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Loving and Allowing

from the January 2003 Star Beacon

by Chief Joseph

     Simply allowing others, your sisters and brothers, to be what they are is, without question, a huge challenge for most of you dear ones on the earth plane today.

     It is, in fact, one of the primary reasons most of you chose to incarnate at this time - to learn, remember, what loving and allowing are all about.

     Your planet today is a sea of vast diversity, more so than ever before in its history. And humanity itself is a vaster sea of diversity. You all knew this before you chose your current physical bodies and circumstances. You, at the soul level, knew all this. And you knew it all was as it should be.

     But, as is typical for many of you, as your bodies mature, your mind forgets what your heart once knew and held dear.

     Many, if not most, of your planetís challenges (or "problems," if you prefer that term) are the result of your resistance to the diversity in your fellow humans. If you were all one and the same, there would be little excitement or energy in your lives. You did not come to this incarnation intending to be just like everyone else. You all came with differing perspectives, goals, and expectations. Hence the diversity. The diversity which you, as little children, relished and luxuriated in.

     But then you "grew up" and you were taught to "face reality." What that usually meant was you were expected to be like others, to conform to the rules, the laws, the demands of your "authorities."

     Most of you, or at least many, at some point in your physical lives, surrendered. You said to yourselves, "Okay, Iíll do it their way." Thatís often much easier than, as you say, "marching to the beat of your own drummer."

     And those who do march to a different drummer are often judged, condemned, vilified. Those doing the judging, condemning, and vilifying are caught in their own narrowed world - a world narrowed and defined, not by themselves, but by others. And yet itís a world they blindly accept.

     Dear ones, none of you, when you first came here ever intended an experience anything less than joyful and fulfilling. And that is true regardless of the circumstances, the families, the bodies you chose to experience this time around.

     Your soul intention was to use those circumstances, families, bodies to playfully and joyfully exercise your divine creative powers.

     You did not come here to be subjugated by others. You did not come here to subjugate others. You did not come here to be joyless. You are here because you are goddesses and gods who are totally free to choose as you will, and to experience your joyous growth in every present moment of your physical incarnation.

     Obviously, not all of you achieve that soul purpose in just one lifetime. And here we come to the heart of the matter.

     There are no deadlines. There are no rules, no laws dictating you must "achieve enlightenment" in this, your 132nd, lifetime. Youíll never get it all done. Youíre destined to grow eternally. So itís impossible for you to get it all done, now or ever.

     You are eternal beings of light who can choose hundreds, thousands of physical lifetimes to revel and play and be who you truly are.

     Who you truly are is beings of great wisdom and power, far beyond your wildest imaginings. Gods and goddesses, literally, in human form. You cannot get your life wrong, no matter how much you may, as you say, "screw up" in any particular lifetime. (Of course, "screwing up" is usually defined by someone other than you.) And you have all of eternity to "get it right."

     So, dear ones, if you could shift your perspective, even slightly, and see yourselves as we do in these realms, you would "solve" 99 percent of your planetís problems. You would arrive at that perfect place of peace and power. That place where you are totally loving and allowing of all others, and of yourselves.

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