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By Chief Joseph and John Cali

     Chief Joseph once described miracles as the most ordinary of events. Do you believe that? For most of my life, I didnít.

     And just what are miracles, anyway? Iíve often wondered that. In my personal life this past month, Iíve experienced what, at an earlier time, I would have called a miracle. But perhaps it is only the most ordinary of events. No less wondrous or life-changing. But still nothing out of the ordinary, if you believe in miracles.

Chief Joseph:
     What you call miracles, my dear ones, are often events you simply do not understand from your human perspective. But once you shift your perspective closer to that of your soul, then you will see miracles truly are the most ordinary of events.

     Miracles, or what you would define as miracles, are occurring constantly in your lives. Youíre not aware of them because youíve limited your vision to your human self. While your human vision is valuable, and absolutely necessary, for you to function in your physical world, it does not have the clarity and breadth of perspective your soul does.

     Miracles, my dear ones, are a matter of focus. A matter of remembering to focus from your soul perspective. You can have anything you want if you have a laser-like focus, and refuse to look for anything except what you want to manifest.

     You form your intention, you hold it close to you, refusing to waver. You keep looking for signs of the manifestation. All the while, the Universe, by its own Law of Attraction, is creating the perfect circumstances, bringing together just the right people, aligning all the energies -- all this so you can have exactly what you want. And when you stubbornly cling to your vision, refusing to waver or weaken, you WILL manifest it.

     In fact, you donít have to DO anything except hold to your wanting. The Universe will do all the rest. Itís really that simple.

     Any desire, strong or not, is always answered by the Universe. The trick, for you the human, is to keep your focus on the desire. Often, though, what happens is you start looking for all the reasons you cannot have what you want. And you thereby sabotage your desire in its infancy.

     And so, by the Law of Attraction, you get what you focus on.

      It is no more difficult, on a vibrational level, to manifest one million dollars than it is to manifest one dollar. It in no more difficult to create a perfectly healthy body than it is a dying, dis-eased one. Even a body in what your medical professionals would call a terminal state can be restored to absolutely perfect health.

     Most of you would have no problem manifesting one dollar, even instantly. And you would think it quite ordinary. But if you suddenly acquired a million dollars, you would consider it a miracle.

     If you were able to cure a small cold with a little meditation, youíd probably consider it no big deal. But if you could cure yourself of a so-called terminal illness in the same way, that would be a miracle.

     Do you see where Iím going with this? The process is EXACTLY the same whether you cure your cold or you cure your cancer, whether you manifest one dollar or a million.

     The Universe always brings you whatever youíre focusing on, whatever youíre vibrating with, whether it be something big or small, something you want or donít want.

     Itís all a matter of focus. You manifest ordinary events or extraordinary events (miracles) by your focus. Miracles are truly the most ordinary of events. Miracles are a matter of focus.

     You can have whatever you want. You can have ALL of what you want. If youíre willing to do what it takes. If you are willing, the Universe is on your side.


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