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from the February 2004 Star Beacon

by Ann Ulrich Miller



     Sanni Ceto has some interesting tidbits to share about Mars. She says, “Mieue is a colony world of Pleiadians and Zeti scientists, and has been used by other peoples as well as a place to monitor activities upon Earth. Mars has a blue sky and frozen water resources. The blue sky is a result of terraforming done by these scientists, using advanced climate control devices, etc. Mieue has an underground tunnel and facility system and has large underground storage bases or hangars for ships. The atmosphere and landscape is mostly cloaked by artificial forcefields so that most things can’t be detected by Earthlings as of this time, for the peoples of Earth aren’t allowed to go to an outpost world with their war-like nature, for Earth has to evolve beyond wars and oppressions of all its nations.

     “Mieue (or Mars in your language) was first colonized by Pleiadians shortly after the genetic experiments were being conducted on a very primordial earth-phase which is known in our Zeti language as the Kaiguh. It is the large facility that is used to conduct experiments on things brought from Earth and then reproduced in controlled settings on several underground levels. Zetis joined Pleiadians from Meropia shortly after councils gave us permission to enter this sector, and since then Mieue has been an outpost world — its two moons, Phobos and Deimos, are artificial satellites created by Pleiadians as observatories for monitoring Earth activities. They’re not solid internally but shells disguised as minor planets. The pyramid, or the Kuvoia, is a crystal generator that is connected to the underground facilities, that creates power to run the underground and living areas of the Kaiguh. The generator is hidden inside the pyramids.”
          (Source: The Circle of Light newsletter)

     An article appeared in the South China Morning Post out of Hong Kong on Sunday, Nov. 23, 2003, written by Simon Parry, about an airline pilot who observed a shimmering blue-and-white object hovering near the cockpit window as his plane started its descent into Nanjing. The object drifted across the path of the passenger jet, then accelerated sharply and disappeared at lightning speed into a cloud bank. Two other pilots in different planes hundreds of kilometers apart independently radioed similar reports to air-traffic controllers within minutes of each other. One was flying a Shandong Airlines plane 120 km north, also over Jiangsu Province. The second was flying 300 km south over Tonglu, Zhejiang Province. All three pilots flying on that November morning last year described the same UFO.

     There are more UFO sightings over China than anywhere else in the world, with one in every five “flying saucers” reportedly seen over the mainland. It has the world’s biggest network of clubs, the China UFO Research Organization, and a monthly UFO magazine that sells 400,000 copies. It has some of the most spectacular sightings and some of the most bizarre tales of encounters; estimates by the UFO Research Organization suggest more than half of China’s 1.2 billion population believes in flying saucers. Sightings are reported widely by state media and pilots talk openly about close encounters, without the fear their counterparts have in the West of being dismissed as dangerous cranks.

     Wendelle Stevens, the 80-year-old former U.S. fighter pilot and one of the world’s top UFO investigators, says increased UFO activity in China is all the more remarkable considering there were no officially recorded sightings until less than 25 years ago. “UFOs seem to be taking a very close interest in China,” said the Tucson, Ariz., resident. “From 1949 until 1979 the bamboo curtain was in place and no information about what was happening was coming in or out — but that’s all changed now.”

     Even though UFOs were reportedly sighted across China as long ago as the Sino-Japanese War in the 1930s and 40s, there was an official reluctance in the post-war years to recognize the phenomenon because of a widely held belief that they were American spy planes, according to Stevens.

     One day in 1979, when two dish-shaped objects reportedly flew backwards and forwards over Beijing at a height of about 150 meters, there were thousands of witnesses, and the first official reports of flying saucers in China’s state media filled newspapers thefollowing day.

     Stevens, co-author of UFOs Over Modern China, which documents 400 sightings, said: “When those newspaper stories appeared, people who had had experiences thought the lid was off, so they began writing letters to newspapers describing what they had seen — thousands and thousands of letters.”

     A group of scientists at Wuhan University, led by former diplomat Professor Sun Shili, was given permission to start researching the phenomenon. A network of UFO enthusiasts’ clubs was formed under the umbrella of the Chinese UFO Research Organization. Stevens recalls his first meeting with Sun, in Mexico City in the early 1980s. “My opening words were, ‘Do the Chinese have crashed UFOs in their possession?’ He answered: ‘Of course.’ Although Sun did not elaborate on the whereabouts of these aircraft, he said China was taking a different approach than the U.S. with its research. “Sun said the Chinese were researching crashed UFOs to produce airliners that could rise and descend vertically, and unlocking the secret of unlimited supplies of energy. The U.S. was using the technology from crashed UFOs to build bigger and better weapons.

     “The Chinese are quite far along in that field (aeronautics). They have experimental vehicles that rise and descend vertically. They haven’t got them in production but when they do — and it might take 10 years — the economic balance of the world could shift. They are going into space using the knowledge they have got from the examination of crashed vehicles,” Stevens says.

     Sun is on record as saying he has a “gut feeling” that there are “aliens living among us, masquerading as humans.” Sun believes China is seeing a surge in UFO activity now for the same reason the U.S. was attracted to it in the 1950s: it is emerging as the world’s leading power and extraterrestrials are almost as interested in China as foreign investors appear to be. “In the past, there were more flying saucers over developed countries like the U.S.,” he says. “Now China is developing, and this is what has aroused the interest of beings from other worlds.”

     Moon Fong has an air of disappointment that hovers over her like a UFO that won’t go home. She is 43, single, lives with her mother in Sha Tin, and eight years after seeing her only spaceship still hasn’t been abducted by aliens.

     “I want to go up in a flying saucer,” she says wistfully over lunch. “I want to go up and see an alien planet — badly. I wish I was a contactee — I really wish I was.”

     Moon believes the aliens have a more esoteric motive and are trying to show at least some of us the way to a better life. “People who have seen UFOs say everything is so warm, so heavenly. It is like an inner knowing that there is something better. There are much better worlds everywhere. This is really negative, this world. It’s just that most people are very good at pretending.” There is a faraway look in her eyes as she declares: “There is something better out there. I know there is.”

     On Sunday, Jan. 25, 2004, Grandfather Wallace Black Elk, a well known and respected leader among the Lakota Sioux and all Native peoples, departed for the Spirit World following a long illness. He was 82 and was brought to a sweat lodge to experience his transition.

     Wallace was perhaps the best known Native Elder of our times and was described as a “very illustrious character” by Peace Elder Bert Gunn, who told of the passing in his e-mail to Mary Elizabeth Thunder. Gunn went on to say, “He was a unique, wise, strong man who was an inspiration to many and one none of us will forget. Everyone who met him seems to have a Wallace story. He will be missed and mourned by many. We keep his family in our prayers and wish for him a good journey to his next place in the universe. I am sure he was ready and that his spirit is now flying free.” 

NOTE: The two bottom photos (above) were taken of contrails (chemtrails?) over Paonia, Colorado, in January 2004. Ann Ulrich Miller

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