Volume IX   (January-December 1995)



The Blue Planet (oil painting) by Ann Ulrich (No. 11)
Christmas tree collage by Ethan Miller and Ann Ulrich (No. 12)


The Photon Belt (No. 3). Review by Ann Ulrich of You Are Becoming a Cosmic Human by Sheldon Nidle and Virginia Essene.
Book provides feedback for dreamers (No. 4). Review by Ann Ulrich of The Dreamer’s Dictionary by Barbara Condron.
‘Earth-Ladyman’ to be released in December (No. 11). Glynn P. Lyles' book. (See UFOS, CONTACTEES/ABDUCTEES)
Book Reviews (No. 10). French UFO researcher Mr. Jean Bastide’s book, La Memoire des O.V.N.I. des Argonautes aux Extraterrestres; Howard and Connie Menger’s books, The High Bridge Incident and Threads of Light to You.
From Tragic to Magic (No. 11). An excerpt from a book sent in by a reader who wants to enlighten those who may have fears about the Photon Belt. Discusses the shift to God Consciousness.


In love with an alien... (No. 2). Excerpts from Intimate Abduction and Return To Terra, space novels by Ann Carol Ulrich.
Book Reviews (No. 10). Flight by Vanna Bonta is reviewed by Ann Ulrich.
The written word is powerful, letter by Chrystle Clae (No. 12). Commentary on Return To Terra by Ann Carol Ulrich, with a book review of the same that was published in the autumn issue of I’ll Take Romance!


New UFO video depicts untold stories (No. 9). A plug for “UFO—The Untold Stories,” released by Acorn Media.



Quotes by Merry Browne (No. 4-5)
Awaken Oh My Soul by Jean B. York (No. 8)
Blue Planet by Richard Gregory (No. 8)
Be Yourself by Merry Browne (No. 11)
Christmas poem by Ethan Miller (No. 12)
Mother Earth by Ed Sankey (No. 12)


Cosmic School by Nina Ansley (No. 1). “Angels... out of the absolute elsewhere?” Thokol discusses why we have suddenly become aware of angels, who and what they are, and whether they are in the same dimensions as UFOs and archangels.
“Let Us Help” through Jean York (No. 1). Message give to the author through the space brothers, pleading with humanity to let them help.
Cosmic School by Nina Ansley (No. 2). “Fear of Loving.” Thokol delivers a powerful, personal message to Nina about love and relationships after she experiences a period of “mental citadel.”
Cosmic School by Nina Ansley (No. 3). Thokol discusses “Conflict... Why does it mess up every important issue we face today?” The teacher Johannus Cassanius adds his spiritual knowledge on the subject.
Cosmic School by Nina Ansley (No. 4). “The Seesaw of Love and Hate... every human being is on it.” Thokol of Saturn stresses the three cosmic laws taught on Saturn: the law of attraction, the law of integration and the law of disintegration.
Cosmic School by Nina Ansley (No. 5). “Cosmic Chess in Human Relationships... winning or losing: the rules of the game.” Thokol discusses relationships of all kinds and the rules of the game, including the wrong use of the Ten Commandments.
Cosmic School by Nina Ansley (No. 7). “The Many Faces of Love... multidimensional —and mostly multidisciplinary!” Thokol of Saturn, with aid from The Law of Forces by Johannus Cassianus, discusses different kinds of love, Saturn’s role in Project Earth-watch and the role of limitations.
Intergalactic Communication by Lucille McNames (through Sari) (No. 8). A pull-out article on Sari’s receival of April 27-29, 1991 from Alioth scientists.
A Letter from Mother Earth through Pepper Lewis (No. 8). Reprinted from The Isis Connection.
The Null Zone by Kali (No. 8). (See SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY & THE ENVIRONMENT, The Photon Belt)
Photon Belt message comes from within, through Kari (No. 11). A host of council members from the star system Sirius gives encouraging information on the Photon Belt.
What’s Behind Inventions? Biofab -- A ‘Living’ Fabric, by Lucille McNames, through Sari (No. 12). A scientific development on a new material to be used in the future.


Helping in Japan, by Michael J. Perrine (No. 5). Praises for The Star Beacon and how it helps education people in Japan.
Where true beauty lies
, letter by Lee Walsh (No. 7). The writer comments on the investigation into Dr. John Mack, the increase in failing small publications, how psychics and gifted people ought not to change for their services, and about a researcher friend with a negative attitude about longevity.
What’s wrong with Mack?
letter by Mari Ana Irwin (No. 9). The writer is curious about Lee Walsh’s reference to John Mack in the July 1995 issue.
Earth is not the only place to live
, letter by Fran Grove (No. 8). A new subscriber feels that The Star Beacon is like a letter from home.



Self-funding Health Care (ad) (No. 6). The Family Health Networks’ self-funding health care program as outlined by Brian Cox.
Liquid Lights are introduced to Planet Earth, by Sheri Gould (No. 8). A tool of vibrational oils, termed “Liquid Lights” by the Sirians, has been given to us to balance our chakra systems instantaneously as described in this channeled message from the High Council of Sirius, through Karen McVay.
Liquid Lights Update (No. 10). Sheri Gould gives a quick report on how to obtain bottles.
Mental Medicine by Merry Browne (No. 12). We can have better health, claims the writer, by helping others and being in harmony.




Implants to send, letter by Arda Golden Eagle (No. 4). In response to last month’s letter requesting that people send their removed alien implants, the writer plans to box some up and send them via “etheric” mail.
If you can’t take a hint... by Sheri Gould (No. 5). When the writer’s clothes dryer breaks down and it rains, she is forced to go to the laundromat, where she connects with a new metaphysical friend.
Photo: “More Californians, No Doubt” by Paul Stanton (No. 8). Used by permission.




Cosmic School by Nina Ansley (No. 1). “Angels... out of the absolute elsewhere?” (See CHANNELED MESSAGES)
Guardian Angels (No. 4). A message from a guardian angel says life after Earth is something to look forward to.
Visited by an angel, by Sheri Gould (No. 4). While working one Sunday in her retail fishing store, the writer has a visit by an angel in the flesh.
Messages from your Guardian Angels (No. 8). A couple of anecdotes from the anonymous “Guardian Angel.”



Dream Map, letter by Joan Hansen (No. 5) (See SCIENCE, TECH & ENV., EARTH CHANGES)


The Sentrina Mystery -- Part I (No. 1). The beginning of a series of articles in which Sentrina, a woman from the East Coast who prefers to remain anonymous, tells in personal letters to the editor about her dreams and experiences relating to her Native American and space contacts.
The Sentrina Mystery -- Part II
(No. 2). In Sentrina’s letters from March 1994 to April 1994, she gets confirmation of her “identity” from the medicine man, Archie Fire Lame Deer, and relates many of her dreams.
The Sentrina Mystery -- Part III
(No. 4). In letters from March to May 1994, Sentrina describes her experiences with a twin pregnancy in which one fetus vanishes; the hummingbird visitor; the lavender ET; her preparations to go to Arizona to see the Hopi, and to visit the dwelling near Sedona, plus more of her dreams.
The Sentrina Mystery -- Part IV
(No. 6). Sentrina’s letters from May 1994 through June 1994 tell of her trip to Arizona, to the ruins of the dwelling, her failure to get in contact with Hopi medicine man Augustine, descriptions of photos with strange things in them, and ties to the white buffalo.
The Sentrina Mystery -- Part V
(No. 9). Letters describing Sentrina’s experiences with Native American mysticism continue from June 1994 to November 1994, including the mysterious photo taken on her way to see the baby white buffalo in southern Wisconsin.
The Sentrina Mystery -- Part VI
(No. 11). Continuation of letters from Sentrina dated to December 1994.


In honoring who we truly are, we please God, by Ron Quinn (No. 4). The poignant story of the writer’s experience when his father passes away, including his encounters with space beings who foretell of the event and the writer’s predeceased sister.
Time Traveler in the Philadelphia Experiment (No. 7). Notes from a lecture given by a man named Drue, who claims he worked alongside Einstein and Nicola Tesla on the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943, plus the writer’s comments and observations about Drue.




Cosmic Thoughts by Julian Joyce (No. 2). “From and To.” The writer discusses stages of growing up and how this life experience is just another semester.
Cosmic Thoughts by Julian Joyce (No. 5) “Love” is the theme of this brief article referring to The Golden Scripts.
Taking care of karmic business, by Merry Browne (No. 5). Brief essay on karma.
Cosmic Thoughts by Julian Joyce (No. 6). “Let There Be Light.”
Cosmic Thoughts by Julian Joyce (No. 7). “Keep your eye upon the donut.” Our answers shall be found from within, according to the author.
Cosmic Thoughts by Julian Joyce (No. 9). “The Christ -- No Limits.”
Cosmic Thoughts by Julian Joyce (No. 11). “In Between and Before.” The writer discusses many things, including Jesus Christ and the booklet Lifted Up by the author.



7th Annual Ozark UFO Conference (No. 2) in Eureka Springs, Ark., April 7-9.
‘Flower of Life’ workshop (No. 3) March 8-12 in Montrose, Colo. Drunvalo Melchizedek.
Mayan solar initiation and reawakening (No. 3). Hunbatz Men and the Mayan Council invite people to join them to reawaken humanity into the Galactic Citizenship.
Pikes Peak UFO & New Age Expo (No. 3) in Colorado Springs, April 28-May 1. New Age Expo sponsored by Inner Light Publications.
Rocky Mountain UFO Conference (Nos. 3-4). 16th annual Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigation to be held June 22-24 at the University of Wyoming in Laramie.
When Cosmic Cultures Meet (No. 4). A UFO conference May 27-29 in Washington, DC, sponsored by the Human Potential Foundation.
New Science Forum to be held in Fort Collins, Sept. 13-17 (No. 8). A call for papers is announced for the IANS forum.
See and study UFOs at Gulf Breeze (No. 9). The 3rd annual Gulf Breeze UFO Conference in Pensacola, Fla, Oct. 20-22.
UFO educational program in Chicago area (No. 10). A program Oct. 7-8, put on by MUFON and other groups in the Chicago area.
One-day conference set in St. Louis (No. 10). A conference put on Oct. 21 by NEXUS, the Steamshovel Press, The Probe, et al.
CSETI’s first annual conference (No. 10). Asheville, NC is the setting for CSETI’s first conference, Nov. 3-4, 1995.


Dr. Norma Milanovich to speak and give workshop in Boulder (No. 1). “The Fifth Dimension: Earth’s Changing Reality” is the topic of a workshop Jan. 28-29 in Boulder.
Violet Light to hold healing arts fair (No. 2). First annual Healing Arts Fair scheduled for April 29 in Hotchkiss, Colo.
DISC-ussion by Ann Ulrich (No. 3). The editor complains about rising publication costs, competition from similar newsletters and too many complimentary issues.
Contributions will be returned a hundred-fold, letter by Adona (No. 4). The writer encourages The Star Beacon editor to continue her work to reach the masses with vital information.
DISC-ussion by Ann Ulrich (No. 10). Upcoming lecture by survival specialist Ken Lewis in October; pastel sunsets indicate the Photon Belt’s presence; UFO sightings in Salida, Colo.; the mystery of the answering machine that turns itself on; Internet paranoia.
UFO meeting Nov. 5 (No. 11). Announcement of the Nov. 5 UFO Contact Center meeting to be held in Paonia, Colo.


Report on the Laramie UFO conference, by Sheri Gould (No. 10). An extensive report on the 16th Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigation held in Laramie, Wyo., June 1995, in which the writer and her son saw UFOs over the campus.
DISC-ussion by Ann Ulrich (No. 12). Report on the Nov. 5 UFO Contact Center meeting in Paonia, Colo., with MUFON investigator Davina Ryszka, plus a report on the talk Oct. 1 given by Ken Lewis and Tim Kern from Denver on survival.


Phone mystery solved, letter by Joi Doyle (No. 12). In response to DISC-ussion column’s answering machine mystery, the writer relates a puzzling tale regarding her own machine.


Has grays’ purpose been misinterpreted? letter by Chris Frantz-Warner (No. 6). The writer, who was a veterinary technician, suggests that the grays may have a purpose in “testing” cattle near nuclear facilities in order to monitor radiation levels in humans.
A strange thing happened on the way to the nuclear facility
, letter by Chris Frantz-Warner (No. 7). The writer tells of her trip to Salmon, Idaho in May 1995, where she met Dick Campbell, who related his UFO contact experience near the ARCO nuclear facility plus how the writer and her party discovered a mutilated cow on the highway.





Something big is coming, letter by Torner (No. 7). (See UFOs, Contactees/Abductees)
Cosmic Thoughts
by Julian Joyce (No. 12). “Crop Circles Understood.” During a recent UFO meeting, the writer received information from within regarding the meaning of crop circles.


Danger of ‘psychic games,’ by Naomi Albright (No. 10). A reprint of an article in the July 1995 issue of Paths of Light, in which the author discloses certain dangers in using psychic ability.




About Mars and the Moon... an update, by Lee Walsh (No. 3). The writer gives a report on a radio interview she heard in which Mars researcher Richard Hoaglund talked about the Moon and Mars.


Signs of the Times, by Molly Ohlheiser (Nos. 1, 2, 3, 8, 10, 12). Molly explains some astrological terms in No. 8. She discusses Libra in No. 10 and begins a “House Tour” in No. 12.


‘Prepare for quakes,’ letter by Nina Ansley (No. 3). The writer tells how Commander Korton came through on Jan. 25 to warn her of the earthquake in Kobe, Japan, which occurred two days later.
Violent ‘V’ energies signal Venusian return
, opinion by John Robert Feather (No. 6). In preparation for the return of higher-vibration Venusians, an energy tied to violence will be cleansing the earth in the next five years.



DISC-ussion by Ann Ulrich (No. 2). “Are we entering the Photon Age?” Mention of the book by Sheldon Nidle and Virginia Essene, You Are Becoming a Galactic Human; also a report on the 12-12.
The Photon Belt, book review by Ann Ulrich (No. 3). Based on You Are Becoming a Galactic Human by Sheldon Nidle and Virginia Essene, the editor gives a detailed review/essay on what the Sirians have told Nidle will happen by December 1996.
Photon Belt message comes from within, through Kari (No. 11). (See CHANNELED MESSAGES)
My personal experience with the photon belt, by Marty Ulrich (No. 8). A fictional account anticipating what it might be like during the Null Zone, written by the editor’s 14-year-old son.
DISC-ussion by Ann Ulrich (No. 8). The editor explains how this issue centers around Planet Earth and why The Star Beacon won’t print a lot about New World Order.
The Null Zone, by Kali (No. 8). A reprinted channeled article from The Gateway Newsletter, giving instructions and what to expect during the Null Zone.
Imagine the consternation, letter by Rev. Milton Nothdurft (No. 10). The writer comments on the Photon Belt as well as on Admiral Byrd and The Star Beacon in general.
Does not seem fair, letter by Kathy Wonch (No. 10). The writer voices concern about entering the Null Zone, wondering how Third World countries are going to cope.
A familiar ring, letter by Mari Ana Irwin (No. 12). Comments on the Photon Belt.
Words of wisdom from Adona, letter by Adona (No. 12). The writer explains her personal reaction to the Photon Belt energies and encourages everyone to broaden horizons and accept the talents of their Higher Selves.


Nikola Tesla: The Fourth Dimensional Enigma? by Lee Walsh (No. 1). The story of the genius Nikola Tesla, born in 1856 in Croatia, and his life as an inventor way ahead of his time.



Implants wanted, letter by Mr. Hector Ayala (No. 3). A collector of alien implants, having read about Arlene Whiteswan who removes them from abductees, wants readers to send them to him at this Florida address.


Space brothers plead “Let us help!” by Jean York (No. 1). During the middle of the night, the writer received urgent messages from the space brothers, starting in the mid ’70s, which she wrote down and compiled in a manuscript called “Let Us Help!” (See CHANNELED MESSAGES)
Alien Teachings: The Message and The Meaning (by Laszlo Steiner) (No. 3). Part I of “Contactees -- Admiral Richard E. Byrd.” Historical references to the Inner Earth are many, as related in this segment of the Admiral Byrd story.
Alien Teachings: The Message and The Meaning (by Laszlo Steiner) (No. 4). Part II of “Contactees -- Admiral Richard E. Byrd.” Historical references to the Inner Earth are many, as related in this segment of the Admiral Byrd story.
Adam, a special star child, by Sheri Gould (No. 5). On Labor Day 1994, the writer relates an experience when she and her children went with friends to the Bighorn Mountains and Adam, her 13-year-old son, had a healing experience in a makeshift tepee.
Alien Teachings: The Message and The Meaning (by Laszlo Steiner) (No. 5). Part III of “Contactees -- Admiral Richard E. Byrd.” In this article the writer gives supporting evidence of Admiral Byrd’s discoveries, including a sketch of the Hollow Earth.
Alien Teachings: The Message and The Meaning (by Laszlo Steiner) (No. 6). Part IV of “Contactees -- Admiral Richard E. Byrd.” More evidence to back up Admiral Byrd’s claim that the earth is hollow, including a NASA photo showing the opening at the North Pole.
Acquainted with Byrd, letter by Rev. Milton Nothdurft (No. 6). The writer, who is a UFO researcher, tells of his brush with the famous Admiral Byrd.
Alien Teachings: The Message and The Meaning (by Laszlo Steiner) (No. 7). Part V of “Contactees -- Admiral Richard E. Byrd.” More on the alien connection with the Hollow Earth and messages given to Admiral Byrd.
Something big is coming, letter by Torner (No. 7). The writer talks about several incidents on contact with ETs, and comments on the crop circles.
Alien Teachings: The Message and The Meaning (by Laszlo Steiner) (No. 8). Part VI of “Contactees -- Admiral Richard E. Byrd.” The conclusion of the Admiral Byrd series of articles.
‘Earth-Ladyman’ to be released in December (No. 11). Glynn Lyles’ new book on his encounter 10 years ago with space people in Fulda, Germany, is about to be released by Earth Star Publications.
Alien Teachings: The Message and The Meaning (by Laszlo Steiner) (No. 11). “Contactees -- David Jungclaus, Ph.D.” The first installment of the chapter on David Jungclaus about his contact with Star Commander Varcus and his cosmic education.
Alien Teachings: The Message and The Meaning (by Laszlo Steiner) (No. 12). Part II of “Contactees -- David Jungclaus, Ph.D.” In this segment is David’s message, followed by quotations of wisdom by Dr. Albert Einstein..


Plea to Space People, letter by Rev. Milton Nothdurft (No. 3). In an open letter directed to the friendly space brothers, Rev. Nothdurft voices his fervent request for their help on oppressed Planet Earth.
UFO Information Bank, letter by Nell Zajak (No. 5). The writer shares a letter directed to Art Bell, explaining her theory on the scenarios with the Grays and an ET group called the Koldasions and how they have interacted with our government to control Earth. Includes many good references.
Arguing semantics, letter by Nina Ansley (No. 5). Thokol’s use of the word “energetics” has the writer so baffled, she gets up in the middle of the night to check her dictionary, only to find Thokol is right.
DISC-ussion by Ann Ulrich (No. 5). Ambassador Merlin II, who claims to be an ET, lobbies for Nevada state legislators to designate Highway 375 north of the Nevada Test Site as the “Extraterrestrial Alien Highway.”


Secret committee seeks to expel Dr. John Mack, by William Hauck (No. 5). Reprint of an article defending Dr. Mack when his university colleagues are trying to discredit him for his work with UFO abductees.
Where true beauty lies, letter by Lee Walsh (No. 7). (See COMMENTARY)
What’s wrong with Mack? letter by Mari Ana Irwin (No. 9). The writer is curious about Lee Walsh’s reference to John Mack in the July 1995 issue.
Statement regarding the scientific inquisition against Dr. John Mack for his UFO research activity by a Harvard faculty committee, by Laszlo Steiner (No. 9). Excerpts from the 27-page report (including references) defending investigator Dr. John Mack.


DISC-ussion (by Ann Ulrich) (No. 5). An English magazine, The Circle Hunter, in its February 1995 issue, talks about alleged video footage of debris being recovered at the Roswell, N.M. crash in 1947, which reveals recognizable persons, one of which is President Harry Truman.
Re: The Hollow Earth, letter by Jan Lamprecht (No. 9). The writer, who lives in South Africa, tells of his own experiences in researching the Hollow Earth theory and coming across barriers from unknown authorities.
Non-sighting’ of black helicopters over Paonia, Colorado (No. 10). The anonymous witness describes in his own words how he perceived black helicopters flying over the North Fork Valley at 1:15 AM on July 8, 1995.



DISC-ussion (by Ann Ulrich) (No. 3). Sighting of a UFO near Gila Bend, Ariz., on Sept. 1, 1994 by two San Diego women, in which they followed and came upon a scene where authorities were chasing it. Two weeks later, when they stopped in Gila Bend to inquire, everything had been hushed up.
UFO Reports in Colorado (No. 6). Three sightings of UFOs occurred in the spring of 1995, two from Paonia and one from an elementary school playground in Delta.
A funny thing happened on the way to the nuclear facility, letter by Chris Frantz-Warner (No. 7). (See PARANORMAL, Animal Mutilations)
Report on the Laramie UFO conference, by Sheri Gould (No. 10). (See NEWS, Reports)
Fourth of July light show, letter by George, Janell and Brian Smith (No. 9). Comments on the editor’s book, Return To Terra, and a description of a UFO among Fourth of July fireworks in California.
Argentina... Beam of Light with 3 Corners (No. 11). Report from an Argentine ufologist, one of the cases included in Mr. Jean Bastide’s new book, La Memoire des OVNI.
Faces in the clouds, letter by Torner (No. 12). Interesting photos of clouds taken by the writer (not pictured) reveal “faces” of aliens.


DISC-ussion by Ann Ulrich (No. 5). Excerpts from the publication Magick-Mirror (MUFON’s newsletter in New York City) about cattle mutilations in New Mexico, dying ufologists, and the possibility of mind control.
Chronology of UFO Events (as outlined by one 45-year observer of the phenomena), by Rev. Milton Nothdurft (No. 11). The writer lists certain UFO events he has studied over the course of five decades.

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