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Altered Time

from the December 2020  Star Beacon

By Sheri Gould

This topic of TIME is by far my favorite topic of all time (pardon the pun)! I love everything that has to do with TIME. I would watch everything relating to TIME on TV or movies, to try to get a better understanding of what TIME really is.

Some of my favorite movies are Star Trek IV (where they go back in time to save the humpback whales), Timeline, Groundhog’s Day, Back to the Future, and Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, to name a few; and my favorite TV shows — Outlander, Quantum Leap, Travelers and Timeless!

I’ve also traveled with my daughter to Stonehenge in England and New Grange in Ireland, to see these neolithic sites that are time related — these temples which are aligned with the movements of the sun! I even tried to see the "time"-related pyramids in Egypt (after attending the Munich Olympics in Germany in 1972), actually landing at the Cairo airport, but the runway was lined up with soldiers and their guns, and they wouldn’t let any of us off the plane.

Most people see "time" as a constant — we measure time using clocks — an hour consists of a certain number of minutes, a day of hours and a year of days. Our clocks tell us the time, and our calendars tell us the day. The length of time it takes the Earth to go around the sun once is a year. This translates into everyday living —people get paid by the hour, lawyers get paid by the minute.

When people began traveling across large areas of land, standardized time zones had to be established because local times varied so much — trains would travel forwards and backwards in time, even just going to and from stations only a few miles apart. The 24-hour day is a human concept supposedly developed by the Egyptians; the 60 minutes in an hour concept is Babylonian, and dividing a second into fractions of 1/10th came from the French Revolution.

In the late ’80s, I read with much interest information about the 13 Moon — 8 Day calendar, in which José Arguelles (who wrote the book The Mayan Factor) explained the significance of the Mayan’s "Galactic Time" wisdoms. This 13-moon, 28-day calendar is not the traditional calendar that connects to the Mayan culture, but rather a natural calendar system for all cultures. Arguelles made the discovery of "The Law of Time."

According to this "Law of Time," he said, "Modern humanity is out of harmony with our living biosphere because it is immersed in an erroneous and artificial perception of time, which causes it to deviate at an accelerated rate from the natural order of the universe."

He believes that our disconnection from natural time cycles is the root cause of our disconnection from nature, and that using a nature-based calendar would help in re-aligning our human culture into harmony with the biosphere.

Everyone sees time differently — some see time based on experiences or milestones; ancient cultures measured time by determining seasonal or celestial events. In our modern culture, time is referenced in relation to the birth of Christ, and measured using the Gregorian calendar of 365 days/year.

The traditional Chinese calendar is a lunisolar calendar which figures years, months and days, according to astronomical phenomena with the current year being 4718. The Islamic year begins on the first day of Muharram, and is counted from the year of the Hegira, when Muhammad emigrated from Mecca to Medina — and the current Islamic year is 1442 AH.

The Jewish calendar represents the number of years since creation, which is calculated by adding up the ages of people in the Bible. Their current year is 5781, which means 5781 years from the birth of Adam on the sixth day of Creation.

The Maori year is marked by the rise of Matariki (the group of stars known as the Pleiades star cluster), with their new year occurring in the month of June. These few calendars, among many others, define time in different ways. TIME is not set in stone!

So, What IS Time?

The various dictionaries give anomalous, esoteric definitions — you’re more confused after reading these definitions than before you even looked them up! Webster calls TIME a non-spatial continuum that is measured in terms of events which succeed one another from past through present to future … When my friend Monna and I found ourselves aboard a mothership on the 11:11 (see the October 2018 Star Beacon article — Monna, Motherships & Missing Time), the speaker, who was welcoming everybody aboard to hear Yeshua/Jesus speak, said, "We’re running just a little behind time. But, what IS time? It’s just an old earth attitude!"

TIME is not linear — there’s no beginning or end. There is no such thing as past or future. TIME is a direction, a perception, a pointer, a guide. It is a lens of focus used by Source. All points are One! All TIME is now!

There are many, many anomalies connected with time, and just as many stories that people have shared about their anomalous experiences with time. I, too, have had my share of these anomalous experiences also, of which some will be shared with you in this article.

Some of these TIME SHIFT anomalies include Time Shift Dead or Alive Phenomena, Time Travel Past/Future, Co-existing Time Lines,

Time Looping, Time Resetting, Missing Time, Time & Word Prompts, Time Jumps, Time Slips, and other time anomalies. (For more information on these various anomalies, there are two websites which have helped me tremendously — and


Altered Time

When the lines of time are altered (due to a Star Nations/Source reset or solar activity affecting the Earth’s magnetosphere, among other possible reasons), so too is our reality altered. This other co-existing time-line may be almost identical to the one you’re coming from, or it could be many, many years apart from your co-existing time-line.

Starfire Tor says, "Due to frequency and time-line edit changes associated with Time Shifts, there may be a Time Shift triggered earthquake, volcano, tornado, weather, and geophysical events. Tech communications may be disrupted, cetaceans may strand or swim the wrong way. Auroras will form.

"Time Shifts create an amplification of paranormal activity, ghost activity, haunting activity, poltergeist activity, apports, synchronicity, psi abilities, time/word/object prompts, deja vu, psychic dreaming, precognition events, awareness of Time Shift Living Dead persons, altered time-line events, altered terrain, altered structures, altered world events, and more."

This is the reason behind the stories of the Dead or Alive people, and the stories of the people who have traveled in time to places that no longer exist, for buildings or houses that vanish or suddenly appear, for roads that suddenly change, for personal items that suddenly alter or just vanish.

Here are some of these TIME anomalies:



This deals with people who have been reported as dead, yet they’re among the living once again. Sometimes you just might walk up on people who you thought were dead! Some of the famous Living Dead people include: Nelson Mandela, Jane Goodall, Benicio del Toro, Bob Hope, John Glenn, Dick Van Dyke, and many more. I remember reading that Don Rickles was a confirmed Time Shift Dead or Alive person, and was thinking about how he would always pick someone out of the audience and give them grief.

So, when I was at Lake Tahoe (where he was performing) once, Don Rickles was on stage, but I didn’t go to his show because I didn’t want to be picked to be the brunt of his jokes. And I remember when he died, because I thought to myself that finally, no one else would be the brunt of his jokes. Then, at a later time, I read that Don Rickles was performing at Lake Tahoe.

My personal story: I had read an article in a Wyoming paper of November 3, 2011, that former Senator Al Simpson would be autographing copies of his biography. Only problem for me is that he had died some time before that. The reason I remembered that news of his passing was because I had met him sometime earlier at a wedding that my family and I also attended in Jackson Hole, Wyo., and when I heard the news of his passing, I was thinking back to the wedding where I had met him.

(As a side note, Starfire Tor mentions that every October something Time-Shift always happens, and the early November time-shift experience with the senator still falls in that Time-Shift parameter.)



This anomaly has happened a few times to me —I will see words stand out, whether it’s a traffic sign, or words on TV, or words in a book, etc. spelled incorrectly.

Then as I notice the incorrect spelling, the correct spelling wipes out the incorrect spelling. Also, with a collection of words, a word will superimpose itself. For example, when I began reading an update that Starfire Tor wrote for her ID (Inter-Dimension) Group on July 31, 2015 about a Malaysia Flight update, the title was "Is This Part of the Wing of Missing Malaysia FLT MH370?" I only saw the words "Wing of Missing Malaysia," and then certain letters from that popped up to superimpose over those four words, to be "WYOMING"!



In August 2011 there was a spree of Time-Shift earthquakes (sometimes with no aftershocks) — a rare 5.3 Colorado earthquake, and the very rare 5.8 Virginia earthquake (which rocked the East Coast and damaged the Washington Monument and National Cathedral in D.C.). Also, in the same time period, earthquakes happened in Greece, Crete, Cyprus, Italy, Southern California, New Mexico, Oklahoma City and Arkansas — all of them around the same North Latitude band of 34N to 37N latitude.

Starfire Tor, sharing with the ID group said, "I suspected that those quakes, some of which were called ‘historical,’ even though not large, were evidence that we were experiencing a Time Shift cluster..."


There have been some interesting movies about this phenomena like Groundhog Day and Before I Fall, where the same day is relived over and over again, and there are numerous sites online that share amazing stories of people that have had time-loop experiences. Starfire Tor had this to say about Time Loops to our ID group:

"For those of you who do not know, something Time Shift interesting happens beginning in October. Every October like clockwork — no, not Halloween — although it is related. It has to do with a Time Shift phenomena that I call time looping. The phenomena happens when it seems as if parts from the current dominant time line are repeating. It can be a deja vu like experience, or something similar but more complex than the feeling of deja vu. Millions of people, around the world, will be consciously aware that they are witnessing — and living — something that they already witnessed or lived. Deja vu and time looping are Time Shift markers."

As I am writing this article, my son contacted me to share something that just happened to him (it’s October, by the way) — he told me he just had a co-existing time-line experience. Normally not so strange, except for the fact that we have never discussed co-existing time-lines before, and the fact that he doesn’t know that I am writing about this for the article I am currently writing.

He sent me some pictures online of a bike (motorcycle) that he "remembers" riding — and this is what he wrote me: "Seeing this ’59 HD panhead shovelhead chopper brought back lots of wonderful, beautiful, long-lasting and exciting memories of years past. Riding through the snow-topped mountains of Wyoming, headed to Devil’s Tower, and then on to Sturgis, and the Black Hills Motor Rally."

Understand, motorcycles have never been in his vocabulary, or in his daily conversations, due to the fact that he has had no interest in this subject, probably because he has had multiple disabilities since birth and needs the use of a wheel-chair to get around. (He is STILL working through his "past" or as I call it "parallel" lifetime experience of being a soldier in the ’60s, captured by the Viet Cong and legs broken to fit into their tiny cages [through a hypnosis session by Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle].) So, for him to share with me his experiences riding his "bike" was mind-boggling!

Also, I want to speak about the work of the Star Nations regarding time-looping. Wendi (who shared an angel story in the December 2018 Star Beacon article "Angels Among Us") said that "time can be reset by Star Nations to create time-loops and ‘second chances’. Star Nations work within the conscious desires of Source (God). If you feel you are living an experience again, chances are you are picking up on the awareness of being inside these loops. Most people don’t feel these things, so loops within loops and resetting of time doesn’t bother them — they move forward without thinking much about it. But, Star Seeds might pick up on the distorted feelings that come from "time loop" awareness. The thing to do is to just remember that even the life we are living in this NOW does not belong to us. The time is not ours. All time belongs to Source."



This is an altering of our reality/space-time, which includes missing time, altered time and gained time, buildings or roads that suddenly appear or disappear, objects that change shape or disappear.

Altered Time — One of my favorite stories is from the book Ghosts on the Range — Eerie True Tales of Wyoming by Debra D. Munn, titled "The Restaurant that Disappeared." (Short version:) This took place in March 1959, and "Bob," who was stationed at Lowry AFB, Denver, and some friends were headed to Worland, Wyo. (pre-Interstate), to visit Bob’s wife. As they were leaving north out of Cheyenne, a blinding snow storm hit, and the road was getting worse.

After 1½ hours of driving in blizzard conditions, they saw the lights of a restaurant in the distance and stopped there for dinner. They were the only customers in the restaurant, with two young women dressed in long white dresses and aprons waiting on them. The meals for the three of them only came to $9.00, so they left a $5.00 tip, which surprised the waitresses. It was still snowing when they left the restaurant, but once they got to the other side of Chugwater, close to Douglas, the storm lifted and they were on their way to Worland.

On the return trip, his wife went back with them, and when they arrived at Chugwater, Bob mentioned that the restaurant was the third or fourth business on the left hand side of the street, but they couldn’t find it — it just wasn’t there! No buildings were on the site —just a vacant lot. Bob then went to a nearby hamburger stand and asked an elderly gentleman where the restaurant was, and he was told that the place he described had burned down years and years ago, and those two waitresses had perished in the fire!

Altered Time — My friend shared a story with me which had happened a couple of weeks prior, when she was heading north to Billings, Mont. On the way there, she noticed that the little white church right next to the Crow Agency Casino on the Crow Reservation, was finally torn down, and she and her husband talked about it. The next week, they headed to Billings again, and the church was back!

Altered Time — One time when Pat and I were meditating together in Jackson, Wyo., we both "saw" the ship from the Philadelphia Experiment (Manhattan Project) appearing in the Arizona desert…

Altered Time — a personal story — About a month ago, I was driving through downtown Sheridan, Wyo., to see if the store —"First Resort" (in business since 1991) — was still in the same corner location, as I wanted to visit with the owner at a future time. My son used to frequent the store when he was younger, and I was glad to see the store was still there!

So, the next time I was in downtown Sheridan, I couldn’t find the shop! I must’ve driven around the long block two or three times, wondering how I missed it — there was NO corner location with the business name "First Resort" anywhere! Some other business was now in there.

I tried calling the phone number to First Resort, and the number was disconnected. I then looked online to see if they'd moved to another location, only to find out that they had closed their store back in 2018! I had an altered time experience!

Altered Time — a personal story — Back in the early '70s, I had an experience at my workplace in Kansas, where I suddenly found myself transported back in time to a one-room log type house, built of lumber and sod — out the window was just prairie.

The one significant thing I remember of this place was that it had one of those large "old timey" telephones on the wall — the wooden box kind that you had to crank to get the operator, with a cord and that black piece you put to your ear. Then just as suddenly, I was back at my workplace! What seemed like an hour in the log house was only actual minutes that passed.

Altered Time — a personal story — When I lived in Dolores, Colorado, I worked for the weekly newspaper The Dolores Star. I was hired as the bookkeeper, but also did the typesetting for the paper, wrote the local "gossip column" and was the photographer for the paper. My husband taught K-12 PE for the Dolores school system and was also the varsity football coach.

I was to cover the varsity game, which would be played about 100 miles north of Dolores at Nucla, at night. So, the sports writer for the Cortez newspaper, the other coach’s girlfriend and I headed to Nucla, Colo. We had to drive up Lizard Head Pass (where numerous UFO experiences have happened to people) to get to the game, and we drove and drove and drove until we finally saw a sign — Nucla 20 miles. Home stretch! So, we drove and drove and drove some more, and we finally came upon another mileage sign — it said —Nucla 20 miles!

The sportswriter started doing the do-do-do-do Twilight Zone theme music and all of us were just "spacey." We did finally make it to Nucla — just in time!

Missing Time — Missing Time is a gap in conscious memory identified within a certain time period. One of the most "famous" stories is the case of Betty and Barney Hill of New Hampshire, who had a three-hour lapse in time. Through hypnosis, they found out that they had a contact experience.

Now, here are some Wyoming missing time stories:

It's Prom night in Kaycee, Wyo. (hometown of country singer Chris LeDoux, and close to "Outlaw Cave" used by Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid). The guy picks up his prom date in his pick-up truck, heading to the high school a few miles away, during daylight hours. When they got to the high school, it was already dark, Prom was over, and the school was already locked up for the night. They missed the Prom! They had missing time!

In 1995, Jaime, from Glenrock, Wyo., with three other ladies, were traveling back to Glenrock from the Girl’s State Volleyball tournament held in Cody, Wyo. About 20 miles out of Cody, Jaime saw a "rainbow" cloud (known to hide UFOs, with their energy making the cloud look like a rainbow), and they stopped at the side of the road to look at it. One of the gals took pictures of the "cloud" with her camera, while the others were amazed that they could actually see the UFO in the cloud.

They stopped in Thermopolis to eat at the Holiday Inn before traveling on, and Jaime called home to check in with her family, only to find out that it took two hours and 34 minutes to travel only 84 miles, with only one gas stop and the cloud observation stop.

Jaime even commented to the other three ladies, asking them if they all might have had some "missing time".... No one replied and the subject was dropped. Not until a month later did Marla, who videotaped the volleyball game in Cody, decide to watch the video of the volleyball game, only to realize that at the end of the tape was video of the rainbow cloud they'd seen! None of them even remembered using the video camera (which was packed deep in the trunk of the car), let alone videoing the rainbow cloud!

From Pat — "While visiting relatives in Texas, my second cousin and I headed for the laundromat at about 7:00 pm. To our knowledge we had sat inside the laundromat and waited patiently for our clothes to be dry. We arrived home around 11:00 pm and the house was in an uproar. We were accused of going cruising, looking for boys, which wasn’t true. The strange part is that my car was missing from the laundromat parking lot when they came to look for us, according to my cousin and my mother."

From Pat — "While traveling with a Crystal Healer, we were at a workshop in Colorado. The event was over and the participants agreed to meet for dinner at a certain restaurant. As we were loading the car, the Crystal Healer dropped a tray of tiny crystals that sprayed all over the parking lot. As we bent to retrieve them, we saw the last couple leave the building.

"We hurriedly picked up each tiny crystal and scanned the lot and sidewalk to make sure they had all been retrieved. We got in the car just after sunset and when we arrived at the restaurant, everyone was already on dessert. We were teased about taking the ‘long way,’ but we had come directly to the restaurant which was only a few blocks from the event. It was also fully dark outside, which made no sense."

I got a deja-vu feeling when I read Pat's restaurant article, because of a similar experience that Pat, Monna and I had ...

"Quite a few of us were caravanning back home to the northern parts of Wyoming and to Montana, after attending Dr. Sprinkle's Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigation in Laramie, Wyo. We all agreed to stop for a meal at the Shilo Inn in Casper on our way home. The three of us didn't make any stops on the way, and we headed straight to the restaurant in Casper.

The others, already at the restaurant, had finished their meals and were paying their bills when we finally showed up (over an hour later), and they all wondered if we’d gotten lost on the way there.

In a previous article that I wrote (October 2018 Star Beacon: "Monna, Motherships & Missing Time," I shared about an experience that my friend Monna and I had.

We were heading back to Sheridan, Wyo., after visiting the Big Horn Mountains Medicine Wheel. We were on Hwy. 14 with Monna driving. Suddenly, I "saw" a tunnel appear on the road and we drove into it. We were in complete darkness, and our speech became slurred and drawn out as if we were in a time-warp.

The next thing we knew, we were aboard a craft and we were taken by the Star Visitors (that looked humanoid) to a huge room with a huge screen. We were viewing lots and lots of fires, and we asked them what we were looking at. They said that was not important to know, but that we needed to continually send pink (LOVE) energy to that situation, if we accepted that assignment.

We accepted, and then they told us we would know in three days time what this was about, and at that time, we would have recall of our visit aboard the Star Craft. Just as suddenly, we found ourselves driving back down the mountain, having NO memory of what had happened.

After we got back to Monna's home, we couldn't understand why it took about 1½ hours longer for us to get off the mountain than usual. Three days later, I happened to turn on the TV and saw all the oil wells in Kuwait burning. And just as suddenly, I remembered the whole experience that Monna and I had on the Star Craft.

Gained Time — I've heard a few stories about gained time. The Wyoming locals have told me stories of driving on Highway 14 from Ucross, Wyo., to Sheridan, Wyo. (about 33 miles) in record time (with no speeding) ...

Disappearing Objects — Earlier in this article, I mentioned about Lizard Head Pass (in Colorado) with the numerous UFO experiences that have happened to people.

In Cortez, about 10 miles southwest of Dolores, in the mystical Mesa Verde area, a "psychic group" met weekly, and I met Randy (who lived in Dolores), who had quite some amazing photos of craft he’d taken with his camera up on Lizard Head, and he gave me a set of these photos.

Knowing from reading many UFO articles, I made sure these photos were safeguarded so they wouldn’t disappear. Safeguarding didn't help. These photos STILL disappeared!

When I went to visit my parents in Virginia one year, it was around the time of my birthday, and my mum asked what I would like to have as a birthday present. I told her I wanted a Lapis rock!

We went to the rock shop that serviced the greater Washington, D.C./Northern Virginia area, and I came back to my parents' home with this gorgeous Lapis rock (about 5" wide and 4" tall)! I put the rock on the dining room table, excited about getting this rock and just enjoying looking at it.

Well, right in front of my eyes, it vanished! And I haven't seen it since.

(When sharing this story with my friends, they said that it's probably in my room aboard ship!)


Realizing that there IS no time, that linear time is an illusion, it is simply a matter of jumping your consciousness. For example, let's say someone has a world-wide coordinated meditation at a certain time, and you can't join in at that time. All you need to do is time-jump, in your mind, to that specific meditation at that specific time.

In 2006, due to some Cabal time-travel experiments, which were stopped by Star Nations, the disruptive effects in the local space-time fabric continued to ripple, causing some devastating large quake activity at Fiji and Indonesia.

Something I have found out, working with herbs and essential oils, is that the herb THYME deals with TIME! Thyme can be used to experience the other dimensions of TIME — "past and future," other levels of consciousness, and to better remember dreams!

In the October 2020 Star Beacon article "Anomalies & Synchronicities," I touched on an experience I had with the Merkabah (Light Body) — with my foot going through the cement, and wanted to share a bit more about this. I had been taking classes on Drunvalo Melchizidek's "Flower of Life" information. We were working with the Mer-Ka-Ba, visualizing the two interlocked tetrahedrons (one pointing upwards and the other pointing downwards) spinning, surrounding our bodies.

Anyway, the next time I took a walk along the walking path (where the crop circle appeared sometime earlier), visualizing the tetrahedrons, I suddenly blurted out the word "BE" — and all of a sudden I could feel the spinning around me, and then a counter-rotating spin, and my energy field feeling like it was a lot bigger than the usual 50-60 feet.

I was "guided" to say "BE" three times — and each time the energy field got bigger, I could "see" it expand from the first time I said the word "BE," expanding to the size of the town, the second time —expanding to the whole world, and the third time, to the universe!

Anyway, when I went to the next class, I was SO excited to share my experience, and then the instructor said that he was going to teach us that night about the counter-rotating spin! (From the previous class, we only knew the mer-ka-ba spinned.)

Anyway, since then, working with the word "BE," my understanding is that the word "BE" is not intended as "future time," but is intended as "present time," like saying, "I AM," as in the state of BEING!

Veiledvisitor said, "Someone said something about spirals and how, if we could understand spirals, we would understand space and time. And I said something like, 'If you are in the center of the spiral, would time stand still?' And someone else said something like 'If you could understand spirals, you could make time stand still or flow forward or backwards. It is all in the spin of things. Everything spins, you see, on a micro level and a macro level, everything spins.' " (See Anomalies & Synchronicities — Star Beacon article October 2020 on Spiral Clouds.)

Much of the work I've done these past many years through my "readings" for people have dealt with "soul retrieval" — that is to say — retrieving those parts of the soul using "time-travel" or remote viewing, to clear injustices or judgments that are stuck in the physical body in this lifetime.

I asked Dr. Sprinkle (Ph.D) about this in a reading done through his guides, and he shared the following about this: "She already engages in time travel whether she is consciously aware of it or not. Just as a person can assist a sheriff's possé or a police unit to seek out those who have experienced a crime, or those who have perpetrated a crime by calling the sheriff's office or telling the police unit about the crime, does not necessarily mean that the person is traveling along with the sheriff’s possé or engaged directly in a police unit. And yet, the interested and involved citizen can be helpful to authorities.

"In the same way, the soul of Sheri in her wish to travel in time in a cycle or spiral, as if she is one of those in the neighborhood who are letting the authorities know of injustice. She has spoken to others, she has written Leo, telling him of her work with anthropologists who seek her assistance in understanding what has happened. For example — Native Americans and Military. (See Star Beacon April 2018 "Battlefield Energies"). This is an example of her ability not only to be aware of what has happened, but also to share what she knows with others and assisting them — to cleanse the past of Karmic Debt, and to prepare humanity with a transformation in consciousness. So, yes, each soul can engage in Time Travel or out-of-body experience during dreaming. The issue is whether each individual soul is aware of Time Travel and aware of the consequences of those experiences. If she chooses, she can ask her guides, not only for further assistance in awareness, but also further assistance in locating where she wishes to go and what she wishes to experience."

With this being said, I am closing this article with an amazing experience that my friend Pat and I had on top of Teton Pass, Wyo., on Summer Solstice. We were given information from the Pleiadians on how anyone can go into these (past/future) parallel lifetimes to clear any and all injustices or judgments that are stuck in the physical body in this lifetime!

Here is what Pat recalls of the experience:

"As far as I can remember of Teton Pass — we were told that TIME is simultaneous. You (Sheri) went into some device that began spinning and when it stopped, you stepped out as a cowboy in 'Cowboy Time'. I assumed you lived that lifetime and returned to the capsule, which spun again and you stepped out as a future 'Alien' or Space Traveler lifetime. You explained to me that we can choose any lifetime we want to explore, as time is open-ended and what we do in any lifetime can affect other lifetimes, so you can go up or down the line at any time and place with the device/capsule."

I asked Pat if she remembered any of her excursions in this device, and she told me she saw a lifetime in Egypt, where she was helping to build the pyramids. She made an error of some sort — she was kneeling on the ground and had cut something wrong or put something in the wrong place, so the Overlord/Supervisor strangled her with his bare hands.

The recall I have of this device/capsule, reminds me a lot of a thing that was in our living room (when I was a young child, which I loved to watch), on the coffee table, that my mother used to store her cigarettes! This thing was musical and would spin, and when the numerous doors opened, out came the cigarettes… Also, this really reminds me of the teleportation device in the movie Timeline, when they send the professor's son (among others) back in time to 14th century France to retrieve the professor.

The Pleiadians gave Pat and me this information to share with everyone! I connected to my own Higher Self, to get a better understanding of this device. It has six doors, for single use only — one person uses this device at a time. When you step into it, your "essence" goes to each of these doors — to different timelines, to different worlds, to different universes. The possibilities are endless!

This device is available to everyone! You usually use this device during meditation or in sleeptime, you just need to remember to "ask" your higher self to use it — to clear the injustices and/or judgments from not only the physical body, but from the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies as well, from all time-lines, all worlds, all universes …

A wonderful gift from the Pleiadians to you!

Thank you for letting me share this with you, and may your celebration of Light, whether it's the Yule, Hannukah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Solstice, Dongzhi or another, fill your heart with Universal Peace. The Holy season is the Light that is ALWAYS with us!

Thank you for letting me share this with you!

Sheri Gould is an experiencer and a clairvoyant who writes from Wyoming.

Please let us know if you enjoy her articles, send us an email with your comments at

Copyright © 2020 Sheri Gould




This page updated December 26, 2020


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