Volume XII   (January-December 1998)




Drawings by Sanni Ceto (No. 6)
Original drawing by Sanni Ceto
(No. 10). “The human clones in the replicator machine.”



A mother’s grief-stricken journey to spiritual transformation, review by Ann Ulrich (No. 5). Heather’s Return, by Geri Colozzi Wiitala, is a poignant true story of a mother’s struggle with her teenager daughter’s death and how she broke through the constraints of her fundamentalist beliefs to discover life beyond death.
Looking for the mother of UFO resources? Look no more...
(No. 8) A review of The UFO Encyclopedia: The Phenomenon from the Beginning, by Jerome Clark.
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
, by James Parsons (No. 11). (See UFOS-CONTACTEES/ ABDUCTEES)



The Prince and the Wise Man, a Parable on Health, by Fred Pulver (No. 7). Diet and lifestyle are directly proportional to health, as illustrated in this Middle World allegory.
(by Ann Ulrich) (No. 9). Mention of the upcoming publication of the editor’s novel, Sonata Summer.
(by Ann Ulrich) (No. 11). In “Scott’s Book Report,” the editor’s son does a school assignment on his mother’s sci-fi novel, Return To Terra.
A Rocky Mountain Christmas
, by Ann Carol Ulrich (No. 12). A story of compassion about a young man struggling with a hurtful Christmas past (special feature for December).



The Meaning of It All, by Richard Gregory (No. 2). Words to his song.
Mayan Landing 2012 puts you right there (No. 10). Review of Thunder Beat’s new CD.


Flaming Sword, by Jean B. York (No. 3)
This Is Life
, by Ronald Neal Quinn (No. 6)
Rosemary’s Message, channeled through Michael Sawicki (No. 6)
, by Isis (No. 6)
Spirit Eggs, by Erich A. Aggen, Jr. (No. 6)
by Merry Browne (No. 6)
Planetary Progression
, by Erich A. Aggen, Jr. (No. 6)
Spring Cleaning
, by Joan Hansen (No. 6)
The Dance
, by Gail Aggen (No. 6)
The Rose
, by The Watana (No. 6)
Summer’s Birds of Hunger
, by Jim DeWitt (No. 6)
The Boy and the Flag
, by Edgar A. Guest (No. 6)
Shucks, I’m Just a Special Assistant
, by Jim DeWitt (No. 6)
, by Erich A. Aggen, Jr. (No. 6)
After Six Hours Suspension
, by Jim Dewitt (No. 6)
, by Jim DeWitt (No. 6)
Come my love
, by Ethan Miller (No. 6)
My love, I dream
, by Ethan Miller (No. 6)
Remote Viewing
, by Gail Aggen (No. 6)
St. Elmo’s Fire
, by Gail Aggen (No. 6)
An eagle gliding in the sky
, by Edward N. Quinn (No. 6)
Through the eyes of the soul...
by Watana (No. 6)
The Temple of Light on Mars
, by Gail Aggen (No. 6)
Flight of the Golden Eagle
, by Jean York (No. 8)
, by Gail Aggen (No. 8)
Star Crossed Lover
, by Gail Aggen (No. 8)
, by Kari (No. 9)


Tales of a Wanderer, by Lori Cordini, The Watana (No. 1). Responding to questions received on the Internet, Watana gives advice on believing, decision-making and simplicity.
Crystals of Light, “Breaking the Self-Sacrifice Syndrome”
by Arda Golden Eagle Woman (No. 1). Lord Jesus gives encouragement, stressing that self-sacrifice is no longer needed in our ascension process.
Love One Another, from the Council to Isis (No. 2). Plain and simple, the message continues to be “love one another.”
UFOs again reveal who they are
, through Sari, by Lucille McNames (No. 4). Instructed by her mentors to rewrite a message given to her on Christmas Eve 1996, Sari shares the transmission in its revised form.
Crystals of Light
, by Arda Golden Eagle Woman (No. 2). “The Ultimate Weapons.” Mother God discusses the “Winds of Change” that are sweeping away the illusions of anger, pain and judgment, created by fear.
Crystals of Light
, by Arda Golden Eagle Woman (No. 3). “I Am.” Words of wisdom in poetic form.
Balancing 4-D Energy with 3-D Earth Frequencies
(through Sari), by Lucille McNames (No. 3). Former earth nutritionists discuss the importance of eating the right foods and using herbs to cleanse and heal the body.
Life on Essassani: Bashar
(through Darryl Anka) (No. 5). Material channeled from an extraterrestrial — an excerpt from Luana Ewing’s book, Bashar: Blueprint for Change - A Message from Our Future.
Simple Shift in Consciousness
, Jesus-Sananda through Kali, by Joan Hansen (No. 6). With a simple shift in consciousness, we can open the door and step through.
Crystals of Light, by Arda Golden Eagle Woman (No. 7). Mother Meera talks about what love is.
, by Merry Browne (No. 7). The evolution of consciousness is the emergence of intelligence.
Urgent Message from Sari, letter by Sari (No. 8). A warning to mankind from the Parallel World.
Crystals of Light, “Archangel Michael speaks on Earth’s dry weather,”
by Arda Golden Eagle Woman (No. 8). Michael explains what is going on with regard to El Nino and La Nina and the mass consciousness.
Reading on Star Crystal by Sari
(through Sari) (No. 8). Sari tells what she picks up about Jim Light’s Star Crystal.
Thokol advises we get affairs in order
(through Nina Ansley) (No. 9). Thokol of Saturn warns us to get our affairs in order before August 1999, because between then and December 1999 there will “erupt critical mass chaos.”
Tales of a Wanderer
(by Lori Cordini, The Watana) (No. 9). “The healing of the whole comes from the healing of the self,” a question-and-answer format on change and spiritual growth.
Crystals of Light
(through Arda Golden Eagle Woman) (No. 9). Mother God channels “Where and What Is God.”
Crystals of Light
(through Arda Golden Eagle Woman) (No. 10). “Coming Out of Hiding.” Lord Jesus reassures us that the current Clinton vs. Starr scenario is bringing to light many secret actions in many areas.
Message from Ashtar
, letter by Adona (No. 11). Ashtar gives a “pep talk” to Earthean-ET souls who volunteered to incarnate on this planet at this time.


Cult —The Definition Thereof, by Isis (No. 1). In light of the recent mass suicide of Heaven’s Gate members, Isis discusses what cultism is and advises us not to judge others.
Stay merry
, letter by Merry Browne (No. 2). The writer refuses to feel gloomy after reading about predictions of doom and earth changes in the January issue.
Orthodoxy and Education: Earthshaking Examples of What We’re Not Being Taught
, by Michael J. Perrine (No. 6). Despite a century of amazing technological advances... we are still deeply mired in the outdated and polluted ‘fireplace technology’ of the Industrial Age.
The light gets stronger
, letter by Arda Golden Wagle Woman (No. 9). Praises for articles on the Star Crystal and all the light workers who contribute to bring in the transformation.
Attitude Determines Altitude
(No. 10) (author unknown). We can complain all we want about our daily problems, but when we stop and count our blessings, out attitude changes.



Healing signals for relief, by Al Fry (No. 1). Several suggestions for relieving pain are cited.
How we prep for pain
, by Al Fry (No. 1). We must stop using comparison in our lives if we want to overcome obstacles such as pain.
World Earth Healing Day 1998
(No. 4). May 25, 1998 is the 3rd World Earth Healing Day, an annual event that was started in 1996.
The Prince and the Wise Man, a Parable on Health
, by Fred Pulver (No. 7). (See ART & CULTURE - FICTION)
Nutrition is important
, letter by Louise Bowman (No. 9). Reaction to Fred Pulver’s parable of eating whole grains and the importance of eating nutritionally to remain balanced spiritually.
Fear is our enemy, chaos is our friend
, by Aluna Joy Yaxk’in (No. 10). (See METAPHYSICS - ASCENSION)
Getting started with macrobiotics
, by Fred Pulver (No. 10). An introduction to the macrobiotic way of living, which is a strict vegetarian diet that includes soups, beans and whole grains, in order to restore health.


Gem of the Month: Rose Quartz (No. 2). The “Love Stone” has many healing benefits, particularly where love is concerned.
Gem of the Month: Marble
(No. 3). Healing properties of marble.
Gem of the Month: Agate
(No. 9). Healing properties characteristic of agate.


Herb of the Month: Feverfew (No. 2). An herb to relieve pain is also good for many other bodily complaints.
Herb of the Month: St. John’s Wort
(No. 3). Medicinal uses of St. John’s Wort and how to prepare and use it.


Spelling test at the Pearlies (No. 3). A joke about a woman who has died and unexpectedly encounters her husband at the Pearly Gates.
Noah’s Ark 2000
(No. 5). Noah has trouble with labor relations, among other things, in his attempt to carry out God’s command to save the earth.




Fear is our enemy, chaos is our friend, by Aluna Joy Yaxk’in (No. 10). As we approach the millennium, a lot of people are buying into fear. By taking responsibility for ourselves, we can cope with our concerns and be aware of the symptoms our bodies are experiencing.


Tales of a Wanderer, “The Wedding,” by Lori Cordini, The Watana (No. 7). A dream about a wedding has a deeper meaning, as discussed in this revelation about lightworkers’ missions.


The Seven Thunders, as told by Robert Ghost Wolf (No. 1). A reader’s notes on the oral and written prophecies carried through the generations by pre-American Natives, as disclosed on the Art Bell radio talk show.
A very important book
, letter by Kaye Studstrup (No. 4). One of the Hopi Elders tells the writer in a telephone conversation to buy and read The Hopi Survival Kit by Thomas E. Mails because it tells about the future.
Plea from a Ho-Chunk
, letter by John Garret Crow (No. 7). News of a newly published directory of Indian Country addresses, plus a request for any news of the writer’s son, Collin Todd Crowley.
Hopi Elders talk about their prophecies
(No. 8). Information taken from the Art Bell Show on June 16, 1998, when Robert Ghost Wolf introduced three Hopi Elders who say it is now time to speak out about their prophecies.
Right in our faces
, opinion by Arda Golden Eagle Woman (No. 10). It is time to release our judgment and guilt, particularly where Native Americans are concerned. Leonard Peltier’s case is just an example of the fact that it is time for change.


The Shaman’s Path: Coping With Winter (by Irina H. Corten, Ph.D.) (No. 1). The writer uses shamanic journeying and the aid of her power animal, Mother Goat, to help her overcome her negative attitude toward winter.
The Shaman’s Path: Spirits of Nature: A Healing from a Tree
(by Irina H. Corten, Ph.D.) (No. 2). When shamans journey to multidimensional realms, they often commune with spirits other than human or animal, as in this case.
Al Bielek’s Timetable to the 21st Century,
by Paul Bartch (No. 3). The incredible story of Al Bielek, the man who survived the Philadelphia Experiment in 1942.
Alfred D. Bielek, the “Philadelphia Experiment” (No. 3). Biographical profile on Al Bielek.
The Shaman’s Path: Shamanism and Extraterrestrial Contact, Part I
(by Irina H. Corten, Ph.D.) (No. 3). The role that ETs play in shamanic journeying has special significance to the author, who relates the story of how her mother was possibly abducted while pregnant with the author.
The Shaman’s Path: Shamanism and Extraterrestrial Contact, Part II
(by Irina H. Corten, Ph.D.) (No. 4). The writer tells how, during a journey to the Upper World, she met her ET twin, Kor.
Tales of a Wanderer
(by Lori Cordini, The Watana) (No. 4). A short column on how the soul takes us through our dreams into worlds the physical cannot go or comprehend.
The Shaman’s Path: Shamanism and Extraterrestrial Contact, Part III
(by Irina H. Corten, Ph.D.) (No. 5). The writer explores her connection with extraterrestrials and takes a journey to the Upper World with her octopus-shaped teacher and guide, EL.
The Shaman’s Path: Shamanism and Extraterrestrial Contact, Part IV
(by Irina H. Corten, Ph.D). (No. 6). “Lessons in Courage” deals with facing one’s irrational fears. The writer describes her visionary journey to the Lower World, where she confronts her fears.
The Shaman’s Path: Soul Retrieval, Part I
(by Irina H. Corten, Ph.D.) (No. 8) Soul retrieval is explained in depth with an example from the writer’s client, Dave, whose ties to his mother kept him from having a pet or keeping a relationship with a woman.
The Shaman’s Path: Soul Retrieval, Part II
(by Irina H. Corten, Ph.D.) (No. 9) Soul retrieval for body parts that have suffered abuse or ailments is discussed, as well as soul remembering.
The Shaman’s Path: Soul Retrieval, Part III (
by Irina H. Corten, Ph.D.) (No. 10). “Working with Non-Human Subjects.” Using her own dogs as an example, the writer describes soul retrieval in non-human subjects.
The Shaman’s Path: Healing the Souls of the Dead, Part I
(by Irina H. Corten, Ph.D.) (No. 11). The method of Psychopomp is explained, using the example of the author’s Russian nanny, Maria.
The Shaman’s Path: Healing the Souls of the Dead, Part II
(by Irina H. Corten, Ph.D.) (No. 12). In this segment, the writer tells about her experience with her pet dog, Benji, and how she discovered their past-life relationship through shamanic journeying.



Cosmic Thoughts, “Ruth,” (by Julian Joyce) (No. 1). The writer compares the life of the biblical Ruth, who watched Jesus walk on water, to Mary Baker Eddy, founder of the Christian Science church.
Amnesia and past lives
, by Al Fry (No. 2). In the writer’s opinion, memory was cut off 10,000 years ago to justify mankind’s abuse.
Cosmic Thoughts, “And I Did It My Way,”
(by Julian Joyce) (No. 2). Inventions and music that “came to” the author are examples of doing things “his way,” i.e., differently.
Quieting Our Egos
, opinion by Kari (No. 2). As people become spiritually advanced, there seems to be a tendency to impress others. The writer uses the Dalai Lama as an example of how to remain humble.
A Sandpiper: Just look to a child
, by Ruth Peterson (No. 3). The emotionally touching true story of a woman whose trauma is eased by a friendly little girl on the seashore, who is facing her own hidden trauma.
Cosmic Thoughts, “The Heralds of the Morning,”
(by Julian Joyce) (No. 3). The author talks about three mental trips he took to Washington, D.C., interspersed with sporadic anecdotes about his early life.
Cosmic Thoughts, “The Gathering,”
(by Julian Joyce) (No. 4). Lessons from the movie, The Highlander, and Chapter 91 from The Golden Scripts, plus mention of Orrin William Auman’s book, By the Help of the Infinite.
Cosmic Thoughts, “Our Encyclopedia,”
(by Julian Joyce) (No. 5). Reflections on a lecture by Carolyn Myss on PBS about belief systems.
Crystals of Light “Where Are You — In the Future, the Past, or the Now?”
(by Arda Golden Eagle Woman) (No. 5). Carbon monoxide poisoning serves as a wake-up call to the writer when her life swings in a negative direction. Spirit prompts her to stay out of the future and the past and remain in the Now.
Cosmic Thoughts, “The Bible”
(by Julian Joyce) (No. 6). The writer muses about the Bible and its interpretation and use by certain teachers, such as Edgar Cayce, Phylos and Mary Baker Eddy.
Cosmic Thoughts, “Heat,”
(by Julian Joyce) (No. 7). Some observations on the HAARP Project and tampering with our planet’s atmosphere.
Cosmic Thoughts, “An Avatar,”
(by Julian Joyce) (No. 8) Ray Rumfelt, who had an influence on the writer’s life, became an avatar after he passed on, according to the writer.
Audre Achee brings enlightenment with Aurora Borealis
, by Ann Ulrich (No. 9). A profile on light worker Audre Achee of New York, who has a TV program called “Aurora Borealis.”
Cosmic Thoughts, “Lifted Up,”
(by Julian Joyce) (No. 9). A short lesson on being lifted up spiritually.
The Creation Myth of the Nuni,
by Joey White (No. 9). A parable about creation.
Spiritual journey
, letter by midwife in Montana (No. 10). Praises and comments on the last Star Beacon issue as we prepare for our spiritual journey.
Spreading light in a sea of darkness
, letter by Mike Perrine (No. 10). A reader from Japan voices his observations of people around him from a spiritual perspective.
Almine Barton teaches process of Ascension
, by Paul Bartch (No. 10). Excerpts from a taped workshop at the 1997 Global Sciences Congress in Denver, Colo., about how to be in harmony with the rest of the Universe.
Tales of a Wanderer (by Lori Cordini, The Watana)
(No. 10). “Readers Respond” includes excerpts of dialogue from the writer’s e-mail, on sacred energy and ascension.
Cosmic Thoughts, “Creation or Evolution?”
(by Julian Joyce) (No. 10). The old argument of creation vs. evolution is discussed.
Cosmic Thoughts, “There Is Another Way”
(by Julian Joyce) (No. 11). The Great Change is coming and God will “wipe the slate clean."




Upcoming Conferences (No. 1). 7th annual International UFO Congress (Feb. 1-7, Laughlin, Nev.); Global Sciences Congress (Feb. 19-23, Daytona Beach, Fla.); Gulf Breeze Conference (March 14-15, Gulf Breeze, Fla.).
Upcoming Conferences
(No. 2). Crested Butte Psychic Fair (Feb. 14-15, Crested Butte, Colo.); 10th Annual Ozark UFO Conference (April 10-12, Eureka Springs, Ark.).
Upcoming Conferences
(No. 3). Star Family Gathering (March 13-15, Santa Fe, N.M. and March 20-22, Las Cruces, N.M.); Gulf Breeze Conference (March 14-15, Gulf Breeze, Fla.); The Mayan Cosmic Calendar International Congress (March 14-22, Yucatan, Mexico); The Cosmic Serpent of the Ancient Maya Conference (March 18-28, Yucatan, Mexico); Investigating the UFO Mystery (March 19, West L.A., Calif.); Exploring Our Connection with the Cosmos (May 8-10, Boston, Mass.).
Upcoming Conferences
(No. 4). 2nd Annual Colorado Crop Circle Symposium, April 18, Loveland Park, Colo. 19th Rocky Mountain UFO Conference June 18-21 (No. 5). The upcoming Rocky Mountain UFO Conference features a multitude of speakers and workshops this year, including Dr. Steven Greer, Lt. Col. Philip Corso and Travis Walton, among others.
Upcoming Conferences
(No. 5). Star Knowledge Gathering, May 8-10, Las Cruces, N.M.; 19th Rocky Mountain UFO Conference, June 18-21, Laramie, Wyo.; Crop Circles and Sacred Sites in England, July 6-14.
Upcoming Conferences
(No. 6). 19th Rocky Mountain UFO Conference, June 18-21, Laramie, Wyo.; 29th Annual International MUFON Symposium, June 25-28, Denver, Colo.; Crop Circles & Sacred Sites in England, July 6-14; “Roswell 1947 Revisited” Symposium, Sept. 26-27, Roswell, N.M.
Upcoming Conferences
(No. 7). Crop Circles and Sacred Sites in England, July 6-14; Dr. Steven Greer’s Lecture on Congressional Briefing, July 11, Denver, Colo.; 2nd Annual International UFO Congress “Summer Seminars,” Aug. 1-8, Laughlin, Nev.; “Roswell 1947 Revisited” Symposium, Sept. 26-27, Roswell, N.M.
Upcoming Conferences
(No. 8). 2nd Annual International UFO Congress “Summer Seminars,” Aug. 1-8, Laughlin, Nev.; “Roswell 1947 Revisited” Symposium, Sept. 26-27, Roswell, N.M.; Messages for the New Millennium, in Egypt, Nov. 28-Dec. 5.
Upcoming Conferences
(No. 9). “Roswell 1947 Revisited” Symposium, Sept. 26-27, Roswell, N.M.; The UFO Experience, Oct. 10-11, New Haven, Conn.; Messages for the New Millennium, Nov. 28-Dec. 5, Egypt.
Upcoming Conferences
(No. 11). New Science and Ancient Wisdom, Nov. 7-8, Berkeley, Calif.; 2nd Annual Long Island UFO Conference, Nov. 8, Hicksville, N.Y.; Earth Star’s 1st Annual Love & Light Conference in early planning stages.
Upcoming Conferences
(No. 12). Global Sciences Congress, Feb. 19-23, Daytona Beach, Fla.


4th Annual Worldwide Solar Ceremonies for Planetary Awakening (No. 1). A global linkup at the solar wave on March 21 signals the Mayan New Year, and honors all cultures, religions, races and perspectives.
One minute each day, by Jheree
(No. 3). An invitation to join in visualizing world peace for one minute each day at noon.
LightShift Global Meditative Initiative
(No. 6). Everyone is invited to join in the three activities of the LightShift Global Meditative Initiative to bring world peace.
Web News (No. 7). Prayer vigils and newsy references on the Internet.
Messages to light workers
, letter by Menorah Charney (No. 8). The 7th Esoteric Light Link takes place at the time of the Capricorn full moon of 1999 and contact groups in the U.S. are being formed.
(by Ann Ulrich) (No. 9). “The Case of Leonard Peltier” talks about the injustice of a Pine Ridge Indian convicted of murder without evidence.
One billion needed for peace
(No. 11). The Honolulu Church of Light in Hawaii is spearheading a worldwide peace meditation slated for Christmas Eve Day.


UFO crash at Aztec: A well kept secret, by James Parsons (No. 7). A detailed report on the conference of the 50th anniversary of the UFO crash at Aztec, N.M., held May 23-25.






UFO DISC-ussion (by Ann Ulrich) (No. 6). “Crop Circles” tells of the first crop circles appearing in rapeseed fields in England April 19 and another on the 20th.
Crop circle in Virginia
, letter by Ron Russell (No. 7). Report on a new crop circle found near Charlottesville, Va., and a possible connection to CSETI and Steven Greer.
Crop circles return to Utah for a third time
(No. 9). New crop circles appear in College Ward and Cove, Utah, in July. Kaye Studstrup investigates and enters the College Ward circle, but believes the energy within some circles may have caused health problems she’s experienced in the last year.



A mother’s grief-stricken journey to spiritual transformation, review by Ann Ulrich (No. 5). (See BOOKS)
Two Powerful Words
, by Leonard Orr (No. 9). An expert on immortality says it is possible to cheat death.


Y2K: Will all computers shut down? by Fred Pulver (No. 1). When the clock rolls over to 1/1/2000, computers could malfunction and create society as we know it to fail.
Orthodoxy and Education: Earthshaking examples of what we’re not being told
, by Michael J. Perrine (No. 6). (See COMMENTARY)
The Star Crystal may heal our planet
, by Ann Ulrich (No. 8). Form energy, known for thousands of years, is Jim Light’s tool in healing Mother Earth, by giving away as many copper-tube-constructed “Star Crystals” as he can, and encouraging people to build them and hang them wherever they live.
Levitation machine needs a home
, letter by Valerie Benson (No. 9). A plea for someone to save the writer’s late father’s invention.
Cosmic Thoughts, “What’s New? Answer: Helium 3”
(by Julian Joyce) (No. 12). A brief report on David Adair’s promotion of Helium 3, a moon substance found to potentially possess incredible energy.


DISC-ussion (by Ann Ulrich) (No. 9) Mention of the return of Chrystle Clae and her astrology column.
Astrological Affirmations
(by Chrystle Clae) (No. 9). Affirmations based on astrological activity for September 1998.
Starlight Affirmations
(by Chrystle Clae) (No. 10). Astrological briefs for the month of October.
Starlight Affirmations
(by Chrystle Clae) (No. 11). Affirmations based on astrological activity for the month of November.
Starlight Affirmations
(by Chrystle Clae) (No. 12). Astrological affirmations for the month of December.


Earth Changes: Is 1998 the Year? (No. 1) There can be no doubt that the earth changes have begun, as evidenced by El Ni¤o and deviant weather patterns.
Osaka quake update
, letter by Goldenstar (No. 1). To be forewarned of earthquakes is to be prepared. The writer is taking precautions for earthquakes he expects will occur soon in Japan.
Pole shift warning
, letter by Richard E. Rinke (No. 1). The writer predicts that a pole shift will occur on May 4, 2000 as several planets align with Earth for the first time in 6,000 years.
Are you prepared for disaster?
by Ann Ulrich (No. 3). Being spiritual prepared for tribulation that may lie ahead is not enough. Common sense dictates we should be prepared to survive physically, mentally and emotionally as well.
Update on Osaka
, letter by Goldenstar (No. 4). Although the predicted Osaka, Japan earthquake did not take place, small quakes continue to occur; also mention of The Hopi Survival Kit.
Upcoming earth changes
, letter by Paul Bartch (No. 4). Discussion about the central Rockies being a relatively safe area, free of earthquake activity, plus El Ni¤o, melting ice sheets in the Arctic and Antarctic, and mention of several recent scientific articles.
English Weather: Earth Changes in Europe
, by Torner (No. 4). Torner gives a detailed report on earth changes and unusual weather patterns in Europe between January and December 1997.
The Human Requirement in the Shift of the Ages, a Review of Gregg Braden’s Work
, by John Poling (No. 4). Gregg Braden, one of the leading researchers in the cycle of great change we are currently in, has written best-selling books, such as Awakening to Zero Point: The Collective Initiation, and gives presentations, stressing compassion as our best hope for survival.
Central America needs our help
(No. 7). Spewing volcanoes and fires are out of control in Central America, according to Aluna Joy Yaxk’in of the Center for Solar Initiation.
English Weather Update
by Torner (No. 8). European weather patterns in 1998, from January through June.
Warning for humankind
, letter by Richard Rinke (No. 9). Due to prophesized earth changes, the writer warns people to move to higher ground, such as New Mexico and Colorado.
Reappraisal of Nostradamus’ July 1999 Prediction
, letter by Chris Lock (No. 12). The writer gives a detailed critique of Nostradamus’ Quatrain 72 from Century X, theorizing its correlation with the “Global Surveyor” (Cassini probe).



UFO DISC-ussion by Ann Ulrich (No. 4). In “Sounds like the Photon Belt,” a recent AP article tells of high-energy gamma rays, discovered by NASA satellites, that surround our whole galaxy.




Riley Martin writes about lifetime of abductions, by Riley Martin (No. 7). Foreword from the author’s book, The Coming of Tan.
Contactee Testimonials: Family returned from abduction ‘backwards,’
by Carol Elek (No. 9).The writer recalls a 1995 abduction experience involving her family.


The gruff voice, letter by Irene Dickson (No. 1). The writer receives guidance in her life from a “gruff voice” that she believes might belong to her biological (ET) father.
The Contact Stories of Irene Dickson
, by Irene Dickson (No. 3). In Chapter 27, “Moon Dreams,” Irene wonders if Marian is a time traveler; in Chapter 28, “You’re Leaving,” Irene receives the message that she should be prepared to leave, possibly to enter the fifth dimension.
The Shaman’s Path: Shamanism and Extraterrestrial Contact, Part I
, by Irina H. Corten (No. 3). (See METAPHYSICS, Other Dimensions)
Childhood’s End Revisited — A UFO Memoir
, by James Parsons (No. 4). The author reminisces about his attendance at George Van Tassel’s UFO conference in the 1970s at Giant Rock, Calif.
UFO DISC-ussion
, by Ann Ulrich (No. 4). Mention of Cary Dickey’s new UFO contactee network, Friends of Planetary Visitors.
A visit to a place ‘out of this world,’
by Ann Ulrich (No. 5). A photo feature on Why, Ariz., a place that reminds the writer of somewhere out of this world. Spectacular photos of cactus accompany a descriptive desert hike.
UFO DISC-ussion
(by Ann Ulrich) (No. 6) “Strange Octopus Entity” tells of Valerie Benson’s experience with an octopus-type entity that came through her window late one night while she watched TV.
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
, by James Parsons (No. 11). Eduard (Billy) Meier, the Swiss farmer who was contacted by ships from the Pleiades, has been featured in several books, as discussed in this review.


A Message from K.T., by K.T. (No. 1). K.T. from Alpha Centauri says the landing of the Federation ship “Alpha V” did occur in early November, as predicted, and gives advice and assurance to star people on Earth.
Alien Teachings: The Message and The Meaning
, by Laszlo Steiner, Ph.D. “The Universal Laws,” (No. 1) Part II: Law of Harmony, Order and Balance is discussed in detail.
Alien Teachings: The Message and The Meaning
, by Laszlo Steiner, Ph.D. “The Universal Laws,” (No. 2) Part III: The Law of Peace and the Law of Mentality.
Alien Teachings: The Message and The Meaning
, by Laszlo Steiner, Ph.D. “The Universal Laws,” (No. 3) Part IV: The Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Karma, the Law of Non-Interference and the Law of Free Will.
Alien Teachings: The Message and The Meaning
, by Laszlo Steiner, Ph.D. “The Universal Laws,” (No. 5) Part V: Law of Wisdom, Knowledge, Understanding and Experience, and Law of Constructivity.
Alien Teachings: The Message and The Meaning
, by Laszlo Steiner, Ph.D. “The Universal Laws” (No. 8) Part VI: Law of No Possession, Law of Sharing, Law of Abundance, Law of Resistance and Law of Discernment.
Alien Teachings: The Message and The Meaning
, by Laszlo Steiner, Ph.D. “The Universals Laws” (No. 11) Part VII: The Law of Love and Light, the Law of Universal Intelligence and the Law of Supreme Being.


UFOs are not only real, they’re already here, by Amanda Milkovits (No. 7). Excerpts from an interview with University of New Hampshire Professor Ted Loder from Foster’s Sunday Citizen.
Who Are You and Where Do You Come From? An Interview with Dr. Leo Sprinkle,
by Franklin Carter (Nos. 11, 12). First two installments of a three-part article about the life and work of psychologist/ufologist R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D. Reprinted from UFOCUS.


Why aren’t alarms sounding? letter by Valerie Benson (No. 1). The writer tells of the sudden death of her friend, Carole Sterling, who was attacked at a UFO conference in Mesquite, Nev., and was investigating her twin sister’s death.
Censorship on information
, letter by Valerie Benson (No. 2). A few comments on the rights of freedom of information.
Information leaking out
, letter by Jericho (No. 4). A recent TV show depicted local firemen receiving emergency instructions that suggest avoiding ET craft contact, plus discussion about our two governments, one of which is the military.
UFO DISC-ussion
, by Ann Ulrich (No. 4). The Phoenix, Ariz., former vice mayor who is running for secretary of state, says if elected she will see to it the government produces evidence that aliens have arrived on Earth.
Believers include many in our government
, by Sarah H. McClendon (No. 5) The blanket of secrecy the government has placed upon the UFO phenomenon is slowly lifting as more federal employees and ex-military personnel come forward with evidence.
Dozens of top-secret government UFO witnesses come forward
(No. 5). Top-secret military and government witnesses of UFOs are sharing what they know one year after the Center for Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) held briefings in Washington.
UFO secrecy may soon be thing of the past
, by Sarah McClendon (No. 8). Pressure is building up for Congress to focus on the controversy over UFOs, partly due to the prompting of CSETI director Dr. Steven Greer.


Boomerang-shaped “craft” captured on film, photographed by Claudia Sanderson in early August 1997, Cottonwood, Ariz. (blown up in this issue) (No. 2)
Jamie Eager’s photo of a UFO in Wyoming, in June 1996
(No. 3).
UFO DISC-ussion, by Ann Ulrich (No. 7). In “Phantom Photo?” before and after pictures of a grove of owl clover in southern Arizona depict a mysterious, unexplained cloud.
Two photos of the 1998 Utah crop circles
(No. 9). Courtesy of Art Bell’s Website.
Jacobsburg-Allenberg, Switzerland Feb. 27, 1975 16:00 Eduard Meier Variation II
(courtesy Wendelle Stevens) (No. 11).
Bachtelhomli, Switzerland, March 28, 1976, Eduard Meier, Variation III
(courtesy Wendelle Stevens) (No. 11).
Bachtelhomli, Switzerland, March 28, 1976, Eduard Meier, Variation III
(different perspective) (courtesy Wendelle Stevens) (No. 11).
Hinwil, Switzerland, February 1975, Eduard Meier and family shortly after the contacts with Semjase began
(No. 11).
Berg-Romlikson, Switzerland, June 12, 1975 10:40, Eduard Meier (Variation II) (courtesy Wendelle Stevens)
(No. 11).
Bachtelhomi, Switzerland, March 28, 1976, 09:38, Eduard Meier Variation III and two Variation II remote controlled drones
(courtesy Wendelle Stevens, Tucson AZ) (No. 11).


Adventure in the Bermuda Triangle, by James Parsons (No. 2). An eerie night-time visitation on the open sea in the Caribbean turns a skeptic into a believer.
UFO DISC-ussion
, by Ann Ulrich (No. 2). Claudia Sanderson’s photo of a UFO over the Mingus Mountains, pictured on this issue’s front cover, is discussed, as well as a pitch to join Earth Star’s Galaxy Wide Friendship Club.
Fireballs light mountain skies
, by Stephanie Sylvester (No. 3). Reprint of an article in The Denver Post, Jan. 30, 1998, about fireballs that were seen by Breckenridge, Colo., residents in January.
UFO DISC-ussion
, by Ann Ulrich (No. 3). Contact Forum’s special issue on Anna Hayes; “Anomalous Activity in southern Colorado” from Christopher O’Brien’s newsletter; “Strange E.T. ‘fingers’,” a sky phenomenon from Irene Dickson; “local sightings” in Delta, Colo.; the number of the UFO Reporting Center in Seattle, Wash.
Sept. 1, 1996 sighting near Fort Collins, Colo.
(No. 3). An unidentified Fort Collins man tells about the UFO seen by his wife and himself from their backyard on Sept. 1, 1996.
Giant ET craft emerges from sea next to oil rig
, report from Ben Field, UFO Updates (No. 4). In an interview with witness Jeremy Clark Packer, a description of a December 1997 giant UFO sighting off the coast of Corpus Christi, Texas, is given in detail, as seen by the entire oil rig crew.
UFOs seen over Cedaredge, Colo.
, by Davina Ryszka (No. 4). On March 2, 1998, two witnesses in Cedaredge, Colo., saw seven objects between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m. that had multi-colored lights and remained motionless in the sky.
An Air Force sighting over the Lone Star state
, by James Parsons (No. 6). Report of an Air Force lieutenant pilot in September 1971, who observed a UFO while in flight over South Texas.
Green meteor sighted
, letter by Adona (No. 6). The writer describes the green meteor she and her partner witnessed near Blyth, Calif., several months before.
Squirming cigar-shaped object seen over Wash. state
, letter by Nina Ansley (No. 7). A strange UFO sighting on May 25, 1998 over Silverdale, Wash., is carefully described as it shape-shifts several times.
UFO DISC-ussion
, by Ann Ulrich (No. 7) In “Exploding Meteor” a Grand Junction, Colo., woman reports a fireball crashing to earth in the Colorado National Monument on June 9, 1998. “Clocks Stopped” adds that Adona’s sighting of a meteor was accompanied by watches stopping. “Verde Valley Flyover” tells of Claudia Blue Corn’s sighting in Cottonwood, Ariz., on May 12. “Russian Cosmonaut’s UFO” describes Victor Afanasyev’s observations from the Solyut 6 space station. “Raytheon Reports UFOs” comes from the June 1998 issue of Aviation & Space Technology.
(by Ann Ulrich) (No. 9). “Sightings” tells about UFOs seen in mid-August near Paonia, Colo. “Call for Emissaries” asks for help in distributing Star Beacons at fairs and conferences.


Fireballs were not meteors, letter by Rev. Milton Nothdurft (No. 5). The writer theorizes that green fireballs sighted in night skies are not normal meteors, but are being introduced into our atmosphere by space visitors for Earth’s protection.
Does the Navy know about UFOs?
opinion by Rev. Milton Nothdurft (No. 5). Several cases are cited in which the Navy has indicated involvement or interest in UFOs.
Anglican bishops believe in alien life
, based on a story by Maurice Chittenden (No. 6). Out of 42 Anglican bishops, 40 said they believed in the possibility of alien life, according to a recent survey. (From CSETI’s Web site)

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