Volume III   (January-December 1989)





The Gathering of the Eagles, by Menno Pauls (Nos. 1, 2). Serialized reprint of the book.
The Eagle are gathering
, letter by Kaye Studstrup (No. 2). Discussion about Menno Pauls’ book.
Where’s the main course?
letter by Judy Stryker (No. 3). The Gathering of the Eagles felt like just an “appetizer.”
Parts fitting together
, letter by Kristy Buckles (No. 3). More praise for The Gathering of the Eagles.
Do you know who you really are?
by Ann Carol Ulrich (No. 7). Review of Morning Star, Chronicles of a Star Traveler by Mezra.
From ‘Eagles’ author, letter by Menno Pauls
(No. 8). Followup on Menno Pauls’ life since the serialization of his book, The Gathering of the Eagles.
New UFO directory now available from nonprofit group
(No. 8). How to obtain UFO Awareness Society’s listing of 400 organizations, books and newsletters dealing with UFOs.
Book Review by
Fred Pulver (No. 10). Transformation by Whitley Strieber.


A different look at a New Age novel, by Ruth Hill (No. 4). Review of Intimate Abduction by Ann Carol Ulrich.
Anne’s Breakdown
by Elizabeth James Johnson (No. 10). A little girl’s terror due to alien intrusion.
The Christmas Lamb
by Ann Carol Ulrich (No. 12). A short story about a young boy who is contacted by a “Guardian” on Christmas Eve and taken back in time to the scene of the birth of Christ.




Child of the Stars by Mo-Wa of Zeta Reticuli (No. 1).
Earth Shift
by Winston Sarafian (No. 1).
Tilting World
by Mo-Wa of Zeta Reticuli (No. 1).
by Lorraine Troupe (No. 2).
God’s Grace
by Elizabeth James Johnson (No. 4).
Dreams of Light
by Fred Pulver (No. 4).
by Mo-Wa of Zeta Reticuli (No. 4).
My Shining One
by Mo-Wa of Zeta Reticuli (No. 4).
In the Sunset by Fred Pulver (No. 4).
Why Do You Kill?
by Mo-Wa of Zeta Reticuli (No. 4).
I Am Real
by Mo-Wa of Zeta Reticuli (No. 4).
I Am a Living Being
by Mo-Wa of Zeta Reticuli (No. 4).
The Rest
by Mo-Wa of Zeta Reticuli (No. 4).
The Difference
by Elizabeth James Johnson (No. 5).
God Spoke to Me
by Elizabeth James Johnson (No. 5).
Ode to Odi-Gnome
by Kari (No. 5).
by Elizabeth James Johnson (No. 5).
A True Love
by Elizabeth James Johnson (No. 5).
(untitled) by Fred Pulver (No. 7).
A Dying World
by Mo-Wa of Zeta Reticuli (No. 7).
Thoughts from Beyond
by Mo-Wa of Zeta Reticuli and Elizabeth James Johnson (No. 7).
The Keeper
by Elizabeth James Johnson (No. 8).
by Elizabeth James Johnson (No. 8).
by Elizabeth James Johnson (No. 9).
Infinite One, the Creator,
by Mo-Wa of Zeti Reticuli (No. 9).
The Prince of Hope
, by Menno Pauls (No. 9).
The Blue Moon
, by Winston Sarafian (No. 9).
by Elizabeth James Johnson (No. 10).
The Creator and the Destroyer,
by Elizabeth James Johnson (No. 10).
Out of the Darkness,
by Elizabeth James Johnson (No. 11).
Into the Darkness,
by Elizabeth James Johnson (No. 11).
A Dying World
, by Mo-Wa of Zeti Reticuli (No. 11).
by Elizabeth James Johnson (No. 11).
by Elizabeth James Johnson (No. 11)


Sari receives data explaining earthquakes, through Lucille McNames (Sari) (No. 1). a spokesman for the Pleiades offers reasons for the recent devastation in Soviet Rumania.
Transmissions from O.T.U. (Outer Terrestrial Units)
through Hokulani (No. 1).
And what of murderers?
through Sari (No. 2). Jan. 22, 1989. “Judge not the Killer” is the message given by the Christ Consciousness.
Sari channels important data concerning the ozone layer
, through Lucille McNames (Sari) (No. 3). The ozone hole is discussed in a message channeled Feb. 8, 1989 by the Christ Consciousness.
The Question
, through Winston Sarafian (No. 3). Mo-Wa of Zeta Reticuli’s essay about whether he is “good” or “evil.”
What Will You Eat?
through Winston Sarafian (No. 4). Mo-Wa of Zeti Reticuli admonishes humans.
From Mo-Wa
, letter by Winston Sarafian (No. 4). Mo-Wa’s philosophy.
‘Times they are a-changing’
(No. 5). Hatonn’s message given April 14, 1989 to a small gathering in Seattle, Wash., discussing changes that are occurring on Earth today.
Trees Think
, through Winston Sarafian (No. 5). An essay on trees.
DNA and forgiveness message for mankind
, through Sari (No. 6). Yogananda repeats Tesla’s message for stepping up the DNA system in order for mankind to evolve.
Understanding human emotion: a conversation,
through Winston Sarafian (No. 7). Mo-Wa of Zeti Reticuli discusses human emotion.
Playing God: a dangerous game
, through Winston Sarafian (No. 7). Mo-Wa says playing God is the most dangerous game.
‘Utopia’ through Winston Sarafian
(No. 8). Mo-Wa of Zeta Reticuli discusses Utopia.
Life on Saturn,
through Nina Ansley (No. 9). Introduction to a new column with nina Ansley’s background, followed by Thokol’s message about life on Saturn.
UFO interpreted,
through Sari (No. 10). Phrado gives the meaning of the Sept. 1, 1989 UFO sighting by Star Beacon editor Ann Ulrich.
Jorrud Speaks
, through Ted (No. 10). Transcript by Sheri Gould of a channeling from April 22, 1989 in which Jorrud participates in a group metaphysical discussion.
Life on Saturn
, through Nina Ansley (No. 10). “The Way They Are—On Saturn,” dated Oct. 11, 1987. Celekon takes Thokol’s place in describing life on Saturn.
Home Life on Saturn
, through Nina Ansley (No. 11). Thokol continues in an Oct. 4, 1987 transmission about home life on Saturn.
World crisis explained
, through Sari (No. 12). Shee-Eeh-Lah gives Sari startling information about earthquakes.




Blue/green algae, by Ann Carol Ulrich (No. 3). The benefits of taking this mineral-rich natural substance; its history, and testimonials.
Don’t rely on algae alone
, letter by Fred Pulver (No. 4). The writer contends that algae is a ‘yin’ food that must be balanced by ‘yang’ such as whole grains.
Polarity and the gift of healing
, by Ann Carol Ulrich (No. 5). Interview of Victoria Wolcott, health store owner and hands-on healer.




Cosmic Valentines (No. 2)
Can you identify this entity?
(No. 6) Late ’60s photo of unidentified female “celestial fugitive.”
Mystery solved, letter by AMS-Derra
(No. 8). The writer has recognized the photo of the unidentified “celestial fugitive” from the June issue.





Send us your dreams! (No. 8). New column to begin interpreting dreams from readers
Our dreams ... what do they mean?
(No. 9). Two dreams sent in by readers are discussed and readers urged to interpret them.
Our dreams ... what do they mean?
(No. 11). Two separate interpretations of the two dreams discussed in the September issue.
Our dreams ...
(No. 12). A reader sends in a dream to be interpreted.





‘Peace’ is topic of Unity lecture (Nos. 2-3). Julian Joyce’s talk on peace, incorporating his metaphysical philosophy.
Evidence of Atlantis
, letter by Julian Joyce (No. 2). The writer criticizes the O.T.U. transmissions from the January issue.
, letter by Roy Kotval (No. 3). The writer discusses the destruction of the planet Maldeck, which blew itself up, and how Earth is on the same fatal course.
Photo of possible ancient Atlantean road
, by Julian Joyce (No. 5).
by Brian O’Leary (No. 7). The astronaut’s words as told at the International Conference of Paranormal Research.
A Jealous God
, opinion by Fred Pulver (No. 8). The writer criticizes the religious establishment for claiming the New Age Movement is allied with Satan.
One of the Eagles
, letter by Rebeca K. (No. 9). Moth story and an eagle is an answer to her prayers.
Making connections
, letter by Ann K. Hudec (No. 11).
The Ancient Enmity,
opinion by Fred Pulver (No. 11). The author explains his theory about the early reptilian race on Earth, out of which Satan emerged, tying in American Indian and bible legends and discussing the return of Mayan god Quetzlcoatl.




10th Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigation scheduled for the end of June  (No. 4). What’s on the menu for the Laramie, Wyo., conference.
2nd International Conference on Paranormal Research June 1-4
(No. 4).
Ozark UFO Conference this month
(No. 4)



Film on crystal healing to be shown (No. 1)
UFO Contact Center meeting March 31
(No. 3)
Inflation hits home
(No. 4). Subscription rate goes up.
Laurel Williams to conduct channeling workshop in Denver
(No. 4).
Annual UFO barbecue
(No. 5).
Plans being made for campout under stars
(No. 6)
Coffee, tea or UFOs?
(No. 8). Local weekly meetings set in Paonia, Colo.
‘Journey into Self’ at Michigan healing workshop
(No. 8).
‘Alternative 3’ to be viewed at August UFOCCI meeting
(No. 8).
Surprise wedding takes place at Jorpah
(No. 9). UFOCCI director Aileen Edwards marries Gerald Bringle at the organization’s annual gathering.
Healing workshop (No. 9).
Laurel Williams’ workshop in Glenwood Springs, Colo.
Crystal class to meet Nov. 18 in Delta
(No. 11).
Local UFO Center visits Crested Butte
(No. 11).
New address for Star Beacon
(No. 12).
UFO Contact Center meeting December 16
(No. 12)


Delta County UFO Contact Center (No. 5)
2nd annual International Conference on Paranormal full of choices
, by Louette Williams (No. 7).
Campout held atop McClure pass
(No. 8).
UFO Contact Center Report
, by Ann Ulrich (No. 9).








Deceased researcher’s image and voice appear simultaneously on TV, by George Meek (No. 3). Reprint of article in the newsletter Unlimited Horizons, put out by METAscience Fdn., Inc. Research Dr. Raudive communicates after his transition via TV.
Important revelation
, letter by Lucille McNames (No. 4). The writer believes Life Beyond Death is a more suitable lead article than Unknown Disc Crashes.



What is Comet West? letter by Jane Cartwright (No. 2)
Alien intervention
, letter by Allen Scott (No. 4). The writer suggests that Earth’s overpopulation is a reason for alien intervention.
The Reality of Transmutation: Alchemy Revisited
, by Fred Pulver (No. 5). The author explains how to fuse carbon and oxygen into iron, and the principles of transmutation.
Biological Transmutations
, by Fred Pulver (No. 6). The author elaborates on transmutation and alchemy.






Cold fusion may change life on Earth, opinion by Jeffrey L. Ulrich (No. 4). Mankind may be on the verge of an energy breakthrough which could provide almost unlimited power.
Tachyonic Space/Time Travel,
by Fred Pulver (No. 4). A new way of thinking suggests travel beyond the speed of light may be possible.



The Displacement Phenomenon, by Brent Raynes (No. 3). The author discusses the “screen memories” abductees have.
UFOCCI associate director ‘picked up’ in Texas
, by Donna Brown (No. 6). The author discusses her UFO experiences in April 1989 in Bay City, Texas.


Scott Corder’s contact story appears in nationwide tabloid
(No. 1). As reported in Weekly World News, the story of Dr. Scott Corder’s investigation of the Donna Butts case in Russell, Kansas,. 1984.
Need for change,
letter by Fred Pulver (No. 3). The writer discusses Message from the Pleiades by Billy Meier.
The Divine Plan,
letter by Donna Brown (No. 7). The writer is experiencing resistance in her mission of bringing light to Earth.
Cosmic Dove
, letter by Linda Dudar (No. 8). The writer gives some background on herself and how she found out her star name is Sentrina.
Meaning now clear,
letter by Ben Obina (No. 8). The writer says we are preparing for a big event to happen soon.
The Olympic Peninsula Contact
, by Ann Ulrich (No. 12). Investigator Bonnie Easterly-Huber’s interview of an unidentified couple in Washington state whose contact experience took place since December 1988.


Winston reiterates: Reticulans are like us, letter by Winston Sarafian (No. 1). The writer stands up for the virtue of the Grays in the face of controversy.
Do you possess traits of being an extraterrestrial descendant?
(No. 2). Quiz from Weekly World News, Nov. 1, 1988, helps determine extraterrestrial traits in humans.
An odd coincidence?
letter by Brent Raynes (No. 6). The writer discusses coincidences in birth dates.
What’s important
, letter by Winston Sarafian (No. 6). The writer warns about an impending catastrophe on Earth and discusses Mo-Wa of Zeta Reticuli.
Beware of E.T.
(No. 6). NASA regulations from Jan. 1, 1984 authorize the space agency to quarantine any person who has been “extraterrestrially exposed.”


Open letter to readers from Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle (No. 1). Dr. sprinkle announces his resignation from the University of Wyoming.
Dr. Corder fights suspended license in Kansas,
by Alan Bavley (No. 5). Newspaper reprint of article in Kansas City Star, April 23, 1989. Dr. Scott Corder, who investigated the Donna Butts UFO contact case in Russell, Kan., loses his license to practice medicine based on his belief in extraterrestrials.
News tabloid distorts Corder’s story
, by Irene H. Jepsen (No. 5). Newspaper reprint from Russell Daily News, Dec. 3, 1988. A distorted article appearing in a national tabloid about Scott Corder’s investigation of the Donna Butts UFO case revealed their names after promising anonymity.


Known Disc Crashes (No. 3). List of dates, locations of UFO crashes from 1947 to 1978, plus map of places where civilian flight is prohibited.
Many more crashes
, letter by Ron Michaels (No. 4). There are hundreds, maybe thousands, of more UFO crashes than those listed in the March issue.
Tuning in
, letter by Aileen Edwards (No. 5). Crashed discs, black helicopters, nocturnal ET visits and government treaties with aliens.
Lear is safe
, letter by Aileen Edwards (No. 5). The writer wishes to clear up a vague statement in her previous letter.
More info on crashes
, letter by Richard W. Heiden (No. 6). The writer comments on Known Disc Crashes article from March issue.


Photo of cloud formation over Delta, Colo., by Ann Ulrich (No. 8). March 1989.
Two photos of unidentified fisherman, one of which has two UFOs in the background
(No. 10). Sent in by Ron Michaels.


Did UFOs step in to aid ‘Discovery’? (No. 1). An article in the Weekly World News, Nov. 15, 1988, says the space shuttle Discovery, launched in October, was shepherded by two UFOs, according to a Soviet astrophysicist.
Gulf Breeze update
(No. 3). Newspaper reprint of article in Salt Lake Tribune, Jan. 30,. 1989, discusses how researchers are debating the Florida UFO photos and that 135 residents have reported UFOs in the Florida Panhandle in the past year and a half.
Big fireball lights up Oregon sky
(No. 3). Newspaper reprint of UPI article in Salt Lake Tribune, Jan. 30, 1989, reports people in northwest Oregon who saw a brilliant fireball streak across sky on a Wednesday afternoon.
Scout ship sightings reported in Russell,
by Irene H. Jepsen (No. 4). Newspaper reprint of article in the Russell Daily News, Feb. 24, 1989. A series of UFO sightings in Kansas.
UFOs in the Appalachians
, by Cary Dickey (No. 5). UFOCCI associate director from Wilmington, Dela., recounts his experience on March 22, 1989, while hiking in Hawk Mountain Bird Sanctuary in southeast Pennsylvania.
Bay City sighting
, letter by Adona (No. 6). Observers in Bay City, Texas, watch brilliant light in night sky on May 15, 1989.
Wisconsin UFO sightings
(No. 6). Three separate newspaper reprints of UFO sightings in St. Croix County and Grant County, dated Dec. 15, 1988 to Jan. 26, 1989.
, by Ann Ulrich (No. 6). UFOs in the news; a series of news briefs from various newspaper sources on UFO sightings.
Birthday UFO
, by Ann Ulrich (No. 8). On the day of her birthday, Star Beacon editor has vivid UFO dream, followed by a sighting of a bright orange ball of light that night, and a moth that kept flying into her face.
Red glowing ray,
letter by Adona (No. 8). More sightings of UFOs in Texas.
, by Ann Ulrich (No. 9). More news briefs about UFO sightings all over the country.
UFO cruises over Delta, Colo.,
by Ann Ulrich (No. 9). Star Beacon editor’s “life-changing” sighting of a huge ship on evening of Sept. 1. 1989.
Pilots report UFO sightings
, by Polly Saltonshall (No. 9). Newspaper reprint from Bar Harbor Times in Maine, Aug. 2, 1989. Two pilots flying over Blue Hill Bay witness UFO.
UFO interpreted
, through Sari (Lucille McNames). (No. 10).Phrado gives the meaning of the Sept. 1, 1989 UFO sighting by Star Beacon editor Ann Ulrich.
Tavern has UFO talk on tap
(No. 10). Newspaper reprint of AP article in Wisconsin State Journal, Sept. 6, 1989. Bar owner Bill Benson in Osceola, Wis., relates stories he has heard over the years about UFOs. Customer Bob Kuehn says he has seen hundreds of unexplained lights.
, by Ann Ulrich (No. 10). News briefs ranging from talk shows in Las Vegas, to Roswell Incident airing on TV’s Unsolved Mysteries, to Gulf Breeze, Fla., to crop circles in British fields.
The Brush Creek sightings
, by Gay Porter Byerly (No. 11). Newspaper reprint from Mt. Crested Butte Mountain Sun, Oct. 20, 1989. Police woman Carol Ann Brady’s story of the mysterious haze over the mountains toward Aspen, and her investigation. UFOCCI associate directors Heidi DuVal and Henrietta Raines follow with a report on their investigation into the incident.
UFO at Shiprock
, letter by Adona (No. 11). The writer relates her experience at Shiprock, N.M., with balls of light and the discovery of an Inner Earth portal, accompanied by her sketch.
My UFO experience
, by Lavonne Freidig (No. 11). Witness to the UFO sighting in Belleville, Wis., describes what she saw.


Billy Meier case might not be hoax after all (No. 3). Reprint from newsletter of American.Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, January 1989, says scientific investigation into Billy Meier’s UFO contact case is not the result of a hoax.
Championing open-mindedness
, opinion by Ann Ulrich (No. 8). The author tells how to stand up against those who ridicule you for your beliefs.

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