse. I see the U.S. forces being suckered into a situation with no way out. There will come a time when there will be no way to tell the difference between Iraqi military and civilians. In fact, we are probably already there.

     Imagine if the U.S. were attacked by the Chinese from bases in Mexico and Canada. No matter how much we might dislike Bush (or any other leader), we would feel the need to support our forces and fight against the invaders of our country. We would hide them in our homes and we would take up weapons against the obvious enemy. We would allow them no rest and give them no quarter. This would be an ongoing campaign of resistance.

     I canít help but think that the Iraqi people feel the same way about U.S. forces in their country. As much as they might dislike Saddam, their love of their own land and sovereignty will make them stand and defend it.

     Like in the Vietnam war (which should have been a lesson to those who planned this fiasco), the U.S. military forces are seen as unwelcome invaders; not liberators. People anywhere will lay down their lives in defense of their homes and families. Not only is this just common sense, it is an historically proven fact.

     But U.S. military planners believed that a "shock and awe" campaign would cause the Republican Guard to just give up and we would roll into Baghdad, welcomed by throngs of cheering Iraqis. Although there are a few who welcome the U.S. military as they make their run to Baghdad, the majority have just stood and watched with not very friendly expressions on their faces.

     So what happens next? Unfortunately, the massive ego investment of the U.S. officials in this war makes it impossible for them to pull out. They will take whatever steps necessary to subdue Iraq. Remember the famous quote from the Vietnam era? "We had to destroy the village in order to save it."

     The same logic may come into play with Baghdad or any other area in Iraq which fails to quickly submit to U.S. domination. And donít forget how the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs were rationalized to save American lives when it was understood that Japan would never give up without a major invasion and protracted house-to-house fighting.

     Similar possibilities have been set in motion now on this planet with the launching of the attack on Iraq. Thatís why we have to continue to pray for peace and hope that if there are any truly wise men in positions of power that these influences will be felt.

     If our president were honestly motivated by the desire to bring "democracy" to the Iraqi people, he wouldnít be working overtime to take the same away from his own countrymen. Think about it.

     Imagine all the People...

     Michael J. Perrine writes from Japan.

Have Psychopathic Personalities led us into war?

Read Michael Perrine's sidebar in this issue.

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