Volume XI   (January-December 1997)




DISC-ussion (by Ann Ulrich) (No. 1). A New York gallery wants to feature art inspired by encounters with UFOs.
Artist creates devas and angels of delight
(No. 12). John Steven Foster is an artist who makes ceramic angels and devas that are precious to behold. This is his story of how he got into making them. Includes a photo of some samples of his work.


Conversing with God: an uncommon book review, review by Ann Ulrich (No. 1). Praises for Neale Donald Walsh’s highly touted book, Conversations with God: an uncommon dialogue.
Recommended reading
, letter by R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D. (No. 3). The writer suggests reading De Anna Emerson’s book, Mars/Earth Enigma: A Sacred Message to Mankind and Barbara Hand Clow’s The Pleiadian Agenda.
Credit the aliens for modern-day technology
, reviewed by James Parsons (No. 11). The Day After Roswell by Col. Philip J. Corso (Ret.) and William J. Birnes, published in 1997, is reviewed.
Discovering a soul exchange
, reviewed by Ann Ulrich (No. 12). From Sirius to Earth: A Therapist Discovers a Soul Exchange, by Evelyn Michelle Fuqua and Athor is a fascinating, documented scientific case study of a woman with an ET soul that came into her body when she was a small child.


Book Review: A spiritual oldie but a goodie, reviewed by Ann Ulrich (No. 3). The novel Rainbow in the Mist by Phyllis A. Whitney revolves around psychic ability in an open-minded way




Star-struck utopias of 2000, by Antler (No. 1)
, by Sari (No. 10)


Understanding seven levels of consciousness to attain enlightenment, by Ronald Neal Quinn (Nos. 1-2). The writer, having recently experienced a spiritual gateway, shares the seven steps to enlightenment he received in a channeling.
Ships on Standby
, letter by Sari (No. 1). Sari’s mentors have informed her that fleet members are disseminating a “protective flux” and are on “standby.”
Cosmic Comet Wake Up Call
, by Aluna Joy Yaxk’in (No. 3). The Cosmic Maya share, through the writer, information to help the individual in the wake of Comet Hale-Bopp’s closest presence to Earth.
Crystals of Light
(by Arda Golden Eagle Woman) (No. 3). A short introductory message for a new column from Mother/Father God.
UFOs reveal who they are
, by Sari (Lucille McNames) (No. 4). A transmission given to Sari on Christmas Eve 1996 covers diverse topics, including crop circles, rebellious children, the DNA-RNA system, Motherships and Sistercraft.
Crystals of Light
(by Arda Golden Eagle Woman) (No. 4). Our life’s work is spreading the Light, as channeled from Mother God.
Thokol of Saturn speaks out on Heaven’s Gate
, (through Thokol) by Nina Ansley (No. 5). In response to the question of what happened to the Heaven’s Gate cult members who killed themselves, Thokol gives a lengthy discourse on misguided souls and reminds us not to be judgmental.
What lies ahead
(through Merry Browne) (No. 6). We are approaching the end of a cycle for evolved beings to graduate to a higher dimension.
Crystals of Light
(by Arda Golden Eagle Woman) (No. 6). Uprisings will be widespread as the third density consciousness tries to maintain itself. The writer encourages us to judge not, fear not, but walk instead in the truth of who we are.
Are the things that happen to us predestined?
(through Merry Browne) (No. 7). The writer discusses James Hillman’s work on predestined life, an ancient teaching.
Crystals of Light
(by Arda Golden Eagle Woman) (No. 7). “The Power Within,” channeled on Easter, gives tips on helping us unfold the Divine Power.
Maitreya, a false prophet?
letter by Isis (No. 9). The Council and Archangel Michael in 1994 warned Isis about Share International and the Tara Center, a group that is promoting Maitreya as the new messiah, and share their message that alleges Maitreya as being a false prophet.
Crystals of Light
(by Arda Golden Eagle Woman) (No. 9). Dated June 7, 1997, Arda channels Mother God, stressing many important steps for the Master Plan.
Crystals of Light
(by Arda Golden Eagle Woman) (No. 10). Mother God comes through Arda, instructing us to stand firm in our love and trust, that we are protected by the light of love.
Sari channels unusual UFO info
(through Lucille McNames) (No. 10). A sketch of a UFO seen on television prompts Sari to ask her mentors for an explanation.
Message from the Guardian Angel
(No. 11). The angel reminds earthlings to protect small children from cold temperatures in fall and winter.


Understand why, letter by Merry Browne (No. 1). Responding to the anonymous mother’s letter to her son, the writer discusses evolving consciousness and how most people cannot love others who mistrust them, but need only to understand why they act the way they do.
Thought is
, letter by an anonymous subscriber in Ohio (No. 2). The reality we experience is the projection of our thoughts.
A Plea from the Publisher
(No. 2). The editor relates her unfortunate job loss, but realizes that perhaps it occurred for her highest good.
Hale-Bopp hype
, letter by Tom Van D. (No. 4). The writer contends that Hale-Bopp was sent five years ago from the Pleiades Sector as a rescue ship in the final days.
Parents, take charge!
letter by Nina Ansley (No. 4). Praises for the March issue, plus encouragement for parents to discipline their children for the betterment of all concerned.
Sharing information
, letter by Louise Bowman (No. 4). Praise for Laszlo Steiner’s opinion in the February issue, plus comments on books, Conversations with God and E.J. Michael’s books, as well as Right Use of Will by Ceanne DeRohan.
On the Vatican
, letter by Thomas C. Bailey (No. 4). The writer warns of the fallacies of the Vatican and Roman Catholicism.
Use discernment
, letter by Shema (No. 5). Some comments on the recent Heaven’s Gate “suicide” that might not have been what it seems.
Star Beacon for life?
letter by John Robert Feather (No. 6). Suggestion for having lifetime subscriptions; also a possible clue to the circles symbol printed in the April issue.
(by Ann Ulrich) (No. 7). “Spirit Provides” and “The Rockies in July.” The editor updates readers on progress in her circumstances after losing her job, plus comments on the beauty of nature.
Common ground
, letter by Louise Bowman (No. 11). Comments on editor’s opinion, “Categories Divide Us” and how it is better to look for the common ground.
Some still don’t get it
, letter by Paul Bartch (No. 11). Praise for The Star Beacon with additional comments on “Categories Divide Us.”
Just be
, letter by Adona (No. 11). More praise for the “Categories Divide Us” editorial plus the writer’s own experience with being labeled.
Valuing ceremony
, letter by Louise Bowman (No. 12). More comments on a previous Star Beacon issue, plus some observations on finding common ground among differing opinions.



Formula for Health and Happiness, by Merry Browne (No. 1). Positive thoughts will manifest in a healthy and happy body.
Sixteen sets of physical body chakra
, by John Robert Feather (No. 2). The writer brings readers up to date on his current chakra studies and gives tone syllables to aid us in aligning our chakras.
The steps of self-healing
, by R.V. Graves (No. 2). Four steps for self-healing are suggested, including affirmations, detachment, believing and acceptance.
(by Ann Ulrich) (No. 3). “FDA Warning” discusses information on colloidal silver, as reported in The Bob Livingston Letter in February 1997.
Vegetarians can be healthy
(No. 3). A new video, “The Healthy Vegetarian,” gives 60 minutes of advice on staying well.
Name vibrations and the Aquarian energies
, by John Robert Feather (No. 4). Sound vibrations can affect our physical bodies, according to the author, who gives exercises to follow.
Activities to observe etheric body effects
, by John Robert Feather (No. 6). More toning exercises from the author of Aquarian 2009, who teaches the new Aquarian medicine and healing techniques.
Hugging is healthy
(No. 7). How hugging helps our body’s immune system.



Gem of the Month: Pyrite (No. 10). Properties and benefits of pyrite.
Gem of the Month: Turquoise (No. 11). Turquoise is a stone with many redeeming qualities, used mostly by healers.


Natural healing saved my life, by Ella O’Kelly (No. 8). Troubled in childhood by physical ailments, the writer discusses the ways in which natural healing methods and herbs helped bring her back to optimum health and inspired her to assist others.
Oops... sorry!
(No. 9). Correction of error made in August issue article on Ella O’Kelly’s “Natural Healing,” that simple herbs can “cure” (not cause) cancer.
Herb of the Month: Ephedra (Mormon Tea)
(No. 11). Some medical uses for the herb ephedra.


DISC-ussion (by Ann Ulrich) (No. 3). “The Cosmic Casino” is the place to go to in your dream state when overwhelming problems keep one up at night.
Cosmic Critters
, Our Special Animal Friends (No. 4). A special 10th anniversary feature introducing an array of entertaining stories about our “cosmic pets.”
Toby the Colossal Cat
, by Kaye Studstrup (No. 4). An unusually large cat adopts a family in Salt Lake City, Utah, who appears to have some supernatural powers and enjoys watching X-Files.
Comedian Critters
, by Al Fry (No. 4). The writer relates some anecdotes about “Manny, the Magpie,” the local river otter population, pack rats that take up residence in desert bars and eateries, and some moocher ducks in Idaho.
Cosmic Watch Cats and Tribbles
, by Shema (No. 4). Some invisible “space rodents” create an amusing scene with the writer’s house cats.
, by Ann Ulrich (No. 4). A white parakeet learns to say over 30 phrases, but clashes personality-wise with the writer’s then-husband.
Thanksgiving dinner? NOT!
by Louise Bowman (No. 4). In Montana, wild turkeys hang around the writer’s residence.
, by Louise Bowman (No. 4). A stray cat joins the writer’s family.
Ginger, A Brief Companion
, by Kari (No. 4). Two special dogs in the writer’s life included Ginger, the collie puppy who died from distemper, and Toto, who shared a close encounter with her in 1966.
Clara the Clutz
, by Ann Ulrich (No. 4). A white duck becomes a suburban backyard pet with many antics.
Lemuria and Maui
, by Ann Ulrich (No. 4). The writer relates the tale of her cat, “Mu,” and the humorous incidents, along with the tragic loss of Mu’s brother, “Maui.”
Deer Friends
, by Ann Ulrich (No. 4). The writer’s tale of a mother mule deer with an insatiable craving for apples.
Zeus, the UFO dog
, (No. 4). The wolf hybrid, Zeus, likes to watch UFOs and appears to read minds.
Appreciative cosmic critter
, letter by Kaye Studstrup (No. 6). The writer shares her pet cat’s humorous reaction to having his photo and story published in the April issue.
Cosmic Pet Stories Continue
, by Rev. Doris Rannells (No. 6). “Buster.” A horse once told the writer as a small child which horse would win a race and it did. Also a story about an injured dog that told her he had an overlooked broken leg.
Celestial Surprises
(No. 7). Word scramble quiz.
Cosmic Critters: “Maxie,”
by Betty Basler Barboza (No. 9). Excerpt from a forthcoming book about a unique and extremely cosmic parakeet who talks back instead of merely mimicking words and phrases.
Worth a dime
(No. 11). Filler article on how the Xerox machine came into being.
Crystals of Light
(by Arda Golden Eagle Woman) (No. 11). The writer helps put a giggle back into the universe with a “Question for God.”



Angels, by Ivy Calamar (No. 12). The writer’s personal experience with angels in her everyday life, reprinted from The Isis Connection.



Dream force, letter by Irene Dickson (No. 3). The writer describes a dream about a powerful force that hits her in her living room, causing the whole room to resemble loose Jello.
Significant dream
, letter by Kari (No. 6). Kari describes her elaborate dream about an unusual house, its occupants and hidden rooms.
Living in the Light
, by Watana (No. 8). Response to Kari’s letter in the June issue about the mysterious house and the writer’s own house dreams.


Native American Prophecies, UFOs and the Coming of the Messiah, by Bette Stockbauer (No. 7). Native prophets of the Americas, Quetzalcoatl, Black Elk and Crazy Horse, the Hopis, Mayans, White Buffalo Calf Woman and others’ views are mentioned in this article that leads up to promoting Maitreya as a messiah by the Tara Center.
The Cradleboard Prophecies: Coming Earth Changes from a Native American Viewpoint
(No. 9). Reprint from The Cradleboard (unknown author) on prophecies given by two Kiowa grandmothers in Mexico.
Navajo entities appear to deliver a spiritual message
, by O.H. McKinley, M.D. (Navajo) (No. 10). Author of the “Alien Teachings” series, Laszlo Steiner, shares this article by a Navajo doctor of an ET visitation to a Navajo woman and her granddaughter and the important message they bring to the Navajo people and all of mankind


Discovering Shamanism: A Path to Healing and Knowledge (by Irina H. Corten, Ph.D.). (Mo. 10) An introductory article on shamanism, the world’s oldest spiritual tradition that crosses many cultures, and the writer’s personal experience with a soul retrieval and power animals.
Power animals help us cope with life’s challenges
(The Shaman’s Path, by Irina H. Corten, Ph.D.) (No. 11) In Part I, the writer describes the search for her own power animal through journeying to the Lower World of non-ordinary reality.
One small miracle
, letter by Eugene Tang (No. 12). Lucy, the writer’s daughter’s cat, mysteriously disappeared and then turned up under unusual circumstances.
The exorcism in Wildflecken
, by Isis (No. 12). Isis, her husband, and two other women help to free the trapped souls of 15 children from a child care center that once was a Nazi prison camp during World War II.
Power Animals, Part II
(The Shaman’s Path, by Irina H. Corten, Ph.D.) (No. 12). The writer explores further the shamanic practice of retrieving and journeying with power animals.



Cosmic Thoughts (by Julian Joyce) (No. 2). “You Have Work To Do.” The writer relates an experience he had in the 1930w with Riley Fawcett, in which the writer had an OOB. Also mention of Courtney Brown’s Cosmic Voyage.
Where do you fit in?
guest opinion by D. Thomas (No. 2). Volunteers on Earth need a little encouragement now and then.
Cosmic Thoughts
(by Julian Joyce) (No. 3). In “Chapter 91,” the writer shows how The Golden Scripts affected his life.
, by Victoria Wolcott (No. 4). Part of the special issue feature on “Cosmic Critters,” Zulu, a Great Dane, teaches the writer a valuable lesson during his transition into spirit.
Golden Scripts
, letter by Bob Huth (No. 4). After reading Julian Joyce’s article on Chapter 91 in The Golden Scripts, the writer reads the chapter and finds great significance in it.
Intend and trust
, letter by Bob Huth (No. 6). The writer shares his basic daily prayer format.
Cosmic Thoughts
(by Julian Joyce) (No. 6). “The Father’s Story.” A simplified version of the Creation story, according to the author.
Pleiadian Meditation for the Earth
, adapted by Bob Huth, based on Susan Drew’s book, The Tapestry of Light. A step-by-step instruction on meditating to help us handle these times of dramatic change.
Cosmic Thoughts
(by Julian Joyce) (No. 7). “Remote Viewing.” The writer discusses how remote viewing is being used as a psychic weapon by government spies.
Thoughts on Pelley
, letter by Rev. Milton Nothdurft (No. 7). Comments on William Dudley Pelley’s The Golden Scripts and his other Soulcraft books.
(by Ann Ulrich) (No. 7). “Mellow Out on a PC.” New software encourages spiritual and personal growth by use of positive subliminal messages.
Categories divide us
, opinion by Ann Ulrich (No. 9). The editor discusses the challenges of being different from most of society and how people frown at New Agers, suggesting that there are many things that unify us as human beings.
Cosmic Thoughts
(by Julian Joyce) (No. 9). “Seeds” talks about the connection between St. John and Sadam Hussein, and the danger of Muslim sabotage.
Cosmic Thoughts
(by Julian Joyce) (No. 10) “Altered States and Reality.” The writer talks about the 23 trillion-year hologram.
I Am The Child
, by Jessica (No. 11). Polly Cady’s essay on the gifted opportunities of life from her handicapped granddaughter’s point of view.



Upcoming Conferences (No. 3) include the 9th Annual Ozark UFO Conference in Eureka Springs, Ark., April 11-13, and the 50th Anniversary of the Start of the Modern UFO Era in North Haven, Conn., on June 21-22.
Russian World Congress is June 21-27
(No. 6). A UFO Congress is planned for late June in the foothills of the Southern Ural Mountains. Discussion of the Photon Belt is included.
Upcoming Conferences
(No. 6). International Consciousness Conference, June 19-22 in Elmire, N.Y. (SethNet ‘97); 18th Rocky Mountain UFO Conference, June 26-29 in Laramie, Wyo.; Ancient Astronaut Society’s 24th anniversary world conference, Aug. 3-8 in Orlando, Fla.
Conferences and Events
(No. 7). Psychic Extravaganza & True Stories from the X-File, July 11-13 in Kansas City, Mo.; Harmonic Convergence II, July 25-27; Global Sciences Congress, Aug. 7-11, Denver, Colo.; 1st Annual International UFO Congress “Summer Seminars,” Aug. 10-16, Laughlin, Nev.; Stargate Gathering, Aug. 10-16, British Columbia; NamastÀ) Cosmic Networking Gathering, Aug. 14-18, Wilsonville, Ore.; World Congress On Illumination, Aug. 16-21, Seattle, Wash.; Walk-In National Conference for 1997, Oct. 17-19, St. Paul, Minn.
Upcoming Conferences
(No. 10). The UFO Experience Oct. 11-12 in North Haven, Conn.; 1st Annual Long Island UFO Conference Nov. 2, Hicksville, N.Y.; 7th Annual UFO Convention and Film Festival Feb. 1-7, 1998 in Laughlin, Nev.
Upcoming Conferences
(No. 11). Contact 97 Memphis, Nov. 7-9 at the University of Memphis in Tennessee; ET’s, ITC, Etc., Exploring our Multidimensional World, Nov. 7-8 in Denver, Colo. 1st Annual Skywatch Conference, Nov. 15-16 in Phoenix, Ariz.; 19th Annual UFO Conference, June 18-21, Laramie, Wyo.


Mars to get closer than ever in recorded history in 2003, by Joe Rae, (No. 1). Mars will be closest to Earth on Aug. 27.
Dennis Kucinich—a lightworker in Congress
(No. 2). The swearing-in speech by the US representative from Ohio, who is making a difference.
The “real” deal about nuclear, bio and chem attacks
, by SFC Red Thomas (Ret.) (No. 3). A retired military weapons specialist gives the scoop on what’s real regarding chemical, biological and nuclear warfare.
Did a mysterious UFO cause the Shuttle disaster?
by George A. Filer (No. 3). The director of MUFON Eastern reports on the Columbia shuttle crash in February 2003.
What caused the crash of Space Shuttle Columbia?
by Der Voron (No. 3). Analysis of the facts in Space Shuttle Columbia’s Feb. 1 crash over the Southwestern United States.
Traveling clairvoyant to visit Denver this month
(No. 3). Rev. Hoyt Robinette.
Iraq’s resistance is to be expected
, by Michael J. Perrine (No. 4). An in-depth look at the US war with Iraq from the viewpoint of an American living in Japan.
The fall of Baghdad, psychotropous weapons, and possibly Saddam’s tactics
, by Der Voron (No. 5). A look at the Iraqi conflict and Russian involvement.
Whole Life Network sponsors Friday Night Forums beginning May 16
(No. 5).
Isis Speaks (No. 8). An open letter to politicians, by Lady Isis.
Winter Holiday Toy and Clothing Drive (No. 10). Call for help for the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation from Wambli Ho.


Mayan/Incan Solar Meditation March 21 (No. 3). Participants all over the world are invited to gather on the Spring Equinox for the Mayan New Year.
(by Ann Ulrich) (No. 8). “New e-mail address.” The Star Beacon announces its new e-mail address and plans to go on-line.
Skywatch to be held June 6
(No. 6). Upcoming skywatch planned for June 6 near Paonia, Colo.




Ghost hunters gather evidence, release spirits, by Jay H. Halloran (No. 6). The writer relates an experience he shared with a friend in ridding a haunted building of ghosts.


Reach out and touch, letter by Bev Dombrowski (No. 10). A reader comments on The Star Beacon and also discloses her channeling abilities manifested in her own newsletter, The Light Messenger.


Does this symbol mean anything to anyone? (No. 4) A reader sent in the drawing of a symbol composed of concentric circles, wondering if anyone else recognizes it.
Utah crop circle draws crowds
(No. 10). A crop circle that appeared in a farmer’s barley field near Smithfield, Utah in July has authorities baffled. Reader Kaye Studstrup of Salt Lake Utah took photos when she visited the circle, and one of the photos reveals a UFO unseen by the photographer at the time.



The Rainbow: Proof of Life After Death, by Isis (No. 10). The writer and her husband’s attempt to communicate with the “other side” succeeded in 1987 by use of a Ouija board and the sighting of a special rainbow.


DISC-ussion (by Ann Ulrich) (No. 1). “Hale-Bopp, friend or foe?” A lot of speculation is occurring regarding the comet Hale-Bopp and its suspected “companion,” due to come closest to Earth in March.
DISC-ussion (by Ann Ulrich) (No. 2). “Have you seen Hale-Bopp?” Facts of Hale-Bopp are discussed with reference to an article in a recent Astronomy magazine.
Cosmic Comet Wake Up Call, by Aluna Joy Yaxk’in (No. 3). (See CHANNELED MESSAGES)
Have you seen the comet? opinion by Rev. Milton Nothdurft (No. 5). Musings on how a comet’s appearance in the past has brought change to planet Earth and what Hale-Bopp’s presence might mean.
Cloning breakthrough is a benefit to us, opinion by Merry Browne (No. 5). A controversial look at the direction in which cloning may be headed.
How well do you know our planets? (No. 6). Quiz on the planets of our solar system.
The Magnetic Polar Reversal, by Richard E. Rinke (No. 7). A description of what might happen to our planet during its shift.
Water, water everywhere! by James H. Wales (No. 7). A picture taken in June 1996 shows that water is on Europa, a moon of Jupiter. The writer discusses George Adamski’s claims about water and air on our Moon.


2003—Year of the New Cycles (No. 1). Astrological influences are setting a new order in motion for Planet Earth.
A hands-on approach to learning about astrology, review by Ann Ulrich Miller (No. 3). You’re Every Sign: Using Astrology’s Keys to Create Success, Love and Happiness (Phyllis Firak-Mitz, MA).
Sun Sign Prayers... just for fun (No. 7). A humorous look at the different signs’ approach to prayer.
Harmonic Concordance: Enter the Portal of Grace, by Allison Blue Star Rae (No. 11). A special planetary alignment offers a glimpse of our higher aspects.


Safe Zones (advertisement) (No. 5)
Large earthquake warning for Osaka, Japan, letter by Goldenstar (No. 11). The writer warns of a predicted major earthquake to occur in Osaka, Japan during January 1998, and his concern for the people living there.
Earthquake activity since 1980 (No. 11). Chart of earthquake frequency and strength from the U.S. Geological Survey’s Web site.



Global Update II: The New Vibration of Planet Earth, by K.T. (No. 1). The earth “galaxy” has been in the outer vibrational field of the Photon Belt since October 1995, and there has been a continual progression to the inner field or heart of the photonic belt. The writer contends that we will enter this inner field around the winter of 1998.
Shields are the order of the day
, letter by Nina Ansley (No. 3). Comments on the predicted Photon Belt phenomenon that failed to occur, plus wise words from Thokol of Saturn.
On survival
, by Al Fry (No. 7). Comments on how to survive by adjusting to the photon energy changes through spirituality.




Whitley Strieber lectures at book signing in Chicago, by Pat Welsh (No. 11). Report on the famous abductee’s lecture in Chicago during October.


Alien Teachings: The Message and The Meaning (by Laszlo Steiner, Ph.D), “The Ugha Mongulala, Part IV” (No. 1). Viracocha, the only descendant of Lhasa’s kin, rebels against the bequest of the Gods; the Ugha Mongulala form an alliance with the Goths; the White Barbarians start their attacks against the Chosen Tribes, descendants of the star people.
The Contact Stories of Irene Dickson (by Irene Dickson) (No. 1). In Chapter 11, “Split in Half in 1991,” Irene recalls a bilocation incident in her living room, in which her E.T. guides experiment with her thinking. In Chapter 12, “Vivid Dream,” Irene recalls being taken to a spaceship where she realizes she was a crew member.
The Contact Stories of Irene Dickson (by Irene Dickson) (No. 2). Chapter 13: “The Ashtar Command and the Walk-Ins” tells of Irene’s unusual experience with strangers who could have been aliens in disguise. In Chapter 14, “The Hysterectomy,” Irene’s doctors relates a paranormal experience that occurred while Irene was on the operating table.
The Contact Stories of Irene Dickson (by Irene Dickson) (No. 3). In Chapter 15, “The Illusive Attic,” Irene relates a paranormal experience in which her crawl space of an attic turns into a large lighted room filled with mysterious equipment and then later reverts back to a crawl space.
The Contact Stories of Irene Dickson (by Irene Dickson) (No. 4). In Chapter 16, “The Rose Bush,” the writer and her daughter, Marian, see a fairy who pleads with them to save a particular rose bush in the writer’s yard that later blooms in mid-winter.
The Contact Stories of Irene Dickson (by Irene Dickson) (No. 5). In Chapter 17, “The King and Queen of the Fairy Realm,” Irene relates a psychic’s tale of a past life Irene had with Robert in which they lived as a king and queen in a fairy realm.
Alien Teachings: The Message and The Meaning (by Laszlo Steiner) (No. 5). “The Ugha Mongulala, Part V.” The war between the ancient people and the invading white race continues in the Amazon, driving the Ugha Mongulala underground.
Always hope, faith, trust, letter by Rev. Donna Matzas (No. 5) The writer sresses how we must use our own judgment and intuition when dealing with spiritual leaders and beware of those who might lead us astray, as in the case of Heaven’s Gate.
The spice of life, letter by Louise Bowman (No. 6). Praise for Mark Woodhouse’s letter in the April issue, plus some comments on Ashtar, Hatonn and Contact, Phoenix Journals.
The Contact Stories of Irene Dickson (by Irene Dickson) (No. 6). Irene discusses “The Dream of March ‘97” (Chapter 18), and how she wrote to the Nibiruan Council and includes their response.
Living in the Light
, by Lori Cordini (No. 6). Introductory article from a woman in North Carolina who has had a lifetime of UFO contact and is willing to share her knowledge and experiences as The Watana.
Missing time incident? letter by Donna Matzas (No. 7). On April 4, while Donna and Brian Cox were traveling between Arizona and California, they experienced a missing-time episode after seeing a beam of white light.
The Contact Stories of Irene Dickson (by Irene Dickson) (No. 7). Chapter 19, “The Mystifying Hand.” Irene relates an experience in which a hand appears to her three different times.
Water, water everywhere! by James H. Wales (No. 7). (See SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY & THE ENVIRONMENT)
Why many TV addicts are brain dead, by Al Fry (No. 7). Star children who volunteered to come to Earth to assist must put up veils to keep from being damaged by negative subliminal messages such as from TV and modern technology.
Alien Teachings: The Message and The Meaning (by Laszlo Steiner) (No. 7). “The Ugha Mongulala, Part VI.” The Chosen Tribes struggle to keep their secrets of Lower Akakor and must deal with the involvement of the Third Reich in the 20th century.
The Contact Stories of Irene Dickson (by Irene Dickson) (No. 8). In Chapter 20, “What was in the sky?” Irene’s daughter, Marian points out a strange spectacle that stops traffic in Columbus, Ohio, during the late ‘70s or early ‘80s. In Chapter 21, “Metamorphosis,” Irene recalls a dream she had in the 1980s.
Alien Teachings: The Message and The Meaning (by Laszlo Steiner) (No. 8). “The Ugha Mongulala, Part VII.” The conclusion of the series in which Tatunka Nara, the new prince of the Ugha Mongulala, goes through a test, spends eight months among the White Barbarians. In 1971 the tribe retreats underground, warning the rest of civilization of their pending disaster.
Not one of the children, letter by Goldenstar (No. 9). The writer corrects an error in his “Contact N-Light-N” article from June, explaining that Giorgio Bongiovanni was not one of the children of Fatima.
The Contact Stories of Irene Dickson (by Irene Dickson) (No. 9). In Chapter 22, “Marian’s Dream,” Irene’s mentally handicapped adult daughter tells of her dream that she talked with God and Irene gains insight on karma. In Chapter 23, “The Soul Reading,” Irene shares a channeling from Chandara through psychic Linda Maupin.
Marian, a Special Star Child, by Irene Dickson (No. 9). The story of Marian, Irene’s daughter, and how she became schizophrenic from being the victim of incest.
Crash site memories prompt inquiry
, by Lorraine Dvorak Cordini (No. 9). Lori’s story of an abduction experience that happened to her in the early ‘70s and involved a crashed spaceship with ETs, one of whom survived and was subsequently mistreated.
Living in the Light, by Lori Cordini, The Watana (No. 9). The writer asks for questions and comments from readers regarding Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and ET contact, among other things.
Seeking confirmation, letter by Lori Cordini/Watana (No. 10). Comments on the anonymous Art Bell letters in the previous issues, plus discussion on K.T. and a request for more information on the 1971 UFO crash near Edwards AFB.
DISC-ussion (by Ann Ulrich) (No. 10). In “The Cat Came Back” the editor relates the tale of how her cosmic critter disappeared mysterious for a whole day while camping. Also, a tribute to UFO researcher and author Fred Smith, who died July 24, 1997. A further invitation for readers to join Earth Star’s “Friendship Club,” and a plug for visiting the Web site.
The Contact Stories of Irene Dickson (by Irene Dickson) (No. 10). In Chapter 24, “Angel Baby,” Irene describes a dream in the 1980s about a beautiful angel baby with yellow-gold eyes. In Chapter 25, “Where’s the ketchup?” she remembers a childhood experience when she was sent to the store and was intercepted by her E.T. father and was “missing” for a short time.
The Contact Stories of Irene Dickson (by Irene Dickson) (No. 11). Chapter 26, “George to the Rescue,” tells of Irene’s adolescence when George, sentenced to Earth from another planet for something he had done wrong there, protects Irene from a gang of wayward boys.
Tales of a Wanderer (by Lori Cordini, The Watana) (No. 11). In response to questions from readers, the writer discusses the differences between walk-ins and wanderers, and gives her opinion about reincarnation.
The Contact Stories of Irene Dickson (by Irene Dickson) (No. 12). Chapter 26, “The Two Moons and a Butterfly,” tells of Irene’s experience with her daughter Marian in spring 1988 as they witness yet another unusual sighting of something highly strange.


Who is “K.T.”? (No. 2). K.T., the walk-in from Alpha Centauri, explains who he is and his purpose of spreading awareness, touching upon his great loss one year ago of his soulmate.
Life on Alpha Centauri, by K.T., Part I (No. 4). K.T. gives a descriptive report on his home planet, Alpha Centauri-I, covering various topics such as lifestyle, spirituality, physical appearance, relationships, etc.
New dawn rising now through August ‘97, letter by Mark Woodhouse (No. 4). ETs under the Ashtar Command are to arrive to awaken us to cosmic dimensions, claims the writer.
Light Beings are loving, not to be feared, letter by Watana (Lori Cordini) (No. 5). An extensive critique of the March Star Beacon, in which the writer disagrees with Ron St. Laurence’s views on hostile ETs.
Intergalactic Update from Alpha Centauri (for Spring of ‘97), by K.T. (No. 6). Great change is in the making as K.T. attempts to prepare us for the transformation and talks of a great gathering of the “Children of Light” in spring and summer 1998.
The Cover-up Continues, by K.T. (No. 8). (See UFOs -- Government Coverup)
Intergalactic Update: The State of the Earth for Autumn/Winter 1997, by K.T. (No. 10). K.T. of Alpha Centauri announces a landing of 5,000 beings to occur in early November in the Western United States, plus upcoming earth changes, drastic weather patterns, and stresses how spirituality is more important than physical survival.
Navajo entities appear to deliver a spiritual message, by O.H. McKinley, M.D. (Navajo) (No. 10). (See METAPHYSICS — NATIVE AMERICAN SPIRITUALITY)


DISC-ussion (by Ann Ulrich) (No. 3). Davina Ryszka of Delta, Colo., reports that UFO evidence comes back from the lab regarding the mysterious burned circle in a field near Cedaredge, Colo.
UFO Abductions: Taking hypnotic counter measures
, by Ron St. Laurence (No. 3). A hypnotherapist treats the problem of alien abductions as an invasion and the source of trauma in an individual’s life. He offers hypnosis therapy as a means of freeing patients from what he considers to be harmful abuse.


Priest’s letter to Art Bell (No. 1). The anonymous letter from Art Bell’s Web site about Hale-Bopp and how the Vatican allegedly has been monitoring the comet and its “companion.”
The truth hurts, but must be told, opinion by Laszlo Steiner (No. 2). A lengthy discourse on the difficulty of trying to present the truth to the public on the state of our world and the forces working against those who are teaching the UFO phenomenon.
DISC-ussion (by Ann Ulrich) (No. 7). “Deadly Game” comments on Heaven’s Gate possibly having been finished off by sinister forces because of the cult’s computer-hacking activities, as discussed in a Buffalo, Wyo., alternative publication.
DISC-ussion (by Ann Ulrich) (No. 7). “Art Bell Chat Club.” A group in Denver, Colo., has started an Art Bell fan club.
The Cover-up Continues, by K.T. (No. 8). K.T. of Alpha Centauri confirms that rumors of a government coverup on UFOs and ETs is true, and that our extraterrestrial brothers and sisters are willing to help us in the challenging years ahead as we enter the “New Reality.”
DISC-ussion (by Ann Ulrich) (No. 8). “Roswell Focus” discusses the Roswell Incident following the 50th anniversary in June. The Air Force has issued a new report explaining away recovered alien bodies as “crash-test dummies.”
Anonymous letters to Art Bell (No. 8). Reprint of anonymous letters from Art Bell’s Web site about the Roswell coverup, allegedly from the grandson of a team member who took part in the retrieval at the crash site.
Anonymous letters to Art Bell and Linda Howe (No. 9). The third letter to Art Bell from the anonymous grandson of a team member at the Roswell crash site, as well as his letter to Linda Moulton Howe.
Take away the blame, letter by Marilyn Houglan (No. 10). Reflections on the Princess Di tragedy as well as some comments on some recent Art Bell programs.
DISC-ussion (by Ann Ulrich) (No. 10). In “The Cassini Probe” the editor makes a plea for readers to voice their comments to the White House in order to stop the controversial launch of the Cassini Probe to Saturn that carries dangerous plutonium.
DISC-ussion (by Ann Ulrich) (No. 11). “Was it a conspiracy?” mentions a reader’s theory for a possible motive of Princess Diana’s demise.


UFO in the clouds? letter by Name Withheld by Request (No. 1). The husband of a woman who teaches photography at a Denver area high school tells how one of her students took a photo of a UFO in the clouds over the Martin Marietta plant.
Hale-Bopp and the companion (No. 1), off Art Bell’s Web site.
Photo of Hale-Bopp (No. 5). H-B 34: March 9, 1997, a 15-minute time exposure taken by an amateur astronomer from Backyard Universe in Fayetteville, N.C.
DISC-ussion (by Ann Ulrich) (No. 5). A mysterious photo of a pink UFO in a blue sky, allegedly taken by Ryan Ulrich, the editor’s son, who has no memory of it.
DISC-ussion (by Ann Ulrich) (No. 5). Possible “dimensional doorway” taken at Shiprock in New Mexico by Brian Cox on March 8 at 2:00 p.m.
Close-up of the UFO that appeared on film near the Utah crop circle (No. 10), by Kaye Studstrup on July 24, 1997. Also a photo of the crop circle located about 60 miles from Salt Lake City.
Angel Photo (Mike Valeri) (No. 12). Reprint of a photo of a setting October sun over Padanaram Harbor at South Dartmouth, Mass., which appeared in the New Bedford Standard-Times and the Las Vegas Review-Journal.


DISC-ussion (by Ann Ulrich) (No. 1). A UFO was sent Sept. 28, 1996 flying over the Snowmass-Maroon Bells wilderness area, as seen from near Redstone, Colo.
UFO flap in western Colorado, by Ann Ulrich (No. 2). Since mid-January, UFO sightings have been on the increase, especially since a Montrose, Colo., radio station mentioned them on the air. Several reports are described in detail.
UFO sightings continue strong in Colorado, by Davina M. Ryszka (No. 5). Western Colorado investigator Davina Ryszka gives a detailed report on area UFO sightings from late 1996 through early 1997, as well as some earlier recalled sightings.
DISC-ussion (by Ann Ulrich) (No. 5). A San Luis Valley UFO sighting in early February by Adams State College student Scott Milder, plus a UFO seen spiraling around Hale-Bopp’s tail on March 20 on Wilkerson Pass in Colorado.
UFO sightings on Easter, report by Ann Ulrich (No. 5). A Paonia, Colo., woman, referred to simply as M., witnesses unusual sky activity the evening of March 30 north of town.
Contacts-N-Light-N, by Goldenstar (No. 6). Goldenstar, I.C. Ito and two others, hoping to photograph the comet Hale-Bopp, experience a UFO sighting in Japan on March 30, 1997. He discusses this sighting and related events.
DISC-ussion (by Ann Ulrich) (No. 8). Two area UFO sightings are mentioned, one June 21 west of Delta, Colo., and the other June 28 at Roubideau Canyon by the editor’s son, Ryan Ulrich.
DISC-ussion (by Ann Ulrich) (No. 11) “New ‘mindblowing’ UFO video from Mexico” talks about the Aug. 11 sighting of a huge craft over an apartment building in Mexico City, videotaped by a resident, and how the video may turn out to be conclusive evidence of UFOs’ existence.
Cloudships are back, letter by Sheri Gould (No. 12). Cloudships have been appearing again over Buffalo, Wyo., and Jamie Eager went on the air with Whitley Strieber on Art Bell’s radio talk show.
DISC-ussion (by Ann Ulrich) (No. 12). “UFO sightings” features the Nov. 14, 1997 event in Santa Barbara, Calif., by Dr. Ted Loder and Tony Craddock of CSETI, who watched a craft fly silently over the Santa Barbara Channel. Also “Word from KT” discloses that KT has confirmed the landing of 5,000 ETs in the Pacific Northwest in November. Recognition is given to local light workers and a human rights issue is brought to readers’ attention regarding child slave labor in Third World countries.


Beacon survey results give positive feedback and suggestions (No. 8). Comparisons and examples of feedback given by readers on the 1997 Star Beacon Survey.
Alien Teachings: The Message and The Meaning (by Laszlo Steiner, Ph.D.) (No. 11). Universal Laws Part I, “Background,” covers many sources of universal laws on Earth, such as the Egyptian Books of the Dead, the Bible, Chinese literature, the Talmud, among others.
Alien Teachings: The Message and The Meaning (by Laszlo Steiner, Ph.D.) (No. 12). Universal Laws Part II, “Background, Continued,” discusses more sources of universal laws, including the Koran, Magna Carta, St. Thomas Aquinas, Greek philosophers Solon, Plato, Aristotle, and others.

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