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Back in spring of 1987, Spirit directed me to start publishing a newsletter about UFOs, in an effort to help the contactees. That's when I became an associate director of UFO Contact Center International, a nonprofit organization out of Seattle, Washington.

     THE STAR BEACON has grown over the last 23 years and goes to subscribers throughout the United States and abroad. I welcome your letters and will consider articles on the subjects listed on the index page.

     Also available soon will be the complete Subject Index listing all the articles over the past 23 years, along with a brief description. The Subject Index is available for free on-line, and is a valuable resource for the UFO researcher or anyone interested in UFOs and related phenomena.

      I am Ann Ulrich Miller, editor and publisher of THE STAR BEACON. I grew up in a comfortable little suburb of Madison, Wisconsin, called MONONA -- and obtained my degree in Creative Writing from Michigan State University. In 1978, I "landed" in Colorado with my family. I have three sons:

Ryan, 34, graduated from Adams State College. He currently works as a store manager in La Jara, Colorado, is married to Patricia Faye Ulrich, and they have a toddler son, Vorian Brent Ulrich, born June 23, 2008. Marty (Mau), 30, resides in Southern California and is attending DeVry University at night and works as a manager at a laser shop during the day. Scott, 25, is a computer engineer in St. Paul, Minnesota.

After a two-year life challenge in southern Ohio, I have returned to my beloved mountains and live closer to my new grandson in Colorado. I started the Southwest Light and Learning Center, a nonprofit institute for higher awareness in Pagosa Springs. My new life is very exciting and I have many plans for the future.

In May 2009 I released my spiritual autobiography, THROUGHOUT ALL TIME, the story of how I met my twin flame. See the You Tube video.  Last June my light worker novel, RAINBOW MAJESTY, was released, inspired by my metaphysical life in Paonia, Colorado. I write novels, by the way, some of which are under the name Ann Carol Ulrich. They are all listed in the Book Gallery and all are available from Earth Star Publications, Amazon.com or Barnes & Noble.

    Check out My Literary Works at www.annulrichmiller.com.

    I welcome your correspondence and invite you to write me at starbeacon@gmail.com.




This page updated January 24, 2011

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