Volume XV   (January-December 2001)




Life in the Rockies, cartoon by Marcellina Beckwith (No. 1). “Full Moon on New Year’s.”
Life in the Rockies, cartoon by Marcellina Beckwith (No. 2). “How little hills are formed”
Life in the Rockies, cartoon by Marcellina Beckwith (No. 3). “The Mountains Hold a Summit.”
Life in the Rockies, cartoon by Marcellina Beckwith (No. 4). “That new Elvis movie reaches far!”
Life in the Rockies, cartoon by Marcellina Beckwith (No. 5). “Peak Baggers.”
Life in the Rockies, cartoon by Marcellina Beckwith (No. 7). “Thumbing a Ride.”
Life in the Rockies, cartoon by Marcellina Beckwith (No. 8). “Mountain Sickness.”
Life in the Rockies, cartoon by Marcellina Beckwith (No. 9). “The mountains love America too.”
New cartoon debuts in Star Beacon (No. 12). Marcellina Beckwith starts “The Misadventures of Meeb-Beep.”



Mercury 7 astronaut Gordon Cooper a true hero, review by James Parsons (No. 1). Leap of Faith, An Astronaut’s Journey into the Unknown by Gordon Cooper and Bruce Henderson.
A most romantic cup of Hot Chocolate, review by Ann Carol Ulrich (No. 2). Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Lover by Arielle Ford.
Not just another bad dream, review by Paul Bartch (No. 3). Beyond My Wildest Dreams: Diary of a UFO Abductee by Kim Carlsberg. An environmentalist’s view of abduction by ETs, with excerpts.
Coping with your ET experiences, review by Paul Bartsch (No. 5). How to Cope With Your ET Experience: The Alien Abduction Reference Guide by Michelle LaVigne-Wedel.
Mainstream journalist selected by ETs to be their public spokesman, review by Anne Miller (No. 9). The Challenge of Contact by Phillip H. Krapf.
Book explores Zeta Reticulans, review by Paul Bartch (No. 10). Visitors From Within, by Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest.



Revealed: Ancient Secrets in the Garden, review by Anne Miller (No. 10). Verna Namy’s children’s story, Ancient Secrets in the Garden.




Non Scents, by Meadow Sweet (No. 1).
1992: My Song With Words, by Edna Drake (No. 5).
Millennium Prayer, by J. Chester Johnson (No. 7).
Snowflake, by John F. Christian (No. 12)


Pleiadian Light Beams: The Metamorphosis of Religion in the New Millennium, through Hannah Beaconsfield (No. 1). The shift from religious practices to more personalized spirituality.
Crystals of Light, by Arda Golden Eagle Woman (No. 1). “The Divine Plan Unfolds,” from the Spirit of Enlightenment, about polarities.
Crystals of Light, by Arda Golden Eagle Woman (No. 3). “Co-creating and Responsibility,” from Archangel Michael.
California psychic gives lightworker reading, by Linda Maupin (No. 4). The writer cautions us about reacting to earth changes and current events that may be disturbing to us.
Pleiadian Light Beams: A Letter From the Future, by Hannah Beaconsfield (No. 5). Clare, a future counterpart of the channel, communicates from the year 2403.
Too much in seriousity, by Barbara Higgins (Sedra) (No. 5). Taking our lives too seriously.
Crystals of Light, by Arda Golden Eagle Woman (No. 6). “Turning Reality Into Actuality,” a message about manifestation from Archangel Michael.
Quivet, the Atlantis Crystal, by Christine Davidson (No. 7). Jesus Christ Sananda tells of the Atlantis crystal lying on the bottom of the ocean in the Bermuda Triangle.
Crystal healing light particle waters of Jescara, by Jesus Christ Sananda (through Christine Davidson) (No. 8). Jescara is one of the most magnificent healing cities of light on planet Earth.
Be joyful in your healing, by Barbara higgins (No. 8). A message through Sedra tells that sometimes “not healing” is also good.
Crystals of Light, by Arda Golden Eagle Woman (No. 9). “Everything Begins With Thought,” from the Spirit of Enlightenment.
Crystals of Light, by Arda Golden Eagle Woman (No. 11). “The Winds of Change.” Archangel Michael proclaims the dark forces are making a last stand against the Light.
Behind Enemy Lines: The Nature of Things to Come, Mother Earth (Gaia) through Pepper Lewis (No. 11). Gaia brings ancient and future truth into the present in order to empower and assist us create our future.
Message from the Star Council of Sirius to all lovers of Planet Earth, by Athor (through Evelyn Fuqua) (No. 12). A visualization to help heal the earth.


The true distortion, letter by Quetzalcoatl (No. 6). Comments from a Web site browser.
Star Beacon for the blind, letter by Joe Tolve (No. 6). A blind Web browser discovers The Star Beacon and is able to “listen” to what is on the Web site.
Veil is lifting between dimensions, letter by Nina Ansley (No. 7). Reaction to several recent articles in The Star Beacon.
Pelley told us 70 years ago, letter by Joseph LoGiudice (No. 10). Excerpts from The Aquarian Race by William Dudley Pelley.
Why just blame/eradicate others? letter by Louise Bowman (No. 12). We need to look at ourselves before we point fingers at others.
Tax information revealed, letter by E.T. Elvis (No. 12). Tax Freedom Day is May 11.




Zero Point Fluctuations: Macrobiotics, the Art of Change, by Fred Pulver (No. 1). The principles of yin and yang and how a macrobiotic lifestyle can improve health and life in general.
LaHoChi high-frequency hands-on healing, by Elizabeth Chandler (No. 3). A new energy healing technique.
Isis told to heal through her computer, letter by Isis (No. 4). A new Web site, “Healing Hands,” from Lady Isis.
Zero Point Fluctuations: Mad cows and Macrobiotics, by Fred Pulver (No. 5). Mad cow disease is a concern not shared by macrobiotics, who avoid meat in their diet.
Healing Vibrations (No. 6). Sound vibrations that are simple to use and effective in healing.
Yin-Yang Classification of Foods, by Fred Pulver (No. 8). How Macrobiotics classify foods.



Jungle news from Arama Mara, letter by Jerry and Kathy Wills (No. 5). A couple goes to the jungles of the Amazon in peru to research medical remedies.
Natural defenses against biological toxins, by Steve Nelson (No. 12). The writer lists some natural remedies to help combat possible biological terrorism.


Life in the Rockies, cartoon by Marcellina Beckwith (No. 1). “Full Moon on New Year’s.”
Life in the Rockies, cartoon by Marcellina Beckwith (No. 2). “How little hills are formed”
Life in the Rockies, cartoon by Marcellina Beckwith (No. 3). “The Mountains Hold a Summit.”
Life in the Rockies, cartoon by Marcellina Beckwith (No. 4). “That new Elvis movie reaches far!”
Life in the Rockies, cartoon by Marcellina Beckwith (No. 5). “Peak Baggers.”
Life in the Rockies, cartoon by Marcellina Beckwith (No. 7). “Thumbing a Ride.”
Life in the Rockies, cartoon by Marcellina Beckwith (No. 8). “Mountain Sickness.”
Life in the Rockies, cartoon by Marcellina Beckwith (No. 9). “The mountains love America too.”
E.T.’s Landing (restaurant ad) (No. 11). From Tim Edwards in Salida, Colorado.




Living Multidimensionally, by Jelaila Starr (No. 1). The author describes what it’s like to live multidimensionally on a day-to-day basis.
The value of the 3D veil, by Jelaila Starr (No. 2). Wearing the “veil of forgetfulness” enables us to work, unencumbered, on our evolvement.
Entering the Heart of the Abyss, by Aluna Joy Yaxk’in (No. 2). Being on the path of ascension means constant challenge.
What is the 5th Dimension? by Tim Doherty (No. 8). We move through the different dimensions according to our daily (and nightly) experiences.
Introduction to Assisted Ascension, by Commander Lyur (Jean Michel Surmely) (No. 9). Ascension assisted by his experience with beings on board a UFO triggers incredible events within and without.
The Value of Being 3D, by Jelaila Starr (No. 10). DNA recoding and emotional clearing challenges.
Pleiadian Light Beams: Dimensional Shifts and the Pain of Loss, through Hannah Beaconsfield (No. 10). Shifting from 3D to 5D.



Dream puzzles reader, letter by Irene Dickson (No. 4). A puzzling dream.
Can anyone help Valerie? letter by Valerie Benson (No. 11). Valerie’s dream about a Martian hamster.


Real Dream Stories, by Gold Sun Eagle and the Butterfly Clan (No. 1). The writer reflects on a UFO dream and her family’s experiences.
DISC-ussion, by Ann Carol Ulrich (No. 2). “Dearly Beloved...”, “Soulmates ripped apart?” and “The Lunar Eclipse Ceremony.”
Winter Night Walk, letter by Drummer Girl (No. 3). A friend of Standing Elk describes a conversation with the custodian of a junior high school.
Shaman Nature, by Ashley E. Costanzo (No. 9). Making allies with the Four Directions helps us move with greater purpose and guidance through life.


Two April visions, letter by Irene Dickson (No. 5). More visions from Irene.
Is veil lifting between dimensions? letter by Irene Dickson (No. 6). The writer sees more spirits.
Attention grabbers from the other dimensions, letter by Dorothy Masters (No. 7). In response to Irene Dickson’s letter on spirit visitors, the writer shares some experiences of her own.


The Two-Thousand Mile Journey, by Ann Carol Ulrich (No. 2). Reprinted from Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Lover, the story of how the author met her soul mate.
, by Ann Carol Ulrich (No. 2). “Dearly Beloved...”, “Soulmates ripped apart?” and “The Lunar Eclipse Ceremony.”


Look at the clock — the time is right, by Polly Cady (No. 2). Interpretations of times that repeat numbers (e.g. 11:11 and 12:12).
A lot to say about Love... (No. 2). Anonymous wisdom from the Internet.
Reason, Season, or Lifetime? (No. 2). More wisdom from the Internet.
Juggling Life and the Unexpected, by Aluna Joy Yaxk’in (No. 3). A step to becoming multidimensional might include juggling our 3D lives with our spirituality.
The World Mind and consciousness, by Matthew Webb (No. 3). Our own consciousness plays a role in World Mind transformation.
A.S.A.P. (No. 4). A new definition: Always Say A Prayer.
The icing on the cake, by Aluna Joy Yaxk’in (No. 7). Why can’t some of us have our cake and eat it, too?
Tales of a Wanderer, by Lori Cordini, The Watana (No. 9). “Soul and Cloning.”
Urgent call to co-create New World Vision, by Maria Gurule (No. 12). A call for a 24-hour vigil to take place Dec. 21, 2001.




Upcoming Conferences (No. 2). 14th Star Knowledge Conference; 10th Annual International UFO Congress Convention & Film Festival.
Upcoming Conferences (No. 3). 10th Annual International UFO Congress Convention & Film Festival; Drunvalo in San Diego and Denver.
Upcoming Conferences (No. 4). Voices of the Crop Circles; 22nd annual Rocky Mountain UFO Conference; 3rd Annual Love and Light Conference.
Conference spreads Love and Light a third year (No. 6). The 3rd annual Love and Light Conference is scheduled for Aug. 3-5 in Paonia, Colo.
Upcoming Conferences (No. 6). 22nd Rocky Mountain UFO Conference; Igniting the Feminine Spirit; 3rd annual Love and light Conference; Earth Star Gathering; Stepping into Your Spiritual Power.
Upcoming Conferences (No. 7). Take Charge of Your Life; 3rd annual Love and Light Conference; Stepping Into your Spiritual Power; Cosmic Connections.
Upcoming Conferences (No. 8). 4th annual International UFO Congress Summer Seminars; Stepping into Your Spiritual Power; Cosmic Connections.
Upcoming Conferences (No. 9). Whole Life Expo, Four Corners Wholistic/Metaphysical Conference and Exposition, 4th annual International UFO Congress “Summer Seminars.”
Upcoming Conferences (No. 10). “Stepping Into Your Spiritual Power,” “Spiritual healing Medical Lecture,” “Cosmic connections.”



Father of murdered Columbine student speaks out (No. 4). Excerpt of transcript from Darrell Scott, father of one of the Columbine students killed in the 1999 massacre in Littleton, Colorado.
Get healed and raise conference funds at the same time (No. 6). John Robert Feather will help raise funds for the Love and Light Conference with consultations for healing.
Star Beacon publisher weds soulmate (No. 9). The marriage between Star Beacon publisher Ann Ulrich and Ethan Miller on Sept. 1, 2001.
The World Perspective, by Tomas Gregory (No. 10). The 9-11 tragedy is viewed through different eyes in other parts of our world.
Pilot’s speech reassures passengers (No. 10). A letter from a professional after her return flight to Washington, DC, just after the 9-11 tragedy.
Notes from Ground Zero, by Hannah Beaconsfield (No. 10). The writer’s personal account just after the tragedy at the World Trade Center on 9-11.
My viewpoint on the latest events, by Lady Isis (No. 10). The writer’s opinion on terrorism and the 9-11 tragedy from a spiritual perspective.
Healing the Great Wound, by Fred Pulver (No. 11). Fighting terrorism with more terrorism is not the answer to the world’s problems.


Report on the 3rd annual Love and Light Conference, by Anne Miller (No. 9). A subjective look at the most recent Love and Light conference held in Paonia, Colorado.




Chupacabras sightings on the increase, letter by Bill Winkler (No. 7). Chupacabras attacks have again occurred in Chile and Puerto Rico.


Stucker Mesa Ghosts, by Ann Ulrich (No. 6). Accompanied by photos of ghosts (orbs), the writer tells of the shift of energy in her house after doing some remodeling.
What was it? letter by Valerie Benson (No. 9). A reader tells of a possible psychic attack.


Amazing OBE incident, letter by Lucille McNames (No. 1). A near-death experience in the hospital a year ago prompts the 92-year-old writer to complete a channeled novel, Wake Up Call.
Yogi prankster
, by Lucille McNames (No. 1). Yogananda, who overshadowed Sari’s book Startling Revelations, played a joke when she had a photo taken of her cat.
New Psychic Readers Directory goes up on Earth Star’s Web Site
(No. 12). A new service for psychic readers, which is free.


Most circles are hoaxes, letter by Torner (No. 2). An English subscriber believes most of the crop circle formations are man-made.
Circle maker in the dock
(No. 2). Reprint of article from Strange Days, titled “Computer technician comes a cropper at Wiltshire magistrate’s court.”
, by Ann Ulrich (No. 4). “Ice Rings in Canada”; “Conference dates set.”


How to see auras and Living Light language, by Ken Page (No. 8). Through practice and knowing how, we can see auras.


Help from the other side of the veil, by Edna Drake (No. 4). Some personal experiences with those who have crossed over.
Experience on Belgrave Square, by Edna Drake (No. 6). An experience with the author’s mother.


DISC-ussion by Ann Ulrich (No. 3). “The Wingmakers Web Site.” The discovery of mysterious artifacts three decades ago in a northern New Mexico cave.


Starlights, by Chrystle Clae (No. 1). Nineteen New Year’s Resolutions from the Dalai Lama.
Starlights, by Chrystle Clae (No. 2). Horoscopes through February 14, 2001.
Starlights, by Chrystle Clae (No. 3). Horoscopes from March 7-20, 2001.
Starlights, by Chrystle Clae (No. 4). Horoscopes from March 21-April 20, 2001.
Starlights, by Chrystle Clae (No. 5). Horoscopes devoted to Mother’s Day.
Starlights, by Chrystle Clae (No. 5). Horoscopes for June.


Seattle earthquake devastates but also creates, by Norman MacLeod (No. 4). The Feb. 28, 2001 earthquake in Seattle caused intriguing artistic patterns with a sand pendulum.
Canary 6.8: A lightworker’s close encounter of the seismic kind
, by Lilian Mustelier (No. 5). The writer’s personal experience surviving the Feb. 28, 2001 Seattle earthquake in which she lost her home.
, by Lilian Mustelier (No. 7). The second part of Lilian’s crazy life following the Feb. 28, 2001 earthquake that took her home in Seattle.
Oftentimes Scouts return with arrows in their back
, by Lilian Mustelier (No. 12). More consequences suffered by the writer from the Feb. 28, 2001 Seattle earthquake.


Roll your own blackout the first day of summer (No. 6). Protest of George W. Bush’s energy policies to take place on June 21, 2001.
Crystals of Light, by Arda Golden Eagle Woman (No. 7).”Let Us Unite,” a call to all who love Mother Earth.
Robert Redford’s Appeal, letter by Robert Redford (No. 7). Asking readers to join NRDC to help save the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge from massive oil drilling.
Fire in the Sky? Chemtrails Spraying, from Transitional Times (No. 9). Reprint on the nature of chemtrails and the government’s alleged role.
Chemtrails disturb reader growing in awareness, letter by Rob Larson (No. 9). A reader’s concern about what he sees in the skies.
Support alternative energy, letter by Marilyn Houglan (No. 10). More people need to actively support alternative energy.





Pleiadian Corner: Dealing with Fear during Abductions, by Droga Beuregard (No. 1). An abductee discusses how fear of the visitors compares with fear of ridicule.
Contact, by Sherry Allcorn, Steward of the Platinum Ray (No. 6). The writer’s experiences with night visitors.
Introduction to Assisted Ascension, by Commander Lyur (Jean Michel Surmely) (No. 9). Ascension assisted by his experience with beings on board a UFO triggers incredible events within and without.
Taken Aboard, by Sherry Allcorn (No. 12). The writer’s abduction experience on Oct. 29, 2001.


Messages from guides
, letter by Irene Dickson (No. 2). The writer discloses a few recent paranormal experiences and drawings from her special-needs daughter.
Two April visions
, letter by Irene Dickson (No. 5). More visions from Irene.
Childhood UFO memory
, letter by Irene Dickson (No. 8). Another interesting “on board” experience Irene had as a child.
Another letter from Irene
, letter by Irene Dickson (No. 8). More dreams, visions and voices.
Reader keeps receiving
, letter by Irene Dickson (No. 10). Dreams and messages keep coming to the writer.


Let’s make this crystal clear, letter by Ronald N. Quinn (No. 4). The writer believes the Gray race of ETs bring up our fears and self-doubts, which blocks spiritual evolvement.
A glimpse at the X-Files, by Sanni Ceto (No. 4). In a dream-like state the author goes through “files” of her past UFO experiences.
The lesser people, by James H. Wales (No. 4). George Adamski’s writings include an explanation about the “Lesser People,” entities not as advanced as the Elders, who try to help but often create only confusion.
The Reptilian/Human Conflict, by Jelaila Starr (No. 12). A history of the Reptilian influence on Earth.


How not to be ‘Alien Bait,’ by Lynn Mari (No. 2). The writer’s experiences have resulted in her being wary of UFO researchers.


Disclosure Project, letter by CSETI (No. 3). Announcement of Dr. Steven Greer’s Disclosure press conference in Washington, D.C.
Government has covered up UFO evidence, by Julia Duin (No. 6). Excerpts from an article in The Washington Times on Dr. Steven Greer’s call for congressional hearings on UFO disclosure.
UFO disclosure project making progress, by Sharon Kehnemui (No. 6). Excerpts from a Fox News story on the May 2001 National Press Club event.
The reason JFK was shot (No. 8). An anonymous article off the Internet, sent in by SPIRAL editor Chris Lock in Japan, gives possible conspiratorial reasons for John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963.
Fire in the Sky? Chemtrails Spraying, from Transitional Times (No. 9). Reprint on the nature of chemtrails and the government’s alleged role.
Crash at Roswell: The Los Alamos Connection, by James Parsons (No. 11). Days after the Roswell UFO crash in July 1947, three flights made from Roswell to Los Alamos adds a new twist.



UFO incident in Washington state, by Davina Ryszka (No. 2). A family’s sighting on Oct. 25, 2000 near Eufrata, Washington.
UFO reports, by Davina Ryszka (No. 3). Denver MUFON reports include a Lakewood, Colo., woman’s sighting on Jan. 1, 2001 and a man in the Green Mountain area’s sighting the same day.
UFO Over Arica — Phenomenon Reaches City, by Scott Corrales (No. 4). A report of a UFO sighting that appeared in La Estrella de Arica (South America) on March 4, 2001.
UFO Reports
, by Davina Ryszka (No. 5). A family witnesses a UFO while camping at the Great Sand Dunes National Monument near Alamosa, Colorado.
DISC-ussion, by Ann Ulrich (No. 6). “Local UFO Reports,” “The Watersmeet Mystery Lights;” “Mystery Force Tugs Distant Probes.”
UFO close encounter in Spain, by Antonio Salinas (No. 8). Jesus Maldonado’s UFO experience on April 13, 2001 as translated by Scott Corrales.
DISC-ussion, by Ann Ulrich (No. 8). “Love and Light Conference”; “Marcy’s Progress”; “Reports are coming in1”; “Fireball seen from Virginia to New York”; “Strange sighting in the sky”; “Meteor shower reports”; “Meteor showers hit area.”
DISC-ussion, by Anne Miller (No. 9). “Conference UFOs,” “Second Conference UFO” and “Mysterious Valley UFO.”
DISC-ussion, by Anne Miller (No. 10). “Secret UFO flap in Canada”; “Salida, Colo. resident films footage of new triangular UFO”; “Valerie’s 9-11 UFO”; “A personal note.”
UFO Mini-Flap in San Luis Valley (No. 11). Chris O’Brien reports to MUFON investigator Davina Ryszka some UFO sightings in Colorado’s San Luis Valley.
DISC-ussion, by Anne Miller (No. 12). “UFOs appear near Art Bell’s home”; “Chupacabras attacks felines in Chile”; “Cerro Morens is a UFO passageway.”


The Roswell Incident Origins and Aftermath, by Sheldan Nidle (No. 1). The author discusses the historic events that led to the 1947 crash at Roswell, N.M., mostly from a galactic point of view.
International UFO Museum to open Dec. 8 in Turkey (No. 12). New museum in Turkey promotes ufology.

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