Volume X   (January-December 1996)



UFOs appear on Southwest artist’s weavings, letter by Bella Sue Martin (No. 8). (See UFOs—CONTACTEES)
Chupacabras sucks last goat, cartoon by Valerie Benson (No. 9)
Oil painting (untitled) (space landscape) by Ethan Miller (No. 12)


Book Review: The Excyles, reviewed by Pat Welsh (No. 1). Mia Adams has written The Excyles, containing a secret report written by a government agent regarding alien confederations on Earth.
by Ann Ulrich (No. 4). Review of Cosmic Voyage by Courtney Brown of Emory University, as depicted in a newspaper feature in the Arizona Republic March 3, 1996. Brown is a remote-viewer with some startling, yet positive, information.
UFO Encyclopedia, Vol. 3, 1960-1979, is released
(No. 5). High Strangeness: UFOs from 1960 through 1979 is the third in the series of encyclopedia published by Jerome Clark of Omnigraphics, Inc.



New video: UFO — Untold Stories Continue (No. 8). A review of Acorn Media’s sequel video on UFO footage and cases from around the world.


Music Review: Explore the Zodiac, by Ann Ulrich (No. 3). Composer Jeffrey Baker’s CD on the 12 signs of the Zodiac.
Angelic Christmas Music, review by Ann Ulrich (No. 11). Angelic Light’s two holidays CDs, as well as their Angelic Light sampler.


For My People, by Sentrina (No. 8)
Extraterrestrials to Come, by Antler (No. 9)
Question, by Merry Browne (No. 9)
Thoughts of a Guardian Angel (No. 9)


Earth receives golden light to permeate consciousness into Love and Light, by Sari (through Lucille McNames) (No. 2). Phrado transmits a message regarding unusual golden lights that a friend of Sari’s began seeing, and discloses how these lights are a gift for healing.
Sari receives message on the Rock from Mars, by Sari (through Lucille McNames) (No. 9). Spirit channels through Sari information on the meteorite scientists discovered recently that contain proof that life existed on Mars.
DNA versus Immortality, by Sari (through Lucille McNames) (No. 10). A short message from Nostradamus connects DNA with immortality.


No more fear, letter by Arda Golden Eagle Woman (No. 3). The writer commends The Star Beacon for questioning the use of the Internet, and agrees with the February issue’s article on the Photon Belt.
Grateful for the message, letter by Roberta T. Chesnut (No. 3). The writer expresses gratitude for information in recent Star Beacons, particularly on Nikola Tesla and Commander Varcus in Alien Teachings.
To trust is heroic, letter by Anne Hudec (No. 4). Praises for Peggy (Honey Lee) French and the article on "Cracking the Eggshell.” The writer would like to have Peggy as a friend and neighbor.
Simulation experiments prove nothing, letter by Paul Hiebing (No. 9). The writer is critical of experiments done to prove that anybody can be made to believe they’ve had an abduction experience from having electric shock treatments.
New subscriber comments, letter by W.D. (No. 12). Comments on Star Beacon articles (Sentrina, Irene Dickson and Polly Cady).
Catalyst of awareness, letter by Irene Serra (No. 12). The writer appreciates the variety of information The Star Beacon puts out.
Guest Opinion: Why isn’t everybody on-line? reprinted from The Isis Connection. The author warns of the dark forces using the Internet to manipulate and control humankind.
From the Publisher... (No. 12). Note about an anonymous astronomer who allegedly has discovered an object 4-5 times the size of Earth trailing the comet Hale-Bopp.



Futuristics, by Merry Browne (No. 3). Health and happiness can come from a peaceful mind, as discovered by Dr. Larry Dossey and Franz Alexander, M.D.
Colloidal Silver, the Antibiotic Alternative? by Fred Pulver (No. 4). Medical researchers report antibiotics are losing the battle against new “super strains” of bacteria that have developed immunity to everything doctors can throw at them, where colloidal silver is proving to be effective and inexpensive.
How much is too much? by Fred Pulver (No. 4). The writer discusses the correct amount of colloidal silver people should take without it being a danger of causing argyria, a toxic buildup of silver in the tissues.
Aquarian — Sounds (Internal and Connects), by John Robert Feather (No. 6). The sounds we make and hear may affect our physical condition. Sound vibrations that activate different areas of the body are explained.
DISC-ussion by Ann Ulrich (No. 9). “Health tidbits” discusses the controversy over canola oil, the benefits of hydrogen peroxide therapy, and a formula of herbs for getting rid of parasites.
How to make a colloidal silver generator, by Fred Pulver (No. 10). Colloidal silver generators can be made easily and inexpensively. The writer discusses how with step-by-step instructions.
Lost wonder drug of the past, by Tom Van Doren (No. 10). Silver has been known for a long time to be a potent antibiotic. The writer gives sources for obtaining products.




DISC-ussion by Ann Ulrich (No. 4). “E.T. deer on Stucker Mesa.” An April Fools account of a spaceship landing on Stucker Mesa (where the editor resides) and mule deer that are E.T.s in disguise.
Cartoon (unknown artist) (No. 7) of woman being sucked up by a spaceship’s beam while her husband insists the government has declared they don’t exist.
Wisdom from Swami Beyondananda (No. 10). Seven guidelines for Enlightenment are delivered in a light-hearted fashion.






Dream Map, letter by Joan Hansen (No. 5) (See SCIENCE, TECH & ENV., EARTH CHANGES)


The Sentrina Mystery, Part VII (No. 6). Sentrina continues to relate her experiences through personal letters to the editor of her dreams about Black Elk et al; the dreams of the white buffalo with gold wings; and about her trip to Wisconsin to see the white buffalo calf and connect with a special boy.
The Sentrina Mystery, Part VIII (No. 8). Sentrina’s plans to return to Wisconsin are discussed in her letters, with hints of things to do to protect oneself using Native American ways. Poem follows.
DISC-ussion by Ann Ulrich (No. 9). “Standing Elk’s spiritual symbols” gives the symbols presented by the Lakota Sioux spiritual leader (from the UFO that crashed at Roswell, N.M. in 1947), with their interpretations.
Report on the 17th Annual Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigation (No. 8). (See NEWS—REPORTS)


Experience in the clouds, letter by Skywatchers (No. 9). A Colorado couple enjoying the view from their home are startled to see visions in the clouds and even more startled to discover the tragedy of TWA Flight 800 occurring simultaneously on July 17, 1996.
One reaps what one sows, letter by Louise Bowman (No. 12). In response to Sheldon Nidle’s lecture on the Photon Belt, the writer believes we must solve our own problems rather than rely on angels and space beings.
Dimensional perspectives (No. 12). An interesting comparison of our perspectives in third, fourth and fifth dimensions. (Source unknown)



Cosmic Thoughts, by Julian Joyce (No. 1). “The Presence.” We can do anything in His presence.
Tomorrow Today, by Merry Browne (No. 3). Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung contributed to giving us insights on androgyny and synchronicity.
Surround yourself in White Light, by Ann Ulrich (No. 3). A chapter from Margaret Storm’s book, Return of the Dove, tells in detail how to place a protection wall of light around oneself.
Cosmic Thoughts, by Julian Joyce (No. 3). “The Words of Man.” The writer says we are often influenced how to live by others, but we should “stand in His presence unafraid.”
Metanoia, by Merry Browne (No. 4). A brief essay on how self- improvement programs help us recognize ourselves.
A Cosmology, by Dennis Vanderwist (No. 4). Thoughts of wisdom on God, life, influence outside the earth, and possible realities are discussed.
Cosmic Thoughts, by Julian Joyce (No. 5). “Memories.” Past life on the “Blue Planet” and how the writer recalls being offered the opportunity to volunteer on Earth.
Cosmic Thoughts, by Julian Joyce (No. 6). “The Law of One.” The writer discusses the most important single teaching of Jesus.
Cosmic Thoughts, by Julian Joyce (No. 8). “Love and Light.” The author goes into New World Order events and reminds us that the Constitution was written “Under God.”
Cosmic Thoughts, by Julian Joyce (No. 10). “Who Is Jesus?” Mention of the author’s latest book, Cause, and several references to Jesus and personal reflection.
Cosmic Thoughts, by Julian Joyce (No. 11). “My Place.” The writer reflects on where he lives and acknowledges the fact that he does not ‘own’ any of it.
Cosmic Thoughts, by Julian Joyce (No. 12). “A Goodie for a UFO.” The writer describes an event that occurred 10 years before, involving a pillar of light on Black Mesa near Maher, Colorado.
From mother to son, letter by Mom (No. 12). An unidentified contactee writes to her son, who is in the custody of her ex- husband, offering support in the dilemma of conflicting belief systems.



Global Sciences Midyear Congress Jan. 18-22 (No. 1). Many different speakers will give presentations in Tampa, Fla., Jan. 18-22 at the Global Science Congress.
Ozark UFO Conference April 12-14 (No. 2). The 8th Annual Ozark UFO Conference will be held again in Eureka Springs, Ark.
Terence McKenna to speak in Boulder (No. 5). Visionary scholar Terence McKenna, who founded Novelty Theory and co-created Timewave Zero, is the featured speaker at a weekend conference May 3-5 in Boulder, Colo.
17th Rocky Mountain UFO Conference June 27-29 (No. 5). IANS takes over the Laramie, Wyo., conference this year, with lecturers to include Dr. Leo Sprinkle, Derrel Sims, Cecelia James, Col. Wendelle Stevens, Ron Russell and Randolph Winters, plus the usual closed sessions.
6th Annual International UFO Congress Jan. 18-24 in Laughlin, Nev. (No. 12). The UFO Congress and Film Festival offers a variety of speakers.


Health and Fitness Fair in Montrose, Colo. (No. 1). Put on by the Whole Life Network on Jan. 13.
Norma Milanovich to give workshop (No. 1). Transformational gathering with Dr. Norma Milanovich in Scottsdale, Ariz., Jan. 12- 14.
Costa Rica adventure, letter from El Santuario de la Luz (No. 4). Announcement of a gathering at the El Santuario de la Luz in Costa Rica, where visitors can enjoy trail rides, a moon dance and sing, yoga, massage and meditation during an April campout.
Mystical journeys around the world (No. 5). Summer trips to Greece, Lapland, Cyprus and Egypt are planned by Mystical Journeys’ Transformational Adventures.
DISC-ussion by Ann Ulrich (No. 11). The editor cautions readers to take Sheldon Nidle’s information with a grain of salt and mentions Heidi DuVal’s metaphysical book and gift shop in Crested Butte, Colo., plus a plea for animal stories.


Report on the 17th Annual Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigation (No. 8). The editor’s personal report on the conference in Laramie, Wyo., the end of June, in which an unscheduled visit by Standing Elk, the Lakota Sioux spiritual leader, makes her acquaintance at Earth Star’s concession.





One cent worth? letter by Merry Browne (No. 3). The writer is bothered by the fact that different channelers get different messages.
New teacher for Cosmic School? letter by Nina Ansley (No. 5). Due to slow recovery from surgery, the writer found herself unable to channel Thokol, but has been told a new teacher is assigned to work with her, Levin of Antares.






Signs of the Times, by Molly Ohlheiser (No. 1). Molly continues her “Houses” tour (part 2).
Signs of the Times, by Molly Ohlheiser (No. 3) House Tour, Part III, explores fourth, fifth and sixth houses on the horoscope chart.


Dream Map, letter by Joan Hansen (No. 5). The writer’s description of a vivid dream of what the USA will look like in the near future.
Global Update: The Cycle of World Changes “Cranking Up,” by K.T. (No. 8). The man from Alpha Centauri gives an extensive report on our changing conditions on Earth and where we are headed, emphasizing preparedness and higher consciousness.
DISC-ussion by Ann Ulrich (No. 8). HAARP, the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, based in Alaska, is discussed from the book by Jeane Manning and Dr. Nick Begich, as a danger to living things and weather patterns.



The Photon Belt’s 12 Days of Light, report by Ann Ulrich (No. 2). Lecturer Gary Bernal claims there will be no Null Zone, and goes into many details on his perception of what is going to happen in the near future regarding the Photon Belt.
What ever happened to Thokol? letter by Nina Ansley (No. 2) (see UFOS — EXTRATERRESTRIALS).
Keep what holds true for you, letter by Joan Hansen (No. 4). The writer comments on the Gary Bernal article on the Photon Belt’s 12 Days of Light, but still feels there will be three days of darkness.
Reaction to Bernal, letter by John Robert Feather (No. 4). The writer is grateful for Nina Ansley’s letter to Rev. Nothdurft that removed discomforting feelings he got after reading the Gary Bernal article on the Photon Belt.
Planet Earth meets the Photon Belt (No. 5). Milson of 21st Century Science & Technology Foundation, Ltd., in Edmonton, Alberta, gives a detailed description of the Photon Belt and the effects of the two possible entries (Earth first or Sun first).
Guidelines for Action: When Earth meets the Photon Belt or Van Allen Belt is ignited (No. 5). Instructions on what to do to counter the effects of the upcoming Photon Belt entry or ignition of the Van Allen Belt, according to 21st Century Science & Technology Foundation of Canada.
The Photon Belt is not the Milky Way, letter by Nina Ansley (No. 6). The writer categorizes the Photon Belt as a myth and criticizes some claims given by 21st Century Science & Technology Foundation.
Unanswered questions, letter by Irene Serra (No. 7). In response to the Photon Belt article in the May issue, the writer agrees with 21st Century Science & Technology and addresses eight questions she wants answered on the given guidelines.
Traditional thinking is perpetual ignorance, letter by Just Another Space Cadet (No. 7). The writer found the May issue’s Photon Belt article fascinating and prefers to view such future events not in a scientific sense, but rather with the wonderment of a child.
Photon Belt information clarified by author, by Milson (No. 8). In response to Irene Serra’s question in the July issue, Milson discusses such things as the economy, the future job market, healing, crops, change in density, and coastal destruction in regard to the Photon Belt.
More answers to Photon Belt, letter by Tom Van Doren (No. 9). The writer responds to Irene Serra’s eight questions about the Photon Belt.
Entering the Photon Belt: The Shift Into Full Consciousness, edited by Ann Ulrich (No. 11). Information on the Photon Belt is transcribed from a tape of Sheldon Nidle’s Aug. 3, 1996 lecture. Nidle is convinced, through his Sirian contacts, that the ships will be arriving Dec. 31, 1996, if not before, in order to help us when we become fully conscious as the Photon Belt radically changes life on Planet Earth.


Nikola Tesla: The Fourth Dimensional Enigma? by Lee Walsh (No. 1). The story of the genius Nikola Tesla, born in 1856 in Croatia, and his life as an inventor way ahead of his time.



Handwriting and abduction, letter by Polly Cady (No. 2). Graphologist Polly Cady has discovered a mark in handwriting that tells her if someone has been implanted during an abduction.
Handwriting analysis report on abductees, letter by Polly Cady (No. 8). The writer, a graphologist, gives results of her research into abductees and handwriting.
DISC-ussion by Ann Ulrich (No. 3). A California surgeon has been removing implants from abductees; also, Tim Edwards, a Salida, Colo., man, showed video footage from his Aug. 27, 1995 UFO sighting at the 5th Annual International UFO Congress.
DISC-ussion by Ann Ulrich (No. 4). “Trip to Weirdville” in southern Arizona, in which the editor meets a couple of interesting people, one of whom claims to be an abductee.
DISC-ussion by Ann Ulrich (No. 6). Polly Cady’s story of a conversation she had with an eight-year-old girl who was allegedly taken by aliens and who relates knowledge of the future.
Incident at Mesquite, Nevada conference, letter by Carole Sterling (No. 10). In December 1995, the writer suffered an abduction at the Mesquite, Nev., UFO conference that later left her in excruciating pain and a debilitating physical condition.


Letter from Isis (No. 1). Isis, publisher of The Isis Connection, relates her experience at Fulda, Germany after reading Earth-Ladyman and Glynn Lyles’ encounter, and discusses her contact on a starship, and comments on the Sentrina articles.
Alien Teachings: The Message and the Meaning, by Laszlo Steiner (No. 1). Part III of “Contactees — David Jungclaus, Ph.D.” This segment contains messages from Star Commander Varcus, going into the history of Mu One and the history of Neptune’s City.
Alien Teachings: The Message and the Meaning, by Laszlo Steiner (No. 2). Part IV of “Contactees — David Jungclaus, Ph.D.” In this installment The Great High Ra speaks extensively of life beneath the earth, space windows and tunnels, and multidimensional living.
Cracking the Eggshell, by Ann Ulrich (No. 3). Peggy (Honey Lee) French is an inspirational lightworker whose life has been guided and filled with miracles. Many of her more interesting experiences are related in this feature article on how she discovered her mission of cracking the spiritual eggshell.
The Contact Stories of Irene Dickson, by Irene Dickson (No. 7). Chapter 1, “The Beginning,” tells of the unusual circumstances of the author’s conception and birth on May 26, 1930. Chapter 2, “The Abduction,” jumps to 1970 with a missing time incident with her former husband, and the recollection of a childhood abduction which included her older sister.
Explanations: Conversations with a Gray, by Rebecca Grant (No. 7). Part I of a series describing the author’s contact with beings of unknown origin, how she initiated telepathic contact and gained much knowledge from them through conversations and in dreams.
DISC-ussion, by Ann Ulrich (No. 7). Two people on their way to the Ozark UFO Conference in Eureka Springs, Ark., were attacked and run down by a black semi truck which appeared to be an intentional effort to kill them or scare them, and local law officials were not helpful.
UFOs appear on Southwest artist’s weavings, letter by Bella Sue Martin (No. 8). A woman in New Mexico has ships appear mysteriously on her weavings, and gives background information on her experiences.
The Contact Stories of Irene Dickson, by Irene Dickson (No. 8) Chapter 3, “1944,” tells of Irene’s abduction experience when she was 14, accompanied by her sister. Chapter 4, “Early 1930s,” tells about the time Irene was 2 or 3 and “disappeared,” plus the sighting of elves.
Explanations: Conversations With a Gray, by Rebecca Grant (N0. 8). In Part II, the writer explains that Earth is being visited by different species, not just one, and goes into why they are here and what their needs are.
Alien Teachings: The Message and The Meaning, by Laszlo Steiner (No. 9). Part I of “The Ugha Mongulala” introduces the next chapter in alien teachings. The Ugha Mongulala are an ancient people living in South America who were linked to the Space People.
The Contact Stories of Irene Dickson, by Irene Dickson (No. 9). Chapter 5, “Venezuela,” recounts the writer’s experience with a former husband in Venezuela in 1955, when they shared a paranormal experience and came close to death.
The Contact Stories of Irene Dickson
, by Irene Dickson (No. 10). Chapter 6, “The Apparition.” While still living in Venezuela in the ‘50s, Irene had a vision of Jesus while napping and he told her of the future. In Chapter 7, “Robert,” she tells of an old friend, George, in 1944, who predicted future events, including her friendship with Robert in 1993.
Explanations: Conversations with a Gray, by Rebecca Grant (No. 10). Part III of Rebecca’s book talks about government involvement with the aliens and the question of truthfulness in what the aliens tell us.
Billy Meier’s statement (No. 10). Billy Meier exposes Randolph Winters as a liar and thief and denies that the Pleidians have ended their contact with Meier, as reported by some investigators.
The news is getting out, letter by Nell Zajac (No. 11). In response to Laszlo Steiner’s letter defending Billy Meier in light of Randolph Winters’ twisting the facts, the writer reminds us that the important thing is that the information is getting out, regardless of the source.
The Japanese connection, letter by Chris Lock (No. 11). The writer agrees with Laszlo Steiner’s letter about Randolph Winters and comments on the “Ugha Mongulala” chapter.
Healing of the soul, letter by Irene Dickson (No. 11). The writer’s special daughter, Marian, has had some contact and is apparently psychic like her mother.
The Contact Stories of Irene Dickson, by Irene Dickson (No. 11). In Chapter 8, the writer talks about messages she received during a time of spiritual awakening in her life, of evidence of entities around her, and the time she saw the little robot that Whitley Strieber wrote about in his book Communion.
Alien Teachings: The Message and The Meaning, by Laszlo Steiner (No. 11). Part II of “The Ugha Mongulala.” In this segment the writer tells how the Ugha Mongulala were on the brink of extinction, and of the return of the Ancient Fathers, and the bequest of the Gods.
Explanations: Conversations with a Gray, by Rebecca Grant (No. 11). In Part IV the author questions what have the aliens done for us, and what gives them the right.
Some comments on star children and their current problems, by Al Fry (No. 11). A brief essay on the challenges present-day “volunteers” face on this planet.
Alien Teachings: The Message and The Meaning, by Laszlo Steiner (No. 12). Part III of “The Ugha Mongulala” goes into what the Ugha Mongulala are like, their beliefs, with comments on the New World Order.
The Contact Stories of Irene Dickson, by Irene Dickson (No. 12). Chapter 9 contains notes the author has saved about the messages she received in 1986. In Chapter 10 she tells of her experience in being contacted by Val Thor, but how an interfering husband prevented the meeting.
Explanations: Conversations with a Gray, by Rebecca Grant (No. 12). The conclusion of Rebecca Grant’s book, touching on Atlantis and what does our future hold in regard to our association with aliens.


Are you a ‘wanderer’ or a ‘walkin’? by Ken White (No. 1). Reprint of an article published Nov. 16, 1995 in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, about Scott Mandelker’s book, From Elsewhere: Being E.T. in America, based on his doctoral thesis. Mandelker has found that out of 50 people, 5-10 claim to be extraterrestrials.
Quiz to determine if you’re an E.T., by Ken White (No. 1). Taken from the book of Scott Mandelker, From Elsewhere: Being E.T. in America. Five questions to determine if you could be an extraterrestrial.
What ever happened to Thokol? letter directed to Rev. Milton Nothdurft by Nina Ansley (No. 2). Ansley explains a health setback and why she has been unable to work, channeling Thokol of Saturn. She goes into a lengthy explanation of the Photon Belt and the Null Zone, according to information given her by Thokol.
Benevolent beings do not tamper with free will, letter by Joan Hansen (No. 6). The writer expresses concern about Courtney Brown’s claim that Grays are benevolent beings and says it’s an ‘abomination’ when Grays experiment with human breeding.
Star People are not indestructible, letter by Man from Alpha Centauri (No. 7). The future columnist of the Alpha Centauri series (K.T.) introduces himself, giving some of his background as an ET living on Earth and having a difficult time dealing with the third- dimensional aspects, including loss of his “soulmate.” He voices his desire to use The Star Beacon as an avenue of expression.
One foot on Earth, letter by Nina Ansley (No. 9). The entity Levin continues to interact with the writer, who also thanks John Robert feather for sending his E-8 healing energies.
Take what comes, letter by Merry Browne (No. 12). The writer questions the information given by Sheldon Nidle, preferring to listen to her own guides.
New Reality holds no negativity, by K.T. (No. 12). A lengthy essay in which K.T. of Alpha Centauri reflects on what we must do to achieve ascension, stressing that positive thoughts are the foundation and the first step to positive change.


Dr. Leo Sprinkle discusses May 2003, letter by R. Leo Sprinkle, Ph.D. (No. 2). Response to talk about Nibiru and Planet X.


“Knowledge is power... and power with action... can change our world,” by Polly Cady (Nos. 4, 5). A two-part article of Polly Cady’s lecture Feb. 2, 1996 in Paonia, Colo., where she discusses what she learned at Global Science congresses about many things our government has done or not told us about that affects us and our freedom.
Put truth on the table so humanity can see it! letter by Anne K. Hudec (No. 6). Included is a segment from Nelson Mandela’s speech to the UN, advising governments to tell the people what they know.
Negative forces are suppressing truth, letter by Laszlo Steiner and Moon (No. 7). UFO researcher originally from Hungary is now in Mexico City, unable to return to the U.S. because allegedly he has “stepped on some (government) toes” in his mission of spreading truth about UFOs.
Agent Zero speaks out in Nevada, by Agent Zero (No. 7). While the federal government continues to deny what is going on at Area 51 near Groom Lake on the Nevada Test Site, the state government seems willing to cash in on UFO believers by promoting the “ET highway.”


Two photos of saucer-shaped cloud that hovered over the Ragged Mountains in Colorado on May 6, 1996 (by Ethan Miller) (No. 7)
Photo of UFO cloud above Paonia, Colo., on April 29, 1996 (by Ethan Miller) (No. 7)
Photo of UFOs on artist’s weaving (No. 8). (See UFOs — CONTACTEES)


Local UFO sightings (No. 1). MUFON investigator Davina Ryszka’s report on three separate sightings in the Delta, Colo., area, Nov. 15, Nov. 30 and Dec. 2, 1995.
DISC-ussion, by Ann Ulrich (No. 6). Local UFO sightings include a strange disc cloud that hovered over the Ragged Mountains in Paonia, Colo., and an eagle that soars up into the clouds and never comes out. Astronauts who saw UFOs are listed with their sightings.
Cosmic Thoughts, by Julian Joyce (No. 12). “A Goodie for a UFO.” (See METAPHYSICS—SPIRITUALITY)
Three reports of local sightings, by Davina M. Ryszka (No. 12). First report is of a group of hunters who videotaped a UFO in the early hours of Sept. 15, 1996 on Love Mesa on the Uncompahgre Plateau west of Delta, Colo. The second report is of a couple fishing on Surface Creek above Cedaredge, Colo., on June 16, 1996, and a UFO played with their bobber. The third report is of a circle and possible landing mark from a UFO that was discovered on a field on Cedar Mesa near Cedaredge, Colo., in August 1996.


The strange life of a ufologist, by Agent Zero (No. 8). The story of Bob Lazar, who worked at Los Alamos in New Mexico, and then at the Nevada Test Site, at an underground complex at Papoose Lake, where he worked on extraterrestrial spacecraft. When he was fired, he began to talk, and the rest is history.
Stop spreading disinformation, letter by Laszlo Steiner (No. 10). The author of the Alien Teachings series is disturbed because of The Star Beacon’s report of the Wyoming UFO conference that favorably mentioned Randolph Winters, who in the author’s opinion is an agent of disinformation and has allegedly stolen materials from Billy Meier.

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