Sheri's Sixth Sense


from the October 2018  Star Beacon

By Sheri Gould

I met Monna in the early 1980s at the Rocky Mountain Conference on UFO Investigation in Laramie, Wyoming, hosted by Dr. R. Leo Sprinkle, during a "closed" session, where experiencers could share their experiences.

I was "catapulted" up to the stage by unseen forces to share my story. As a result (or synchronicity as it were), I met Monna, who was in the audience, and to my surprise, she only lived 25 miles from me!

As I had no one close by to share metaphysical things with, I was ecstatic! To make a long story short, we became the best of friends, having shared many wonderful experiences together. Monna has passed from this 3D realm, and I wanted to honor her on her October first birthday by sharing some of the most incredible experiences she and I have shared throughout these many years of friendship.

Many of our experiences happened in her home, which originally was a one-room schoolhouse in the early 1900’s. She had a resident "ghost" that lived there -- a young schoolteacher who waited and waited for her beau to return, but never did. This young schoolteacher wrote letters to her beau, which she hid under floor-boards at the schoolhouse. They were found during the renovation of the schoolhouse into a residence.

Monna's house had a portal doorway in it, where many interesting people and Star Visitors appeared. One energy that came through, which I will never forget, was that of Merlin. He appeared in that vortex, wearing purple robes and a purple soft-crowned Tudor type "bonnet" on his head. And then he floated up to us!

An amazing experience that Monna and I had at her home happened on Jan. 11, 1992 -- The Opening of the Doorway of the 11:11. (Many people have argued that the 11:11 is a November 11 date. This is not a date. The 11:11, which has been pre-encoded into our cellular memory banks, is a reminder [whenever you see an 11:11] of your Divine mission.) But, let me backtrack.

On January 10, a mutual friend of ours, John, was visiting me, when a huge power surge wiped out everything that was on my computer, although the lights weren’t affected at all. The surge was so severe in town that it knocked out our two radio stations for a total of 11 minutes, and fried many computers that weren’t hooked up to surge protectors. And, this all happened at exactly 11:11 am!

Shortly after that, I began getting that familiar energy surge feeling when there’s a ship directly overhead. I immediately went outside, and there was a huge MOTHERSHIP centered directly overhead, disguised in cloud cover, which was approximately 30 miles long.

I had planned to head to Monna's late that afternoon to spend the night at her place, doing meditations and preparing for the 11:11. The hours until it was time to drive to Monna's place, I felt "spaced out" the whole time. Finally, I headed to Monna's, driving parallel to the ship for about the next 16 miles. The Mothership was also visible from Monna's place, and she, too, was getting the same confirmation as me.

After we had dinner, we sat down to meditate. Almost immediately, both of us experienced bi-location. We knew we were in her home, but we also found ourselves sitting in a huge amphitheater aboard that Mothership. A place that we both readily recognized, this amphitheater was circular with the platform down in the middle and rows and rows of seats around the room angling upward. There were thousands upon thousands of seats, as we sat a few rows from the top, watching everyone coming out of the elevator-type transport tubes.

Lightworkers from all over our universe were gathering, all wearing a white type of cape over their clothes. This intrigued me, and as I formulated the question in my mind as to what these capes were for, I immediately received a telepathic answer --  that the reason everyone was wearing these capes was because within the fibers of the cape was a type of universal language decoder -- so that everyone could communicate with each other.

Every so often, I heard a speaker welcoming everyone and asking everyone to please be seated.

Monna and I both saw fellow Lightworkers that we recognized, and we also saw four types of off-planet beings that were also aboard. One was tall, green and scaly, looking somewhat like a crocodile without the long mouth -- from the side, the face appeared somewhat triangular.

The second being, also tall, had a fairly huge white oval head with big round eyes, a slit for lips, and two protrusions on the top of the head which angled down the back of the head, forming a "V" at the nape of the neck.

The third type of being was all black, about 4½ feet tall, with a round face and two tendrils below each eye that fell downward to the neckline. The mouth was round, and when this being spoke, it looked similar to someone trying to touch their fingers and thumb together on one hand repeatedly.

The fourth being I would have to describe as looking just like a mole, and since these beings couldn’t sit in the conventional type of seats, platforms came out of the aisles to accommodate them.

The speaker, still welcoming everyone, says, "We're running just a little behind time. But, what is time? It's just an old Earth attitude!" (Everyone is laughing.) Many children are down towards the front, from Earth and off-planet both, laughing and playing and having a great time.

The amphitheater is filled to capacity -- standing room only -- and then the lights begin to dim above all the rows of seats and everyone becomes very quiet. The time is 7:11 pm now, and Yeshua ben Joseph/Sananda/Jesus walks in. The energies in the amphitheater are absolutely incredible -- you not only feel this loving energy, but you can actually see this wave of energy going to everyone as it travels
upward around the amphitheater.

Yeshua now speaks to everyone. "Thank you, my brothers and sisters. I thank you all for coming, so that we may all celebrate together a brand new birth -- the birthing of a new world to take place. We've all worked long and hard these many, many thousands of years. For many of you, much, much longer. A new world's being born -- a direct link with the Greater Sun of All That Is. We've all worked so hard for this day and I thank you for bringing about the change on this free-will planet that will bring a spiral link to the new dimensional vortex. This spiral, made up of the 12 Heli, breaks through all of the old patterning that the Earth has maintained for these many eons of time. The spiral links with the dimensional vortex to bring into manifestation the reality that once was and will be again.

"At the close of this ceremony, I ask each of you here to link together and encompass the Earth and that each of you send Light directly to Earth from your viewpoint -- visualizing a grid system that would interlink the whole Earth with Light. No one can break the link. Know this. Believe it and know it! The link with Light cannot be broken. I thank you all for coming. There is much fellowship, joy and laughter to take place, and at that time of 11:11 pm Wyoming time, we ask each and every one of you to link together and send Light for a total of 11 minutes Earth time. Thank you."

I was asked by Spirit to share this experience, in that it would bring about an awakening -- a remembering -- for those who shared in this wonderful experience with Monna and me. This was published in The Star Beacon (October 1992), The Missing Link (UFOCCI 1992 ) and The Connecting Link (#18 Oct/Nov 1992). A lady from Calgary, Canada wrote me in May 1993, to tell me she had a dream a few weeks prior to receiving the Connecting Link magazine, of being on a "spaceship" with her sister, and remembering everything that was mentioned in the article -- even down to the mole beings! : )

Here are a few more experiences that Monna and I shared! Another time, we again bi-located -- this time to this underwater cave in the Bermuda Triangle area, and a blue craft came, and a wonderful energied tall, blond Star Visitor took us on board, explained their energy system of the ship, and then took us to some tables for our "monthly checkup." Although our permission was given prior, we were asked consciously for permission to be scanned, as they seemed to understand the controversy of the permission issue. We were asked to project all our worries/concerns/unhappiness, etc., on a screen and once done, they replaced all the "voids" in the mind with a golden light.

Another time, Monna and I stopped at the "scenic view" area towards Meade Creek (Wyo.), because both of us were "asked" telepathically to go to this area after a meeting we attended. We were leaning up against the side of Monna’s car, looking at all the stars. Suddenly, we had the feeling that either our feet slipped out in front of us (both at the same time…), or the car just moved back about 6" (which would be hard to do since we were leaning up against the side of the car). Needless to say, we questioned what had happened. We found out later that our etheric bodies were taken into a craft, and when we were brought back, our etheric bodies were about 6" in front of the physical, and the physical had to move forward the 6" to align correctly. The misalignment was on purpose, to give us a "clue" that something had taken place!

Monna always had a deep heart feeling and honor for the Native American energies. Her home was filled with Native American items, and hand-made wall hangings of petroglyphs and pictographs. We took trips to the Medicine Lodge Archaeological site near Hyattville, Wyo., to look at the pictographs and petroglyphs that are several hundred to several thousand years old. Monna and I belonged to the Archaeological Society of Wyoming, and our group had a rare treat to have a guided tour at Decker Coal Mine (Mont.) by a Native American that worked there, of the pictographs and petroglyphs at the Decker site.

What amazed Monna and I was that when we walked one direction, you would see all the pictographs and petroglyphs, and then coming back, all the pictographs and petroglyphs were different! Star Visitors have told us that it is important to understand the petroglyphs. They will be a key, a clue, to the understanding of ley lines, of the earth and of the universe.

The Sheridan-Buffalo, Wyo., area is an important vortex for the Earth and will be a safe haven in the times to come. Within this vortex area is Lake DeSmet -- a lake that has always been considered "healing waters" by the Native Americans (in fact, Lake DeSmet is where Chief Crazy Horse built a sweat lodge to try and save his daughter's life because he knew about the healing waters). Many people have dramatic energy shifts in this Lake DeSmet vortex area -- some are compelled to stop, others have had different degrees of out-of-body experiences, and others remember little or nothing at all that they even drove by the lake!

Monna had a home built at Lake DeSmet and moved there. I went to visit Monna on the evening of an eclipse, and I saw these "strange clouds" over the south end of the lake, with a beautiful Suma rainbow (completely vertical rainbow with the warm colors in the middle and the blues and violets on the outsides), and out of the clouds came three ships which headed directly into the lake.

Some people living at the lake have told of an occurrence of blinding white lights coming from above and lighting up the whole area during a nighttime snowstorm! Many tales and legends have been told about the lake -- from people seeing the "Lake DeSmet Monster" to the lake being bottomless. I've received telepathic information that the entry area of Lake DeSmet is a direct exit area (and vice-versa) to Lake Titicaca, Peru.

The last experience with Monna that I wanted to share was a remarkable and humbling Missing Time experience for both of us. Monna and I took a wonderful trip to the Big Horn Mountains Medicine Wheel, and we were headed back on Hwy. 14 to Sheridan, Wyo., and Monna was driving. (This is a two-lane mountain road.)

All of a sudden, I "saw" a tunnel (not a real one) appear on the road, and I told Monna about it, and that we were about to enter into it. We were in complete darkness, and all of a sudden, our speech became really slurred and drawn out as if we were in a time-warp.

The next thing we knew, we were aboard a craft and we were taken by Star Visitors (that looked humanoid) to a huge room with a huge screen. We were viewing lots and lots of fires, and we asked them what we were looking at. They said that was not important to know, but that we needed to continually send PINK (Love) energy to that situation, if we accepted this assignment. (My understanding is that they follow a Prime Directive, and need the human element to be the catalyst between them and Gaia.) We accepted, and then they told us we would know in three days time what this was about and at that time, we would have recall of our visit aboard the Star Craft.

Just as suddenly, we were continuing our drive down the mountain, having no memory of what happened. After we got back to Monna's home, we couldn't understand why it took about 1½ hours longer for us to get off the mountain. Three days later, I happened to turn on the TV and saw all the oil wells in Kuwait burning. And just as suddenly, I remembered the experience that Monna and I had on the Star Craft.

At Monna's passing, she appeared in my home as a huge round purple orb! Wonderful journeys, dear friend.

Thank you for letting me share these amazing experiences with you. n


Sheri Gould is an experiencer and clairvoyant and writes from Wyoming.




This page updated October 10, 2018



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