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The Meaning of It All

Allowing With Love

from the December 2004 Star Beacon

by Ann Ulrich Miller

     November has been kind of a downer for a lot of us light workers. We had our hopes crushed on Nov. 3 when the election results came in. I, for one, was working toward a change in the status quo and truly had hoped the population would care enough to consider issues that would be for the higher good.

     Instead, it seems, people were focused on fear. Fear is the tool that successfully coerced the general masses into keeping Bush in office. Fear of terrorism, fear of gays, fear of abortionists, to name a few.

     When someone can only see as far as their own programming allows, they tend to ignore the bigger issues. These issues include the economy and well-being of millions of people, the health care crisis, our environment and badly abused Mother Earth, and the immorality of an unnecessary war in the Middle East that sends our young people off to be slaughtered while the rest of the world looks at us in disdain. Iím afraid weíre in for another four years of setbacks.

     Now that Iíve gotten that off my chest, I beg forgiveness from those of you who see it in a different light. The subject of my column this month is ďAllowing with Love.Ē

     I come from a family of staunch Republicans. I can remember back in my childhood how livid my father got when I decorated my bicycle with Johnson stickers. Was I rebellious? No, but at 12 years old I was already beginning to see the world with different eyes.

     Not all of my relatives are conservatives. My nephew, the publisher of a Las Vegas weekly, hammers out dynamite editorials, some of which really pack the punch to the current administration and attempt to inform the reader, who is often too isolated in his or her own daily life to know what is going on. I also have an open-minded aunt who is not afraid to express her opinion now and then. So far none of my relatives have argued with me. But if they did, I would let them have their say. And that brings me to my point.

     We all have beliefs and opinions that we have formed, based on our experiences and what we have learned from others. In fact, there is so much information available, I find it hard to absorb even a fraction of it. And all I can do is take what rings true for me and discard the rest. However, this does not give me the right to criticize someone else for having opinions and beliefs that may differ from my own. In other words, who is to say who is right and who is wrong?

     There has been some nitpicking in the UFO world. What is truth to one group may not necessarily be true for another. Just because something is published in a book does not necessarily make it the Truth. It may be one personís truth, but often a personís experiences are subjective and based on prejudices from information that has been picked up and accepted or denied in their own consciousness.

     Recently there was an article in The Star Beacon involving ďbelief.Ē The writer claimed that belief and open-mindedness are not necessarily the same. Right away some people took offense at what he was inferring. I have seen this in religious people as well, who claim that you must believe in order to be saved.

     Saved from what? And why must you believe everything you read in a book? Just because it is one personís Truth, why should they expect everyone to jump on the bandwagon and have it be their Truth as well? With all the different belief systems on this planet, can you imagine how fragmented this world would be? Thereís no way you can believe everything, even if you tried.

     ďIím telling the truth. Therefore, you should believe me!Ē is not being respectful toward another and is not allowing someone else to have their opinion. ďItís my way or no wayĒ is the controllerís path.

     Well, sorry, it is not my path. I choose to remain open-minded about most things I come across, especially in the UFO world and metaphysics, because Iíve seen too much contradiction and know that so many experiences are subjective and personal, including my own.

     Therefore, allowing someone to have their own beliefs ó even when it differs from your own ó is the most loving, spiritual thing you can do. Enough of this arguing back and forth. Enough of the criticism from those who want the world to see everything their way. What a boring place Planet Earth would be if we all thought the same way.

     Iím glad itís December and the horrid campaigning is behind us. Even if the election didnít turn out the way I had hoped, I turn my attention now to working a little harder at doing my part to make this a better world. The first step is to allow... with Love. I oppose the war our country is involved in, but I surround the people ó on all sides ó with Love and Light, and allow things to unfold as they were destined to do. Those in the world who look upon our nation with disdain, I send Love and Light to you, allowing you to have those feelings, because you have every right to feel that way. Critics and defenders of UFO literature... you are entitled to your opinions... but remember, your Truth is just that... your Truth. Let others find their own.


About the Author:
     Ann Ulrich Miller is publisher of The Star Beacon.

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