Volume VIII   (January-December 1994)



Oil painting (untitled) by Ethan Miller (No. 3)
Collage of Star Beacon subscribers
(No. 4)
Oil painting
(cover of Return To Terra) by Ethan Miller (No. 7)


Cosmic Thoughts by Julian Joyce (No. 4). The Book of Knowledge, The Keys of Enoch by J.J. Hurak.
Book tells how to deal with abductions (No. 3) Healing Shattered Reality (See UFOs, Abductions)
Recommendation, letter by Marilyn Houglan (No. 8). The writer recommends Angels and Aliens by Keith Thompson.
Book Review: A gem from Jupiter, review by Ann Ulrich (No. 8). Why We Are Here by Gloria Lee, channeled 35 years ago by an entity known as J.W. from Jupiter.
Cosmic Thoughts by Julian Joyce (No. 10). “Did It Happen 100 Years Ago?” The Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East by Baird T. Spalding.


DISC-ussion by Ann Ulrich (No. 6). Update on the editor’s forthcoming book, Return To Terra.
Book Review: A fascinating tale about UFOs
, review by R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D. (No. 7). Dr. Sprinkle reviews Return To Terra by Ann Carol Ulrich.




Center-Piece by Janell and Special One (No. 2)
Swans inspire love poem by Chris Lock (No. 2)
The Unity Prayer (No. 6)
The Chalice by Jean York (No. 8)
Twin Souls by Jean York (No. 11)
Untitled poem by Linda Dudar (No. 12). Dedicated to all those who have passed on.


Strange craft appear on photos of Black Canyon (No. 1). (See UFOs, Photos)
Cosmic School by Nina Ansley (No. 1). “Going into the Next Cosmic Cycle.” Thokol of Saturn discusses prophetic earth changes, the Photon Belt energies and adjusting to Earth’s new technologies.
Piano lessons benefit children, from The Chrysalis Teachings by Norma Joyce Green Hickox (No. 1). Music, particularly piano, creates healing vibrations that benefit children.
A Time to Heal by Vincent Luciani (No. 2). The writer shares Chandara’s channeling through psychic Linda Maupin about his relationship with Mary.
Cosmic School by Nina Ansley (No. 3). “Part 2: Going into the Next Cosmic Cycle.” Transmissions that came in May 1958 by the Son of Gabriel, the Archangel, and then The Great I Am speaks of His forecast for the Transition Period.
Specialized energy, letter by The Messenger, Brusoula Raphaelo (No. 4). Sananda informs the writer, through meditation, some specifics about E8 energy.
Cosmic School by Nina Ansley (No. 4). “Homosexuality -- The Game of Cosmic Chess.” Johannus Cassianus discusses homosexuality, its cause and what it’s all about.
Message from Thokol on ‘state of the union’ by Nina Ansley (No. 5). Experiences with soulmates are kindergarten compared to experiences with twin souls, as Nina’s twin soul explains.

Cosmic School by Nina Ansley (No. 6). “Prismatic Love -- how to control this bird of paradise” is the topic of a lesson by Johannus Cassianus, who defines prismatic love and discusses how to control it.
Cosmic School by Nina Ansley (No. 7). “Prismatic Love and Cosmic Laws -- how they function in human life.” Johannus Cassianus continues his discussion of the different kinds of love and also where does guilt fit in?
Making the truth known, by Yvonne Cole (No. 7). Theodoro, Speaker for the Group Mind of the Ashtar Command, tells of the Ashtar Command’s plan to contact Earth’s leaders and come public in 1994.
Cosmic School by Nina Ansley (No. 9). “The July Bombardment of Jupiter.” Thokol of Saturn discusses the string of comets and what they could do to a “giant fire-breathing dragon” like Jupiter.
A word from Thokol of Saturn, by Nina Ansley (No. 10). A clicking noise in the ear prompted the writer to ask for an explanation. Thokol comes through to let Commander Korton of the Ashtar Command have his say about communication, implants and animals.
Final update on meeting between Ashtar Command and governments of the world to take place in 1994, by Yvonne Cole (No. 10). Theodoro of the Ashtar Command confirms the appointment the Command will keep with the governments of the world in 1994, and asks everyone to stand by.
Cosmic School by Nina Ansley (No. 11). In “Pro-Life?... or Pro-Choice? that is the question,” Thokol talks about the practice of abortion on Saturn and how they control population explosion.
Miracles: A special Linda Maupin reading for Star Beacon readers (No. 12). Chandara says we can change ourselves, our lives and the world by using our minds to miracles.
Cosmic School by Nina Ansley (No. 12). “How the human-animal mixup has affected HUMAN EVOLUTION.” In this discourse Thokol gives a class in biological evolution as it affects spiritual evolution.
Sari receives info from mentors on crop circles (No. 12). The Brothers come through Sari on Nov. 5-8, 1994 to discuss their influence in TV and movie scripts and the reason for crop circles.



Mind-provoking praise, letter by Irene Serra (No. 3). Kudos for The Star Beacon.
Feedback, letter by Nina Ansley (No. 11). Comments on previous Star Beacon issues.



The Aquarian -- Hands, by John Robert Feather (No. 1). By pressing the hands in certain ways and saying activation vibration words, healing can take place.
Aquarian Changes, by John Robert Feather (No. 6). The new Aquarian energies coming to Earth are explained, and the writer gives vibrational sounds we can use to help heal our physical bodies.




Cartoon of aliens asking a cat to take them to its leader (No. 1)
Valentines messages
(No. 2)
Flying cigar
, letter by S. Patricia Welsh (No. 11). The label on a bottle of French wine captured the writer’s attention as she describes the wine’s UFO-related history.




Thoughts from your Guardian Angels (No. 7). Anecdotes about people interacting with their angels or guides.
Thoughts from your Guardian Angels
(No. 8). Two short messages from higher beings.
An angel saved my life
, by Aurora Burnell (No. 8). A traffic angel helps the writer when she needs assistance.
Guardian Angels
(No. 9). Two short anecdotes, including one by Aurora Burnell about another traffic angel episode.
Guardian Angels
(No. 10). On choosing parents.
Road angels good companions
, by Ann Ulrich (No. 12). A couple of incidents occurred on the editor’s trip East with her Special One, in which road angels intervened.






A Time to Heal, by Vincent Luciani (No. 2). (See CHANNELED MESSAGES)
Message from Thokol on ‘state of the union,’ by Nina Ansley (No. 5). (See CHANNELED MESSAGES)
No put-down intended, letter by Anne K.Hudec (No. 1). In response to Kari’s letter criticizing Thokol’s “put-down” on humanity, the writer denies that Thokol was diminishing mankind’s status.
Pals, by S. Patricia Welsh (No. 2). In her search for Mr. Right, the author tells how placing a personal ad in the newspaper and a visit to see the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull helped her find her new mate.
The dilemma of twin souls torn apart by karma, by Vincent Luciani (No. 2). True story of two soulmates who try, maybe too hard, to reconcile their differences.
Swans inspire love poem, by Chris Lock (No. 2). The writer dedicates his poem to his special one, known as Reanni, in the starcraft.
Trial and error, letter by Marilyn Houglan (No. 3). The writer shares her joy of an exciting new friendship.
Twin soul energy not what it’s purported to be, letter by Vincent Luciani (No. 4). The writer shares a letter from author P.M.H. Atwater that explains the difference between soulmates and twin souls.


Cosmic Thoughts by Julian Joyce (No. 1). “Limits.” The writer expresses his opinion about limitations being against God and the inaccuracy of most Earth religions.
Cosmic Thoughts by Julian Joyce (No. 3) “Procreation and Insemination.” Procreation transcends the physical level, according to the author.
The Sphinx, by Lee Walsh (No. 4). Research by Edward J. Kinkel speculates about the age of the Sphinx.
Love and Light -- Peace, guest opinion by Rev. Milton Nothdurft (No. 5). The progression of “evil forces” seems to be working overtime in these “last days” of a long-term plan to defeat evil.
Cosmic Thoughts by Julian Joyce (No. 8). “Food for Thought.” Vibration as energy and spiritual nourishment.
Cosmic Thoughts by Julian Joyce (No. 9). “We Are More Than We Are.” The writer starts out talking about the virgin birth of Jesus.
Cosmic Thoughts by Julian Joyce (No. 10). “Did It Happen 100 Years Ago?” The Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East by Baird T. Spalding (See BOOKS).
Crystal Earth -- A New Store for a New Age, by Heidi DuVal (No. 11). An essay telling what “New Age” means and how Planet Earth is evolving spiritually.
DISC-ussion by Ann Ulrich (No. 12). Light workers on Planet Earth need to wake up to reality before it is too late.
Cosmic Thoughts by Julian Joyce (No. 12). “Mind Control.” While mind control and other negative forces try to manipulate us, we must be strong in trusting God, knowing that in Love there is no fear.



Phoenix conference (No. 1). Researchers Dr. John Mack et al will be featured at the Triad Research Conference Jan. 22-23 in Phoenix, Ariz.
DISC-ussion by Ann Ulrich (No. 3). 6th annual Ozark UFO Conference.
Upcoming UFO conferences (No. 4). “Exploring the UFO Mystery” (Lincoln, Neb.); “UFOs and the New Frontiers: Connecting with the larger reality” (Tampa, Fla.); “15th Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigation” (Laramie, Wyo.)
New Science conference (No. 8). The International Forum on New Science, to be held Sept. 14-18 in Fort Collins, Colo.
4th Annual International UFO Congress Convention to be held Nov. 27-Dec. 4 (No. 11). Conference and film festival in Mesquite, Nev.


DISC-ussion by Ann Ulrich (No. 4). 7th anniversary issue marks The Star Beacon’s 8th year of publication, in which several subscribers are pictured.
Drum fever sweeps the country
(No. 8). Dance and drumming to take place in Taos and Santa Fe on Sept. 18.
Learn about dreams at next UFO meeting
(No. 9). Charles Anderson to discuss dreams in Paonia, Colo., on Sept. 8.
Violet Light Center opens
(No. 9). Victoria Wolcott and Polly Cady start a New Age resource center in Paonia, Colo.
Dr. Ring to speak on near-death experience
(No. 10). (See PARANORMAL, Life Beyond Death)
Visit Crystal Earth in Crested Butte, Colo.
(No. 11). An invitation to come to Heidi DuVal’s New Age store in Crested Butte.


DISC-ussion by Ann Ulrich (No. 10). Star Beacon survey results are in and some of the comments from readers are included.
UFO public awareness alive and well in Chicago
, by S. Patricia Welsh (No. 11). On Aug. 18-19, 1994, a two-day presentation featuring UFO researchers Stanton Friedman and Bob Dean was held. The writer reports in detail on their lectures.






Going beyond synchronicity, letter by Anne K. Hudec (No. 10). Among other things, the writer discusses a crop circle that appeared in a wheat field near Windsor, Ontario, and wonders if it has anything to do with the asteroids that hit Jupiter at the same time the formation appeared.
TV show offers crop circle scholarship (No. 11). Reprint of an article in The Windsor Star, Sept. 13, 1994. A public school in Essex County, where a crop circle appeared in July, is using the money earned from the “Sightings” TV show as a scholarship fund for Malden Central Public School.
Crop Circle Update -- 1994, by Shari Adamiak (No. 12). Crop circle investigator Shari Adamiak, also a member of CSETI, discusses her 1994 investigations of crop circles in England and the United States.



Psychic abilities are valid, letter by S.A. (No. 6). The writer voices his opinion about psychic ability, concluding that he is going to get in touch with Linda Maupin.
Psychic energy extends to all life, by Lee Walsh (No. 9). The writer contends that every species has psychic energy.


Dr. Ring to speak on near-death experience (No. 10). Dr. Kenneth Ring is speaker at the 4th Annual Symposium of The Whole Life Network in Montrose, Colo., Oct. 7-8, 1994.



Mars... and the beat goes on..., by Lee Walsh (Nos. 6, 7, 8). The face on Mars prompts scientists and others to consider the possibility of life on Mars.
Change your handwriting, change your life, by Ann Ulrich (No. 10). Graphologist Polly Cady from Denver explains how handwriting can reveal many things about a person and can be a useful tool in changing various aspects of your life.


Signs of the Times by Molly Ohlheiser (Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12). Astrology in general.
Cosmic Thoughts
by Julian Joyce (No. 6). “Astrology and Numerology.” The writer states that even though the correct numerology and astrological date may determine a person’s past and potential future, he has the God-given right to change his course at any time.
, by Ann Ulrich (No. 10). In lieu of Molly Ohlheiser’s regular column, the editor paraphrases on Librans from Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs.


Awesome purge -- the forest fire near Paonia, Colo., by Ann Ulrich (No. 8). A first-person report on the Wake Fire that came close to burning down the author’s home on July 4, 1994.
Concern, letter by Lee Walsh (No. 8). Abnormal weather and fires cause death and destruction.
Weather control, by Lee Walsh (No. 9). To control weather is to control mankind, including the economy, the food chain, the water supply, etc.



Cosmic School by Nina Ansley (No. 1). (See CHANNELED MESSAGES)
Science finds proof
, letter by Nina Ansley (No. 1). Carl Sagan’s The Planetary Report reprinted news of the discovery of a new radiation belt which holds exotic matter from outside our solar system.
E8 energies
, letter by John Robert Feather (No. 3). The writer discusses receiving an anonymous letter discussing E8 energies.
Energies may soon heal
, letter by John Robert Feather (No. 8). The writer discusses the photon energies and their effects.
E-8 energies to bathe and permeate Earth, by John Robert Feather (No. 9). The writer claims the higher energy vibration will totally bathe the earth with E-8 energy by 1997.
Imagine the consternation, letter by Rev. Milton Nothdurft (No. 10). The writer comments on the Photon Belt as well as on Admiral Byrd and The Star Beacon in general.
Does not seem fair, letter by Kathy Wonch (No. 10). The writer voices concern about entering the Null Zone, wondering how Third World countries are going to cope.
A familiar ring, letter by Mari Ana Irwin (No. 12). Comments on the Photon Belt.
Words of wisdom from Adona, letter by Adona (No. 12). The writer explains her personal reaction to the Photon Belt energies and encourages everyone to broaden horizons and accept the talents of their Higher Selves.




Book tells how to deal with abductions, by Laszlo Steiner (No. 3). Review of Healing Shattered Reality by Alice Bryant and Linda Seebach.
Defense against alien abductions, by Al Fry (No. 4). The writer says we have a choice when it comes to being abducted.
Alien implant removal -- how imperative is it? by R.H. (No. 5). The writer’s experience with a shaman named Arlene Whiteswan, who removes alien implants after entering into a trance-like state.
R.H.’s interview with Arlene Whiteswan (No. 5). Arlene Whiteswan tells about her work removing alien implants from people’s energy fields, and describes the aliens and the people they implant.
Arlene Whiteswan uses ‘T.T.’, letter by Anne K. Hudec (No. 6). The writer says that Arlene Whiteswan, who removes alien implants from people’s energy fields, is using Therapeutic Touch (TT), a healing technique that anyone can use.


Alien Teachings: The Message and The Meaning (by Laszlo Steiner) (No. 1). Part II of “Contactee: George Adamski.” A lot of teachings from the space people Adamski was in contact with.
Seeking pen pals, letter by Torner (No. 3). Contactee desires friends through the mail with similar experiences.
Alien Teachings: The Message and The Meaning (by Laszlo Steiner) (No. 2). Part III of “Contactee: George Adamski.” More experiences of and teachings given to the famous contactee.
Alien Teachings: The Message and The Meaning (by Laszlo Steiner) (No. 5). Part IV of “Contactee: George Adamski.” More of what George Adamski experienced with his alien contacts.
Less concerned with the physical aspects, letter by Mike Bird (No. 7). A ufologist says he can no longer ignore issues dealing with contactees/abductees, and after reading Permutation, A True UFO Story, found it “fascinating.”
Alien Teachings: The Message and The Meaning (by Laszlo Steiner) (No. 7). Part V of “Contactee: George Adamski.” Conclusion of the famous contactee’s story.
Alien Teachings: The Message and The Meaning (by Laszlo Steiner) (No. 9). Part I of “Contactees: Oscar Magosci.”
Alien Teachings: The Message and The Meaning (by Laszlo Steiner) (No. 10). Part II of “Contactees: Oscar Magosci.” Oscar’s trip on a flying saucer around the world is described in detail.
Alien Teachings: The Message and The Meaning (by Laszlo Steiner) (No. 11). Part III of “Contactees: Oscar Magosci.” Description of Oscar’s Aug. 4, 1975 flight aboard a UFO and his conversation with Argus from the planet Argona.
Alien Teachings: The Message and The Meaning (by Laszlo Steiner) (No. 12). Part IV of “Contactees: Oscar Magosci.” Argus shares information on the upcoming earth changes in this final installment.


Light vs. Light? letter by Thomas C. Bailey (No. 9). The writer comments on the editor’s two novels, Intimate Abduction and Return To Terra, calling attention to the aliens, emphasizing that there is a difference between the Christian and New Age views. Response by the editor included.


DISC-ussion by Ann Ulrich (No. 7) Congressman Steven Schiff of New Mexico is making waves in his search for answers to the Roswell UFO coverup.
ACCET forms to help abductees/contactees (No. 10). New organization formed by Dr. Leo Sprinkle and Dr. Richard Boylan for therapists working with contactees and abductees is called the Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists, and is federally recognized and nonprofit.


Giving us the Schiff-t? letter by Kaye Studstrup (No. 7). The writer contends that Congressman Schiff of New Mexico is not making the right inquiries into the Roswell UFO coverup.


Strange craft appear on photos of Black Canyon (No. 1). Mike Dunstan’s photos of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison in western Colorado reveal sphere-like objects in close range. Chandara, through psychic Linda Maupin, discusses why the objects appeared on the film.


Offshore UFO cases in Puerto Rico, by Scott Corrales (No. 2). A number of UFO reports in Puerto Rico are described with references listed as footnotes.
DISC-ussion by Ann Ulrich (No. 3). Mid-January sightings in southern Colorado near Monte Vista and Del Norte.
Labor Day sighting, by Ella O’Kelly (No. 3). Grand Junction, Colo., woman’s report of UFOs flying in formation on Labor Day.
UFOs fly over Buffalo, Wyoming, by Sheri Gould (No. 6). Various UFO reports occurred mostly in Buffalo, Wyo., during March 1994, including one seen by the writer and her children.
No explanation offered for sightings of ‘lights’ (No. 6). Reprinted article from the Buffalo Bulletin March 31, 1994. Sheri Gould is interviewed about UFO sightings in March.
DISC-ussion by Ann Ulrich (No. 6). A rash of UFO sightings in Michigan from March 8, 1994 and also sightings in the Upper Peninsula on Jan. 20, 1994.
What’s going on in the Sedona area? letter by Claudia O’Hara (No. 7). UFO activity over Memorial Day weekend in Sedona, Ariz., plus FBI activities, Bob Dole’s presence, Russians moving in, and black helicopters.
UFO report (No. 8). Mrs. T’s sighting over Paonia, Colo., the evening of July 21, 1994.
Flying cigar, letter by S. Patricia Welsh (No. 11). (See HUMOR)


$1,000 prize offered for best UFO paper (No. 1). Submissions sought for contest to find best paper on the UFO phenomenon.
DISC-ussion by Ann Ulrich (No. 3). GAO probes Roswell UFO crash, prompted by Rep. Steven Schiff, R-N.M.
Guest Opinion: Why did they ‘clam up’? by Lee Walsh (No. 10). To the writer’s dismay, it appears the subject of UFOs has gone down the path of misguided disinformation, and she wonders why religionists stay quiet.

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