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from the September 2020  Star Beacon

By Sheri Gould

The dictionary's definition of anomaly is "something that deviates from what is standard, normal or expected," and its definition of synchronicity is "apparent meaningful coincidences in time of two or more similar or identical events that are causally (cause and effect) unrelated." That being said, I will be sharing with you in this article some of the anomalies that I have witnessed, and synchronicities that have taken place.


In my previous articles, I have shared with you about Cloudships, also known as "clouds of Heaven," "angelship clouds" or "flying saucer clouds," which come from higher (more evolved) dimensions.

I have also seen clouds, what I refer to as "spiral clouds" -- not the hurricane or tornado type spiral clouds -- but these clouds actually look like a "celtic spiral" sitting vertically in the sky. My first sighting of this was out my front window -- looking just like a vertical celtic spiral or "cinnamon roll" in the sky.

Then, I happened to see this same spiral cloud on TV when the news was on about the snow in Denver—this same cloud was in the distance. So, I always do the "three times and it’s an important thing" concept, and I then happened to see a YouTube video about a "UFO" in Russia that maybe came out of a wormhole and it spiraled!

That same night I was having constant dreams (what felt like) all night about spiral clouds, all which happened about a week before the time of the Norway Spiral (when Obama was accepting the Nobel Peace Prize there).

I had an email conversation with a guy who was at the UFO Watchtower in Hooper, Colo., in the mysterious San Luis Valley (UFOs, cattle mutilations, miracles) in August 2007 for a three-day camping trip. He said he didn’t see any UFOs there during his three days, but he did see a "spiral cloud" directly above the Watchtower. He said he’d never seen anything like it before or since -- looking just like a "cinnamon roll!"

He said he pointed it out to someone, and they thought there was probably a "UFO" hovering above the cloud, making it spiral like that. With that said, the spiral clouds I saw happened just one day after a whole cloudship "fleet" -- stacked five and six deep -- were in the sky out my front living room window -- which I've never seen before.

My friend Pat, who lives about 35 miles north of me. saw these same "clouds" and emailed me to ask if I saw them from my location. So, I am wondering if there was a connection between the "UFO" cloudships and the "cinnamon roll" spiral clouds that appeared that following day… So, the research goes on.

I shared this information with Ann Ulrich Miller (Star Beacon publisher/editor) some years ago, and she said that unusual "cloudships" hover over Pagosa Springs, Colorado, with some being extremely huge ... with spiral shapes, usually a day when you’ll see lots of "saucer" clouds.

Ironically, Ann had made up a parody of an old western song that is on her music CD, "Songs For Ethan," with the tune to "Tumbling Tumbleweed," and the song goes like this:

See ... them come spiraling down

They ... don’t make hardly a sound

Watch ... as they land on the ground

Here come the spiraling shuttlecraft.

Visitors come from afar

See ... that bright red shiny star

I ... think I know who they are

Here come the spiraling shuttlecraft.

They bring us love and light

To make our lives more clear and bright.

Spiraling down from the sky

I ... can't believe how they fly

If ... they don't take me, I'll cry

Here come the spiraling shuttlecraft.


And one final comment from Ann. She said synchronicity is a way of life for her. As she was typing a response to my original letter, she couldn’t recall the words to "Spiraling Shuttlecraft" -- not having played her guitar in months. She had earphones on and computer turned on to her music files. Just as she’s pausing, wondering how the song went, the very song started playing!

I contacted Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, psychologist and researcher of UFO contactee experiences, and asked for information on the significance of these Spirals. Through his guides, this is what he said:

"The spiral is an ancient symbol and now in modern physics, the use of this spiral refers to two kinds of time --linear from point A to point B, and the spiral or the cyclical time in which A does not lead directly to B, but includes a variety of time points-- just as a soul can move from one cycle to another, not only in several lifetimes, but to connect in each lifetime with the on-going journey of the soul. In this lifetime for Sheri, the question is -- to what extent does she see herself not only in various lifetimes, but also coming from extraterrestrial sources, and living both as a representative of humanity on Earth, and as a representative as a Star Seed and Star Person from the Galactic Federation to humans now? She can see it as ‘very significant’ for this spiral in the cloud is a reminder that she is here on Earth to continue her mission."



I also wanted to share an interesting "Cloudship" I saw on a trip my hubby and I took. This "cloud" was low to the ground, circular with small puff-ball clouds all in a STRAIGHT horizontal row about mid-way down around this circular cloud, which was rotating counter-clockwise. It reminded me of the Billy Meier "wedding cake ship" when I saw it. This took place just south of the east-bound lane of Wyoming I-90 near mile marker 162, in the vicinity of Devil’s Tower (which I wrote about in The Star Beacon article "We Were Invited" -- February 2018), which is connected to the Pleiades, and the "wedding cake ship" is also connected to the Pleiades ... Hmmm.


Some years ago, my neighbors, Sandy and Jake, a few doors down south of me, took a photo of a Cloudship. Sandy said the sun was directly above the "ship," and she couldn’t get more of the rays coming from above. When I asked Dr. Boylan about this cloudship, he said, "The photo of the orb cloud surrounded by a flat band of cloud, or what one might call a ‘sombrero’ cloud, indicates with its energy signature that it indeed is a starcraft within."


On September 6, 2010, as I was looking out towards my living room window, a symbol, in a vertical rectangle (see drawing) appeared in the window. It glistened of sparkling gold through the sunlit window. It was absolutely beautiful, shimmering in the sunlight. It lasted only a few minutes, then just disappeared.

Consciously, I didn't recognize the symbol, but it definitely had a positive energy signature. Coincidentally, Lt. Col. (Retired) Wendelle Stevens passed over on September 7, just a day after I received the strange window symbol -- is there a connection? (Lt. Col. Stevens was one of the world’s most dedicated UFO researchers, who dedicated his life after the military to the study of extraterrestrials and UFOs, having probably the most extensive UFO photo library in existence, of which one of my photos is one).

Anyway, I've received some interesting responses as to what this window symbol means, and here are some replies.

Chime: "This brought to mind the image from Star Trek of the Vulcan hand gesture for "live long and prosper." If you hold your hand up in that gesture and compare it to the circle with a V coming out of it, they look very similar. Perhaps some Star Visitors are fans of Star Trek and decided to make this cryptic communication using this simplified form of that gesture as a declaration of loving and peaceful communication.

"If you think about it, the Vulcans are probably the most peaceful and rational of the more well known star races in the Star Trek series, and probably therefore the nearest representative from the sci-fi perspective of the Star Visitors who visit and are in contact with those on Earth today. Given that Star Visitors are undoubtedly monitoring what goes on here in minute detail and have been for a very long time, they no doubt have also watched Star Trek."

If I were a Star Visitor wanting to make a subtle, cryptic message of peace, I couldn't think of a better example than that Vulcan hand gesture."

Maria: "I had a dream about the V as a victory symbol which I want to share. I was in the apartment of my grandmother at the beach -- I was looking from the balcony to the sea and the sea went upward with the color of metal mercury. Then a giant wave came to me, and I began to use my lightworker knowledge to stop it. Suddenly, the waves went back and it became quiet. Then two Beings came out of the sea. I felt that these Beings helped me in this work. They were of the same color of metal mercury, and were scaled and had fish characteristics.

"At that time I didn't relate them with Star Visitors or Inner Beings. These Beings raised their hands in a greeting and made the Victory symbol. I didn't see this symbol as victory, but instead, a greeting."

Trish: "How wonderful to have the golden light come to you. I have a symbols dictionary and thought it would be interesting to share what it says about the V symbol. I didn’t find the combination of the circle and V, but perhaps seeing the two definitions would add some credence to the symbol.

"The chevron, when turned upside down, is used in logic to signify the whole universe, all that in one way or another exists. Of course we all know V is for victory. The circle is sometimes an iconic sign representing the moon. In astrology it represents the eternal, endless, without beginning or end, life itself, and the spirit. What I also found interesting, is cartographers, among other definitions, use the circle to represent center for communication."

Pat: "Wow! It's the old triangle in a circle again -- hmmm, where have we seen that? Are you working with the Ashtar Command again?"

Aria: "That's amazing and you probably won't believe this, but I have seen that symbol before, too... twice I believe... one in an old anonymous painting and another time or two in a dream.

"I'm not sure, but I feel personally it symbolizes ... universal peace and/or Karmic harmony and balance ... reassurance of the soul's journey of some sort … That's what I feel it symbolized for me, being that in the dream, I was visited by an angel-like being with transparent golden wings."

And lastly, Dr. Sprinkle, through his guides, shared this:

"The symbol can represent a variety of intersections -- not only as a container -- a circle, and a V for the emanation of energy so that it can be seen as a symbol of moving up and out away from the Earth or away from the sun or whatever the circle embodies. Or, it can be seen as a movement down into -- just as this symbol of inverted triangles, the Star of David can be seen as heaven moving down into Earth and Earth moving up into Heaven.

"This symbol thus can be seen as both the inward and the outward movement for the soul. So also, this symbol of the circle as the soul ... incoming information as well as outward information in the holographic universe. Each photon is connected with every other photon. Each atom is connected with every other atom. Each soul is connected with every other soul -- at each level -- nature, body, mind and soul. There is incoming energy and outgoing energy --incoming information and outgoing information.

"For Sheri, the experience of the symbol in the sun-lit window is an opportunity to share inwardly and outwardly her connection to the ancients who are appearing now on planet Earth with the new humanity."


Around the same time period that the window symbol appeared, I had another experience out the front window, although my son -- who was sitting in the living room -- didn't see anything. I saw a Zeta peeking in the living room window (which is on the second floor) in the daylight hours!

I asked Dr. Richard Boylan about this. He said, "If you saw a Zeta peering in your second-floor living room window, no problem. They often do that. Height is no problem when you can levitate at will!"

Again, through his guides, Dr. Sprinkle shared this: "Two aspects. One, Sheri’s son did not report a visit, and yet the visit was as significant for him as it was for his mother. It is a reflection, not only of the appearance in the window, but also a reflection of an awareness between mother and son. One is aware and one is not aware, which is representative of the awareness of Sheri and the lack of awareness of her son. Each is a part of the ongoing evolution in humanity.

"Just as some members of the family see, and others do not see. Just as some members of humanity are aware and others are not aware, it is an opportunity for discussion, just as now there are opportunities for people around the planet to discuss their sightings and their encounters, with family and friends, it is part of the ongoing education, the ongoing awareness, the ongoing evolution of humanity in regard to the extraterrestrial presence."



Coming back from the 10th Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigation, hosted by Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, one of the vehicles in our caravan lost power around Kaycee, Wyo. (mentioned in the "Celestial Cloudships" article of the February 2019 Star Beacon). As we were all stopped, we saw one of those Cloudships defying the wind and spitting out blue balls of light.

Ever since that day, I would see these same blue balls of light in the house on numerous occasions. And once I would see them, they would disappear. I asked Dr. Sprinkle, through his guides, about this:

"That is not only an observation of spacecraft, not only an observation of the energy of the space-craft, but also, an indication symbolically of what is supposed to occur with those who experience these sightings. The Cloudships and their energy for humankind and the reaction of humans…

"Blue is the symbol of knowledge and sharing that knowledge with others. For Sheri, it is an ongoing support -- not only for her contacts with the extraterrestrial presence, but also in her sharing of these visits in her interactions with those around her."



One day, when I was on the computer, a vision appeared in front of me towards my right side. It looked just like one of the Stargates from the TV series SG1. It was about 4 inches wide, and there was a language or symbols (unknown to my consciousness) on this, and it kept rotating.

I closed one eye to see if I still saw it, and it was still there. I then closed my other eye to see if I still saw it, and it was still there. It probably stayed there about two minutes.

About a year and a half later, this happened again. After those two visions, I began seeing shadows walking through walls and vertical squares (maybe 8" x 8") appearing where it seems I could see to infinity through it.

When I shared these experiences with Dr. Richard Boylan, he said: "Your seeing a dimensional 'gate' through which symbolic information was being transmitted to you is one way Star Visitors communicate."



I have had some amazing, surprising and unbelievable events happen to me throughout all these years, and the catalyst for this wonderful journey was my cousin, Linda. I was intrigued by all things paranormal in my early and teen years, but nothing more than that.

We were moving once again, compliments of the U.S. Army. This move provided my parents, brother and me with some extra time to go see my dad's family in Maine and Canada before relocating. So, we were visiting my aunt and uncle in Fort Fairfield, Maine, and I got to spend some time with my cousin, Linda.

Linda had a Ouija board (which I had never seen or used before), and we used it to find out if the boy she was crushing over was going to call her. We were given an exact time answer, and then we just went on to do something else, basically forgetting about the information we’d received.

But, when the phone rang at that exact minute, and it was from the boy she'd asked about, I knew this stuff was REAL! (Disclaimer: I do NOT condone the use of Ouija boards at all, knowing what I know now!) Personally though, from that moment on -- knowing the paranormal wasn't just foo-foo stuff -- I began reading everything I could get my hands on, and haven't stopped reading or researching since.

I do want to thank those "angels" who orchestrated all this, and a much loved thank-you to my sweet cousin, Linda, for allowing herself to be the catalyst for what was to enfold in my future.

Bless her soul.


Ever have one of those days when you feel thwarted at every turn when trying to accomplish something? Well, I was working on Saturday, so called my son at home to get me DeeDee's phone number, which was on the back cover of the phone book, because I wanted to share some news with her.

My son couldn't find the phone number, and I asked him to look again. Still, no phone number. I then called the local library because they have a Worland, Wyo., phone book, but the library was still closed. I called my son back to look again, and he found the phone number, but swore it wasn't there before. He gave me the phone number, but I was wondering why I kept persevering when it seemed like maybe I wasn't supposed to call.

After a few rings, the phone was answered. Wrong number! I apologized for waking the lady up. I called my son back and he read me the same phone number, so I figured I must've pushed the wrong buttons, so I called again. The lady was now very unpleasant, but was willing to look in the phone book for the correct phone number.

A good five minutes of silence went by and she got back on the phone to tell me there was no listing in the phone book! I still didn't give up, and as a last resort, called Information for the number.

So, I gave it one more try. The phone rang a few times and I started laughing at the whole scenario -- she wasn't even home! Just as I was about to hang up, I heard her bubbly voice, and I shared this comedy of errors with her.

Then she told me that for the last half an hour, she had put off taking her shower, and passed on going somewhere with her sweetie, and just "hung around" the house because she had been expecting the phone to ring!


Recently, my hubby and I drove up into the mountains to see the NEOWISE comet in the vicinity of Ursa Major. The night sky was so gorgeous! Anyway, I was using Dr. Steven Greer’s CSETI protocols as a guideline (I had been with his team on one of his "sky watches" before) and sent thoughts to my Star Family out there and asked if they'd let me know they were around, and asked if they’d respond with a "3", as I am connected to that number.

After waiting only a few minutes, all of a sudden, I got three bright strobe pulses responding to me! How exciting is that!!!


Some time ago, as I was on a walking path, I saw a fully formed "circle" on the ground, close to the .7 mile marker, with the grasses in complete disarray—which hadn’t been there the day before. I was ecstatic! It was a crop circle!

I ran into the circle, completely forgetting to ask permission to enter it—and I believe I had symptoms of radiation sickness for a few days because of it. The next time on the walking path, I asked permission to be in this crop circle, and it just felt wonderful.

I shared this information later on with another path walker, who is a judge and walks her dog on the path, and she told me that her dog will never walk in that circle…


The son of some of our friends came to visit us for a few days. Throughout his growing-up years, I was always sharing with him and his family about the experiences throughout my life with the Star Folk. His parents finally told me to stop talking about "that" stuff (and that I was scaring their children), and some years later, Wade came to visit so he could learn more.

We were out on the back porch, looking at the Wyoming sky at night, and a huge "cloud" appeared right in front of us, looking just like the shape and the face of a loving Zeta Being. And Wade, who had been questioning the reality of everything I had shared with him throughout his childhood, said that the face that appeared in the night sky had just positively confirmed what I had been sharing with him all those years. He said it made a believer out of him from that moment on.


I had an experience some time back where I had just learned about the Merkabah (Light Body), and its clockwise and counterclockwise energy rotations around the body, visualizing this spinning energy, and also visualizing the "vast" space between an atom’s protons, neutrons and electrons, and having a good time with it the whole day.

In the midst of all this, my foot went through the cement sidewalk! It hasn’t happened since, but

I do know it can be done -- and very easily at that -- with the knowledge that everything has space/Light in between!


Some years ago, my Aunt Lorine (from Maine) emailed me that she was going to have some surgery done, and I told her I’d send bubbles of green healing energy to her the day of the surgery. On the day of the surgery, my cousin, Beth, emailed me to let me know that her mom (my aunt) saw someone that looked just like me at the hospital wearing a shirt that had bubbles on it!


When I would travel by plane, I would always ask Source/God to allow me to "see" the auras of all those on the flight that I would be on—to see if there would be darkness/death. If I ever would be in this situation, though, I always felt it my spiritual responsibility to let those involved with that flight know about the situation.

Fortunately, I never had to.


My sweet Mum and I were driving back to her home in Virginia after some amazing days at the StarKids/ StarSeeds Workshop in Allentown, Pa. I think we both were "spaced out" because it didn't phase either of us that we were driving east to New Jersey instead of west to Harrisburg!

So, after finally getting westbound, we saw a van with a tire cover that said ... STARCRAFT! Of course, we started looking up towards the sky! (Always pay attention to those clues/messages!)

Then later on, I saw a sign that said SPACECRAFT! (It was actually a billboard for closet space bins and a flying flag covered the last three letters of Spacecrafters.) And again, we looked UP!


This next story is comical, to say the least! I was headed to Monna’s house (see my Star Beacon article "Monna, Motherships & Missing Time" from October 2018), where we would always gather to meditate together, and I was driving my little VW with those "UFO" license plates and an Alf bumper sticker that says, "My other car is a UFO."

I still have 25 miles to go, driving on the interstate, and my whole perspective of driving suddenly became pretty weird! I suddenly "felt" VERY tall, as if my head was sticking out the top of the car to be able to see the road, plus the fact that I was going like only 25 mph on the interstate (I'm usually a leadfoot)! I drove the whole way there that way, and after getting to Monna’s house, and we began to meditate, my legs stayed straight out the whole time during our meditation!

I found out that I had a sharing with a very tall Star Visitor who sounded like a teenager, wanting to see how it felt to drive a car, and the SV teen told me that his legs kept straight out during the meditation because his legs felt so cramped in that small car. I absolutely loved having that experience, and hopefully the SV teen did as well.

I shared this with Dr. Richard Boylan, and he said, "That experience of having a teen Tall Zeta temporarily come inside your body/consciousness to experience how it felt to drive a Human car down a freeway was priceless. How courteous of you to let go and allow him that experience. You get an 'A+' in interstellar relations."


So, my dryer's heating element went out. No problem … we'd been having unseasonably warm weather, so I hung the clothes out on my line. Well, guess what … it rained, so I left them out overnight.

Then, that night, it snowed! And ... my clothes line of 13 years broke! I was really trying to avoid going to the laundromat, but I had to take my frozen clothes to get dried.

After they'd dried, and just before I left the laundromat, the gal working there began talking with me and said she'd gotten "cold feet" twice before, but then finally asked me if I was "Sheri -- the one who does aura readings."

I said yes and she was really excited then, and said she'd met me many years ago and said she'd love to come to my meditation group, since her two metaphysical friends she had here had left town, and now she had no one to talk to.

Later on, as I started thinking about all these events, I began getting that "goosebump" confirmation and understood why I had to go to that laundromat. Spirit definitely has a sense of humor!


Many years ago, when our children were younger, we went to Disneyland over Christmas/New Year’s school break. Heading back to

Wyoming, we were now in Arizona, and it was nighttime, and my turn to drive for a while, with our son sitting up in the front with me, while hubby and daughter got some sleep in the rear seats.

As I was driving to Sedona, I saw a sign that said "short-cut to Sedona," and I decided to take that short-cut! (Wondering if we were "prompted" by higher sources to take that road?) There was absolutely NO traffic on that road at all, and we could see the whole sky full of stars. It was absolutely wonderful!

And all of a sudden, three moving "stars" formed a perfect triangle right in front of us!


One time, long ago, when my (StarKid) daughter, who is my nature spirit girl (loves flowers and always watches where she walks, so she won’t step on any bugs) came into our place of business, and as she walked by one of the fixtures in the store, the items on the pegboard started flying off the pegs! It was just unreal seeing this happen!

Later that same day, we went grocery shopping, and I put the paper bags of groceries on the kitchen counter. My daughter happened to walk by, and all the bags tipped over! She definitely had an energetic aura that day!


When my (StarKid) son (who has multiple disabilities) was younger, our family went to Sea World in San Diego, and went to the Dolphin Pool along with a gazillion adults and children surrounding the pool, hoping to have the dolphins swim by so they could touch them.

I told my son that he needed to talk to the dolphins in pictures, visualizing them coming over to him -- in humility --if he wanted to interact with them.

After a few minutes of the dolphins swimming around and around the pool, one of them suddenly came straight across the pool from the other side, and came halfway up the side of the pool right in front of my son, so that he could touch this dolphin.

My son felt incredible energies through his body as this experience took place with this cetacean of star heritage, and this will forever be a most precious moment in his life.

Thank you for letting me share this with you!

Sheri Gould is an experiencer and a clairvoyant who writes from Wyoming.

Please let us know if you enjoy her articles, send us an email with your comments at

Copyright © 2020 Sheri Gould




This page updated October 15, 2020


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