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Forgetting to fall -- the choice is yours

from the February 2004 Star Beacon

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in
An Urgent Message from the Star Elders

through Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

     A NOTE FROM ALUNA: In 1990 while in Palenque, Mexico, I was shown an energy that was coming to Earth that would give us the ability to instantly manifest all our heart’s desires, whatever they may be. (You can read the entire story posted at The Star Elders will never predict the future, as it is disempowering and the future is not written in stone as we have the ability to change it. With the urgency of this message from the Star Elders, I am drawing the conclusion that this energy I was shown is about to arrive in greater quantities than ever before. It took me a couple of days before I would agree to write this for them. I told them, “Hey buddies… this is a lot of ‘YOU do this, and YOU do that,’ ” but they showed me there are some out there that they have this message pegged for. You will know who you are. They already do.

     Here is the message...

      Why do you take so long to make up your minds? When are you going to see yourself as we do? You could be flying, but you choose to give yourself to lesser visions.

      You wonder why you feel grounded, trapped, lost, alone. You throw your hands to the sky and scream to God Almighty… “WHY — WHY ME?”

     You feel great anticipation for something you don’t understand. It is so close you can almost taste it… almost touch it… almost see it… The impatience is almost too much to bear.

      You feel it pushing you, but you freeze before you take a simple step. You feel stuck in the mud, trapped in quicksand, abandoned by your empty life, job, relationship… You forget your life is in your hands. You forget you can fly.

      We are puzzled why you feel the light and yet place your faith in darkness. We wonder why you believe you are in charge of your destiny, yet continue to act like a victim, why Utopia comes second place to catastrophobia. We wonder why you prepare for the fatalistic vision, the prophesied Armageddon. You prepare for the worst and hope for better. And you wonder why life doesn’t get better.

      We wonder why you let your dreams die. You dream to be free, to fly into the glorious vision… yet you let others tell you it is a fantasy, unrealistic, crazy… You doubt the vision, and then you doubt yourself. You hide the dream, you cage it up, instead of setting it free. Why do you take so long to make up your minds? When are you going to see yourself as we do?

      You think the governments have more power than you. You think those with more money, more education, more things, have more power than you. You believe the prophecies of quakes, famine, plague. You believe the future is set in stone… that your days are numbered… that there is no hope but to endure or survive what is coming. You imagine the ground is already shaking under your feet. Why do you take so long to make up your minds? When are you going to see yourself as we do?

      We thought you knew your power! You are reminded in so many ways that you are the creator of your expression, maker of your destiny, inventor of your world, architect of your reality… yet you don’t embrace this creative power. The fact is that this creative power is all you are.

     When are you going to make up your mind? When are you going to see yourself as we do? When are you going to quit looking down ? IT IS TIME TO LOOK UP AND FLY!

     Flying is easy… it is about taking the leap and forgetting you don’t know how to fly… to simply forget to fall… yet you keep looking down at the darkness and the blind, barbaric world you wish to leave behind. And you wonder WHY you fall…

     Wings lose power, crumple up, and you drop like falling stars. And in the darkness, there you are. You scream… “GOD, I am here — GOD, why don’t you see me?” You forget when you focus on darkness, you can’t see that God is you! It is a choice… not to see. Why do you take so long to make up your minds? When are you going to see yourself as we do?

     Things are going to change… CHANGE SO FAST… that it will be hard to hold on. So don’t… Don’t hold on. Don’t hold onto the past. Don’t hold onto what has been. Don’t hold on to the blindness. Don’t hold onto those who still invest their energy in the dark prophecies, in Armageddon fantasy. Let go. … Forget to fall… and FLY. You can rise up out of the blinding darkness in a second. It is your choice!

     So… When are you going to make up your mind? When are you going to see yourself as we do? When are you going to love yourself as much as we do? When are you going to believe the immaculate vision? When are you going to remember that you are the virgins birthing a new dream into reality!

      It is your choice!

     Aluna Joy Yaxk’in is an internationally known author/speaker, clairvoyant, and sacred site guide and essence formulator. Aluna has based her life’s work on mystical/shamanic experiences with the Star Elders that accelerated over a decade of travel in Central and South America. Aluna guides spiritual pilgrimages to Inca and Maya worlds and offers Star Elder Sessions to clients worldwide. She has been called a modern mystic and psycho-geographical healer, but Aluna considers herself simply a spiritual archaeologist. Aluna is author of Mayan Astrology and her articles and services have been accepted worldwide. Aluna Joy Yaxk’in, PO Box 1988, Sedona AZ 86339 Tel: 928/282-6292; Web page:; e-mail:

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