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Richard's Time-keeping

from the June 2003 Star Beacon

by Edna Drake

     You asked for Richard Haynes to write his experience, of his return to health despite the prognosis of leukemia at that time ... he was going to start it, but never really finished it.

     So, as I am fully aware of his experience over the last three months, I will relate it to you and your readers...

     Richard was taken to hospital three months ago with flu that turned into pneumonia and ended up with a weakened state, into leukemia. I would visit him regularly, as I admired the work he was doing, as a teacher, Reiki master, Shamballa teachings, meditation classes, etc... before he became ill.

     The doctors informed him that he had the worst kind of leukemia, the kind that was terminal! He was also told, "You are not going to live... you are going to die."

     He whispered to me, "Edna, it is not my time yet, I have more to learn and to teach."

     I said, "Well, Richard, if that is the case, call your guides and helpers, get yourself up and over this. Get yourself strong again."

     At that time of Richard’s illness, I was attending an Extraterrestrial’s "Teachings and Talks," which I was really enjoying, and found his words of wisdom and knowledge far reaching, over and above the usual. So I asked this E.T., whose name was Michael, if he would please visit a friend in hospital, who felt it was not his time to go... yet.

     This was carried out by Michael (the E.T.). He went and visited with Richard, placed his hands on Richard’s chest, and apparently assisted Richard to help himself with his own healing.

     When I visited the next day, Richard appeared to be getting stronger. Later that day, Richard was able to sit up, and started to eat.

     The next day I visited, Richard was in a wheelchair and asked me to wheel him down to the restaurant, as he wanted to pick and choose what he wanted to eat. I watched as Richard picked up a four-course meal, with plenty of greens, sat quietly, placing his hands over the food with a long prayer (he did this at each meal).

     He ate well for two days. He then asked me to be at the side of the wheelchair as he pushed it back to his hospital room... instead of being in it.

     After this, he was walking to the restaurant. It was a long walk along the corridor. Next, he was transferred to a local nursing home, where he was put into intensive care. There he walked along to his daily food restaurant. He was soon walking without a wheelchair.

     One day he asked me to take him to the Meditation Group. There he was greeted with a crowd of pleased members, who were happy to see him looking well and strong.

     He was visited by two doctors from the hospital, who told him that they were all amazed at his recovery, because he had contracted the very worst kind of leukemia that is terminal.

     He then attended a "Sai Baba" meeting, where more friends and students welcomed him. He also had several visits from his previous students who had attended his classes.

     Then Richard asked me to take him to the E.T. Michael’s "Teachings and Talks," and he, too, signed up for the five-day course, along with myself and 18 others.

     Richard was the one who asked the most questions during the five-day course, and took in all that Michael was telling the Group. By this time he was driving his own car each day.

     He was soon released from the nursing home, as they told him they needed his bed and his room for a "sick person." So he went home.

     On Easter Friday, there was no answer from his phone, or at his door. I acted somehow intuitively, and phoned the hospital. Yes, Richard had driven to the hospital, and was admitted.

     I went straight there. "What’s up, Richard?"

     "Well," he said, "I am having a little difficulty breathing." The next day, he told me, "You know, Edna, I have learnt all I needed to learn and that was from Michael, the E.T." This was Saturday. I stayed till the evening.

     Early Easter Sunday, at 6 a.m., Richard passed into Spirit. So I say, "What superb timing!" He enters into Hospital Easter Friday, and leaves Easter Sunday.

     Next day, I received an e-mail from Michael, the E.T., saying, "I have just received a message from a High Being from the 11th.Plane. She said, ‘Richard has arrived and is now being escorted to the 11th Dimensional Plane!’ "

     This case has a lot to do with what Chief Joseph’s response was as mentioned on page 7 in the April Star Beacon. To quote this fine man with high principles, he said, "Because change is an ever present reality for you, it is literally possible for you to be in a medically diagnosed, terminal condition at one moment - and then 15 or 20 minutes later (or even less "time is irrelevant here) to be in perfect health, even by conventional medical diagnosis...

     "When you are feeling joyful - and that can mean anything from peace, to passion, your body is in a state of perfect health... and when you are feeling any negative emotions, your body is vulnerable to whatever ills you’ve been giving your attention to."

     In the case of Richard, his was not in a negative emotion, but in a complete knowing that the time was right for him to receive the needed wisdom and knowledge of Michael’s Teachings that would enable him to reach the pinnacle of a perfected climb to the height of 11th. Dimension.

     God Bless, Richard, Michael and Chief Joseph. And thanks to The Star Beacon for allowing us to learn from these fine people.

Edna Drake resides with her husband, Jim Drake, in British Columbia, Canada. Her e-mail address is

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