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Aztec UFO Symposium draws 350 participants


from the May 2009 Star Beacon

By Ann Ulrich Miller       

        The 12th annual UFO symposium was held the last weekend in March in Aztec, N.M. This year’s event was limited to Friday night and all day Saturday, with five lectures crammed into one day. About 350 people attended the conference, which began with a Meet ‘N Greet Dinner Friday evening.
       The informal dinner was a benefit for the Aztec Public Library and gave attendees a chance to mingle and meet with each of the speakers, who came around to different tables and gave a little talk on what they would be discussing the next day.
       I met two friends with whom I’d enjoyed e-mail correspondences. Ray Larsen from Cedaredge, Colo., took a weekend break from his busy life in the recycling business, and Terri Miller, a massage therapist from Pagosa Springs, was able to join us. I also met some other new friends, Rose, a paranormal investigator who lives and works on the Navajo Reservation, and Gayle and Joyce, visitors from the Pacific Northwest, among others.
       Saturday morning was Niara Isley’s first public presentation of her UFO and military experiences. Niara heads Durango Exopolitics in the Four Corners area. She had prepared a Power Point presentation to accompany her talk, but the technicians couldn’t get it to work, so Niara winged it and did a professional job, speaking from her heart.
       Niara has been an abductee since the age of 4, and explained how her experiences affected her life and how she searched for answers that lay buried in her subconscious mind.
       During the early 1980s Niara had missing time during her stint at Tonopah, Nev., when she was in the Air Force. Her quest to learn what had transpired during those few months led to a hypnosis session with Budd Hopkins and the terrible truth that plunged her into years of wanting to run and hide from her past, due to the trauma of her experiences.
       In recent years Niara has managed to heal from many of the experiences from which most normal people could probably never recover. Her story is poignant, terrifying, yet bold and inspiring. She is currently at work on a book, Facing the Shadow, Embracing the Light: A Personal Story of Trauma, Healing and Transformation, which she hopes to release in 2009 or early in 2010.
       Norio Hayakawa was the second speaker. Norio moved from Torrance, Calif., to New Mexico a year ago, because he feels New Mexico is the state in which things will culminate. He has been a health advocate for workers at Area 51 in Nevada, and now is interested in uncovering what is going on at Dulce, N.M., where an alleged alien base is supposed to be located under Archuleta Mesa. Norio wants to know whether the information is factual or simply disinformation.
       In 1990 Norio was part of a Japanese TV crew that interviewed Bob Lazar in Las Vegas. Lazar had made public some startling information about Area 51, where he had worked. The TV crew was at Lazar’s home filming for four hours, and Norio remembered that during that whole time there were two men sitting next to Lazar and each had a black square box at their side, which was some kind of communication system. These men went wherever Lazar went, from room to room, and when Norio asked who they were, Lazar said they were “just friends” and “not to worry.”
       Area 51 became known to ufologists and the public in 1989 after Bob Lazar’s appearance on KLAS TV (Las Vegas) with George Knapp on “Eyewitness News.” John Lear and William Moore knew about Area 51’s secrets in 1987. In 1988 Moore sent Norio a 10-page document on Area 51. Norio received information from John Lear that same year on both Area 51 and Dulce, N.M.
       Paul Bennewitz was actually the source of rumors about the Dulce base. Bennewitz was, in Norio’s opinion, a brilliant scientist, an electrical engineer who worked on humidifiers for military purposes at Thunder Scientific Corp., next to Kirtland AFB. Norio disclosed that Bennewitz was aware of an information campaign.
       Bennewitz, a member of the now defunct APRO, said he saw unidentified flying objects from his house every night. He claimed that in the mid 1970s the government began experimenting with “remotely controlled platforms” or UAVs (unidentified aerial vehicles).
       In 1979 a woman named Myrna Hanson drove her car from Cimarron and was allegedly abducted by a strange light in the sky. Paul Bennewitz was interested and met with her and interviewed her about her experience. Hanson claimed she was taken to an underground base in New Mexico and Bennewitz concluded it was at Dulce.
       Norio’s focus on the Dulce area, like Area 51, centers around health issues of workers. There is a relatively high rate of cancer in the area as well as fertility issues. (See Norio’s report on Dulce, page 13)
       One interesting thing Norio pointed out in his lecture had to do with the Roswell UFO crash in July 1947. The crash site lies on the 33.33 degree latitude. It has been found that the site is exactly 2,012 miles from the equator. He wonders if the crash was intentionally staged to set up a time marker and a conditioning process that could culminate in the year 2012.
       Victoria Liljenquist’s talk on Saturday afternoon was about her encounters with the Sacred Language of Light, UFOs and Merkabah vehicles that are preparing for the Second Earth. Victoria receives visions and special messages regarding the transformation of and arrival of our “New Earth.” She presented video footage of film she’s taken over the years that appear as amazing pictographic images, ancient symbols and Star Gate images revealing the Sacred Language of Light. She has even captured mother ships on film. If you get a chance to see Victoria’s DVD, “Encounters with Angels, UFOs and Divine Messages,” you’ll see for yourself.
       Victoria, a resident of Pagosa Springs, Colo., possesses a unique voice and special gift of singing that brings in the ships. She is able to help people tap into their own abilities to call forth contact.
       David Hatcher Childress was the next speaker, on “Ancient Civilizations, UFOs and Tesla Technology.” David is known to some as the “real life” Indiana Jones. He has authored or co-authored more than 20 books and traveled the world several times over, seeking adventure and answers to the mysteries of mankind’s past. The eight books of his “Lost Cities” series include fascinating information on advanced technology and anomalous architecture of our predecessors. He was both knowledgeable and entertaining. He has a magazine, World Explorer, and his own publishing company, Adventures Unlimited Press.
       Last speaker was Dr. Michael Salla, who traveled from Hawaii and, due to a spring snowstorm, got stuck at the Denver airport an extra day.
Dr. Salla spoke on “Exposing U.S. Government Policy on Extraterrestrial Life.” He is known for his work with Exopolitics, which is the study of political associations with extraterrestrial life.
       Walter Haut’s affidavit concerning events at the 1947 Roswell crash revealed that U.S. national security officials had secretly approved a range of government policies on extraterrestrial life that would have the highest security classification.
       Dr. Salla’s presentation focused on how select government agencies, in the U.S. and elsewhere, have secretly implemented public policy over six decades. He examined different ways in which U.S. public policy has been set in terms of resource exchange agreements with extraterrestrial life, including illicit funding of black projects concerning ET life; suppressing civilian initiatives related to ET technologies, and developing strategic national security responses.
       He showed how these policies have been justified using national security arguments that appear tenuous at best. He also discussed exopolitics as a new disciplinary approach for understanding the development of public policy on extraterrestrial life. He also discussed the different ways the general public might respond to disclosure of secret U.S. public policies on ET life, and what can be done in preparation for that disclosure.
       A panel of locals concluded the conference by revealing some strange and unusual experiences with visitors from beyond. Also there were trips out to the Aztec UFO crash site, located 12 miles away, for those who wanted to brave the dusty and bumpy natural-gas field roads. There was an alleged UFO crash in Hart Canyon in 1948, and the Friends of the Aztec Public Library, a nonprofit organization, has been sponsoring the symposium each year in order to raise funds for the Aztec library.
       All in all, it was an excellent conference with plenty of good information crammed into a full day of lectures.


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