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Service or Selfishness?

By Chief Joseph and John Cali


     The question - Shall I follow my heart or shall I be of service to others? - is presented to Joseph and me far more frequently than I like to think about. I usually just want to reach out to the asker of the question and hug her (or him), and say, "You can have it all, dear one!"

     A good friend of many years recently sent us a question along those lines. Here are her questions and Josephís answer.


     Despite my decision to not worry about my "service," the idea that Iím supposed to be contributing in some way is like a stone in my shoe. You know, not all-consuming, sometimes moving a bit so I donít notice it, but it never really goes away.

     So, what about it? Am I missing it? Will it make itself known to me? Do I need to be actively pursuing it? Will I know it when I see it? Maybe Iím already doing "it." But it doesnít really feel like it.

Chief Joseph:

     My dear ones, many of you have grand and glorious ideas of what it will mean when you are finally able to be "of service" to others. Have you noticed this is something you nearly always project out into the future? Something you will do someday. A distant dream you hope to achieve somewhere "out there."

     I would ask you to bring your focus a bit closer to home, to your present moment. Is there anything you are doing in your life, in this present moment, that feels good? That brings you pleasure? That brings you passion? That brings you joy? Even little things.

     Do you feel happy when you play with your little child? Do you feel pleasure when you spend time with your lover? Do you feel joy when you take a moment or two to listen to a troubled friend?

     The ways you are already of service are countless. They are such "small" acts of kindness and love, you see them as insignificant. Nothing, my dear ones, absolutely nothing you do in the spirit of love is ever lost. It is never insignificant. When you create that vibration of love, uplifting one or many others with your words, your touch, your caring, you are at that moment "of service."

     You are clearly of service to those whom you directly touch. But you have sent that vibration not only to those in your immediate vicinity. You have also sent it forth into the world around you. It radiates out, like a stone thrown into a pond, into the farthest reaches of the Universe.

     You are of service to all that is whenever you think loving thoughts. Thoughts of caring, compassion, concern. And you are not of service when you allow yourselves to spiral down into negativity, resentment, hatred. Then you are contributing to the alienation of the planet. You can do great deeds of service. Like those of Mahatma Ghandi, Mother Theresa, the one you call Christ. But most of you are not in those places where you can contribute in those same ways.

     However, you are always able to contribute, to be of true service, when you are in a state of joy. When you are "self-ish" and seek only joy in your own life. A single being in a state of deep joy sets up a vibration many millions of times more powerful than the combined vibrations of millions in a state of despair and hopelessness.

     The only true measure of service, and of success, is the amount of joy you feel. The more joy you feel - the more self-ish you are - the more you will be of service. And the more successful and abundant you will be.

     Being of service and being self-ish are one and the same.

     As a subscriber to The Star Beacon, youíre free to send us any questions you want, on any subject. The questions can be as specific, personal, or broad as you want to make them. However, if they are specific and/or personal, please be sure they have a broad, general appeal. If you have questions not fitting that description, theyíre probably best handled in a private reading.

     Please e-mail your questions to me at Be sure to put the phrase "star beacon questions" in the subject line. Joseph and I look forward to hearing from you!

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