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from the March 2006 Star Beacon

by Ann Ulrich Miller

FAA disclosure on chemtrails
          As reported in C-COM last October, an FAA official in charge of air traffic control over the northeastern US has confirmed an ongoing military operation in America’s skies. Freelance radio reporter S.T. Brendt did an exclusive taped interview with an Air Traffic Control (ATC) manager, who said he was told on as many as four occasions in March 2001 to reroute commercial air traffic around military aircraft taking part in an undisclosed aerial operation over the northeastern seaboard.
          Brendt observed six big jets laying brilliant white lines above a broken cloud layer on her way to the interview location. Instead of dissipating the way normal condensation trails do, these lingering plumes grew wider, intersecting and merging.
          Speaking on condition of strict anonymity as intense chemtrail activity continued overhead, this Deep Sky federal aviation source expressed concern over the classified nature of military operations that are repeatedly conducted at altitudes between 37,000 and 40,000 feet. The ATC manager said he was ordered to divert incoming European air traffic away from the military planes. “I was told there was a military exercise in the area,” he said. “Of course, they wouldn’t give me any of the particulars.”
          The initial FAA disclosure came on March 12 as mass aerial maneuvers saturated northeastern US skies with Xs, circular patterns and parallel lines characteristic of chemtrail activity reported by pilots, police officers and former military personnel across the country.
          Brendt contacted the FAA official after counting more than 30 big jets spreading persistent plumes within 45 minutes. Lou Aubuchont confirmed Brendt’s count, noting that during his stint in the US Navy intelligence he had never seen a military exercise of such magnitude. After Brendt called in her sightings, assistant WMWV news director Richard Dean counted 370 chemtrails criss-crossing his nearby location for six and a half hours.
          In December 2000, Canadian aviation authority Terry Stewart investigated a Victoria caller’s complaint of intensive chemtrail activity over the British Columbia capital. In a taped message, the environmental manager for the Victoria International Airport checked with the control tower and reported, “It’s a miitary exercise, US and Canadian air force exercise that’s going on. They wouldn’t give me any specifics on it.” Stewart added that he found the incident — one of hundreds reported over B.C. since fall of 1998 — very odd.
          The aircraft laying lingering Xs and grids over Vancouver Island have been photo-identified as USAF KC-135 and KC-10 aerial refueling tankers. US Air Force Weather Force Specialists intent on fulfilling an official USAF mission to Own The Weather refer to chemical cloud cover spread by high-flying tankers as “aerial obscuration.”
          Outbreaks of acute upper respiratory and gastrointestinal illness, fatigue, headaches, joint pain, dizziness and nosebleeds have filled hospital emergency rooms across the US and Canada following heavy spray days.
          In November 1999, 550 residents of the small town of Espanola, Ontario presented a petition to the Canadian government, demanding an explanation and an end to aerial spraying by USAF tankers they claimed was making children and adults sick over a 55 square-mile area. The Air Force denied flying tankers over Espanola. The Canadian defense ministry has yet to respond to the citizens’ complaint.
          On Nov. 20, 1999, Brendt was admitted to the hospital with a gushing nosebleed and pains in her chest after inadvertently photographing dozens of chemtrails over Parsonsfield, Maine. Nosebleeds are a common symptom of chemtrail exposure. “I never get nosebleeds,” Brendt said.


Blizzard in Hawaii
A vast Arctic cold front drove temperatures to record lows from Norway to Siberia and Japan in January, and brought snow to the slopes of Mauna Kea volcano in Hawaii. Tourists from California who were climbing the volcano were almost stranded when the latest blizzard began.
          Park rangers who work there say they have never seen snow in Hawaii before. Temperatures in Moscow plunged to 35 below and the US Northeast experienced heavy snowfall. Bitter cold gripped northern India, and New Delhi saw record lows.
          Global climate change is apparently well under way, with just the sort of extremes predicted by climate scientists.

NASA safety violations
          Valerie Benson sent in an article that appeared recently in The Washington Post, with the headline, “NASA’s Inspector General Probed — Failure to Investigate Safety Violations Is Among the Charges.” An FBI-led watchdog agency has opened an investigation into multiple complaints accusing NASA Inspector General Robert W. Cobb of failing to investigate safety violations and retaliating against whistleblowers, according to the article.
          Valerie writes, “(This article) gives credence to the suspicion that the public space program is a sham and never intended to be successful. It reminds me of the movie The Arrival. There are two astronomers in that movie who report anomalies and they are fired, and then the director of the lab tries to have them done in. Get this movie! The Arrival came out the same day as Independence Day, and is a far superior movie.”

          Ann Ulrich Miller is publisher of The Star Beacon.

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