Sheri's Sixth Sense

Celestial Cloudships

from the February 2019  Star Beacon

By Sheri Gould

Ships of Light come from all over the universe ... to our planet with many being totally invisible to the naked eye. Many of these Ships of Light, though, will appear as lenticular clouds, to signal their presence to us! These cloudships are also known as "clouds of heaven," "angelship clouds" or "flying saucer clouds," and come from higher (more evolved) dimensions, coming through Earth's atmosphere, changing their vibratory rate to make a visible physical appearance possible.

I have seen these cloud patterns taking form, and changing within minutes, or leaving suddenly and just disappearing, or staying in one position for days without movement, in contrast to nature-formed clouds. I've seen these cloudships defy the wind as they remain or oppose it. I've seen blue balls of light shoot out from them. These cloudships, when fully materialized, are the vehicles used to traverse the celestial realms.

These ships are of the Galactic Federation of Light, which is like the United Nations of the Milky Way Galaxy, made up of many thousands of civilizations known as Star Nations -- a very ancient organization which was formed many millions of years ago.

The civilizations belonging to the Galactic Federation are peaceful, spiritually advanced and enlightened cultures aligned to the 11:11 Laws of the Cosmos --11 Universal and 11 Spiritual Laws/Principles. (For more information on Star Nations and the 11:11 Laws, go to The symbols of these 11:11 Laws were found etched into the structure of the starcraft that crashed at Roswell in 1947. Someday, even Earth may qualify for inclusion to the Galactic Federation.

I've been connected with the Galactic Federation starcraft for nearly four decades now. Within minutes of getting the ringing in my ears/goose bumps, and feeling their energies, I would grab my camera and take pictures of many awesome cloudships! In 2002, my article "CLOUDSHIPS Over the ROCKIES" was the featured article with pictures in the July issue of The Star Beacon, and I was excited to have won The Star Beacon's 20th anniversary Photo Contest in the BEST UFO category in May 2007 of a cloudship.

Now, I would like to share a few of my cloudship experiences. I've already mentioned my cloaked ship with the Devil's Tower experience in the February 2018 Star Beacon, and the 30-mile-long cloudship in the October 2018 Star Beacon, but here are a few other experiences:

The trip to and from the 10th Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigation in Laramie, Wyo., in 1989, proved to be pretty exciting! I had been given a message that day that something would happen at 2:30 pm, and the group of us traveling together happened to be at Medicine Bow, Wyo., at that time. We stared at the sky -- watching and waiting -- when suddenly, I saw many long, thin golden tubes shooting across the sky, and then disappear into a stationary "cloud."

Another gal in our group also saw the tubes, which were clustered together and then also disappeared into the "clouds." I was told that these tubes were transport tubes -- a very new and efficient method of transporting those in the crafts to the Mother Ship (in "cloud" cover).

Then, on the way back home after that conference, as our caravan of vehicles was heading north, I started feeling waves of energy start to hit -- so my eyes were glued to the road and the sky at the same time, and I suddenly saw a lightning bolt in the blue sky, which caused me to notice a cloud. This "cloud" was white and billowy and NOT moving, while the other clouds were dark and moving.

So, I kept driving and watching this "cloud," and suddenly blue balls of light started shooting out of this cloud! One of the other vehicles, heading to Billings, Mont., suddenly had the power steering go out of their car, and when they stopped to check out the problem, they, then, also saw the same stationary white "cloud" in the sky! And, of course, there was nothing wrong with their power steering!

In 1990, on the way home from the 11th Annual Rocky Mountain Conference, our group had some exciting things happen in Sybille Canyon (what Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle calls "Saucer Canyon") north of Laramie, Wyo. We saw a cloudship actually keep pace with our car!

We were guided to go to the big rock at the picnic area, and cloudships appeared all around us. We were guided to send energies to Gaia, being sent from the ships through us to the center of the Earth for a healing of the "Mother." In return, all of us received overwhelming heart chakra energies from Gaia, and we all realized the importance of sending the Light wherever possible.

Another time, my family and I were traveling to Jackson Hole, Wyo., and on the way there, we stopped at a rock shop (I'm always checking out crystals and other energy stones), and in walks a couple of friends from Sheridan, Wyo., who had seen the car which has "UFO" as the license plate and a sticker that says "My other car is a UFO," and they stopped in the shop to see who owned the car! Long story short, they too were traveling to Jackson, and we planned on connecting with each other once we arrived in Jackson.

It just so happened that all of us had reservations at the same hotel! (Cosmic setup!) So, as all of us are traveling west, we see a HUGE mothership in cloud cover over the Teton Mountains! When I connected with my friends later on, the three of us had a bi-location experience onto that cloaked mothership, and we could see the Teton Mountain Range below us as we looked out the windows!

I am happy to share my photographs with you. #1 (which appears on the first page of this month's Beacon) is a rarely photographed Golden Light Ship (taken 1/3/19), which. It is a Star Nations Diplomatic
Vessel, carrying Councillors Mother Mary/Isis, Buddha, Lao Tse/Quan Yin, and Yeshua/Jesus.

Here is the cloudship photo taken over Fort Collins, Colo., which was voted "Best UFO" by The Star Beacon.

And in this final photo, which is of a cloudship over Wyoming, you can see where it looks as if the clouds on the top part of the photograph separate in order for the cloudship to come down! Renowned UFO Investigator Wendelle Stevens, who was the world's foremost expert on UFO photographs, asked to have this picture for his UFO photograph collection.

If you want to see cloudships, look for bulgy or oval-shaped clouds that stand or jump out at you the most, and ones that have a special or unique energy feel to them. Listen to your heart -- to your intuition, and as you feel and open up to your own connection with Source/God and your higher self, you will receive messages from within, letting you know that the Star Visitors are planning to make their presence known to you.

Many people receive "indicators" that contact with a cloaked ship is imminent, by experiencing recurring ringing in the ears (tinnitus) and/or goosebumps, which represents communication with them; flashes of light in the daylight sky, vehicles stalling, and strange high-pitched sounds, among other things.

Thank you for letting me share this with you, and keep looking up!



Sheri Gould is an experiencer and clairvoyant and writes from Wyoming.




This page updated February 7, 2019



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