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A cosmic and spiritual science resurrected

from the March 2003 Star Beacon

by Ronald N. Quinn

     In the summer of 1998, my wife, Bonnie, showed me an article in the Sedona Journal of Emergence by architect Michael Borden. This article told the story of Michaelís search for the sacred geometry and architecture of Vaastu. The few he found who claimed to have it refused to release their secrets. After a couple of years, he attended a traditional Bharata Natyium dance. Afterwards he asked the dancer if she knew of a Vaastu practitoner in India. She eagerly gave him the name of Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati in South India.

     To make a long story short, I have now spent four years in the concentrated study of Vaastu, first with Michael as my teacher and then traveling to India and studying for 12 months directly under Sthapatiís guidance. Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati is a most remarkable man. He has spent his lifetime resurrecting and interpreting the original Vaastu or Mayonic science as founded approximately 15,000 years ago by the mythical and very real man, Mayan, in Lemuria. In recent years, these records have been rediscovered in South India for the first time in millenniums. The Indian government now holds many of these records. The only individual who has been found, to date, who is able to comprehend these records and translate them meaningfully is Dr. V. Ganapati Sthapati with his good friend, Sabharathanim, one of Indiaís best linguists.

     When Ganapati was 12 years of age, he had a most vivid dream in which a man appeared to him and said, "I am Mayan, and you are called to resurrect the original cosmic science of Vaastu which was founded for the benefit of the whole human race." Mayan took young Ganapatiís hand and gave him assurance, adding, "I, myself, will be with you in this great work."

     From that time on, Sthapati has devoted his now 76-plus years entirely and wholeheartedly to this cause. Miracles are a part of this story, too numerous to relate here; how these ancient records have come to light and been delivered into Sthapatiís hands. He has spent decades working daily and then pouring over these ancient records at night. His average nightís sleep, even today, is from 11:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m.

     Mayanís cosmic and spiritual science, thus resurrected, goes beyond all which has been remembered and comprehended, as of yet, today. It is the science of the grammar of cosmic manifestation covering all levels and dimensions of manifestation and existence. It is the grammar of universal creation and the pulse of eternal life, experience and reality.

     In Mayanís day, miracles occurred wherever he moved and worked, creating cosmic structures and teaching these universal principles. Ancient records reveal that this science became the foundation for the highest levels of early civilizations, including India, the Orient, Babylonia, Egypt, Greece, and the Mayan of Central and South America, who utilized the same science, exactly. In later times, distortions, misunderstandings, and mutilations of the original science, began to appear.

     Today, similar miracles follow Sthapatiís work. I have personally experienced some of these miracles for myself and know of many more. In todayís world, I know of serious diseases healed, broken hearts and relationships mended, the trap of poverty broken, consciousness changed, and a horrible civil war ended, all through the conscious use of these powerful principles of Mayanís ancient cosmic science.

     This science, when fully comprehended, moves beyond present ideologies and imaginations of modern civilization. It has the power to change planetary consciousness, heal disease and distress. It contains the secrets of the "Veil of Human Consciousness" and the power to dissolve this veil. It contains the secrets of interdimensional travel through space and time. However, we as a planet are not quite ready for most of these concepts, yet. This, also, is in the process of change.

     In my studies and applications of this science, I am emphasizing its ancient and timeless secrets as they apply to sacred geometry and architecture. Vaastu applies equally to residences, business offices, factories, schools, hospitals, motels, restaurants, churches, temples, town and community planning, art, language, sculpture, dance, music, etc.

     Your personal residence, for instance, is an extension of your own consciousness, body and soul. When aligned with principles of universal harmony and brought into vibrational harmony with your own biological and spiritual essence, it becomes your god/goddess-like ally, emphasizing your own wholeness, and powerfully assisting to neutralize and dissolve your personal karma and negative challenges in this life. Of course, the full utilization of these cosmic-oriented principles and benefits depends upon each of us individually; our choices, beliefs, perceptions, and willingness to flow with cosmic change and transformation. Nevertheless, whatever our personal response may be; such a home, which is brought into harmony with all levels of self and with terrestrial, solar, and cosmic energies, will exert powerful beneficial influences.

     Our home exerts major impact upon our lives, regardless of how discombobulated its own energies may be. Originally, the earth, water, forest and sky, was our natural home. This was powerfully symbiotic with both our spiritual and organic existence. Modern science has, to date, provided vast demonstrations which reveal that our artificially constructed building and living environments, today, are major contributors to disease, depression, allergies, cancer, heart failure, lung disease, and disturbed metabolic processes. All of which is compounded by the frustration and blocking of the natural bio-electromagnetic informational exchanges which normally occur between all body cells, the DNA, neural pathways, etc.

     While holistic and natural building materials are highly recommended, Mayanís cosmic science reaches far beyond these factors, as well. This science aligns building design and construction with the principles of cosmic creation and the eternal pulse of universal life. Such a structure becomes a living, conscious, breathing entity, capable of interacting intelligently with its human co-creators and co-stewards of planet, earth. This kind of structure is both a "micro universe" and a "macro atom." It contains all of the elements of life, in action. It interacts directly with the human DNA and provides an informational conduit between body, soul, and the stars.

     I will close with a brief explanation of the meaning of the terms, "Vastu" and "Vaastu." Vastu means, All That Is, or Pure Consciousness manifested on the subtle level. Vaastu means, All That Is, manifested on the gross or physical/material level.

     Mayan says that it is all the same essence exactly and is nothing more or less than Creator or Prime Source manifest. Therefore, he states that every particle of everything is vibrant and alive, and is wholly sacred and worship worthy, even as is Source, itself.

     "As in Micro, so in Macro," says Mayan. The whole exists within the minutest particle and the minutest particle contains the whole.

     My prayer and intention is that this very brief and sketchy description of this limitless science has interested the reader to the point of inner excitement and that, as is appropriate, you will feel motivated to learn more.

Copyright © 2003 Ronald N. Quinn

     This original article is the exclusive property of Ronald N. Quinn and may only be copied in full and with this credit line included. Please share this article freely.

     Ronald N. Quinn is a designer/builder, artist/sculptor, with 30 yearsí experience in the building trades. He is also a student/teacher and writer on subjects concerning natural, healthy, holistic building techniques and more especially concerning the sacred geometry and architecture of Vaastu resurrected through the original science of ancient Jamboo Dweepa; otherwise called Kumerian Continent or Lemuria. You may contact Ronald N. Quinn at

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